Xiling Empire Chapter 692

Six hundred and ninety-two chapters of ancient people

The task I brought was to save Lilina’s life, giving her reason to be temporarily freed from the work of near hell.

Little girl Although the usual performance is not slippery, but only one point is always very satisfying, that is, a special sense of responsibility, to do it. The task assigned to her by others must be done desperately, and the promised work is never evasive. A while ago she announced that the name of goddess should be resounded throughout the single-Mer-III mineral star, and now the place is really installed by her. More than ninety-nine thousand tweeters… far removed.

Anyway, since she took the initiative to say that today she would help her own goddess to deal with the backlog of official duties, then she must say it. If I don’t come to save my life, Lilina, who is tempered by temper, may have to fail in shrine once, I bring a The special task saved her: this girl is looking for a valid reason to end the impossible work.

However, Lilina was liberated, and our goddess adults were greeted with the most unfortunate day.

After I was thrown into the pile of piles of mountains, I was still stupid. I closed my eyes and climbed up on the scroll to climb a sleepy look. After I couldn’t find the thumb I just held. I opened my eyes in a confused way, but even if I saw the environment of the surroundings, she was curious to ask me and Lilina what is this place: Normally, no matter what God has been for too long, this little brat is basically Even my own shrine looks like it has forgotten!

As a result, Lilina said the situation to the little things, and Della immediately rushed over to Wow.

Needless to say, this small thing usually always buys a lot of bad stuff from God’s Domain and will be penalized for a variety of work mistakes, and she will not be able to get a genuine copy. The system of money.

Finally, I had to greet God Clan’s five-person group who were eating, drinking, and bullying at the Azeroth venue. Let them help a stupid God to deal with their piles of mess, and let the little brat come back to life. But when Ilson’s group saw that the World Management Terminal, which had been tossed by its own captain, couldn’t even say “very good”.

“To tell the truth, I think this Universe would be more normal if it didn’t have this management system.”

This is the king’s throne in the shrine. After the World Tree self-examination, when I saw the error report and system loopholes in the entire wall, Ilson’s head slammed on the cold sweat, the result was unlucky. The child then let the angered Della hang the bundle.

Uncle Kansas silently pulled out a golden cylinder and installed it on the embossing table in the middle of the room: “Heavy Armored virtual system, at least the anti-black screen patch of the New Year’s version.”

Oh, oh, the original Uncle Kansas, you are used to using the u disk to do the system Ah?

“To tell the truth, Ice Teece, is this system really written by you?”

I ignored the Della five-color team, which was acting cute, and I took a step back and asked whispered in the ear of Ice Teece.

“There is still a fake!” Our bright light goddess immediately got a rich chest that could directly let Jier Jiamei’s well-spoken several times. In a sway, he took a fist and hardened my head. The body is also a member of the mod world. The simplified version of the World operating system has not been surpassed in more than 100,000 years. This system was written during the internship. It was a thrilling and memorable era. A few of our ambitious technical talents set up their own studios, and every day, under the joint encirclement of the Wanrine genuine protection team and the major World Management Terminal manufacturers, they are stubbornly fighting for the likes of the idiot Goddess of Life. World Management God provides a batch of excellent cracked version of the operating system…”

I can understand at this moment: “After half a day, you were a gang that cracked and pirated?”

A group of fairy version of the tomato garden, this is! I said that you still have a downstream customer called Carrow’s?

“Hey! Say so hard to hear!” Ice Teece was immediately unhappy, and the bear was more hard to bear. “Our mod study is also a good technical worker! If you are not a group with yourself One by one turned to the virtual machine’s evil demon outside, and maybe it is also a scientist now. Hey, the hero does not mention the courage of the year. Later, he found out that it is more interesting to find someone to fight and tie up than to engage in programming!”

Ok, okay, our bright light goddess, you can trouble telling the audience, how did you complete the earth-shattering transition from a technical home to a rogue head? Wait, according to the user notification just now, maybe this is not a change, but Ice Teece finally found his true life value in the boring technical home career?

“That is all forced out when the profession is wrong.”

Rogue goddess said, “But don’t look at so many years did not take over, a little fix this system is still no problem, I think that year, it is also known as the god of os who can manage World without any operating system bare metal – how many of you Come over and fight!”


Even with a bunch of his own help, plus the operator of the operating system, Ice Teece, personally, Della’s busy work today is still a mountain. Since he took office, he has not handled his official duties for two or three years and has been working tirelessly. A pirated system with more vulnerabilities than the patch to manage World, Della’s troubles have reached the point where Ice Teece is shocked to heaven, and the little things are likely to be assaulted into the night.

But think about it in a good way. Although the little things are too busy today, at least our World is safe for the time being. At least there will be no ghost disasters such as races due to lack of memory. Suddenly, an 0x? instruction in the sky pops up the memory of 0x00000000, which cannot be “read” or “written” and then the background radiation of the entire universe is completely blue…

The decision to let Lilina help to resurrect the mysterious warrior is correct. Tavel really intends to first resurrect the unfortunate big man from the beginning to the end of the study. The research fanaticism of a certain glasses sister is terrible, in a sentence, “knowledge is power.” Under the impetus, this scientist and sister can trample on all humanitarianism. Fortunately, with Linina’s joining, Tavel’s wishful thinking was lost, not even waiting for twenty-four hours. The next morning, I and Shandora received a report that the alien warrior had resurrected successfully.

This time, I didn’t bring too many people, I led the Pandora sisters who had already turned into a follower, and Shandora came to the research center. After the resurrection of the Giant Warrior, it was directly transferred from the medical center. Tavel still did not give up the last bit of humanitarianism. opportunity.

“He is still very weak, but he has basically recovered his waking. The body quality of this alien is simply incredible. His cells are all mutated. Not only is the explosive power amazing, but the resilience is forformable.” In front of the ward, one of the caregivers The Empire technician gave us a brief report. “We conducted a genetic comparison. The giant’s genetic form is basically the same as normal earthling, but there are a lot of traces of artificial transformation, which gave birth to the unusually tall body shape, perhaps Allowing him to gain the power of the Esper class, there seems to be evidence that the warrior had received Psionic energy radiation and spiritual transformation before, but because there is no more information, this is currently based on guesswork.”

“How is his emotion?”

I put my hand on the button that opened the door and asked when I pressed it.

“No emotions, extreme silence, eating and resting are all things he did after he woke up, but no hostile tendencies have been found so far.”

“Well, a sulky slut.” I shrugged at Shandora, and at the same time, the door of the ward slipped silently, and everybody sneaked in.

In the center of the ward, the tall warrior is facing us on the bed next to the medical cabin. The scarred blood-stained armor and his giant sword that he brought have been cleaned and placed in the corner. He is now wearing an extra-large white sick suit. The two-meter-and-high giant, although sitting on the bed, looks as tall as the hill. I quickly pressed the small heads of Pandora and Viska. The heart said that these two gimmicks should not be over-stimulated.

The movement behind him caused the attention of this weak but still vigilant warrior. He quickly turned his head and saw our group of people.

“It looks like a good recovery,” Shandora nodded, going to the other side. “Where are you from?”

But Shandora’s question didn’t get a response. The unknown soldier focused on one direction after we appeared. After a short sigh of relief, the face suddenly showed a shock and anger, and even I didn’t react. He waved his hand to the side, a silver-white halo covering the other’s arm, and the giant sword on the corner of the corner of the wall flew through the air and flew into his palm.

“Drink Oh! !kazerizar!!”

Holding the armor of the enemy, the unknown soldier leaped with a hoarse voice and rushed to the side.

“Your Majesty!”

Shandora said in an understatement that the heavy steel floor sounded immediately, and the giant sword in the hands of the unknown soldier flew out of the distance after his master disengaged, while the warrior himself slammed into the ground with an unwilling expression, but his mouth was still shouting. : “nazerlar pudaza! Demon! You finally appeared in front of the people of the gods! dulazabema kuwanor! We have not fallen!”

Everyone looked at the other’s amazing reaction with an inexplicable expression. The Royal Guard was blocked by a command from Shandora. I and the latter looked at each other in dismay for a few seconds. Viska’s hesitant voice Breaking the silence in the room: “… Yate… Landis?”

Suddenly, the death in the ward was generally silent.

Even the warrior in the rage was quiet for a moment, and for a long time, he made a hoarse and low-pitched laughter, but it sounded like a beast’s low voice: “Ah, Haha…demverzar!Demon! What is this for you?” Conspiracy!? Pretend not to know me!”

The fact that I was completely out of what everyone expected, made everyone feel awkward. After I reacted, I quickly pressed Viska’s shoulder: “Taro, you confirm? Atlantis?”

Cat Girl Little Girl immediately nodded: “I remembered, this is the Atlantis, a super soldier who was transformed by the Empire Scientific Research Team. Initially they caused a lot of trouble for my regular troops, but… Atlantis should already It’s completely destroyed…”

“I’m curious about how you recognize the other’s identity now.” Seeing that the giant warrior is still unable to move under Shandor’s spiritual command, I learned about the situation with Viska.

Little Girl slowly shook her head: “I have more Worlds destroyed, how can I record them one by one!”

Suddenly, I was so cold in my mind that there was a sister who used to be a big devil to kill people like you. You can’t afford Oh!

The sudden turn of the situation makes people feel extraordinarily tricky. The Atlantis warrior from which God knows came out apparently hated Viska, perhaps not able to let the other party give up the idea of ​​being enemies with us, but it’s all about it. It’s made by Viska, Shandora may not care, but I can do nothing about it to kill this innocent person for peace, but to punish Viska? That is even more impossible, this is my sister! Not to mention that when she killed the Quartet, it was entirely because she was in a state of madness! Do not know that mental patients do not bear criminal responsibility?

Really anxious, I can only think of a way to make this big man amnesia.

“look up.”

A coldly indifferent voice interrupted my thoughts on whether to use the hoe or the pan to effectively clear the memory. According to the sound, Pandora did not know when he had reached the giant warrior, standing next to Viska.

It’s the face of Pandora that makes the order.

Shandora relaxed part of the mental control, Atlantis warriors lifted the head unclear, the bloodshot eyes were still full of anger, but the moment when they saw the one meter two sister became confused.

Let a two-meter-and-five giant look up to himself, Pandora, are you so fulfilled?

I guessed Pandora’s meaning, but I was so speechless that the girl was miserable at this section of the eye to gain a sense of accomplishment in height.

“Demon? Two?”

“Demon in your mouth is dead!” I saw Shandora’s eyes, and quickly went up to play with the actress, to the Atlantis survivor, pointing to the sisters next to each other, “to be killed by them, strictly speaking, It was Viska who wiped out Demon. If you are an Atlantis person, I know something about what you have encountered, when we did appear a dangerous traitor and destroyed your World, but my sister Viska finally wiped out the madness. In order to prevent the evil spirit from resurrecting, she used her own soul to suppress the body of the evil spirit. Perhaps this can relieve your misunderstanding of Visa’s appearance.”

Viska began to play with my waist, where others could not see it.

I am a master of Fudge – well, I know this story is a bit crappy, but it is undeniable that this is completely true! The crazy 7535 is dispelled by the sensible Viska. The Demon body that once destroyed World now has a cute cat’s eye Loli. You see, Chinese is really profound and profound, and a freehand rhetoric can get everything done. Can’t you tell me to lie?

The crazy Viska and the sensible Viska are two people. They just inherit the same body. Although this does not deny the mistake that little girl has made, at least Viska doesn’t have to bear too much guilty too much… …

But even if everything is true, I know that the ultimate Atlantis survivor can finally talk to everyone about the other’s attitude: God knows what he thinks now.

“I had a positive encounter with the crazy butcher,” Atlantis warriors bowed their heads and panted for the pressure of Shandora’s, but still insisted on not letting their forehead touch the ground. “Thousands of people were madly burned to her ashes. I was razed to the ground for a moment, I will never forget the Demon’s distorted face…cough cough…”

The body was not fully recovered and violently active, and was directly impacted by the stress of Shandora. The sturdy soldier coughed fiercely, then slowly looked up and looked at Viska’s eyes.

“There are a handful of people who escaped from that Demon. Basically, they can only be fortunate. I remember the ridiculous eyes, you look exactly the same as that of Demon, but I didn’t see crazy from your in the eyes… …you are not her.”

Shandora let go of the mental pressure, the sweaty soldiers violently gasped for a while, finally stood up again, and then looked at the Pandora sisters.

“Demon has only one, both of you are exactly the same as her, and that Demon can’t stand in front of any mortal in such a harmless way. Maybe I made a mistake… You control the body of Demon with your own soul. ?”

It seems that this warrior is not as extensive as his appearance, and even if an indisputable fact is placed in front of him, he still has doubts about Viska’s appearance.

The cat licking Loli nodded lightly, then leaned over and grabbed my arm, and a weak girl was shocked. This action dispelled the Atlantis warrior’s doubts, and I listened to Viska’s shackles in the spiritual connection. The sweat is like rain: “Brother, too high…”

I have to hurry to reduce hatred: “I have done it. The people you have been plagued hundreds of thousands of years ago are serious enough.”

“who are you?”

Atlantis warrior in the eyes still retains the last bit of suspicion, but the sound sounds calm, watching Visa, who was once Demon’s own act spoiled act spoiled, and he sent his own question.

“It seems that the original expedition team did not let you see more things, you have not found your situation,” Shandora shook his head. “As an Empire that once fostered the Atlantis civilization, we are back now.”

The Shandora voice fell, and the room immediately appared a wide range of Hologram illusions. The shadow base’s exterior buildings and the warships anchored on the star port appeared in these projections. If the other party coming from Atlantis, at least this huge thing should be impressed.

Sure enough, the Atlantis warrior immediately twitched the muscles on his face after seeing these things. His chest was violently undulating, as if there was a hot flame in it, and after a few violent breathings, the giant warrior Finally, I reluctantly suppressed my feelings and then leaned over in our surprised eyes:

“Number al-135, Ares, greet the return of the gods.”

(Ah, ah, at the end of the month, habitually seeking *** – is said to have doubled on New Year’s Day?)

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