Xiling Empire Chapter 67

Chapter 67—The war that has to be carried out

“Get your soldiers ready,” Shorora said to me after the mercenary finally left. “We may have a war.”

“War? Who?”

I was shocked by this news. Isn’t Shandora not in a period of war tiredness? Why did she restore the true color of War Song Princess so quickly?

Originally, I was planning to find Qianqian and my sister. I will go back to play in this World for two days. Of course, I will also help the World’s Human Race to eliminate some Demonized Creature, and count as a member of the Xiling Empire. But when it comes to war, I never thought about it. This thing is too unharmonious…

Seeing my surprise and reluctance, Shandora said with no anger: “Do you think I am willing Ah? But the problem is that this World has been eroded by Abyss power. As Xiling Apostle, how can I tolerate these Empire’s enemies so unscrupulous? ?”

When I heard Shandora’s words, my face suddenly suffered. You are a genuine Xiling Apostle, but I am halfway out of the house. Why do I have to be involved in this boring game?

Shandora immediately knew that I was reluctant through mental stimulation, and I guessed my thoughts. She simply cut off my last retreat: “I know that you are very unwilling, but now we have no other choice – —in fact, I have a bad news to tell you that the creator of this World is definitely an Idiot god of creation who has never had 2nd Rank. After completing World’s creation, he forgot to add the World Key Rule and Space Infrastructure. Stable enchantment, which directly caused Abyss power to interfere with the plane state of World’s external transmission. Now our Space Jump System can’t accurately locate Earth’s position. Even the original Universe may not be able to go back smoothly. Words, unless we eliminate the abyss entrance as a source of interference, we can’t leave this World smoothly…”

……very good, very powerful!

I sighed that Shandora was unceremonious and despised the act of the god of creation, and said with a sigh of relief: “In other words, can we not fight?”

Shandora shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly: “Although I want to say that life is long lived, it seems that peace depends on ourselves.”

Qianqian and her sister at the same time showed a worried look, despite the Xiling Empress and Xiling mother (which surprised me, my sister didn’t even have any opinion on this less accurate name…) These two titles sounded very good. Deaf, but in fact, they are just ordinary Human Race girls, suddenly knowing that there is a war, and they are still fighting in the outside world. More importantly, this war is actually the most important person who broke out around them and the different World Monster. between……

This is too crap… cough cough, I mean, this is too disturbing.

“no need to worry!”

Perceived by Qianqian and Elder Sister’s uneasiness, Pandora took the initiative to open the comfort, with a rare smile on his face, through the spiritual connection, I can even vaguely perceive the excitement of little brat in my heart.

“Empire’s army is very strong, Abyss power has been pursued by us for thousands of years, they are not worth mentioning, we will undoubtedly win the final victory!”

I know that Pandora, Lolita with war-maniac fever syndrome, will be happy to forget at this moment, when War Song Princess Shandora is in a war tired period, Lolita Pandora is born – this World can not be more harmonious The elements? You know, this world will be full of love Oh only when Loli and plush toys fit together!

Unfortunately, in addition to lolilipine, the Loli Divine Artifact, Pandora has spent most of his time with various strategic level Xiling weapon fusion…

Qianqian stayed with her sister and said in unison: “Lily is like this, we are not used to it!”

Anyway, it seems that it seems that the elimination of Abyss power on World is the only hope to return to Earth, but I am worried about how long it will take to eliminate those things, if it is like Shandora last time, all of a sudden Come to a war that lasts for tens of thousands of years…

“That’s impossible!” Shandora’s face was vomiting. It seems that re-reporting the just-concealed War of the Year has reminded her of a lot of unpleasant things. “This World’s Abyss power is powerful. , but not so strong that we can’t eliminate it. Although I don’t have a lot of Soldier in my carry-on space, but with your pair of Space Twin, they can send a lot of troops to this World, even though Abyss power interferes. This World’s outward space transmission, but it’s not a problem to get in, plus with Della, God Clan, which specializes in restraining Abyss power, the war will soon end – hey, no more than three years.”

“Three years?” Qianqian was shocked. “When we get back to Earth, isn’t it…”

“Reassuring,” Shandora waved her hand to reassure her. “The plane barrier between the two Worlds is the barrier that blocks Time, Space and Law Three Elements at the same time, in other words, the time lapse of this World and Earth. It’s not synchronized, even if we’re in this World for a long time, it’s only a moment to go back to Earth. Maybe we can catch up with the desert hotel’s dinner when we go back – hey, say dinner, Chen Jun, I am hungry, why is Carrow not coming back?”

“Who knows what the guy is doing,” my heart is a little annoyed about the upcoming battle with those Demonized Creatures, just let it go, “Pandora, you contact Carrow and let him come back soon.”

Pandora silently nodded, then said with a weird expression on his face: “Brother, he is back…”

Looking at Pandora’s face, there was a very small look showing a sly look. I immediately guessed that the Empire Commander, who was struggling with the city management as a life Supreme, seemed to have something amazing on the spot.

My instincts are quite accurate, although I hope that I don’t accurately predict such a bad situation.

What we saw was an Arab uncle who was wrapped in a white robe.

I have been quite vocal about Carrow’s never-changing black super SWAT. Now it seems that he has at least improved in this respect, although this dress is far more powerful than the black super SWAT.

Behind the uncle Arab, we also saw a moving hill, no, to be exact, a parcel-like enclosure.

Carrow came to us with a relaxed pace that was completely out of proportion to theenormous package, and then let go, the whole package slammed into the ground, accompanied by a clear earth shake, raising the dust of the sky.

“Carrow, my dear Commander, can you explain what you bought?”

After Pandora blew away the smoke around me, I resisted the twitching of my eyes and said as calmly as possible. Under me, Shandora laughed almost all the time – so often the unexpected Empire Commander did. Funny, I have good reason to suspect that Carrow was subjected to some unknown external damage during the long sleep of Xiling Origin Star, so that the guy’s thinking loop always runs in the most abnormal way, if It’s not Pandora. It’s time to guarantee that Carrow is just fine except for the eccentricity. I really let those logistic Commanders push this guy out of the box.

“May the Empire’s glory be with you, my Emperor!” Carrow looked so happy that he used such a rare opening statement, and the solemn look and match of the uncle’s dress made him look like Zealot, the one that can lift directly to the top of the head.

Cough cough, I didn’t mean to talk about Alaya’s.

“This World without a city management is so wonderful!” Carrow sighed and got rid of the happiness of the city management and reached out to open the inner pocket. The most curious Della in everybody immediately got to the bag and asked for the first See what’s inside.

“Della, be careful!” I hurriedly reminded, but it was a late step.

Just listening to the slamming, the little things were too late to make a scream and they were buried by the debris that came out.

Carrow touched the back of his head, awkwardly said: “I just saw a God Clan, but why didn’t I disappear?”

Just as we were ready to save the little things buried underneath, the pile of odd-shaped debris piles on the ground suddenly moved, and then the top pieces of iron were topped up, and a large flower buds poked out. Come, then the flower buds open at once, revealing the Della inside.

“Call – scare Della, and suddenly it will be dark…”

Little brat patted his chest and looked scared.

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