Xiling Empire Chapter 64

Chapter 64—Individual Tour

Modese The Third finally puts a look of uneasiness and worry on his face, replaced by a true Emperor look: majestic, decisive, and intelligent.

“Is finally ready to be open and honest?” Shandora put down the cup in his hand and said in a playful tone.

“I don’t know anything about you,” Modese The Third said bluntly. “Although I believe that you can be an ally, but before that I hope to know more about you, a coming from different World’s Empire, this has to let me Caution.”

“Well, it seems that every World’s carbon-based living thing is such a troublesome guy. Since you are not willing to have more in-depth cooperation with us, please at least don’t mess with us, we Xiling Empire and Abyss power After fighting for thousands of years, there was no shortage of Aboriginal people who suddenly jumped out of the chaos, so I had no patience to distinguish them from Abyss power.”

At this moment A middle-aged man who stood by Modese The Third finally couldn’t stand it. He said to Shandora in a tone full of Warning: “Although you saved the living thing of my countless warriors, I still want to remind you. Here is the territory of Vitesse Empire’s, not your Xiling Empire!”

Shandora didn’t care to glance at the middle-aged man and said, “The conversation between the two Emperors, even if you quarrel, you won’t be able to interrupt you?”

“Okay,” Modese The Third shook his hand and played the role of old man. “General Kranse is a good soldier, but he also has impulsive problems that make you laugh.”

Shandora smiled and stood up and said, “Nothing, anyway, I just came to say hello to you today. After all, this is your country. If there is nothing, I have to go back. I know, personally lead Expeditionary Force to crusade the abyss. A very laborious thing.”

“Of course—” Modese The Third followed and stood up. “If you need our help, your country can speak at any time…”

Shandora smiled unrecognizable and disappeared into a silver-white halo.

Modese The Third The smiling face is suddenly serious.

“Minister Kranse, how do you think about this?”

Modese The Third sits back in the wide seat, his face full of tiredness.

“your majesty, the end will be just a martial arts, can only be analyzed from the perspective of the military – they are very powerful, far beyond our warriors, the mysterious warriors are completely special races for the battle, they can Their own bodies have become horrible weapons, and they will see with their own eyes that one of them will change their body to the magical cannon-like weapon of his, and then his comrades will use this weapon to turn thousands of Monster into Steam – such a battle we often have to pay thousands of soldiers’ living thing in exchange for it.

If we really fight against them, we will pay a heavy price. ”

“How many are they?”

“Unsure, the self-proclaimed Xiling Emperor’s girl has the ability to call her Soldier at will, and she will dare to say that she has never shown all her warriors.”

Modese The Third licks the swelled temples, tone to be full of doubts: “A powerful coming from different World? Perhaps this is credible, but why such an Empire Supreme Chief of state will come in person Our World? This…has me doubts.”

“your majesty, can we make such a conjecture: a powerful Civil war broke out in a different World, and the country’s Emperor was forced into exile in many Worlds, she lost her homeland, so she wanted to conquer new World ……”

“General Kranse,” Mordis interrupted the overly serious thinking that the other side had been diverging. “Although we can make all kinds of worst guesses, you should be careful not to let these ideas erode your heart, those Demon. The power will come in—no matter what the other’s purpose, they are not enemies for the time being, at least we can’t easily provoke a dispute with the other party. According to the self-proclaimed Xiling Emperor’s girl, she has a companion who is coming. Although I can’t imagine a scene where there is more than one Emperor in Empire, it might be a good idea to see another Xiling Emperor.”

So, at this time, what is Xiling Empire’s another Emperor doing?

“A’Jun! Look at that! What is Ah?”

Qianqian glared at my arm and yelled with excitement, attracting frequent attention from nearby passers-by, and thought that after replacing the traditional clothing of World, I could make myself look less noticeable, didn’t expect for the first time. The Qianqian to the outside world was almost quiet for a second, which directly led us to become the focus of the move.

But then again, the first time I saw the Human Race country of World, I really felt quite fresh. The last time I went to the outer world, I only ran into the crazy Demon Beast. The World Human Race is already in Shandora and the abyss. The war in the war was gone, but the World’s Human Race was still tenacious, which made our small off-road tour amazed by Magic World’s civilization.

This World’s Human Race has undergone a long period of development. Although there are certainly many civilization achievements that have been destroyed due to the existence of the abyss, I can still see the magical achievements of Magic civilization. People have applied the power of Magic. In all aspects of life, using Wind Element Magic to assist in the delivery of goods, using the simple Water Element Magic to clean the streets, simple elemental resonance equipment can achieve the effect of mobile phones, it can be said that although there is no development of modern science and technology, this World’s Human Race is also completely advanced life like on the Earth.

But Della tells me that due to the ongoing war, these Magic apps that are closely related to everyday life are old technologies that existed hundreds of years ago. When it’s okay, Della occasionally goes to Human Race World to stroll, she Seeing that since the outbreak of the war with the abyss, Human Race gradually abandoned the study of Magic, which is auxiliary but not worth much combat, and turned to the strength of armed forces. At the most brilliant time of this World Magic civilization, people can even Use the power of Magic to create Arcane dolls that are just like humans, but now, there aren’t many things with little strength that have been forgotten by Human Race, and the rest are the most common things in everyday life.

I have to say that Qianqian’s acceptability is indeed forformable. When such an exaggeration happened, she recovered so quickly, and immediately plunged into the rather fun activities of the opposite world tour, in comparison. My sister seemed to be somewhat cautious and cautious. Although she also showed a strong interest in different worlds, it was much more restrictive than Qianqian’s carefree rushing around.

“What’s wrong, sister, looks like a big deal?”

I looked at my sister’s thoughts and thoughts. I couldn’t help but ask.

“A’Jun, my sister always feels that there is no real sense of staying in this World. You didn’t say it. This World has a power called the abyss. Will they be dangerous?”

When I heard Elder Sister’s, I knew that she was worried about my safety again. From childhood to big sister, I have always played the role of my protector, which led my sister to develop a very cautious habit, no matter when. As long as you are in an unfamiliar environment, your sister will always consider whether it will be dangerous.

I lowered my voice and whispered comfortably: “Sister, don’t worry about it. I have the most powerful army in the world. Under their protection, we won’t encounter any danger. Those deep-rooted Monsters though Dangerous, but my warriors are their natural enemies, you don’t see them too, so many Monsters are not enough for a squadron’s fighters to practice their hands, and then they are not good, we still have a little goddess around us, such a hard background, my sister, you Feel free to travel in a different way!”

Della’s ears are sharp. When she hears someone calling her name, she immediately pokes out a small head from my collar. Quiet strangely asks, “Call me?”

When I saw the lovely Della, my sister couldn’t help but laugh. She touched the head of the little thing with her fingertips and said, “It’s also rare to have such an opportunity that ordinary people will never touch. I will open my eyes. All right.”

Just then, I suddenly felt a familiar wave of familiarity, so I stood still and said: “It seems that we must first join other people before we continue to play.”

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