Xiling Empire Chapter 726

Seven hundred and twenty-sixth chapter daily, visiting, ultimate cook

Lin Xue is really a guy who knows how to give me a fatal blow in the most critical places. It’s hard to sigh at the long live of leisure life. Do you give me a knife so early?

Also let people not take a vacation!

“Well, I have been so busy for so many days, the activity is supposed to be,” Young Lady Lin has a narrow smirk on her face, twisted on my thigh, this action is definitely not act spoiled. She is purely handy. “Do not worry about wood, this time is not a war, it is a good thing – but still the old rules, I will not say a word in a non-crisis situation, so as not to let the future out of control, anyway – when you are Got it.”

“That’s still okay.” I screwed Lin Xue’s smirked face, who immediately grabbed my hand and gave it a Rolex out.

Look at the time is not early, I turned to find Xiao Qijing, who is burying the leaves next to the pit, and greeted, little girl immediately stunned and smashed the muddy little hand pā pā, the dirt on the ground immediately lost Falling on the ground: I didn’t learn anything else, but I first mastered Alaya’s self-cleaning Dafa.

The Empire Princess is going to play with the mud in the street park. I am afraid that many people feel incredible, but they can do nothing about it. Who makes Xiao Qijing interested in something? This way of birth is unusual. And the soul girl of the growing environment is a miracle creation. Even the learned Shandora can’t tell how she will grow. Now what I can do is to satisfy Xiao Qijing’s interest in the outside world as much as possible, so that she can develop more as soon as possible. A perfect mind must at least be able to communicate with us normally.

“Hey, go home.”

I reached out and picked up the solo young girl, who immediately started laughing at Haha and began to drill in me. I used my own physical features to play the game of daydreaming. I quickly looked around: this Little ancestors, how much heart disease can you scare to death?

“Go home 喽 喽 喽 喽 ” ” ” ” ” ” Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little

On the spot, Lin Xue lay down directly on the leg of the chair.

“Wood! You dare say this is not what you taught her?”

“Of course not!” I hurriedly helped Lin Banxian, and by the way, I avoided the other’s straight punch and left hook. “I don’t know what this hoe is all about. She was born to know the identity or characteristics of each person.” When she first met Hakurei Reimu, she shouted ‘city management’, but she still just learned to say it.”

“Really?” Lin Xue looked at Xiao Qijing in disbelief. The only one of the eyes responded to the “mother” in front of her eyes. Little Girl was quiet for less than a few seconds and began to happily Waving a small arm to catch Ojou-sama’s nose: “Hey! Half a fairy!”

Lin Xue responded to the words: a straight fist on my rib.

“I think I understand what’s going on,” Ojou-sama bit his teeth and said in a word. “She is your schizophrenic body. The subconscious mind preserves your perception of the outside world, so it is not so much the child.” Knowing the identity of each person in the surrounding, it is better to say that she knows what you think about each of the surroundings, and then infers what they should call each other – to explain to the lady how half a fairy is!”

I muttered: “Don’t you still call your mother?”

“Teng”, Ojou-sama’s face is red, now she knows why Xiao Qijing immediately regarded herself as a mother, and Ojou-sama took her own usual reaction to this external stimulus. There are several Rolex on the arm…

“I said wood, you can’t let people redesign their own broken car?”

When driving home with 700 billion yuan, Lin Xue sat in the co-pilot and once again spit out the shape of my treasure Ma Liang. “Looking like the invasion of World War II, at least the back door can still be closed. Now it is added. A vector stabilizer, not both sides wide!”

I looked at the second half of the car through the rearview mirror. I have to say that this broken thing is developing more and more in the direction of the future. The battleships made by Empire are mighty and powerful, but the small vehicles they built are really more How cold and chilling, in order to ensure that the Chief of state has the most powerful performance, they completely gave up the “appearance” which is of low practical value.

“Do you think I don’t want to make this broken thing look good?” I muttered a little depressed. “A few days ago, let Tavel help design a modification plan without degrading the performance of 700 billion. I look at that shape. I am afraid that no one will stop at the Nanshan Mausoleum directly on the street.”

Lin Xue sighed at the time: “You also find a reliable person.”

“But the shape is not a little good,” I thought, I can quite comfort myself. “The biggest advantage of this car is that it is absolutely no way to stop in front of the street. Do not believe you.” Look–“

During the talks, we have already reached the bustling section of the city. Now it is the small peak of traffic at noon. The traffic on the main road is normal. The speed of 700 billion is the side of the road that is rubbing the traffic law. As I said it – as long as it is in front of us, regardless of the three-wheeled four-way sports car, as long as it is long, there is no way to let it go.

Lin Xue looked at the doorway for a while and patted my shoulder: “Don’t feel good – people are afraid that you have no brakes.”

You don’t say so, no one takes you as an idiot!

Ojou-sama was very stunned on the co-pilot, and muttered in his mouth: “Hey, after two days, I showed my sports car to the designers, not asking them to follow the Rolls-Royce. Style, at least give you the two reaction armor on the tail of the car to remove it, looking too much like a plaster.”

I tilted her at a glance: “The freshman is driving the local tyrant who runs all over the city.”

Lin Xue: “Is there you squatting here, is there a local tyrant on World?”

The two of them returned to their homes in such daily bickerings. The bad mood that Lin Biaotou had at the beginning to see the children’s unsuitable pictures at the beginning of the game was finally dissipated. At the door, we happened to meet the poison island scorpion who should go out to buy food. I found that the other side was still carrying a long cloth bag, and suddenly said that it was going out to punish evil and go to good.

The most fascinating girl who vowed to be a good maid finally found the meaning of her life again. I don’t know how I feel the pressure is greater: I won’t have to get this guy out of the police station in the future. How can you say that there are not more normal people in the family?

“Master, hostess.” Poison Island’s face with a smile like a big and Fuzi, opened the door before me, “Welcome home.”

“Oh wow-“

An earth-shattering cry was heard at the same time when the door opened, and I was about to educate the poisonous island to swallow it without exporting.

There was a cry of children crying in the room, one of which was mixed with the snoring of everything in disorder. I suddenly heard Little Bubbles’ sound, and the other one was very strange, not like a child at home.

Several of us rushed in and went straight to the living room, and the situation was clear at a glance: Little Bubbles was sitting on the carpet in the middle of the living room, holding a Rubik’s cry in her hand, and the mother was soothingly comforting her little ancestor while sitting. Next to Little Bubbles, a little blond girl wearing a red short dress and a soft buns hat, this little girl is not the sweetest appearance of her, but she is behind her. A pair of weird wings, a series of colorful crystals connected in a “wing”, trembled with the cry of Little Girl…

This is this… How did this girl come over?

I looked up and just wanted to ask. The result turned out to be sixteen nights and nights and ran into the living room. How could the maid of the Red Devils appear here at this moment, and began to calmly appease the second lady crying in my living room— – What happened during the time when I was not at home?

When I saw Onee-sama standing next to me, I looked helplessly at the two little girls in front of me. I quickly hurriedly asked: “Sister, what’s going on here, how did Frantolu come over?”

“Looking for Little Bubbles to play,” Onee-sama shook his head. “You don’t know, the Red Devils Hall has been transferred to the town of Yokai. It’s said that Remilia found that the energy field near the Goblin Forest can suppress Frantolu. The mania, I used my own participation in the Atlantis street fighting and all the demolition compensation to make a price, and moved all of my own friends. In the morning, Little Bubbles went out for a lap and went to the Red Devils Hall. I got to know this little girl…”

“Then I invite new friends to come home to play.” I licked my forehead, and Little Bubbles finally made a new friend. This is of course a good thing, but this girl usually does not know who will take it home.

“Hey, are they in conflict?”

I went up to pick up Little Bubbles and asked with the same tone as the worried old man.

Onee-sama shrugged: “It’s not a contradiction, just playing with Fran suddenly biting Little Bubbles, and then both of them cry out.”

“I am very sorry, it caused you trouble.” Sixteen nights and nights, it was not easy for Frantolu to calm down a little, and immediately apologized to us, and the maid who was very strict with herself was the first time to go to other people’s homes. It happened to be very embarrassing for the second lady to bite, and Little Girl, who had just bitten someone behind her and broke eight teeth, looked at us with tears and coughed and curious.

“I don’t think she is quite right?” I asked Littlee-sama with a slight whisper. “Frantolu, I remember this when it was on the Atlantis battlefield, and her dangerous destructive power. Remilia will be assured that she will come out?”

“Destructive power has already been sealed,” Ice Teece’s voice rang at the door of the living room. “Monina’s help to seal, compared to the dark God Clan with Vientiane’s collapse talent, the Little Girl’s destruction ability is too tender. As for the character of this little troublesome child, it should be the sequela of the seal. From time to time, it will become the age of three or four years old. The bite should be the instinct that the child wants to bite when he sees the novelty.”

I thought about it and didn’t dare to bring up the example of Shandora: Her Majesty the Queen’s main way of perceiving World is also biting.

Knowing that there are no big messes in the two little brats, I will let go of my heart. Little Bubbles at this moment is quiet, and I am grievously licking my arms and I am relying on it. The general meaning should be in the complaint, and Frantolu Covering his mouth, the look in his eyes is very chaotic. I want to come here at this moment and I don’t know how my character should be switched. But the contradictions of the children come faster, just a few of us are busy thinking about how to let When the two little girls returned to good times, Little Bubbles had re-thrown the olive branch to the new friend: throwing the cube in his hand.

Franto dew catches the flying toy, silently thinks about it, finally clap his hands: still when the children get it!

So the two little brats played again.

“Play Oh! Play with me!” Frankaka twisted the Rubik’s cube in his hand, screwed the toy completely and stuffed it on the carpet. The mother of the babysitter was shining, the voice was tender and innocent, the latter’s face The expression is very tangled, and in all fairness, she is the Little Bubbles. The nanny is already the bottom line of dignity. But this little girl is a friend of the little master. At this moment, the two roads are in front of me: is it serious, or the smile of the little ancestors? important?

“Hey!!” Little Bubbles waved his arm and ordered it.

When the mother flashed, she knew that there was only one way in front of her.

“Jill, don’t usually be too fond of Little Bubbles. It’s not good for children to grow up too much.” Onee-sama has a warm smile on his face to help Jill. “A’Jun I didn’t play when I was young.” He Oh.”

“Sister, what do you say about this?” I was embarrassed to scratch my cheek, and Jill sighed in tears and sighed: “Hey, that’s what you can play, I can’t beat this little ancestor.”

Everybody :”…”

Looking at the two girls, a nanny played on the carpet, and everyone was very happy. The sixteen nights showed a very emotional smile: “I can do it like this with fun.”

But her voice just fell, but Fulan was crying again and again. This time it wasn’t the second lady attacking others, but Little Bubbles. The crystal that flashed behind the new friend finally couldn’t resist being born. Instinct, go forward and give it a slap… Then the family is a chicken and dog jump.

Finally, I pulled out the crystal that was tightly held from Little Bubbles. We made a mistake about how this thing should go back. Finally, it was 16 nights to remind that the crystal did not grow on Miss Two. I passed the proposal of Ice Teece, and I used a half bottle of 502 to stick back to Fran. The latter also strangely licked his “wings” and found that the crystal was stronger than the original and suddenly smiled.

So what a child is, the most troublesome!

“You are so good-tempered, no wonder you can take on the responsibility of stay at home dad.”

Ice Teece watched the two Little Girl play in the living room with enthusiasm and sighed with a fork.

“There are not many friends in Little Bubbles,” I smiled. “How many Empire soldiers are protected all day long, and whoever dares to approach her in addition to a few small children at home, and Lilina are a few idlers. Nothing to bully Little Bubbles.”

Speaking of Lilina, I am angry. You said that she is in the bones. It is obviously a royal sister who wants to wear Loli dry wool. After defrauding Little Bubbles, I will grab the lollipop and eat it. You said that this is the biggest bishop. What happened?

“Speak up, I saw you coming over from the kitchen, what are you doing?”

I looked at the maid of the Red Devils on the other side. Because her second lady had problems continuously, she looked at the living room and didn’t leave. I remembered the appearance of seeing her busy in it, and asked strangely strangely.

“In communication with Anveena, I have some experience in serving the host. By the way, I help to prepare lunch. After all, we are bothered first. It’s too rude to wait for the white food in the living room,” said the 16th night with a decent smile. “And I feel like I finally saw what a really good maid is. Anveena’s quality is much better than mine.”

I suddenly coughed up: “cough cough, you are a guest, don’t care so many etiquette is fine, and maybe you don’t understand much, but I know you very well – the maid of the Red Devils still feels inferior. time?”

“Others don’t know, but at least in cooking, 16 nights really lost to Anveena.” The white-haired maid shook her head and pointed at a large bowl of food on the dinner table not far away. It was just Anveena. Put it there, it looks like a crispy, crisp, faintly faintly scented, and the appetite is wide open: this time is almost a meal.

“It’s just a dish, it’s enough to make it for 16 nights. The maid should be qualified to meet the owner’s requirements under any circumstances. How did she make it?”

“What is that?” Shandora wiped his mouth and moved to the table.

“Isolated the uneven bars, Anveena said it was dedicated to the adults of Shandora.”


I am squatting – is it more ferocious than yesterday’s mushroom fried door handle?

I looked at the big pot on the dinner table and sold the mouth-watering food. At this moment, Shandora had already gotten into the front of the rice bowl and was holding the chopsticks to try it. Look at the satisfied look on the skull. It seems to be This big meal is quite like it!

“What, Miss Sixteen Nights,” I thought about it, or turned around and reminded the maid who looked forward to it. “Some things are barely coming. Anveena has already touched the mysterious field.” ……”

It’s a mysterious field. Sometimes I wonder if Anveena has mastered something that involves the law. Is there still the word conservation in her eyes? It seems that a Ghost maid and Shandora are really a perfect match. To say that our Her Majesty the Queen is a mouth-to-end periodic table, Anveena belongs to the kind that can be randomly combined with any symbol on the periodic table. Any kind of material – God-level cook!

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