Xiling Empire Chapter 79

Chapter 79—Qianqian’s Change

Under the leadership of Elder Sister’s, we came to the door of Qianqian’s room on the second floor. According to my sister, Qianqian kept her in the room since she woke up, not letting anyone enter, and her situation is very… weird .

“I suggest only let A’Jun go in alone,” said the sister at the door. “When other people go in, they will be bombarded in the first place.”

“No way?”

I don’t believe it. Qianqian has always been a cheerful and enthusiastic girl. How can I not say so much?

“Forget it, let’s not go in,” Lin Xue took back the hand that was about to be put on the door. “The following is the lover’s whisper time, free people are free!”

“You won’t be predicting anything?”

Shandora glanced up at Lin Xue with to be full of suspicious eyes. The latter just shrugged and laughed.

“Okay, okay, you are waiting for outside, I am going in,” I said, and then Della, who was about to hide in my pocket, smashed it out. “Small you are waiting outside for waiting!”

In the unrecognizable protests of Della’s claws, I carefully pushed the door in and then closed the door with my backhand.

No one in the room, but soon, on the small balcony on the left side of the room, I saw the back of Qianqian’s arms.

“I didn’t say it? Don’t bother me!”

A female voice in the cold in manner sounded without warning, making me just step in the air.

This voice really belongs to Qianqian’s, but with a cold tone that I have never heard, let me not know how to react.

I haven’t heard the answer from the people for a long time, and Qianqian finally turned around impatiently, and then saw me standing there.

“A’Jun?” Qianqian’s tone finally brought a little cold temperature, and the expression on his face quickly softened. “You are back? It seems that the gang of people has been wiped out by you.”

Not normal, absolutely not normal!

Now Qianqian has a temperament that makes me feel strange. Although it seems that she has not forgotten my feelings with me, I really can hardly believe that the ice-cold girl in front is the warm and cheerful neighbor in normal. Little girl.

If it is the usual Qianqian at this moment, I will be anxiously rushing up, and then carefully observe whether I am injured, instead of talking like this, I am indifferent to talk about whether those enemies have been eliminated by me – to be honest, this situation It’s still normal to appear on Shandora.

“A’Jun, what is your expression?” Qianqian frowned at some dissatisfaction. “I think, after returning home, the man should first give his lovers a hug?”

… It’s really hard for her to use the ice-cold tone to say something that should have been affectionate.

In addition, if you talk about home-based hugs, should normally be the Qianqian who is waiting for the home to take the initiative?

It’s all played on the movie…

Even though I had a variety of thoughts about everything in disorder in my mind, I was a little relieved. Although the current Qianqian character has become very weird, it seems that there is nothing wrong with her. – Having said that, this personality change is already a big mistake…

I took a few steps forward and gently put Qianqian into my arms. Even though Qianqian’s state is very strange, no matter what she looks like, I won’t dismiss it.

Qianqian quietly leaned in my arms, with a hint of a smile that was not noticeable in the light expression – if it was normal, she would definitely shy away from her face.

“Qianqian, what happened? Why did you become like this?”

I still ask some questions with no confidence.

“Become like this?” Qianqian smirked. “I think it’s so good—and, isn’t Pandora at your side like this cold look? And Shandora, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Her other side.”

This… is not the same.

Pandora’s is cold because she doesn’t care much about the environment of surroundings, and she is extremely slow in interpersonal relationships, but she is a very little little brat, and occasionally reveals a childish side, Shandora’s is cold, more Accurate description should actually be a noble temperament, a kind of ceremonial ceremonial ceremonial, and she is more in front of me as a silly rhythm, and the two of them are very different from Qianqian now this ice-cold The look is very different.

Hey, I have only discovered until now that the people around me are such a weird guy Ah?

“Qianqian, have you also experienced variations in radiation?”

I finally remembered the purpose of coming to her.

“Yeah,” Qianqian gently lifted his right hand and placed it on a decorative flower basket next to it. “It’s a very good power. It seems that next time I can go to the battlefield with you.”

In my shocked sight, the fresh plants in the basket quickly withered and then turned into a pile of rotten black soil.

This is…corrosion power? Still something else?

But soon, my conjecture was overthrown, because the pile of rotten black soil quickly squirmed and changed in front of my eyes, and instantly recovered into a bright and colorful flower.

“Control the flow of time,” Qianqian looked at his right hand and said faintly. “It feels so good.”

Qianqian’s ability, it is actually controlling the flow of time!

This is definitely the most foul defying I’ve seen so far!

Then, I learned more about Qianqian’s Esper.

As I have seen, Qianqian can control the flow of time within a certain range, such as letting a plant in a flower basket experience decades of time in a flash, or letting it flow back during this time. Of course, this time controlability It’s not unrestricted. First of all, like Elder Sister’s curse capability, the stronger the target is, the smaller the range of time control, and the lower the control precision, if it is used against Shandora. The strong brainwashing power of the whole country, with Qianqian’s current power, can stop the opponent for a few seconds at most, and there is still a great chance of failure.

In addition to being counteracted by the other’s power, the area in which Qianqian initiates time control must also be within her line of sight, and the greater the extent of this area, the less time-controlled effects it will have.

In addition, Qianqian’s ability has many other restrictions, but now Qianqian himself does not say what the restrictions are. After all, this ability she has just mastered, it takes time to get familiar with, before she forbids others to enter her own The room is because she is seriously understanding her new ability.

“But it has been interrupted by you.”

Qianqian’s voice is quite unwilling to be with the obvious.

When I heard Qianqian’s complaining, I was relieved. She could blame me. At the very least, she still retained some of the feelings of normal Human Race…

At this moment, I suddenly noticed one thing: it seems that it is not just Qianqian, Elder Sister’s situation is not normal Oh!

The usual sister is a very gentle and kind person, and very tolerant to people, but today she suddenly reveals a pretty black belly and a vengeful side, which can be seen from her tossing Lin Xue, but only The change of Elder Sister’s is not as obvious as that of Qianqian. Her behavior is more likely to be regarded as a temporary prank. As a result, I have only seen the change of Qiand’s character from now on to Elder Sister’s!

Is this also the result of radiation? Or is this change happening when Qianqian and Elder Sister’s Esper are activated?

“Qianqian.” I have a rather uncertain idea in my mind, although this idea seems to be unreasonable, but I still want to try.

“Have your Esper been active?”

I have heard from Lin Xue that Esper’s Esper has an active state. When it is in this state, Esper will be different from ordinary people. When Esper goes to sleep, Esper will become ordinary people. In the same way, there is no energy fluctuations on the body. For example, if Lin Xue turns off his Esper, let alone predict it. She can’t see the wire pole in front of her eyes because her Young Lady Lin is actually a high myopia. eye!

For my question, Qianqian answered the question: “Of course, since I have obtained this capability, how can I waste time? I must be familiar with how it is used as soon as possible.”

“That, Qianqian, can you stop your Esper first? I want to confirm one thing.”

Although Qianqian felt hateful about my request, she nodded and said, “Well, if that is what you want.”

I saw that Qianqian closed her eyes slightly, and I immediately felt that the temperament of her had undergone an enogenous change.

The original Qianqian, is back.

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