Xiling Empire Chapter 77

Chapter 77—Transformation

In the officer’s lounge of the base, Shandora’s frown is locked, and the Muro trio is complex. I don’t know what I am thinking. Della is holding a huge lollipop, but it doesn’t look like a taste. The atmosphere is abnormal.

The sound of “哧-” sounded softly, and the alloy automatic door next to Shandora slid gently. I walked in under the help of Pandora’s.

“How are you?”

Shandora stood up and asked with concern.

“Nothing, just a little hungry…”

I scratched my head and I was embarrassed.

Because I just spit out the overnight meal…

Can do nothing about it, this kind of emergency space transmission is really strong against the body, plus the mental loss in the battle, I just spit a hand is already very good.

The Muro trio never thought that I was rushed out of the dinner by Pandora. But their attention was obviously not what I was doing. When the main personnel were there, Wenoah finally couldn’t help but stand up and stand up. Shandora asks: “Your Majesty Shandora, can you explain what the Source of Demons is? It seems that it seems familiar to you.”

“Yes, I am familiar with him,” Shandora said calmly. “Because he used to be Empire 77th ruling region’s Emperor, and my ruling region is 76th, we have had countless interactions.”

“In other words, a Supreme ruler in your country, is now a Source of Demons?”

Muro suddenly said, look at this, there is a big intention to push the sins of the abyss invasion to the Xiling Empire.

For this to be full of questioning, Shandora only smiled: “It seems that Kaiser is assimilated into a distorting living thing like most of the World’s acrificial victim.”

Sharp counterattack!

Muro’s expression is a bit embarrassing, he has to admit that compared with a Xiling Emperor that can be confirmed at present, more people of his own family have been transformed by the extremely aggressive power, just appeared in Abyss power. When Human Race didn’t have any effective countermeasures, even half of World’s Human Race became an accomplice to the abyss. By contrast, a Xiling Emperor eroded by Abyss power was insignificant—although this The destructive power of the fallen Emperor is absolutely amazing.

“In short, we should now prepare a careful combat plan,” Shandora said, then raised his hand and pressed it a few times on the armrest of the seat. The ground in the center of the room immediately split, revealing a six prism-shaped Above the platform, the entire Continent Hologram projection is above the platform, and Muro and others are immediately attracted to this magical science and technology.

“Kaiser used to be Xiling Empire’s Emperor. He had an emphasis on Empire’s army’s fighting strength and combating things like the back of one’s hand. In particular, his relationship with me was not very harmonious, so he knew me more. What’s more, plus how long he has been ignoring this World, he is already familiar with the situation of this Continent, and by contrast, I don’t know anything about his abyssality, and the situation for this World is even more Unfamiliar, this is our biggest weakness at the moment.”

Shandora said, suddenly turned his eyes to me. “So, Chen Jun, you definitely beat Kaiser’s best candidate!”


“Yes, Kaiser’s understanding of Empire is based on the information, but you are a variable, he knows nothing about you, your ability to use the spiritual connection to summon the mother star strike directly from another space. It’s unique in all Xiling Emperor, which I can’t even do, and Kaiser’s energy ray that suddenly leads you many times disrupts the attacking steps. He can see this space without warning. The blow is very uncomfortable. If you seize the opportunity, you can easily cause him to suffer the damage of the enemy. Of course, before we can take the time to solve your physical problems, I don’t want to put you in the regeneration. Shipped back to Earth.”

“This is really a polite statement…” I grinned, but I had to agree with Shandora’s saying that my space strike could make it easier than other Xiling Apostle to hit Kaiser, who is very good at self-protection, but before I have to think about my life-saving problem if the attack doesn’t hit…


I just had to ask Shandora what good way to quickly complete my body enhancement, Lin Xue suddenly came in.

Since Xiling Empire’s quirking Authority authentication system defines Lin Xue’s identity as the mother, this highly curious guy with Alien science and technology has the power to walk freely in 80 percent of the base. The officer’s lounge, which is not a secret facility, is no exception, but she shouldn’t be drilling a vector sensor to study the recharged crystal matrix at this moment?

“Chen Jun!” Lin Xue went straight to me as soon as he entered the door. “Qianqian, and Elder Sister Chen Qian, they have an accident!”


I exclaimed and jumped up.

“What happened? Did the enemy sneak into the base?” I grabbed Lin Xue’s shoulder and eagerly asked, “How is the situation between Qianqian and Elder Sister’s?”

“Not an enemy,” Lin Xue was suddenly caught by me, his face was not red, and he did not hesitate to lift his foot and come to me. I was able to escape. “They suddenly proposed to go to the mother nest to see those. Beautiful crystal, when I was dismantling a particle ejector, I didn’t follow the past, but the one just called Bubbles’ Little Girl suddenly contacted me and said that they fainted in mother nest!”

“Sorry, it seems that I have to be with you,” I said to the Muro trio and then turned to Della.

“Everything is on Della!” The little thing waved lollipop in his hand and then fell lightly on my head, confidently saying, “As long as there is Della, what can cure!”

Why did I suddenly think of the dog skin plaster that I sold and boasted?

Under the leadership of Lin Xue’s, I, Shandora, Pandora, and Super Lang, Della, arrived in front of an Earth-style house in the center of the base. This is a villa that I specially built for Bubbles considering their living habits. Now Qianqian and her sister are placed here.

I stepped forward and pushed the door open, then I saw my sister standing in front of me in the spring.

A sudden brake, I barely stood still less than a meter away from my sister, and I finally recovered my balance after a while.

Pandora, who was behind me, couldn’t stop and slammed into it.

Shandora saw a small Pandora hitting me, didn’t know what to think, and suddenly screamed and followed.

I finally lost my balance and flew forward, and after my sister swiftly flashed, I came into close contact with the super-alloyed ground. I still looked at Loli, a Queen, and Della, who was kneeling on my head, was shocked. The bounce fluttered away, then turned back and grabbed my hair and tried to save me. Of course, this is impossible to succeed…

Shandora and her sister are watching…

What’s going on ?

I can’t understand what is on the ground. If it’s a prank, it can only be said that Lin Xue and my sister are too busy…

The soft jade incense is quite enjoyable in the arms, but when the soft jade is pressed on your back and you are still on the ground with hardness exceeding the titanium alloy, this is not a pleasure. Even worse, Pandora at this moment is also wearing an alloy Battle Armor that is hard to resist nuclear explosions. This is a far cry from the real soft Loli…

“what’s going on?”

After finally getting rid of Pandora and Shandora’s joint attack, I first asked Lin Xue who came to report.

To my surprise, Lin Xue looked strange too. She walked strangely to her sister, then looked up and down and said: “Elder Sister Chen Qian, you woke up? How are you feeling now?”

It turned out to be the case. It seems that it was not intentional tossing me.

“I feel great now!” The sister suddenly showed a brilliant smile. “It seems that I and Qianqian’s guessed it right!”

We look at each other in dismay and are puzzled.

“You will not be spiritual…”

Lin Xue suddenly popped up such a sentence without thinking.

The sister’s forehead flashed over her forehead, and then she took a more brilliant smile and said to Lin Xue: “Slide, be careful…”

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