Xiling Empire Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Tourism

“Just let them go without leaving a problem?” I still have some peace of mind.

Shandora replied: “Don’t worry, Xiling Empire’s technology is not so easy to problem. The nerve controllers that implanted the three people with the body will ensure that they can’t reveal a little secret. Intuition tells me that they don’t fully explain clearly. Without this trick, we can never know who is behind the scenes.”

“It’s really a headache,” I said with a sigh. “It seems that I am really not suitable for thinking that I need to waste a lot of brain cells. Your stomach is not going to be a big devil.”

“So, annihilating all Human Races that are hostile to you is the easiest and most effective way.” From the very beginning, Pandora, who had an unusually low sense of presence, suddenly said that he immediately raised his sense of existence to a higher level.

I didn’t lightly tap on the little brat’s head: “Little War Lunatic !”

Shandora is even more exaggerated. War Song Princess, who is in the war and tired, puts his hands on his chest and makes a Savior. He said pure and holy: “Be away from war, only peace can save this chaotic World…”

I don’t know who is thinking about installing parasitic machinery in people’s minds!

When we got home, it was already a little over one o’clock in the morning.

The time flow in the projection space and the real World are relatively static, so although we spent a lot of time there, the in fact was not wasted at all in the outside world. In the eyes of the sister, we just left less than one. Hours – that’s when we went to see Alaya’s time.

As soon as I entered the door, I found that all the lights in the house were opened. According to my sister’s consistent character, this is very rare. The only explanation is that what happened today scared my sister. She can only pass this. Ways to get yourself a little psychological comfort.

When my voice just fell, I heard a sound of something colliding in Elder Sister’s room, and then the beautiful face of my sister’s hidden tears came out from behind the door. When she saw us, she immediately showed a relief expression. Then slammed it up.

“A’Jun!” The sister held my face and did not hide my fears. “How are you? Are you injured? Just three bad people are looking for you, I… are you okay?”

“It’s okay,” I comfortably patted my sister’s trembling back. Even though I was taking care of me since I was a child, I took the family’s sister independently, and then I was just an ordinary girl. I met such a terrible thing. It is also normal to have this reaction.

“A’Jun,” my sister suddenly lifted the head and looked at me with concern. “Are you upset outside? Why did the three people say that you offended a person who can’t offend? Or do you have something to slap your sister? ?”

It’s always coming.

At this moment, the Supreme Chief of state, the most powerful Empire in the Universe, faces a tough choice…

“I advise you not to tell her all.” Shandora’s voice suddenly sounded in my heart.


“It’s not a good thing to know too much. Empire’s secret is nothing to people who have the ability to keep it, but your sister is just an ordinary person. If you touch these, you have to pay the price, if it is true. One day, some people have a picture of Empire. At that time, Chen Qian, who has secret secrets and no self-protection, will be their best goal. Even if you send more soldiers to protect her, it is better to simply Let her never touch these dangerous things, not to mention that even if you are relative, when she knows that you are not a normal Human Race, can you guarantee that your relationship with her can be like this?”

I am silent.

What Shandora said is not unreasonable, although I am confident that Empire’s fighters can protect my sister under any circumstances, although I am confident that even if my sister knows my secret, I will still accept me, but with so many so many troubles, it is better to let my sister Stay away from things that shouldn’t have appeared in her life—she should live calmly and happily, at least, there is no need to break this calm.

“A’Jun,” I saw, silently, my sister asked strangely. “What’s wrong? Why don’t you talk? Can’t you tell your sister?”

Shandora opened aside: “You don’t have to worry, just some small characters that are not worth mentioning. Some gangsters have a little misunderstanding of Chen Jun, but it is not a problem for me to take the unfortunate gangster. I believe The Chinese government will still be more concerned about a Princess.”

“Is it like this?” It was guaranteed by Shandora’s that her sister relaxed her mind slightly, but she still had some doubts. “A’Jun, how can you get into the underworld?”

As I shrugged, I said, “Who knows, the black way never needs to act, you still don’t know me? I am always honest.”

Seeing what my sister still wants to say, I rushed to try to distract her attention. If she asked her to ask questions, I could not compile it soon: “Yes, my sister, I will go out for a tour the day after tomorrow. How is it prepared?”

One of the biggest characteristics of my sister is that she can only do one thing at a time. Once the second thing is pressed, she will immediately forget the work at hand. This unexpected linearity has helped me a lot, and my sister forgot about it on the spot. With regard to the underworld and the three wretched men, they began to look forward to the upcoming trip.

She held her hand on her cheek, as if she was thinking about something else that was not ready, and said: “I have prepared almost everything. Qianqian, their family is also ready, that is, you two have been mysterious and secret. Tell us where we are going to play, some things I don’t know should be prepared – A’Jun, can you always tell me? Where are you going to take us to play Ah?”

I smiled: “This? – confidential!”

In fact, I don’t even know where the destination of this trip is.

After telling Lin Xue about our plan to travel, the latter just vowed to slap the chest to ensure that everything can be handed over to her, and then there was no trace, until now she refused to tell us what kind of travel was arranged for us. The plan is to say to me every time I call the phone: “You can rest assured that you will definitely give you a big surprise!”

In fact, I have never been relieved that I have handed this matter to Ojou-sama, which is inconsistent with my character from the very beginning.

As it turns out, my intuition is still very reliable.

“This is what you have arranged for us to commemorate what the New Year’s Gold Seven-Day Tour?!” Looking at the yellow sand and the scattered enormous stones in front of me, I protested against Lin Xue with anger.

“Exactly it should be called ‘the New Year Gold Seven-Day Tour to commemorate the upcoming high school student and witness the historical changes.’” Lin Xue said with a serious look, as if I didn’t care about my fierceness.

Which is the name of such a nonsense? Lin Xue Do you think you have a funny talent? Or do you think that at the same time tossing two Xiling Emperors and one Xiling General is a very fulfilling thing?

Oh, Lin Xue’s destination for us is actually in the desert!

Sahara great desert!

Ok, I admit, this desert ruin, which is full of mysterious exotic and brilliant civilization traces, is indeed a good tourist attraction. If these ruins are found one day by those merchants filled with sands in their heads, they will definitely become An extremely efficient money machine, but —

The New Year’s Day took us to the Sahara Desert to visit the pile of stones from the ancient people’s base. What is Lin in the mind bag?

What’s more, since the last tour, Qianqian and his dad have had serious allergic symptoms to the desert ruins. Lin Xue isn’t it sincere to give us trouble? !

Originally, according to the original plan, Qianqian’s parents will come with us, but Uncle Xu can’t let go of the work at hand. The aunt is going to stay at home with Uncle Xu. The only one with us is Qianqian.

Oh, there is also a drag bottle Shandora.

To my surprise, Elder Sister didn’t seem to have any resistance to this unexpected travel plan, but was full of interest.

In the words of Elder Sister, such a rare opportunity for exotic tours is not always possible. As long as you have a good time, there is no difference in where to travel.

At the beginning, she was surprised that I could arrange a trip to the Sahara Desert, but fortunately there was a Princess shield, and it was logical to push all this arrangement to the wealthy Princess Shandora.

I don’t know why, I always think that the desert tour arranged by Lin Xue is not so simple.

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