Xiling Empire Chapter 658

Chapter 658 knows what is chaotic?

Although an accidentally was involved in the God Clan *** five-person group, after a day of tossing outside, I was physically and mentally exhausted, but after seeing a house with a big bag and wraping home, I saw a happy family, I still I feel that everything is worth it.

Little Bubbles has new toys, so the mother is shining and can live a few days without a pillow. Qianqian has a new scarf. Although this girl usually goes back to the street, she remembers that she didn’t wear a scarf today. Anveena has New kitchen, the war between her and Monina is still going on, Pandora and Viska are a set of Grimm fairy tale, I have not given up the desire to train them as a child, Onee-sama gets a new mirror, because I am Listening to Jaina for a few days, she said that she intends to use the mirror of Onee-sama to suppress Onyxia. May the unfortunate Black Dragon Princess recover his mind as soon as possible, and you will come again without any medical difficulties.

Don’t look at the very common things that are brought back today. There is even a bag of tourmaline detergent in the legend (looks like Kansas bought in the second floor of the bridge), with treasures like the world. Eye-catching goods can’t be compared, but it can’t be given to Little Bubbles a while ago. When the toy’s Jingfeng Planet is on the same page, but the family is still very happy, what is it called, give gifts to see the truth, to Onee-sama they are like The level, has not cared about the value of the gift – is Jingfeng not a big glass ball? Little Bubbles still thinks that the gadget is too big and is about to dig a piece from the top and pull it down.

After dinner, I didn’t have an early break with Shandora. Instead, I went to Shadow City again. Now things that we need to deal with have gradually increased.

The date of the carnival is gradually approaching, and the reporting materials from various Worlds have been collected as early as a few days ago. Now, the special envoys and the first craftsmen of the various circles have found their own sites in Shadow City. Intensive preparations for the celebrations, just as expected, no matter how remote or how there is no sense of existence, as long as they learn about the carnival, they have not voluntarily given up the right to participate, even if they are only one or two through the frenzy. The passers-by came over, and as a result, the “Bianque Town”, which only left a symbolic contact point in the World, responded positively to the invitation of the Carnival.

With this opportunity, the development of Hong World is clearly presented to us.

At the time of the establishment of the Space and Time Administrative Bureau, there were more than 63,700 registered Worlds, compared with the total number of passers-by in the Keploo Temporary Colony. Of course, it seems conservative, but considering that many people who come across World are in groups, this number is not too small.

Now, the number of registered books in the Space and Time Administrative Bureau has reached 120,000, almost doubling.

This is only a few months. The number of Worlds we have discovered is more than the sum of the past two or three years. Once the black eyes of the mouse eyes are gone, the eyes of Empire don’t say that they overwrite the void again, but At least we can already see the situation at home.

Of course, this huge amount of World is not the ruling region of Empire. Empire is in the revival stage. Without this force, it can re-cover its ruling region to thousands of Worlds within a few years. They are just “趟 maps”. The result, signify, we have established outpost there. The real ruling region of Empire is still only a few universes with a large number of legions, such as Azeroth and the Pan-Galaxy Civilization Community. But for the top cross-plane civilization Empire, these coordinates are The most precious treasure.

The reason why we can achieve such an extraordinary progress is entirely the credit of the Macro World system.

The information of multiple Worlds is radiated over the overlay, and a series of operations are performed to estimate the interference they generate during the mutual projection process. The new World can be discovered. This is the “pathfinder” method that Empire often uses during the expansion period. Triangulation in the state, of course, this is just a feeling of impression, the principle is more complicated.

According to Shandora, in the Age of Empire, this kind of detection is often closely related to the “conquest war”. Of course, I don’t intend to go the old way of the Empire’s era of expansion, but Macro World still gives us the power network. Extending to such an extent at an alarming rate, I have to say that this is who didn’t expect.

To celebrate, this evening Shandora eats the old set of Anveena after replacing it with new kitchen utensils…

In addition to the explosive growth of the registered World Coordinate, the Space and Time Administrative Bureau’s tentacles have continued to deepen in the World that has established outposts or contact points.

It’s been a few months since the establishment of the Authority, and the rushing reviewers who have been in a hurry are now familiar with their businesses and are beginning to expand their “power” in this World in accordance with the staff handbook. It’s that Empire is placed in the “Ship Snake Intelligence Officer” of each World. A reviewer needs to develop at least one “naturally chosen person” (this is the nickname of the examiner’s privately chosen lucky one, indicating a The average person was chosen as the luck of the Empire Agent, so the grassroots employees under the Space and Time Administrative Bureau have at least doubled, which is an enormous progress.

Of course, the rapid development mentioned above is only the initial momentum of Hong World. With the work of the Space and Time Administrative Bureau on the right track, the various departments of Hong World are getting better and better, and the speed of their personnel will soon slow down. – Theoretically is like this.

In the shadow fort command, Shandor and I called Sivis, who was solely responsible for the coordination of the Shadow City venue, and now she is seriously reporting her work.

“Queen your majesty, in accordance with your order, we have doubled the number of original security guards and increased the proportion of Commander. All of the Space and Time Administrative Bureau’s subordinate Worlds have sent at least three Empire soldiers. During the carnival, we ensure that those World contact points are not problematic, and we have reset the transmission rules table of the Dimensional Hub, which is a more secure solution.”

Sivis sent a data chip to Shandora, who placed his hand on the wafer and instantly read the information inside.

“The good improvement is indeed more rigorous than the process I originally designed. In addition, I found that you divided the guard force into two, one half is the standard ‘anti-destructive fast force’, and what about the other half?”

Shandora looked at Sivis with a look of approval, and finally said a question.

The black long straight adjutant immediately jumped in the corner of his eyes: “The other half is to strengthen the urban management brigade. The main responsibility is to deal with the security issues below the violent attack, such as…”

“For example, the black super.” I suddenly realized, dare to Sivis, you also set up an anti-Carrow force?

Also, after all, it is a carnival. We can’t save the pirate dealers for half a month. Therefore, his situation during the carnival is almost certain, and the large group of unarmed Empire headed by him. Commander may have to push his own plastic jade to see the ruined chess poker stalls on the streets. During the holiday, we have to arrange a special force to deal with them.

“You said Carrow can’t do anything else?”

I looked at Shandora with a headache. The latter rushed to me: “You don’t want to order Emperor.”

Well, I don’t want to destroy the only life hobby of the uncle for my own situation. Isn’t Carrow or Carrow not selling?

“It’s really hard for you during this time. The safety work during the carnival is very important. You can’t be sloppy.”

I noticed that Sivis had a slightly tired look on his face, and his heart was a bit touched, which made Xiling Apostle look like this. It can be seen that Sivis, who is the sole person in charge, has a lot of work these days, organizing such a brutal conference. It’s not easy.

More importantly, as the only normal sister in the Empire Commander, there is a normal sister who manages the two hundred and ninety-nine Unscheduled Commander. It is not easy…

Let me be so praised, Sivis, who was very sensitive to the Senior Officer, couldn’t stop himself from being serious. He was very nervous and slammed his hands. The last hope of Empire’s rhythm was: “Thank you for your praise, this is The subordinates should do it, and the subordinates recently transferred two good helpers from the Space and Time Administrative Bureau to take charge of specific matters. The carbon-based creatures are really excellent in dealing with this complex task, making it easy for the subordinates. less.”

“ēn? What did the examiner rise up?” I showed a cheerful expression. “Can you make such a satisfying carbon-based creature? It’s really rare, who?”

Sivis thought for a moment: “I didn’t pay attention to the name, but it was two girls, one is helping the city management second squadron to maintain law and order, and the chief of the dispatcher of the secondary hub borrowed to help the bridge. These three words are absolutely free translation! )…”

I looked at Shandora and at the same time became interested in the two newcomers who would make Sivis acclaimed.

“They were not the people who passed through in the last incident, but they later had a small conflict with our people. They had to join the Space and Time Administrative Bureau. Would you like to check it out?”

I thought about it, anyway, today’s things have been dealt with, just go and see 呗 但 – I hope that after a few delays, the few dolls will sleep, they are too noisy.

A few minutes later, near the control tower of the Dimension Hub, we found the two newcomers.

One is a witch in red tone, white in the sleeves and neckline, the black hair young girl looks yawning, and the other is wearing a light purple dress with a quirky style. A fluffy soft hat and a blonde girl with an umbrella.

At the time, I was shocked by the whole person.

The blond young girl is facing us, not aware that someone is close, but is busy complaining about the red and white in front of me: “Reimu, don’t always be so lazy, you can rest after finishing your work today – I I always feel that this space is weird. It seems that every move is looked at by countless pairs of eyes. Ah, I can make up my compensation before I go home. So sleepy…”

“Dangdang! plop!”

“A’Jun?!A’Jun!” Shandora slammed me up from the ground. “A’Jun Are you okay?”

I got up in a dizzy way: “Nothing, probably still alive… Sivis! Where are you from the Lord!!”

“Do you know them? These two girls were accidentally discovered by the examiner cc and proved to be illegal passers-by, but they had a little conflict with our correspondent during the repatriation process. Both girls have good Power, the blond young girl broke our unmanned support ship, so now they work in Shadow City to compensate for the equipment that was broken by themselves at the time. Well, although there are some minor problems, they are all It’s a very reliable newcomer, except that the red and white seems to be a bit boring, but the group has already planned to officially join the Space and Time Administrative Bureau…”

I… I feel that I still need to rescue it!

“You… you can go on a break.”

I waved my hand weakly, and I let Sivis, who had finished the work report, go to rest and then take a look at Shandora.

“In fact, there is nothing unexpected about this, right? Shandora?”

“Void is so big, since there is relevant information on the Earth, the corresponding World must exist.” Shandora looked at the front with a smile, “but it is really messy.”

Yes, it’s all over the place. The people of the Eastern World, when they crossed, let the cc as the examiner meet, then fight with the soldiers of the Empire Space and Time Administrative Bureau, and finally get caught in Shadow City. … This is how magnificent Nima is a great journey through Oh!

The movement behind him finally caught the attention of the blonde young girl and the red and white witch. The two turned their eyes together, so the two Empire Chief of state and the two messy guys looked at each other in dismay.


Some red and white immediately jumped back half a step: “Oh! Who are you? Supervisor?”

The blond young girl next to her showed a vigilant look, looking at me and Shandora in a defensive posture, apparently aware of the spiritual energy in the stranger in front of him who almost dared not touch.

The two people’s a little neurotic reaction is in my expectation. I think it’s easy to understand how they came over. It is a miserable young girl who sells hard work to get back home as soon as possible… What is this sinful guilt? ?

“Don’t be nervous, we are passing.” I waved my hand to the young girl who had confirmed that it was Yayun Zi, let her relax. I can imagine that she had experienced a thrilling moment when she had just worked with the Empire warship. The battle, the barrage of the rapid artillery is not a joke, and now she is still being detained to work here – absolutely detained, everyone knows the customs of the grassroots Empire, one by one, even if it is tough, even if It’s a good thing for them to make it, just like a robbery. You think that the commissioner who was ordered to send a letter to Zhenhong and others at that time can understand it.

Midnight is a strong house.

So it is not surprising that the other party is nervous about the people here.

“Let’s pass?” Ba Yunzi slowly put down his hand and still looked at us suspiciously. “Well, I believe you are passing by.”

“Purple, relax,” the red and white witches came over lazily. “I can’t beat them anyway. Actually, it’s not bad here. Although it’s going to work, it’s much easier than solving the change. Just patrol, on the road. It doesn’t matter if you sleep. Oh. And with that card, you can buy anything in the city center, and finally don’t lack money~~~”

Oh my dingdang! ! Red and white, is it necessary for you to play as soon as you go out?

In the face of the Supreme leader, he publicly announced that he was passively involved in the mass production, but also wants to pull down his friends who still have the thrift. This red and white that is cheaper is completely unnecessary to be rescued.

I am really curious about these two experiences. The Space and Time Administrative Bureau did not find them from the Eastern World, so I am afraid it is still difficult to send them back. What they did before they appeared in front of cc Oh!

“In order to solve a big trouble,” Reimu said boringly. “After the problem is solved, there will be problems in the purple gap.”

“Hey! Don’t deliberately miss Oh in the most critical part! Is it that you messed up?”

Reimu decisively filtered the complaints of Yakumo: “Ah, there is a strange woman with green hair coming out of the black door after fainting. She also pulled out a transparent card to show me and purple. Said to arrest us in accordance with the law.”

“So I just got it?”

Shandora asked with a funny smile.

I don’t know what I’m thinking, just calmly observing this side, Reimu really took us as a soy sauce passing by, and now it’s getting bitter: “It’s playing, but it’s a foul! That green The woman with the hair had nothing to do except to open the shield, but she immediately called out two guards. After I and Zi, I couldn’t easily repel the two guards who yelled ‘Emperor Blessing’. They called out such a big spaceship! After the fight, the spaceship was pulled down, and as a result, more than one hundred ships out of the sky were bigger than that – then I surrendered. Now look, mix rice here. It seems that eating is not bad.”

I am sweating: I really don’t want to be two people outside the specification. You may be arrogant in the Space and Time Administrative Bureau.

“So now I am working here to redeem my body?”

I smiled and looked at the depressed Reimu and the eight clouds that I tried to pretend to know nothing. It seems that the situation is more complicated than that reported by Sivis. Now even the characters like “Purple Mom” ​​are so wrong. I’m here to learn the switch: The Emperies are really nb.

“Why do I think your eyes are not good?”

Reimu Although there is no exercise, but the intuition is very keen, I just looked at her with a playful look, the latter immediately cast a dissatisfied sight.

“In fact, what you just mentioned, the guy that Soldier yelled at ‘Emperor Blessed’…” I shrugged and pointed to the smiling blond young girl next to me. “That’s both of us. Welcome. To Shadow City, I am your current boss. In addition, we may have to discuss your bonus issue this month…”

Three seconds later, Reimu’s sorrow rang through the square in the number of clouds.

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