Xiling Empire Chapter 62

Chapter 62β€”A lot of big people

Although Della’s suddenly attacked me a lot of trouble, but for her blessing, I did not know how to end up, I found a step.

I carefully knocked Della’s little head with the other hand and said, “Della, can you loosen Ah first? If you are really hungry, will I give you a lollipop to eat?”

Della finally let go, she tried to fly back into the air, but because the wings had been crumpled by me, she swayed a few times in the air, and it was about to fall to the ground. I quickly reached out and held it steady. A little bit no.

Della sat in my hand and said with awkwardness: “Sorry, I just hurt you when I pinched it. As a result, I subconsciously bite you… You won’t be angry?”

Take a look and see! A kind heart, now I fully believe that the other party is a goddess, and I am a victim to apologize to me. I feel that the little brat is now full of divine glory, and the guilt in my heart is awkward. Going up.

“A’Jun, what is this thing?” Qianqian curious voice came from the side, I lifted the head and was immediately shocked: the current Qianqian is like an old smoker who has not touched the smoke for forty-eight hours. Like a pack of unopened soft-skinned Chinese, the eyes are as if the entire galaxy is shining, she is staring at Della sitting in my palm, grievously trying to flatten her wings, and next to her. There is no difference between Elder Sister’s expression and Qianqian.

I almost forgot that any normal woman could not resist the temptation of cute things. After Pandora came to my house, my status immediately fell.

Della, obviously it’s very cute, even cute enough to be a pet to raise – of course, if Della resists when you have the ability to resist the goddess level of attack.

“Her name is Della,” I replied as I helped the little brat flatten the wings. “It’s a goddess.”

Although Della looks quite good-tempered, her goddess identity must tell Qianqian and her sister in advance, knowing that the fighting strength of a woman in some cases is quite formidable. If you don’t give them a wake up, Della can Some have received it.

Qianqian and my sister were obviously shocked by my words. They exclaimed with exaggeration. They were already ready to catch Della’s hand and immediately took it back, pointing to the little brat and saying, “Goddess? So big?”

At this moment Della finally flattened her wings, she sorted out her skirt, then stood up and introduced herself in a thin voice: “Hello! My name is Della, it is Star Domain God Clan living thing.” God low-level Apostle, primary goddess, the gods served are great Goddess of Life, nice to meet you!”

Acidora just lifted the warning. At this moment, I saw the little bit on my hand. I usually greeted him: “Is God Clan Ah? Nice to meet you. Recently, God Clan started the expedition again?”

Little brat immediately stunned his head and replied: “That, I have an accident, I can’t go home, so temporarily with your leader together… But it seems that there is no news about you recently Ah? You are Not having trouble?”

“Who knows?” Acidora shrugged. “Empire suddenly fell asleep. Our memory interrupted a fairly long period of time. The only part of the Empire that was found to be sleeping was not aware of what happened. In short, our current situation is not very good.”

“Oh, it turned out to be the case, no wonder your contact with God Clan’s was completely interrupted…”

I am in a hurry with Qianqian and my sister.

Qianqian and her sister were caught because they saw the legendary living thing of God Clan, and the other party was still so small, which made their common sense a very serious impact – even though they started their common sense today. There is no one that is not affected.

The reason why I stayed is that didn’t expect Acidora and Della to say hello so well, even though I heard that Xiling Empire and God Clan’s are very close from Pandora, it is a bit ridiculous to be close to this level, I am now It feels like I saw an old farmer and a president meet up, and then they immediately squatted on the back of the pub and chatted.

In addition, aside from this point, I finally realized that God Clan’s time concept with endless living thing is different. Xiling Empire fell into sleep for at least tens of thousands of years, but in Della’s mouth it was just “recent” without news. Simple things, God knows For God Clan, this “recent” can be a long way to what extent!

My sister looked at me with strange eyes, until I started to goose bumps and said: “A’Jun, it seems that you really have to explain to us, what happened today is too dramatic. ”

So, in the next few minutes, it became my confession time, but to say frankly, what I can confess is really limited, because even I don’t know how I was judged as Empire Emperor. In the end, I can only explain this: “For some unknown reason, my mental fluctuations are completely consistent with the Xiling Emperor’s mental fluctuations that I don’t know when I turned off. As a result, the Xiling Authority judges that I am the Emperor… ”

Although my explanation is not much different from the explanation, but my sister and Qianqian still understand, but Qianqian has raised a new question: “according to what you said, Xiling Empire is not quite a play for the Supreme Authority? As long as the spirit is fluctuating The match can be Xiling Emperor, and this method of determination is too unreliable.”

β€œNo, on the contrary,” Acida, who is far more mature than Acidora, has expressed his opinion. β€œIn fact, this method is the most reliable way to judge, because the mental fluctuations we refer to are not what you think of brain waves, even though It also contains brainwaves from Human Race, but the mental fluctuations we detect also contain more things, brain waves, ways of thinking, spiritual imprints, subconscious markers, frequency of thinking pulses, and composition of the soul. These unique things are It is extremely difficult to forge. When they mix together as the basis for judgment, the possibility of being forged is equal to zero, especially the composition of the soul. Even the high-order God Clan does not necessarily perfectly forge a product identical to the original. The soul, and the top God Clan who have the freedom to create souls – they can’t do this boring thing.

So, although we don’t know why our Authority is determined to come to this conclusion, since the system tells us that Chen Jun is our Emperor, then we will act in full compliance with this information. ”

“Even the soul is the same as your original Emperor? By, I shouldn’t be possessed by anything?”

I immediately said with amazement.

Qianqian bowed her head and didn’t know what she was thinking. Although she had successfully accepted my identity and temporarily dismissed my misunderstanding, I heard a lot of shocking news. I am really worried about this gimmick. have a bee in one’s bonnet.

Sure enough, the always wise Qinqian immediately remembered a few important things that had been smothered by me. She lifted the head and stared at my eyes and asked: “A’Jun, you honestly replied, Younger Sister Lily’s identity is what?”

After Qianqian reminded me, my sister immediately thought of this problem. The appearance of Pan Lily was too sudden. There was no background in the past. Everything about her was from my side. Now my secret is revealed. If they don’t doubt Pan Lily that popped up, it would be too abnormal.

“She is my general.” I honestly replied.

β€œHa?” Qianqian and her sister said at the same time.

In the spirit of the dead pigs not afraid of boiling water, I continued to break the news: “And my new class teacher, Pan Lingling, she is Pandora’s adjutant, real name Sivis, combat command type Xiling general, two new electricians in the school, Pandora Captain of the sixth and seventh Heavy Infantry Regiment… Hutong mouth selling kebabs every day uncle can not sell, Pandora fourth land based Armored Vehicle Regiment Captain, the school behind the street selling plastic jade every time wearing sunglasses , Pandora Third Electronic Assault Fortified Regiment Captain … recently sneaked in the entire Nanfu Street and was gnawed by countless urban management, Pandora Heavy Armored defense commander, and the two sisters, behind the street A small flower shop – thank God, they finally know to start the business license first.”

“That was what Carrow helped to counterfeit.” The relatively honest Acida honestly said.

“Now, how do you feel?”

Qianqian and her sister looked at each other with a look of eccentricity: “Suddenly these people are not so terrible…”

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