Xiling Empire Chapter 54

Chapter 54β€”The trouble is always accompanied by greater trouble.

Here is a small contact point for the Esper Organization in the Sahara Desert. From the outside, it looks like an inconspicuous desert inn, designed for those who have brains to venture into this barren land to explore or travel. The place to return quickly, it is obvious that the nearby relics that have no special features have not yet been developed, so it is difficult to supply them, and it is impossible for many tourists to patronize, and those unlucky teams crossing the desert road are being small. The hotel will not be interested in being slaughtered again after it has been slaughtered – in fact, this is exactly what Esper Organization hopes, they need a contact point disguised as a desert hotel, but this contact point is not needed. Really become a prosperous international hotel.

Only at some point, the extremely simple sister will not doubt why a desert hotel that has not been visited all the year round can still persist until now – and it seems that the situation of this hotel is quite good.

I suddenly felt that the Esper Organization guys were all Innate’s conspirators, and they were much better than me.

In a small hidden room, several of our special characters are holding a critical education meeting. The participants include me, Shandora, Pandora, Carrow and Lin Xue. Of course, the initiator and educator of this party is me. Lin Xue is the one who is educated. In other cases, Shandora has nothing to do with the fun. Pandora is the type of where I will go. Carrow is special. This guy resells in K City. The pirated version is too embarrassing. As a result, the city’s urban management is co-existing, and there is no way to follow the leader. The market must have thoughts and come to the great desert of Sahara, in order to prevent this guy from launching a market in the members of the Esper Organization. I can only drag him in.

In response to my criticism, Lin Xue expressed his protest: “What is the trap? We just want to arrange a holiday for you. Since you let our organization do this boring thing for you, then we have to accept our Confidentiality measures. In addition, I think Elder Sister Chen Qian is very satisfied with this arrangement.”

Since there is no outsider here, the only normal Human Race Lin Xue is still an insider, so Shandora doesn’t have to hide his identity. Just listen to her slightly, Queen is stunned and says, “Hey, Little Girl, hope. Don’t forget, here is the Chief of state of the strongest Empire in the Universe. Your little thoughts can’t beat my eyes.”

After all this, Shandora took the breath and continued to stuff the pancakes and fruit pies into his mouth at an astounding speed.

Forget it, I am used to it…

Lin Xue finally gave up and circled with us, honestly said: “Well, I admit, this time we need your help – of course, in addition, a desert holiday tour is a good pastime, I personally think Chen Jun This old-fashioned guy is very much in need of something new…”

Can’t this gimmick that matches my character be a word that makes me happy? !

“Forget it, there is something straightforward to say. Anyway, my Commanders are idle all the time.”

I pulled out the fork that Shandora had swallowed in my mouth and said it to Lin Xue.

Lin Xue took out a black and autumn thing from his pocket and threw it in front of us.

β€œAh?” I asked question with Shandora.

This object has a regular elliptical shape with a smooth surface and dark, with a hint of oily reflection. If you feel it carefully, you can smell a faint fragrance.

If there is no problem with my Human Race memory, this thing is in the legend – chocolate beans!

“Ah – sorry! I got it wrong…”

Lin Xue finally found out his major mistakes, immediately took the chocolate beans on the table into his pocket, and took another black and autumn thing from the other side of the pocket.

I immediately had a serious interest in how this girl usually took care of herself. On the surface, it seems that Lin Xue, who is so good, can put things in such a mess. It is a miracle that she has not poisoned herself until now. .

But Shandora’s attention was obviously not on Lin Xue, she was completely attracted by the diamond-like black crystal on the table.

“This is… this is Psionic Core!”

Shandora exclaimed.

I have never seen Shandora so stunned, I immediately asked nervously: “Psionic Core? What is that?”

Shandora took the so-called Psionic Core on the table carefully and carefully swallowed the spoon in his mouth. Then he said, “It is an energy source, one of the most commonly used energy sources in Xiling Empire, just like the battery is for your Human Race. .”

“Energy?” Lin Xue’s voice was a little trembling. She looked at the black diamond-shaped in Shandora’s hand with a different look. “Does this thing contain a lot of energy?”

energy! What is the biggest headache for Human Race now? energy!

Don’t say that Xiling Empire’s ultimate warship, even Pandora’s Psionic shelling, the energy it consumes is amazing, and such amazing energy consumption is negligible for Xiling Empire, and Shandora continues to fight with his own troops in different Worlds. There have been no supply crises for tens of thousands of years, all thanks to the Xiling Empire’s approach to energy that incorporates World’s laws.

Void energy, the Psionic system, the ubiquitous energy quenching system, the dark energy recharging technique, even creating a singularity and destroying it, drawing from the horror energy generated by the demise of the Universe, energy is the least valuable for the Xiling Empire. Things, if they need them, they can even ignite the entire World to get energy!

Although Empire has now fallen, most of these heaven defying stuff has become a broken piece of information, but Xiling Empire still has enough energy technology to ignite the stars!

But I know that Shandora will never let Human Race master this technology, not only for the benefit of Empire, but also for Human Race.

Sure enough, Shandora immediately knew what Lin Xue was thinking. She gently threw the black crystal in her hand and said, β€œDon’t play this energy idea, at the current speed of Human Race, wait until you can be safe and stable. It takes at least a thousand years to use Psionic. If you are qualified to master this kind of powerful energy, Empire is happy to pull Human Race civilization. As for now – believe me, I am here for you, away from these dangers. Things are farther away, otherwise you will use this thing to ruin yourself sooner or later. To be honest, I feel that you are too early to contact nuclear energy… Yes, where did you find this thing? local?”

Lin Xue is a very smart girl, and has a long-term vision, otherwise she can’t have such a high status in the organization even as Esper. Shandora’s words let her immediately understand that she is being tempted by this temptation. Drowsing my mind, so she nodded and said: “Thank you for your reminder, I will keep this secret. As for this thing, we found it in a strange grave in the underground. It seems to be after the death of a certain Egyptian Pharaoh. The pyramid of sleep, but for unknown reasons, the pyramid has sunk into the ground. We found this in a grave next to the main tomb. According to my guess, the accident came to Earth after Xiling Soldier died. The things that came were treated as artifacts. We analyzed the hieroglyphics in the pyramid and found that the Egyptians called this stone “Star Stone”, which they thought was the power that could give the soul the resurrection, in the tomb. There are a lot of characters on the wall that resemble the patterns we saw last time in the relics of Taklaman desert in Xinjiang, so I thought of I called you over, but you can rest assured that no one in the organization knows your true identity. They only know that you are a few free, but willing to help organize Esper.”

β€œIt should be said that you are very lucky,” Shandora crushed the black crystal in his hand. β€œThis is a very common energy source for us, just as common as AA battery, but for Human Race, this thing is better than A ton of uranium-235 is even more terrible. Once you have unfortunately activated it, the crystal lacking energy control equipment is enough to cause a disaster bigger than a nuclear explosion, but this crystal is obviously exhausted, just a look Selling good stones.”

Upon hearing Shandora’s introduction, Lin Xue suddenly asked with a very nervous voice: “Wait, what if the crystal didn’t run out of energy?”

Pandora, who has been quietly listening to us, raised her right hand, and then a dark blue translucent crystal surrounded by a lavender electro-optic glow emerged from her palm.

“Oh!” Lin Xue screamed. “There is one! There is such a crystal inlaid on the top of Pharaoh’s cockroaches! Worse, they are preparing to study it today!”

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