Xiling Empire Chapter 60

Chapter 60โ€”Twin’s ability

At the exit of an unnamed valley, a group of Demonized Creatures with black smoke surrounds four girls.

“Elder Sister Chen Qian…what do we do…” Qianqian clutched Chen Qian’s hand tightly, and the horror of her eyes made her feel overwhelmed.

The black giant pig on the long horn, the rhinoceros that spit the flame, the rabbit-like creature that looks like a main battle tank, and the more monsters that are not named, they are surrounded by the exit of the valley. The power of the abyss made them lose their original thoughts. Now these primitive animals are full of violence and fighting. They canโ€™t wait to use their own power to tear up the four seemingly fragile creatures in front of them, so that they can vent their own The body is suffering from the burning of Abyss power.

Surrounded by these Monsters and suffering from the overwhelming murderous aura, Qianqian can still speak, which is not easy.

Chen Qian was pale, but still kept calm. She patted Qianqian’s slightly trembling back and comforted her: “Don’t be afraid, aren’t the two sisters supposed to protect us? They may have a way.”

A few meters before Qianqian and Chen Qian, the two sisters of Acida and Acidora are floating in the air, and a burst of intense energy fluctuations spread out around, at the same time with undisguised murderous aura, precisely because of their Exist, the opposite Demonized Creature did not dare to act rashly. The Monsters who were eroded by Abyss power had a clear mind, but they still knew to stay away from dangerous goods.

At the moment, Acida and Acidora are negotiating countermeasures through spiritual connections โ€“ because they are not too sure about this situation.

Unlike other Xiling Apostles, which can be called strategic-level weapons, Acida and Acidora are not Apostle specializing in frontal combat. As the Commander of the Space Defense Force and the Space Attack Force, they are special units that have enhanced space control capabilities. Through the special connection between Twin, they are able to carry out space transmission more easily. More often, these two sisters exist as a legion transmitter, opening a stable and wide space gate by high-speed transitions on two different planes. So that the Empire’s Legion can enter the battlefield in the shortest time, at the same time, they can also use their space power to complete many emergency support tasks that ordinary Xiling Apostle can’t do, which is why after the sudden start of Qianqian’s empty spirit signal, Only they can get to Qianqian right away, but Pandora has to wait a few minutes to get started with Space jump.

Very powerful, unfortunately, not suitable for fighting in this situation.

โ€œDouble-phase oscillation can wipe out this area.โ€ Sister Acidora proposed a plan.

“The security of the two mothers cannot be guaranteed.” Acada โ€‹โ€‹dismissed the proposal. Obviously, Xiling Apostle is still not mature enough to deal with interpersonal relationships. She even classified Chen Qian as the “master mother”…

“Synchronous transitions can guarantee that the main parent is not subject to any outside injury.” Acidora proposed a second idea.

โ€œThere is no way to confirm the enemyโ€™s continued operational capability, and the plan is rejected.โ€

“…I didn’t take it…” Acidora stopped the purely mechanized thinking mode and said that he couldn’t think of a better way.

In fact, it is not difficult for them to deal with Monster in front of them. As Xiling Apostle, Acida and Acidora naturally have the means to deal with various crises, even though they have no skills for frontal combat, but space power. If used properly, its lethality is definitely not a normal carbon-based living thing. Other than that, a space chaos transfer is enough to shred any materialized living thing, but the key is that there are also Qianqian and Chen Qian. A fragile ordinary person, their physical constitution can not withstand the burst of powerful energy generated when the space is broken, which makes the sisters feel awkward, powerful moves can not be used, ordinary moves do not work.

“Ready to enable the Legion transmission.” The voice of my sister, Acida, suddenly rang and made Acidora scared.

“No? Sister? Emperor will definitely kill me!”

The Acidora thinking that relieved the mechanized thinking mode was obviously more active. She first thought of an Emperor who had always opposed the use of the army. After knowing the consequences of mobilizing the Large-scale Legion, Xiling Apostle’s loyalty is no doubt. But now this loyalty has brought them a lot of trouble. Emperor’s order is to protect the safety of the two girls, but to protect the two girls, the army is used. The problem is that Emperor ordered it when it first arrived at Earth. They are strictly forbidden to use the army…

This is a more complicated problem than whether you have a chicken or an egg first. At least, for the two Xiling sisters who don’t know how to work, the problem is unsolvable.

However, although I don’t know how to work, Acidora has found a good reason to use the army.

โ€œEmperor Shandora has used the Guardian Army. When an Emperor uses its own Guardian Army, signify enters the Supreme War state, and all nearby supported Xiling Apostles automatically switch to war thinking mode โ€“ In addition, my sister, you must learn to suppress your fanaticism of war, Emperor will not like your character.”

Indeed, knowing that there is such a reason to use the army, Acidora’s eyes will have a golden light!

There is no doubt that every Xiling Apostle’s heart hides a militant fanatic soul, just like a Loli…

As a result, Qianqian and Chen Qian were surprised to see that the twin girls in front suddenly began to flash alternately.

Blinking, that’s it, their body is like a disturbed image signal, violently shaking, twisting, deforming, and flashing steadily, along with this strange phenomenon, the black of their surroundings begins to appear as if the mirror is cracked. The same texture, and this pattern is gradually expanding.

This process is very rapid, the two sisters flash alternately. When one of them stays stable, the other person will become such an unrealistic image, and vice versa. After only five seconds, the two sisters have become completely invisible. The shadow of the shape.

The monsters seem to finally realize what terrible things are about to happen. They start to gather energy in a chaotic manner, trying to interrupt the actions of the two strange girls, but they immediately realize that the energy that can usually be called easily is now so It’s hard to control. It feels like a patient with advanced Parkinson’s disease trying to grab a loach from the water. It’s hard to see, touch, and catch. It’s a difficult thing to consider from any angle. .

Acida and Acidora, who are alternately transitioning, smile at each other. As an experienced Xiling officer, how can they give their enemies a chance to attack themselves?

Eventually, an oval-shaped elliptical black hole appeared in the middle of the Demonized Creature. From there, there was a strong and powerful steel crash. A powerful voice shouted: “For the Empire! The war is just right! The kingdom of Empire! Conquer, conquer, conquer!”

Both Qianqian and Chen Qian were fooled by this exaggerated way of playing and the arrogant war declaration…

This is the capability of Acida and Acidora. By alternately forming fast interference in two phases to form space interference, opening a space channel that is large enough, it seems that the transfer process that takes five seconds to complete seems to be the same as that of other Xiling Commanders. The way to summon a warrior is inefficient, but it is incomparable because โ€“

The space channel formed by Acida and Acidora has no traffic limit!

Other Xiling Commanders may be able to summon warriors in an instant, but their summons have an upper limit that allows passage. Once the number or energy reaches this value, the channel will be forced to close, even if it is the top Xiling Apostle like Shandora, she summons the warrior once. The number is only a thousand people, but the channel opened by Acida and Acidora is a real plane channel, as long as they do not actively close the channel, even if it is a thing of a planet!

When I and Della rushed to the scene, everything was over. Under the joint attack of thousands of Xiling Soldier, the only remaining scenes of the Demonized Creature were burned by high-energy weapons. The hard rock was in the ion wind. Blowing underneath into a soft fine sand, and then melted into glass or other melt under the irradiation of a wave cannon. A double-armed single-phase gun can’t be sturdy. Xiling Soldier is putting his own weapon. Recovered in the carry-on space, behind him, a small piece of dragon wing fragment smoky slowly slipping from the sky.

It seems that the Acida and Acidora sisters have seriously overestimated the power of these Demonized Creatures.

Behind the ultimate front line of these warriors, I saw a few Xiling Soldier suspended in the middle of the sky wearing silver and white shirts, open their hands, maintaining a transparent shield like soap bubbles, Qianqian and sister are inside, tightly hugged Into a group.

Obviously, these Xiling Soldiers have protected the security of Qianqian and Elder Sister’s well, but they still ignore the fact that the spirit of Human Race is actually very fragile…

I knelt down Della, who was restless on her head, and walked quickly to Qianqian.

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