Xiling Empire Chapter 68

Chapter 68—Preparing for War

The little things flew to the top of my head, holding my hair tightly and refused to come down, and I was attracted by the pile of things that Carrow fell to the ground.

“What are these?”

I quite strangely asked, the things on the ground look like a bunch of broken, all broken weapons, broken armor, gray and unremarkable, is it difficult for Carrow to go to the front line to collect waste?

“These are weapons that are recovered from the battlefield,” Carrow replied. “They would have been refurbished and made new equipment to distribute to the warriors, but I found something interesting here, so I found a way. I got some back.”

Carrow said that I was very surprised at the moment, this guy can do something in addition to chaos and hilarity Ah?

At this time, looking at the weapon armor’s Shandora lifts the head, “No wonder you didn’t put them in the portable space. The Abyss power contained in it is really disgusting, but this strange metal has accumulated so much. A lot of Abyss power has not been completely eroded, but it is a bit interesting.”

“What do you mean?”

I am puzzled. I have never confronted the abyss. I naturally can’t kind of things like the back of one’s hand like Shandora. In addition to a pile of dust, I didn’t get from these broken copper. Look at anything on the rotten iron.

Shandora patted the dust on his hands and replied: “The abyss is an aggressive and powerful force. These equipments have been used on the battlefield for so long, and they have experienced the most fierce battles. Naturally, they are infected with amazing Abyss power. The general substance, I am afraid, has been completely transformed into a decadent and destructive poisonous substance, but it is interesting that although these metals have a strong abyss, their inherent properties have not changed at all – perhaps because of Discovering this magical metal, this World’s Human Race can fight Abyss power for so long.”

“What are you going to do?”

I watched that Shadora had already started to shine, and I couldn’t help but have a bad feeling.

“What? Of course, I am preparing for the army immediately! I have been fighting Abyss power for countless years. I was the first to see a substance that can resist Abyss Corossion without exerting any external protective force. It seems that this World is more than I imagined. It’s still fun…”

I knew that even the War Aversion Syndrome could not completely erase the soul of Warra in the heart of Shandora, especially when it was learned that there was natural material that could resist Abyss power.

At this time, Shandora’s momentum as the Xiling female emperor finally reappeared. She put away her own almost heartless smile, turned to the courage and perseverance, and her eyes sparkled with confidence. Raise your hand, and immediately, dozens of non-combat Xiling Apostles appeared in our surroundings. As soon as they appeared, they immediately began to look around and then spread out. After the summoning was completed, Shandora turned her head to me and said, “First, we I need a base, but I didn’t bring too many subordinates when I came over this time. It seems that I have to borrow the Twin from you – I need their unlimited space transmission ability.”

I naturally have no objection, so nodded, said to Acida and Acidora: “For the time being, listen to Shandora’s.”

The two sisters neatly lined up a Xiling military salute and began to build the Legion Portal.

Xiling Empire is a powerful civilization that ruled the entire universe and expeditions of many worlds by war and conquest. Its various technologies are almost exclusively for war. If it is general civilization, it will take quite a long time to launch a war. Preparation, including the accumulation of materials, the allocation of the army, the mobilization before the war, and more things that can be a headache for countless Commanders, even a nightly blitzkrieg must have a well-prepared deployment, but the Xiling Empire is different, they are always Prepare enough military resources in your own portable space. All Xiling Apostles are super-warriors who can rush to the battlefield in an instant. They don’t need war mobilization. They can launch suicide attacks on any target with one command. The command mode guarantees the efficiency and precision of military operations. The capacity of space transmission ensures that they can reach any place on the battlefield in a very short time. The strong presence of Acida and Acidora can control the flow of space. The expedition became the same as the door For easily understood thing.

Although this is a bit too much, they are indeed well-deserved war machines.

Although I have been speculating that Shandora will use the capabilities of Acida and Acidora to transmit what kind of arms, but at the end of the transfer, I was shocked.

A Little Girl in a white dress with her eyes closed and never more than eight years old stood in front of us.

So expensive, let the Xiling Apostle that Acida and Acidora carry over the Legion transmission is such a Little Girl? !

My chin fell off with a bang, and it seemed that I couldn’t go back smoothly in a short time. Shandora’s unexpected behavior was really impossible for me to understand. Even Qianqian and her sister looked at each other with doubts. Shandora, who is taken for granted, obviously, they don’t believe that this Little Girl, who looks like a harmless person to Pandora, can be a high-ranking combat unit of Xiling Empire’s.

“Xiling Host.”

Pandora suddenly said behind me.

“Xiling what?”

I didn’t understand it, so I asked again, Lolita lifts the head, looking at me from the bottom up, the little face with no expression on her face with a very rare expression of excitement, she just pointed her finger From the black hole, the white dress girl who is still closed her eyes said: “Xiling Host is a good thing.”

At this time, Shandora explained: “The standard Xiling War Fortress’ Logical Core can also be used as a portable colonial factory. She stores all the information about Xiling Frontline Base and different World Colonial Fortress, as long as there is enough material and Energy, you can build a perfect military base in a very short time.”

“Just a Little Girl?”

I couldn’t understand the introduction of Shandora’s. I couldn’t help but react to that. Lolita, like a doll, had such an exaggerated identity and was incredible. According to Shandora’s, this girl turned out to be a military base?

But very quickly, I couldn’t attend to the identity of the Little Girl because she had begun to prove my identity to me…

She slowly opened her eyes and revealed a pair of beautiful hazelnuts shimmering with mysterious blue light. At the beginning, this Little Girl’s eyes were appearing a bit of doubt and seemed to be wondering why she appeared here, but soon This doubt disappeared, replaced by a gradually changing cold indifferent and ice-cold sight. Through the information shared by Shandora and I, I learned that this is the normal phenomenon of Xiling Host startup: with a lot of information Calling, Xiling Host will gradually stop perceptual thinking and turn into a purely logical thinking mode, in which Xiling Host will analyze everything and build base-related information with super efficiency, but her feelings will become Very slow – as we have seen now, this state will last for a period of time until the primary building of the entire base is fully expanded.

At this time, the Little Girl suddenly opened her mouth, accompanied by a mechanized and unclear language. Several crystals of crystallized crystals appeared in the air beside her. The crystals were about one meter long. Long and narrow diamonds, they emit blue-white rays like lasers. These rays pass through the air, leaving a bright trace in the air. These traces are gradually connected, forming many strange patterns, and gradually ……materialization!

We were stunned to see countless laser-like rays in the air to draw complex patterns, and then these patterns obtained a little real material and volume, this scene is like the mercury infusion in the transparent mold formed by the glass, I dare Guaranteed that even the Divine Brush of Ma Liang in the legend does not have the shock!

In our shocked eyes, Xiling Host has been obscured by the solid metal components. What appears in front of us is an enormous pyramidal building that is constantly being improved and expanded…

“The Xiling Base infrastructure has been completed and the expansion of the primary building begins.”

A mechanized gentle female voice rang, and then, dozens of floating objects in the air were flying out of the alien pyramid.

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