Xiling Empire Chapter 705

The seventh thing in the battle for the advancement of the battle

Coming from the mothership’s medical squad to drop out from the sky, began to take advantage of the medical equipment to the group of food poisoning, smashing the stomach or filling the medicine, stopping the medical cabin along the wise square of the wise walk, appetite The biggest group of Yokai is now lying inside, Marisa, who is very mobile, and Ibuki, who is used to drinking large chunks of meat and eating meat, is screaming inside. The former is blue light, and the latter is poisoned by heavy metal. A pair of big horns are green. Yakumo Ran climbed into the medical cabin. A pile of big tails slouched on the ground. On the road less than 20 meters, the fox fur was lost. When the text fell, the text was still Holding the camera, the suspicious little book in his hand recorded a collective poisoning case of a screaming ghost, Yuyuko miraculously still healthy, and after eating a few hundred kilograms of arsenic-containing barbecue, she did not even breathe. Because her respiratory system has long been owed to the lungs.

The demon dream is one of the more fortunate ones in everybody. It is the orthodox creed that “the follower should eat after the owner has finished eating.” This one-on-one little brat fortunately escaped the crisis of food poisoning and became the last third of the scene. She is a member of Fantasy Township who can walk upright. Now she is helping the medical soldiers to pour Reimu. The latter is turning her eyes and trying to confirm how much the drugs can be reimbursed, and declares that if they can’t reimbursement, they will die.

In the corner of the square, there is a pair of mavericks. When most people are sorrowful in food poisoning, they continue to roast with a fearless attitude, and there is no one to persuade the surroundings, why? Penglai Mountain Hui night with Fujiwara Sister Red, these two undead bodies now seem to start to compete, all kinds of highly toxic foods can be made, heavy metal poisoning, radiation poisoning, arsenic poisoning, acidosis, alkalosis, sulfuric acid poisoning The cyanide poisoning is in harmony, causing the discoloration on the faces of these two families to stop. After a while, the yellow will be green for a while, but they may not be able to hang them. The only trouble is that two are good. A young and beautiful young girl, the hard-working and tossing of her face looks like a dish.

In addition to a few undead guys, basically people who have just eaten are crying on their stomachs, but after a round of glances, I found a magical little man: Cirno not only jumps, but also jumps and jumps. I went to the ground and asked what happened now. At first I thought it was the special living thing form of the ice fairy that made her resist the toxicity, but the real thing is this:

Cirno is still remembering the process of baking things? Cook the food first, then freeze it into a large ice hockey, then sprinkle with seasoning.

Then the problem came out. The fool stole the frozen meat when he was freezing the ice hockey.

After eating half a catty of icy ice cream, Cirno said that she is very healthy now, that is, she still can’t understand why Atlantis has no taste at all…

Therefore, low IQ is a blessing.

Looking at the chaotic appearance of the sorrows and sorrows in the square, even when the clouds are dumbfounded, the powerful Yokai people can collectively poison the food. This is the purple mother who has not been to the dynasty of the Imperial Academy. Happening. Now our fantasy township ceo deeply regrets one thing: I really shouldn’t believe that the armor and the raven without common sense, she finally remembered, the latter two did not “digest” “The concept, they solve food is directly using the reactor.

So, forever seventeen years old, Ba Yunzi is very depressed now – although she is not poisoned.

And I am more depressed than her – although I am not poisoned.

This group of people who don’t have peace of mind, super-unorganized, unorganized, undisciplined, and free-spirited, Yokai, just when they are on the high track, they are all tired and tired, watching the same as the people who are about to let go, didn’t expect this. Kung Fu jumped down to play the little monsters, and the little monsters were still good. After he did not hesitate to turn over the two small camps to strengthen the camp and our established military deployment, they even took the enemy directly on the battlefield. Although the bodies of the little monsters that are not *** have started a barbecue party, this is not counted, and finally the collective food is poisoned! Do you say that they are helping or down the scene?

After counting the “fighting reinforcements” of the fantasy township under his medicine, Yayun Zi sadly found that there are only more than 30 creatures that can walk upright, and they have to count on Cirno. The number of idiots, the original big plan of the plan, was dead in ten minutes.

I can only pat her shoulders comfortably, with a strong heart: “No culture is terrible.”

The other party was nodded, and the Ravens who passed by discussed the “High School Chemistry” and jumped back to the gap to learn.

“Yokai, who are in good shape, can follow the fight, but must obey the armor… Raven… Well, listen to the command of the leader bee,” I jumped over to a scorpion Elder Sister’s shell, and shouted loudly. Dao, more than 30 fantasy township girls who didn’t eat meat, can be honestly nodded. “Now I will focus on a few things: the demon dream and the Wenwen, you don’t take a close combat with Monster.” Is that sixteen nights over there? Look at your home Ojou-sama Miss II, don’t let them go to suck the blood! Cirno, you are really not enough to fight, so continue to provide ice cream to everyone behind the team, don’t be stunned! The two are fresh! Say you guys! The two of you, the night sister, don’t eat, the nails are green, so listen to me, I have to take all of you back and go…”

Some dry mouth and tongue explanations, I barely let Yokai young girls understand that this war is not a game, although an “outsider” fingertips make them have a lot of people to mutter, but at least this group of guys should be serious Point, or the saying of eight clouds purple, after all, is also the enemy of fantasy township, it is not appropriate for you to force them to stay on the mother ship.

There are a few opinions about the Ravens. When I assigned the command, I threw them with the armor. I ignored them and made these Magic young girls not satisfied, but I also can do nothing about it. Already enough, the Ravens are too far off, follow their fighting style, I am afraid that the fantasy township army can not return, so after the exclusion, the leader bee is still reliable, at least Ola’s tactics will not be with Vega’s “rush” Go up, cut down, return to the tactics like dishonest.

Shandora at this moment came to me. Just now she left alone to solve all the enemies of another neighborhood, the “Sage Trail”. Nearly a thousand variants of Monster made Her Majesty the Queen wash his brain, and now he is screaming and screaming. The former compatriots who strangled the brave trails, considering the undead fighting style of the enemy controlled by the Shandora spirit, can be considered that the brave trail has also fallen into the control of the emperor. At this point, less than an hour since the landing of Emperor ***, the Atlantis Midtown Gateway has all fallen into our hands.

Designed in the most concise and orderly manner, Atlantis City presents a symmetrical pie-shaped shape, and Mount Olympus occupies a sectoral area of ​​approximately 45 degrees. The remaining urban areas are divided into three ring zones from the inside out. The outermost civilian areas are always under the control of city guards, where only some medical support is needed, and the Midtown is the main part of this ancient city. The status of “padre” is here, there are a large number of self-circulating factories and urban functional facilities are also distributed in the Midtown, now it is the most fierce battlefield, and the elderly, wise, sage, brave four The market is the gateway to this battlefield. Once occupied, we can quickly recapture the surrounding war factories and city defense systems: although some places have some damage, most of them are stopped because of the energy system downtime, as long as the emergency Once dealt with, Atlantis’ Psionic purification system will be able to re-emerge and will be deeply embedded in the star-ring fragment of Mount Olympus. Pressed down, and then with a layer of urban network Psionic isolated.

Only by suppressing and isolating that thing, our troops can safely take it off and throw it into the void for harmless treatment, otherwise the abyss energy of the star-ring fragment will make it almost integrated with Atlantis, rushing to send a salvage ship. Hard to pull hard…

The princes can imagine what it would be like to pull out a poisonous arrow with seventy or eighty barbs from the flesh. Oh, I think it hurts.

Ola came to this block square after solving the mutated Monster in several corners of the market. I called her to act as a temporary Hologram projector. The almost omnipotent crystal wing formed a hexagon. At the ring, an accurate map of Atlantis emerges above the ring.

It can be seen that the outer city is completely controlled by the blue state, the middle city consists of four markets and several small battlefields are also blue, while the rest are all red in battle, our ground forces and Atlantis city guards The temporary coalition forces, where they compete for the extremely important urban facilities, the more powerful abyss Monster occupies those places, they have the ability to match the power of Xiling and the attacking skills of everything in disorder, causing a lot of trouble for our Soldier. But with the increasing number of armored scorpions and raven in combat, the victory of the balance will sooner or later us.

The situation in the inner city is not very good, it is directly adjacent to Mount Olympus, and the impact point is exactly that direction, which is the first color of the disaster. The color of the inner city is dark, indicating that the abyss energy still firmly occupies the core of the city. The most important shrines (that is, the control base of Atlantis) are concentrated there, so long, and then Plus Xiling Host didn’t respond to a few calls there, and thought that those control bases had fallen.

In the absence of complete regaining control of the city, neither Shandow nor I intend to rush to send Soldier into the ghost place.

After discovering that the abyss energy contained in this star-ring fragment was more serious than expected, I ordered the activation of two angels who risked an enormous danger to place the Angel feather near the impact point in advance to prevent the city from self-inflicted by the abyss of the sky. The collapse, Alaya’s divine energy played the expected role, they let the star ring fragment temporarily into the crouching state, but as the abyss breath gradually thickened, the agents have no chance to go in and put feathers.

And Alaya may not let me pull out. Ai-sama made a pillow for Little Bubbles a while ago. Angel sister hasn’t slowed down yet.

“Zeus is now in this position,” Shandora pointed to Mount Olympus on the Hologram map. “After the impact, he led his servant to the main shrine of Mount Olympus, and has not retreated until now— —Because he can’t come. Abyss power envelopes the entire sacred mountain, especially the air route is blocked. The assault ship is already on standby, and when the ground forces advance to the holy mountain barrier, they will launch a coordinated attack. After several high-intensity lightnings, at least Zeus is still fighting, and his servants are hard to say.”

“I hope he can stay a little longer. After all, it was the strongest warrior made by the scientists of that year,” I said. “Vega just proposed her offensive plan in the command line. She wants to lead a group of elite armor. From the ‘Dawn Terrace’ to attack, cross the ‘ancestor promenade’, and finally cut to the impact point, I think this is a very short route, perhaps the armor can be good at attacking the strong.”

Shandora looked at the map and shook his head: “Absolutely not. – She is exactly the shortest line between the two points. I can’t let her dismantle this precious Empire inheritance for two kilometers of oil.”

Suddenly I also took it for granted.

How do you say that the plan will never catch up with the change, just when Shanda and I are seriously discussing how to occupy the city as soon as possible while preserving the city and not detonating the abyss, a burst of intensive metal friction interrupted us. The conversation, an armored shackle with a short haircut, swung six legs and ran into the small square: “Report Senior Officer! An accident occurred on the front line! A high-level Atlantis warrior was controlled by the abyss!”

I looked at Shandora with a look: “Who is it?”

“Hades! Before that, he clung to the dawn terrace for three days and three nights and was surrounded by it. When we attacked the enemies, he was already mad and now on the verge of complete pollution. Vega Senior Officer hopes that you can give clear instructions: Rescue, or purification?”

I thought about it. Vega sent a commander to report the situation instead of asking for the order directly in the command link. This shows that she actually hopes to save the soldier. She is very cherished for the brave Soldier and sister-in-law. And Hades – this is one of the most powerful and prestigious Atlantis man-made gods, and no matter what, he can’t watch him sacrifice.

I didn’t speak yet, and Shandora said sternly: “Take us in the past, hope that Hades will save.”

After that, Her Majesty the Queen, who was very popular, took me to the armor of the armored scorpion. As a result, I suddenly slipped and almost flew out.

“How are you so slick on your back?” I managed to stabilize my body, and asked strangely strangely, and after carefully observing it, I found out that although I had bloody suffocation after the fight, this armored scorpion There is no blood on the carapace!

The short-haired armored girl heard the words and immediately showed a shy smile on her face. She was embarrassed and scratched her cheek and said, “I just went to the 4s store to wax before I set off…”

This time I really slipped.

Because the ordinary ones are all like the steel warriors of the Human World fireworks, the leisure life of the Empire soldiers has always been a mysterious thing for me. What are the armor when they are not in the mission? ? What kind of leisure activities does the Raven like? Does Xiling have a personal hobby? These are all things I am curious about. As time goes by, now I have mastered many leisure interests of Soldiers. For example, the mass production Xiling Host will also sneak out to buy sugar. For example, many Empire soldiers have joined the coffers and anti-encirclement activities between Carrow and urban management. In the middle, now, I have a new discovery: some armor will wax their carapace when they are idle.

I said, a while ago, in Shadow City, there are so many 4s stores that have sprung up like mushrooms. They dare to be the beauty department that specializes in serving the scorpion soldiers. The armor 蝎 is to polish and polish the carapace as a makeup. What?

In my mind, I was thinking about the phenomenon of everything in disorder. We soon arrived at the crossfire line near the dawn terrace. Vega just led her own Soldier to suppress the band. Now the armor is along the ancient streets paved with boulder. Formed a curved line of defense, it is not fatal to use the laser gun on the tail to the enemy (only for those Atlantis super warriors, good children who still have hope for life, don’t believe that there is no fatal thing on the armor. The minimum power repressive shot, a group of raven flies in midair, the Arcane arrow in the hand is as arrogant as the money, repelling the monster crowd from the other end of the dawn terrace, the leader bee is busy Resurrection Soldier: In the sudden conflict, several Soldiers died unfortunately, but fortunately there are bees, they are about to resurrect on the spot, although not full.

The rest of the line is the Atlantis warrior. These fighters with superb mutants who are comparable to the elite Empire have erupted with amazing fighting strength after re-engaging with “God”. Even Vega is full of praise for them. There are still a lot of strange energy reactions in the air, and the energy that is not part of Psionic or Magic should be the aftermath of their battle.

“Drink Ha -“

In the small-volume continuous shooting of the scorpions, the enemies on the dawn terrace made an angry roar. I and Shandora made the enormous voice tremble and numb, and I couldn’t help but follow the sound. I was shocked.

“…Damn, is Atlantis artificial god classifying when he is ranked high?”

Just looking at it, I was so exclaimed.

The dawn terrace is a circular roof made of hard synthetic “rock”. The surrounding stone pillars and round mirrors are decorated to show that it should be a place for religious ceremonies. It is several meters above the ground and the thickness of the body is only Half a meter, only relying on the support of the steps at both ends and floating in the air. Below it is a deep pit that is larger than the diameter of the terrace. It should be an energy service pipe, because the sign next to it reads the words that non-maintenance personnel should not enter. At the other end of the terrace is the brave trail that we have occupied. On the other end of the terrace is the Monster raging site, and the famous “Death, the Lord of the Land, the Lord of the Underworld” Hades is guarded on this throat – he is a cloak The cloak, the black hair anger, the waving sickle, and more importantly, the super giant who should have at least 10 meters up after standing up straight.

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