Xiling Empire Chapter 55

The fifty-fifth chapter everyone to cross

Esper Organization’s detection equipment is quite advanced, and it is almost the culmination of Human Race Supreme’s sophisticated science and technology. These Esper, which secretly deal with problems that ordinary people can’t solve, often deal with things that cannot be explained by scientific common sense. They naturally have a very professional research team to detect and analyze the mysterious objects collected by the organization. They are experienced and equipped.

But it all makes no sense.

The advanced detection equipment is also for Human Race’s current science and technology. In Shandora’s words, those devices are not much different from the tools used by the primitives.

Now, Esper Organization researchers are using rough tools to build a Psionic Core that is full of energy and without any security controls!

In Shandor’s view, this behavior is simply a hammer with a thousand kilograms hammering a nuclear warhead that has removed the protective layer!

Lin Xue’s face brush suddenly changed white, and Shandora immediately stood up, but the next moment she sat down again.

“It’s already late…”

Shandora showed a helpless smile, and then we all felt the ground under the feet slightly shocked.

When we came outside, Qianqian and my sister were standing uncomfortably on the first floor reception of the small hotel.

“What happened to A’Jun?” Qianqian saw us appear, and immediately seemed to find the main bone. She rushed up and hugged my arm, and looked anxious. “The explosion suddenly came, there was a strong vibration, there would be no Terrorist?”

I comforted Qinqian’s head and whispered: “Reassured, there will be no accidents, you don’t know my power… I will accompany my sister, don’t run around, I will look at Lin Xue. ”

Qianqian nodded, for me, this girl has always had a blind trust, basically as long as I promise no danger, then she will immediately settle down.

For example, now.

Qianqian nodded, then took her sister to the room. Before leaving, my sister turned around and seemed to want to talk to me, but Qianqian’s strength was not small, and her sister was dragged away before she could open her mouth.

Thanks to Qianqian, I have saved a lot of trouble.

The power of the big blast generated by the Psionic Core is very extraordinary. When Pandora blows away the nearby smoke, an enrmous deep pit with a diameter of nearly one kilometer is shocked to appear in front of us.

The air is filled with a pungent smell, and the inner wall of the crater in front is covered with a layer of semi-solidified black matter – that is, the high-temperature melting sand is condensing into a vitreous, and at the bottom of the crater, we are still vaguely You can see red lava flowing.

There are still sands in the sky, and they are thrown into the air by the big bang. But there is Pandora’s defensive barrier. These sands have not fallen on our heads, but only slightly interfered with our sight.

The sunken pyramid and all the Esper Organization members inside have become part of the melt under our feet and the pungent smog in the air. Among them, there is also an Esper who follows the research team and enters the ruins.

It is also impossible for the powerful Esper to counter the general power of this nuclear explosion.

Lin Xue’s face is very unsightly, not only because of the massive sacrifices of the companions in the organization, but also because the accident could have been avoided. If she can give the black crystal to Shandora earlier, then she will be able to get older. The land came to stop their companions.

Although the accident was caused by the explosion of Xiling Empire’s things, Lin Xue could not be resentful against Shandora or me because Empire had no responsibility at all, and Esper Organization took the initiative to contact dangerously without any knowledge. Something, although this thing is owned by Empire, but before this, Shandora and I didn’t even know that there was such a dangerous thing to stay on this World. It’s like you are going to remove the high voltage transformer out of curiosity, and you will be charged yourself. Lifetime disability, can only blame yourself, can you still ask the owner of the transformer – the government department can not compensate you?

There are not many people coming to this ruins. After all, this place is not Taklaman desert in Xinjiang great desert. It is the territory of Egypt. In order to avoid disputes on Politics, Esper Organization only sent a small number of Investigation Teams allowed by Egypt government. And because of the suspicion that the ruins are related to the Xiling Empire, Lin Xue did not allow too many people to participate in the study, so that the Esper Organization members who actually entered the ruins only had about one-third of the original plan, which is the only one. A place where Lin Xue feels a little comforted.

“Not quite right…”

She kept her eyes closed. She didn’t know what she was sensing. Shandora suddenly said, she opened her eyes, and the blue glow flashed through.

“What is not right?” I feel very strange.

“Power, it’s too small.” Shandora said, then suddenly disappeared on the spot, the next second, I saw the petite figure on the lava in the center of the crater.

It seems that Lin Xue’s decision to remove all the people who need to be excluded from the Xiling Empire’s secrets in advance is a very wise decision. Once Shantou’s gimmick decides to go into the action, it will not worry about the consequences. If she wants to fight, then even if She will not hesitate to summon a universe fleet with the face of the entire Human Race, let alone a small space teleport.

“You Xiling Apostle does have the ability to make Human Race envious.” Lin Xue praised it.

I waved my hand: “Don’t include me, except to summon the mother star blow, I am still a half-hanger now.”

At this time, Shandora had completed her exploration, and a white light flashed, she was already standing in front of us.

“The power of this explosion is too small.”

“Small?!” I exclaimed with Qianqian, looking at the enorous deep pit in front of the meteorite attack. My forehead was cold and sweaty. This level of explosion is also called small scale. Shandora is concentrating yourself. Cold humor cells?

But Shandora’s face is not a joke. She looks serious and patiently explains to us: “I said that Psionic Core is quite powerful, not only because of the energy in the core, but also because Psionic is a very Special energy – this is related to how World is structured.

The composition of the World collection is very similar to the bubble in the water, the universe is the space inside the bubble, and the outer wall of the bubble is the three mixed defense system called Time, Space and Law, which we call the plane barrier, and then, these ‘bubble’ The ‘water’ between us is the special existence we call Endless Void, where is the starting point and end point of everything, time, space, law, energy, matter, all concepts are completely shattered and then 揉 and together, where Infinity is infinity, moment is eternal, existence signify does not exist, order is signify chaos, it is extremely calm, because the thing that can be described as ‘turbulence’ has not yet been produced from void, it is extremely violent, Because you can’t describe what the order of void is. There, there is only a powerful God who can ignore all the rules – in fact, a super living thing composed entirely of laws and energy, and a small number of Xiling Apostles that can arbitrarily modify its own rules.

Psionic is the energy residue extracted from the Endless Void.

Although it is only the residue of void energy, the energy of this source from the world is still terrifying. It has all the characteristics of void energy, which can restore all the material and non-material to the source energy in an instant, then enlarge Thousands of times released, even after making Psionic Core, we have carefully suppressed and transformed it. A Psionic Core explosion should not only form such a deep pit. ”

After saying such a big passage, Shandora looked at us who had been stunned and took a breath and said: “In fact, in my prediction, half of the Sahara should disappear.”

Lin Xue at the same time suck in a breath of cold air.

I bet, Lin Xue is not even afraid to play Psionic’s idea at all – although things are good, but if they are not used, they are all useless. The power of this thing is too exaggerated. I am afraid that the nuclear power stations of the ten Human Races will add up. There is a big energy like a small Psionic Core, but now, a Psionic Core explodes, but only forms a “small hole” with a diameter of one kilometer. So where are the remaining energy?

“Human Race’s equipment is unlikely to attract Psionic. Even if it is attractive, they can’t withstand this exaggerated energy release,” Shandora said with his index finger and his chin. “It can absorb so much Psionic and it doesn’t move at all.” The only thing that could be Xiling Empire’s equipment is that it hasn’t been replenished with energy for almost a long time, and it’s almost starving.”

“Pandora Regiment all equipment is functioning properly and no reports of external energy supplements have been received.”

Seeing Shandora’s eyes turning to himself, Pandora said, shaking his head.

Shandora also shook his head in disbelief and said: “My subordinates have not heard the news of energy supply – can it be that these energy disappeared out of thin air?”

“No!” I suddenly thought of a very serious problem, something that we ignored at the beginning. “There is still a Xiling device that is not in your perception! Qianqian, Qianqian still carries that empty spirit signal! ”

It was the empty spirit signal. The last time I took me, Pandora, and Lin Xue to the culprit main culprit of World. After returning, Qianqian always took that thing as a souvenir and a protection charm. For this reason, I still laughed at it. A quirky aesthetic of Qianqian, but each of us did not put this empty spirit signal, which is supposed to have been completely scrapped, in mind, because this thing is so old, it is the limit of it that it can barely complete a space transmission. I didn’t care too much when I saw that Qianqian liked the black thing, but who knows if it is really not possible to start?

Xiling Empire’s things are all known for their quality!

For the first time in my life, I began to be eager to see the emergence of defective products.

The empty spirit signal is not owned by Pandora Regiment. It is impossible for Pandora to know how it works. Shandora has already removed this unknown device many years ago. Naturally, it is impossible to sense whether it is activated. Now look. Come, if there is really any Xiling device that absorbs Psionic, then it may only be the empty spirit signal in the hands of Qianqian.

At this moment, a strong space volatility suddenly came from nearby. In addition to Lin Xue, who couldn’t connect with any Xiling items, each of us clearly realized that there was an unidentified space device activated!

“The destination of the space gate has been successfully locked,” Pandora’s mechanized voice quickly made me feel good. “Space Twin has already arrived at Qianqian sister and Elder Sister Chen Qian’s, and we will follow in five minutes…”

Ok… let us all come together…

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