Xiling Empire Chapter 76

Chapter 76β€”The Emperor of the Past

After the black object appeared, it quietly hovered in the air, seeming to observe us with a very interesting expression – it was really amazing, I actually saw the expression from a pile of ink.

Muro, after they saw the black object appearing, the face changed silently. Wenoah gripped the sword in her hand and whispered: “That is Source of Demons…”

Despite their strength, after a battle that consumes enormous, the Muro trio has not much fighting strength at the moment. Facing the “Source of Demons”, these three figures who are already at the peak of power can not help but feel on the back. A cold sweat.

At this moment, Shandora’s spiritual connection suddenly came in with a trace of uneasiness – this is the feeling I have never seen in her.

“Chen Jun, I don’t feel right, the power of this abyss gives me a very bad feeling – you tell the Acida sisters that they are ready to pull us out of the battlefield.”

Shandora is ready to escape?

When I heard that she had made such a judgment, I immediately took care of 120,000 points and notified Acida and Acidora at base. Pandora also knew that the situation was not right. She stopped shooting and then carefully Rely on my side.

Just then, the black shadow of the group suddenly launched the attack!

Without a slight omen, the black mist surface suddenly twisted, and then a fierce black beam spurred toward me!

The beam’s attack power is unquestionable. In a flash, all the defenses I turned on automatically entered saturation operation. Pandora rushed to me without hesitation, trying to block the attack, but only one. Faced, Pandora’s petite body was slammed into the air and slammed into my arms.

Under the strong impact, I finally took a few steps back and finally stood still. If it wasn’t for Shandor’s several body enhancements to me and some of the defenses just helped me resist most of the impact, I am afraid this will be affected by this. Internal injury.

“Pandora, how are you?”

I looked nervously at the little brat in my arms. The latter’s face was slightly red, and then I was not willing to say: “Body weight…”

“Weight?” I gave a slight glimpse and then reflected – the original attack did not hurt Pandora, but the impact was so great that Pandora, who was very light, was shot…

For Pandora, who has always been conquering World, this is really a shame…

“Very good Defense Ability, combined with your shape… If my memory is right, you should be Empire 15th ruling region’s famous Little General, Pandora Series Soldier prototype – Pandora-ZERO?”

I was stunned all at once, and then I looked at the direction of the voice with an incredible look.

What was just talking about is the black thing?

“You can talk?”

I exclaimed.

“Of course, this high-order abyss that can condense into semi-solids is not comparable to those of Demonized Creature without brains.”

Shandora took a moment to look at the enemy in front of him and take time to despise my ignorance.

“This is not right. It doesn’t even have a body. How do you make a sound? This is not biologically sensible…”

“…” Shandora was silent for a moment, then steadily rushed to the opposite enemy.

Hey Hey hey ! Even if my thinking direction is a bit problem, you are not depressed to answer in such a strong way.

Although Shandora had a very strong melee fighting ability in the abyss entrance, she didn’t like close combat. She had strong mental attack. She prefers to control a lot of disappointments to encircle the enemy or simply use it. My mental power is distorted to achieve my own goals, but the enemy in front of me is a bit special. The other party is obviously the type of remote attack, and it seems that Shandora’s mental control can’t play much, and surroundings can be used as a cannon fodder. The Demonized Creature has been wisely withdrawn earlier by this shadow, and as a result, Shandora has chosen a more secure close combat attack.

Shandora doesn’t know when to put two crystal-like Xiling bayonet in his hands, and crosses the black shadow in a lightning-like manner. The purple electric mans that shines on the beam blade breaks the air and leaves on the shadow. There was a crack, but this fierce attack didn’t work as expected. The black shadow hit by Xiling Bayonet just shook a little, and a black lightning ring suddenly burst out. Shandora was slightly surprised and immediately turned to After the jump, but the lightning ring did not disappear, but quickly spread out, seeing that it would hit Shandora in the middle of nowhere, I have recovered a small part of mental power, immediately summoned to summon A small-scale Super Space-Time aid, three white beams crossed and shot from the sky. The shadow of the pursuit of Shandora had no choice but to give up the opportunity to give Shandora a big hit. After three energy rays.

“… directly attack the enemy’s soul fighting style…” The shadow seems to be a bit confusing. It doesn’t care about the enemies around him, but says to himself: “On Waring Princess Shandora only has this ability in Xiling Apostle. In each attack, you attach your own soul power. If you attack the same enemy three times in a row, you can steal the other’s soul for your own use… but your power seems to be mixed with something else, interesting… It seems that you have almost become my companion…”

β€œWho are you? Why do you know us so well?”

Shandora clenched the Xiling bayonet in his hand and asked cautiously.

“Who am I…” The shadow whispered, then made a hoarse laughter. “Oh, you really want to know…”

“Shandora, be careful!”

I saw Shandora suddenly appearing several rounded black energy arrays behind him, but at this time Shandora hadn’t responded yet, I couldn’t help but loudly reminded that Pandora’s hands were running with green light, and then the two shots were very fast. The guns appeared in her hands, and the two blue-and-white beams interrupted the attention of the shadows, and also caused Shandora to flash the torrent of dark red energy erupting from the black energy array as the millennium rushed.

“You are Kaiser?!”

Seeing that the dark red energy torrent from the energy array blew into the magma for more than a dozen meters of the original ground, Shandora finally exclaimed.

For the first time, I saw that Shandora had such a rude performance. More importantly, she actually knew this abyss? !

The black shadow made a low laugh and said: “Kaiser… It seems that I haven’t heard the name for a long time… This makes me miss the past…”

With the sound of it falling, the black shadow that was originally just a fuzzy outline quickly squirmed in the air, gradually becoming more solid, and then gradually became a human form!

Although it is still a shadow without five senses, at this moment we can clearly see that this is a man wearing a high-neck trench coat.

“Shandora ……really didn’t expect, we can meet again in this situation… It seems that life is always to be full of surprises, since at the same time becomes Xiling Emperor, the battle between you and me It has not stopped, it seems that we can finally get a high score this time…”

“Kaiser, didn’t expect you will fall to this point for strength, it seems that I should have wiped you out before you upgrade through Authority!”

The lightsaber in Shandora’s hand glare, then rushed to Kaiser, who simply lifted his right hand and stopped the Shandora’s attack.

“It seems that you have misunderstood me… but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I should let you complete the final step of the abyss now. Then you will see many old friends in the past…”

Kaiser said that the right hand seemed to arbitrarily point to Shandora’s direction, four black energy arrays surrounded by Shandora’s, but just in the moment when the energy array was about to erupt, four beams of energy rays coming from distant Space-Time at The same time hit them, and after a violent explosion, some of the wretched Shandora jumped out of it.

Kaiser finally focused on me, he said strangely: “A strange Xiling Emperor? It turned out to be a carbon-based creature?! It’s funny, the body is more fragile than the usual Xiling Apostle, but the amount of mental power is so Weird and powerful, you can simply rely on brain waves to guide the Super Space-Time Fire Support across the void. In my memory, there is no place for you – then, stranger, are you going to me this Xiling Empire’s old Emperor? Introduce yourself?”

“I introduce myself…” I scratched my chin and said, “I have a chance to say it again next time-“

As my voice fell, several beams of light were sent out from the sky, and several of us were shrouded in it. Kaiser fired several black shock waves, but Della, who was already ready to go, immediately released. A large number of green shields are released, and these attacks are all blocked out of the transmitted beam.

The next moment, we have returned to the base in the valley.

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