Xiling Empire Chapter 72

Chapter 72 vs.

I made the same decision with Shandora: Never let Demonized Creature get close to the valley!

Now that base has just completed the infrastructure, although it already has a certain Defense Ability, it is still fragile in front of those who are enhanced by Abyss power to the horrible Demonized Creature army, even if our various ultimate defense towers are amazingly powerful, We can’t use them until we have no choice. Abyss power is not a fool. Although they don’t have much self-awareness, they can be called genius in combat. As long as we are still immature, we are exposed to the abyss. In the future, we will have to face the crazy cull of the enemy. They will never give us time to let us develop freely. We will climb the science and technology… cough cough.

In short, we are still very thin now, not yet when the abyss is dead.

“Not only does not use the power of base, I don’t even want to bring my Personal Guard to play,” Shandora held a sinister smile on his arm. “Now is a low-key action, we just look at the three to eat three. What is the skill of Tianbai’s expert!”

“You don’t want to add those three outsiders to block the Monster army? Bubbles just told you the number of enemies!”

I was shocked by Shandora’s decision, three different experts, plus Pandora and Shandora, and a Della with poor offensive ability. It is only us who can play fighting strength except Xiling Soldier. Several people, Carrow is now a goodwill ambassador in Victorious Shellfish City. The Acida and Acidora sisters don’t have much positive fighting strength in addition to summoning the Legion, so they can only stay at home, and the enemies, those Demonized Creature, have enough Thousands!

“Don’t underestimate my strength!” Shandora said confidently. “The mental power attack I’m good at is most effective for guys whose brains are burned by the abyss. Pandora is a tougher type of enhanced fortified armed forces.” Apostle, and you, after so long training, how can you instantly respond to Super Space-Time? With the recent body enhancement, you are the real human fort Oh! Outside the world, tens of thousands of Demonized Creatures are nothing!”

Qianqian looked at me worriedly and said: “A’Jun, is there any danger?”

“Your husband is going to fight against the army, do you say that danger is not dangerous?”

Looking at the look of Qianqian’s worries, my heart warmed up. As a result, this sentence blurted out on the spot without a brain, but to my surprise, Qianqian had no reaction at all to the “husband” in front of me, but was more worried. Said: “You still bring some Soldier, carefully drive the ship forever, really, now I can’t help anything…”

Take a look and see! No rebuttal, no refutation that I am her husband Oh!

Looking at my smug smile, Shandora inserted the spiritual connection arbitrarily: “Okay, you have long recognized your relationship. You can be happy with this, and there is still something to be done?”

“It seems that this battle is not dangerous…” Lin Xue, who was trying to knock a piece of crystal from the wall, not far away, suddenly stood up and said in a confused tone, we were surprised to find that in her eyes It flashed a little silvery glow. “I’m not sure, but it seems that I can see a lot of things…not a clear picture, but can I see something… information?”

I and Shandora look at each other in dismay.

“No? Lin Xue, are you a prophet?!”

I was shocked.

β€œIt seems that the crystal energy in mother nest has inspired some of her potential,” says Bubbles, at the same time, looking at Lin Xue with a very interested look. β€œThe very interesting living thing form, I just didn’t notice There are so many carbon-based creatures… ah, great Emperor, I don’t have any prejudice against carbon-based creatures!”

It seems that I just discovered that a male Xiling Emperor is also a carbon-based creature. Bubbles is busy explaining, and then she continues to stare at Lin Xue, who has just completed superpower enhancement, with a be full of interest.

Well, the two research mads are now on the eye, and they are expected to study each other later.

After Qianqian and my sister stayed in the base, I, Shandora and Della came together.

Pandora, who received the order, has completed the battle form transition, and at the moment she is leading the two enormous antiproton floats and the three alien experts.

“What do you mean, let’s just a few people stop the tens of thousands of Demonized Creature?”

When I learned about Shandora’s plan, the first objection was Mage Muro. In his opinion, this is simply a death.

Well, I think so too… but my objections have been invalidated. Do you think that you can use your words more usefully?

Shandora looked at Muro contemptuously and said in a tone of cold and proud: “You can choose to run away, we are enough to deal with those Monster.”

This is already naked contempt. Although the other looks like a youngster, they are the ones who stand at the top of this World power. How can they be scorned by Shandora? Wenoah snorted and said: “We are just kindly Remind you not to underestimate the power of Demonized Creature, the 80,000 Monster, we are not in the eye!”

Even Elf Clan Priest, who has always been reluctant to show more emotions, has shown such expression.

“That’s good, in this case, let’s go now and block those Monsters in the nearby morning fog plain!”

I waved my hand and said loudly, and at this same time, Della, who was sitting on the top of my head, also raised a small fist and shouted in a whisper: “Destroy those.” Monster !”

…just because I have such a small thing on my head, I can’t find a little heroic Oh!! !

I don’t know when I started, Della used my head as my new home. She would get there when she had a chance. In the past three days, everyone even got used to the hobby of small things, even It became my signature image, and I figured out that the images of the three Xiling Empire executives in the eyes of the three aliens are like this: Shandora, Xium Emperor with beautiful looks and blonde and cold and proud character, Pandora Xiling General, Chen Jun, with a cute and character coldly indifferent, with a little brainless Emperor on his head…

Since the base’s space support module is already running, the highly enhanced Acida and Acidora accurately sent us to the edge of the morning fog plain. After the arrival, the three experts immediately made this faster than Magister’s space transmission Magic. The exact way of moving is greatly admired, Pandora begins to detect the surroundings of the surroundings and uploads the data to me and Shandora, while I stand in the forefront, facing away from everyone, to cover up the upcoming meal. Out of the tragic green face, Shandora unknowingly slammed my waist from behind, whispered: “The man is the best face animal…”

“Let’s talk coolly, if your physique-improving topic for carbon-based creatures can be done ahead of time… yes, how long does it take for the Vitesse Empire to send the reinforcements?”

“I don’t think they meant to send reinforcements at all. Even though they are very close to their capital, they don’t necessarily look at this Monster siege. Instead, they have to understand our strength again, so they are the biggest. It might be to have a cup of tea, sit in the room and watch our entire process of blocking Demonized Creature, and then analyze how high our strength is, just right, we also take this opportunity to observe how the world’s strong players fight – – As long as Muro are not stupid enough to hide their strength in this battle.”

“You are insidious…” I expressed my admiration. It was originally planned for Shandora. It was only for us to play a few games not only to protect the new base, but also to let the Vitesse Empire, which has never been wary of us, touch it. Our strength can make Muro three of them fight hard, so that we can understand the power form of this World. No wonder that Shandora can conquer countless Worlds. This insidiousness is absolutely enough to be an intruder…

Just then, Pandora suddenly came the message: “The enemy appears!”

At the same time, the eyes of all of us are concentrated on the distant horizon…

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