Xiling Empire Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Xiling Host

The Loli Xiling Host’s work efficiency is really amazing. Just three days later, this inconspicuous small valley has become a high-scientific and technology base full of super futuristic, centered on the pyramid-type mother nest in the middle of the valley, surroundings There are more than a dozen base combat unit production bases, vehicle factories, war command centers and space strike equipment. There are also various defense towers and surveillance posts between the buildings that cover the entire valley twice. In particular, the two Violent Psionic Spires in the valley exits have the horror power to instantly destroy a small town. This heinous defensive weapon can be regarded as a strategic attack if it is not too large. The weapon is used.

During these three days, the three Vitesse sent experts who nominally supported the in fact surveillance also took a look at the impact of Alien’s advanced science and technology.

Miracles, as well as horror.

This is their unanimous evaluation. At the beginning, I saw a few Xiling builders using the mysterious beam of light to paint the oremous military building in a short time. They thought that their visual appeared problems. When they saw a team of ready-to-go Xiling Army squirting out of these buildings, they were left with fear.

β€œEven if their fighting strength is really as bad as you described,” Muro said, squinting at the tongue. β€œThis cheating army is built up to make up for any lack of strength. What’s more, the strength of these Soldiers is not true. Very weak…”

Compared with the euphemistic Muro, speaking as Elf Clan’s, Mu did not know the turn: “A race that is completely made for war, even if you are coming to help us, we will be vigilant enough for you.”

On the afternoon of the third day after the launch of Xiling Host, the last Xiling Base building, Parswell’s Psionic energy recycle system, was finally completed. This signify, this temporarily established base, has sufficient self-protectionability and self-development capability from the Very beginning On the outside of the host, mother nest is also reopened. Lin Xue, who is full of spirit of exploration, immediately decided to explore this Xiling building that she has not been able to enter so far. In fact, I am called this mother nest. The building also came to be full of curiosity, so under the leadership of Shandora’s, a small tour group composed of me, Qianqian, sister, Lin Xue and Della went to the depths of mother.

The mother nest, at the beginning, reminds me of the biochemical Monster breeding in Sci-Fi Film, where disgusting mucus and creeping embryos are everywhere, as well as dark red rays and ticking backgrounds. Music and a heroine ready to scream to scare the audience, but when I really entered the mysterious building, the previous conjecture was completely overthrown.

Inside thisenomous pyramid, there is no such thing as I imagined. Its interior is completely formed by crystal clear crystals. These enormous and neat crystals form the main body of the pyramid. The mysterious halo is in these crystals. Flowing, as beautiful as the aurora, according to Shandora’s explanation, these halos are Xiling Host’s thinking –

“Xiling Host has a considerable amount of information to be processed at at the same time. She can only handle this huge amount of information by integrating herself and mother nest. The halo that you see is the process of mother nest in the simulation thinking. – In other words, we are now in the mind of Xiling Host’s.”

Shandora introduced me seriously through the spiritual connection, and did not care much about how terrible his own statement was.

β€œIt’s so beautiful…” Qianqian lingered in such a spectacle. β€œIt’s like a crystal castle…”

“Miracle, this is a real miracle!” Lin Xue’s fanatic expression of scientific exploration, “There is a mysterious and powerful energy flow everywhere, I feel that my experience of energy is deeper…” Lin Xue said, stretching The finger tapped on the transparent crystal wall on the side, and a small aperture immediately spread from the contact point of her finger.

You just interrupted someone Xiling Host’s thinking…

After ten minutes in the crystal-forming ramp, we finally came to the core of the mother nest, the core control room where Xiling Host is located.

This is a spacious rotunda. From the wall to the ceiling to the ground, it is all made of radiant crystals. There is no furnishings in the hall. Only in the middle is a three-meter diameter that has been in contact with the top of the hall. The six prism-shaped crystal pillars, the mysterious stream of light flowing through the crystal pillars, gathered from the west and concentrated at the foot of the Little Girl at the center of the crystal pillar.

The Xiling Host is quietly suspended in the center of the crystal pillar, about a meter from the ground. She closes her eyes tightly, as if she were sealed in the crystal.

“She seems to have resumed her normal way of thinking?” In front of Little Girl’s quiet expression, I couldn’t help but lower my voice, as if I was worried that I would wake up the sleeping Angel.

β€œYes, in fact, when she started building the last Xiling Base building, she switched back to a perceptual mindset.”

As Shandora said, he stepped forward and placed his hand on the crystal pillar. Immediately, the colorful halo emerged from the contact points of her palm and crystal.

β€œI always feel that this Little Sister is so pitiful…”

Qianqian suddenly said in a sentimental tone.

My sister agreed to take the lead: “Yeah, obviously a child like this, but what is called Xiling Host, even the right to freely think, but also to be sealed in this crystal, not even like the general The little child went out to see the sun… how lonely it is…”

“I don’t think so…” Shandora, who was checking the running of Xiling Host, said that at the same time had a weird look on her face, then she bent her fingers and knocked twice on the crystal pillar, making two sounds. A crisp sound.

“I don’t think that this dead girl and more than a thousand people will feel lonely when they play the game – it doesn’t respond? Is it too invested?”

We look at each other in dismay.

“Playing games?”

I finally reacted. Did Shandora just say that this Xiling Host is playing games?

“If there is no obstacle in our communication, you are not mistaken – now this girl is playing video games with mother space’s Super Space-Time connection and more than a thousand Xiling Apostle, and it is not invested in this. The extent that will wake up…”

Shandora said, and knocked twice on the crystal pillar with his hand. Sure enough, the Xiling Host in the pillar didn’t mean to wake up…

Qianqian and Elder Sister’s expressions suddenly became quite wonderful. It seems that the sympathy that they had just spurted out was all in vain. People are not only lonely at all, but are playing happily…

Seeing Xiling Host still didn’t wake up, Shandora felt a little bit angry and funny, she simply used the trump card: “Bubbles! Someone is cheating!”

Bubbles? A weird name, as strange as Della’s name…

Shandora’s trump card played a very obvious role. Called Bubbles’ Xiling Host, the eyes were almost immediately opened, and the tender voice lineed with crystal light and sound throughout the core control room:

“Who dares to cheat? Give me a shot and shoot for half an hour!”

The audience was quiet.

Ok… good formidable Loli!

Not only Qianqian, my sister, and Lin Xue, they fell into a petrochemical state, and even Della, who has always had a lot of energy and energy, was charred on the outside while tender on the inside, forgetting to flap her wings and smashing herself from the air. drop on the floor.

“Ah – the great Emperor, and a few Xiling mothers – welcome you to mother nest…”

Lolita in the crystal pillar said politely, as if the scene of the Thunder had not happened, and Lin Xue came up to give me a burst of excitement and shouted: “When will I be counted as the Lord? Mother?”

Qianqian also came up to give me a burst of anger: “How did Lin Xue become the mother? Is this Xiling mother and Xiling Empress mean?”

Still not waiting for me to react, my sister came up with a smile and said: “I don’t have any reason, just want to knock twice to solve the boring…”

Shandora watched us play, and suddenly said a sigh: “Xiling Emperor was besieged and asked for the Royal Guard’s fire support…”

Khan, don’t you have to be so exaggerated?

Just as we were joking with each other, the Xiling Host, who was watching, suddenly spoke up: “Report, base detected large energy fluctuations appearing nearby – the wave property was confirmed as Abyss power!”

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