Xiling Empire Chapter 57

Chapter 57โ€”Dissipation (middle)

In front of the two twins filled with strange twins, Qianqian could not help but grasp Chen Qian’s hand, which was also wet in the palm of his hand.

But the twins in front of them made a move that made them unexpected.

They stand up at the same time, use their right boxing to hit their left chest, and then say in a tone with a strange vibrato: “Xiling Space Army Commander , Positive space Whistler Ashida , Negative space Whistler Acidora , to the name of the glory of the Empire, follow the orders of the Great Emperor ,arrived to listen and obey your command !”

The sudden change caused the loss of reaction between Qianqian and Chen Qian.

They look at each other in dismay, and then Qianqian hesitates to ask Chen Qian: “Elder Sister Chen Qian, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know… I haven’t crossed Oh!”

The fact is that two rookies that have never been crossed have encountered a variety of situations that have not been mentioned in the novel. This kind of alienation immediately has two beautiful young girl twins that look very formidable. The swearing allegiance of the plot is really to be full of all kinds of near-foul yy ingredients, so that the normal cross-brief is not afraid to mention this heaven defying but the good situation.

Fortunately, this article from the very beginning is not normal…

“You… hello… who are you sisters who is sister Ah?”

Qianqian cautiously greeted the other party. She was not sure whether the thinking of the outside world was the same as that of earthling, so she could only express her goodwill in a concise manner and draw closer to the other’s relationship.

โ€œI am very honored to be able to talk to you,โ€ one of the twins, the girl with a blue glow on her left eye replied with a gentle smile. โ€œI am Positive space Whistler Ashida, sister in Xiling Space Twin, this is my sister. , Negative space Whistler Acidora, we will be responsible for protecting your safety in a later period of time, Honored Empress, until we meet with the great Xiling Emperor.”

“What do you call me?!” Qianqian immediately became shocked. When did he become someone’s Empress?

โ€œEmpress,โ€ Acida still has a gentle smile. โ€œYou are a great Xiling Emperor’s companion, only you can afford this distinguished title.โ€

โ€œwait a moment!โ€ Qianqian immediately interrupted the other party. โ€œI think you made a mistake. I am just an ordinary earthling. Itโ€™s not Empress at all. I donโ€™t even know your Great Emperor. I have a boyfriend. So I hope you can leave!”

Although the other party may have a very strong power, although the inexplicable Emperor must have the strength to fight against it, it is absolutely impossible for Qianqian to succumb to the other’s power because of this, and there is no shortage of seeing the various Qianqian. When it comes to all kinds of things that may happen to him, now Qianqian’s mind has outlined a story that she thinks is true: an arrogant Empire Emperor has inexplicably taken her and sent her to her. Alien, and then try to use the so-called man’s courage to conquer his body and mind, this old-fashioned plot she promised Ojou-sama has not seen at the starting point…

However, Qianqian knows that he will never give in!

Because, in Earth, there is still someone waiting for yourself.

Acida and Acidora look at each other in dismay, they didn’t expect this. In fact, since they came to Emperor and successfully opened a flower shop on the corner, their sisters and I have never been concerned about the outside world. As a result, they still don’t know that Xiling Empress, which they were ordered to protect, didn’t know anything about Empire’s situation!

It’s no wonder that Xiling Twin is such a special character. The high level of mind synchronization leads them to have different ways of thinking than ordinary people. They tend to focus on one thing and indifferent to the happenings of surroundings, except for Emperor’s order. In the interest of Empire, Twin will never have a bit of interest in other things. They prefer to use the never ending thoughts conversation to pass the time compared to things that require inefficient information collection.

Acida still seems to want to say something, but Qianqian shook his head firmly: “Don’t say anything more, I have a boyfriend, and your inexplicable Emperor has nothing to do with me.”

Obviously, this sentence is to be full of places where you can vomit, so that the two sisters of Acida donโ€™t know where they should start to vomit…

โ€œI think you need to know something, in fact, our Emperor is…โ€

My sister, Acida, carefully organized the language and prepared to make Empress, who was awkward in front of her, realize that she had just made a logical mistake in her language, but her sister Acidora suddenly inserted: “Okay, maybe we have a difference Some serious misunderstanding, but before that, please allow me and my sister to protect you at least, because this World is not as safe as you think, and we are the loyal fighters of Emperor, we must complete our mission. โ€

Acidora’s words made Qianqian unable to refute. In the end, she could only nodded and said: “It seems to be like this, but I still don’t like your Emperor very much. After seeing him, I asked to return to my original World immediately!”

If I am here, I will cry.

In a swamp field farther away from this place, the situation of Lolita, which has no hidden violent attributes, seems to be much worse.

Pandora looked at the horrible Monster in front of the tide, with a frost on his face.

A thick voice came from behind her: “Little Sister, get out of there! Those swamp muddies are too dangerous!”

Pandora turned slightly, and behind her there were more than a dozen Human Races wearing heavy armor or robes. They all had more or less injuries, and the anti-gravity Magic Rune was very dim, once these Rune disappeared. Even if Monster of the surroundings doesn’t come up, they will be swallowed up by the ruthless swamp.

Judging from their everything in disorder but the full range of equipment, this is an Adventurer Squad. They try to take a chance in this dangerous swamp and see if they can find a valuable Demon Beast. The windfall, unfortunately, these daring Human Races obviously have no strength and luck to match their courage. The sudden appearance of the swamp muddy has wiped out the main fighting strength of the team by more than half, if not The strong space volatility that Pandora suddenly appeared with scared the demonized Demonic Creature, which had long since been succumbed to Monster.

Pandora carefully observed a few adventurers for a while, and seemed to confirm what was going on, and then she went back. The purple-red innocent eyes were coldly staring at the body shape. It was just three or four times as large as her enlarged version of the slug. The same black Monster, under her sight, those little demons that didn’t have much intelligence, turned back a few steps collectively, they instinctively felt fear, just like seeing their natural enemies.

In fact, they did see their natural enemies.

Pandora slowly rose into the air, covered with a layer of alloy light armor, numerous lines of hard gold pattern emerged in the air, and then gradually became an individual rectangular metal box, one end of the metal box is dense The opening like a hive, in these openings, the disturbing white light shines one by one, and in the appearance of the metal box, the dark red energy line is like a living thing, and it is like a blood vessel. With.

From the group of metal boxes that covered half the sky, Demonized Creature felt a sense of horror, and although they had become fearless after the variability, now they find themselves unable to control their inner fears.

They don’t know these things, but they have some power in the body.

That is a natural enemy.

As a result, these Demonized Creatures made a unified movement: they bowed hard and spit out the highly corrosive black juice in the direction of Pandora’s.

These black sauces are simply invitations to the adventurers, but Pandora doesn’t seem to see it. Her double in the eyes flashed red light and then said in an ice-cold mechanical tone: “Love ProLogis-5k Cluster Particle Cannon, comprehensive attack!”

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