Xiling Empire Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Humanoid Weapon (This chapter is free)

With the stillness of Space-Time, everyone was surprised to stop on the spot, with the exception of the three gun-thugs.

This is because Time Stop will lock all the states of the target, and it will not be possible to signify any external strikes to hurt a Time Stop target, so Pandora will only use Time Stop to protect the innocents on the scene from being implicated. There are no necessary protections for the three gun mobs.

It seems that Pandora still knows how to avoid trouble for me, even though she has never understood why I am so troublesome.

The sudden change made the three men who were still arrogant in the past one minute stay on the spot. This kind of scene that can only be seen in the movie makes them completely paralyzed.

The strongest man in the middle responded first. He found that the thin male student in his hand was like a mountain at the moment. No matter how much he could not drag the other side, he decisively let go. In the hands of the hostage, from the waist to pull out another pistol, instantly turned into a double-gun Wei Mengnan, vigilantly glance around.

“Emperor,” Pandora’s voice passed through the spiritual link. “Without the support of Xiling Base Outpost, Time Stop can only last for fifteen minutes.”

“Okay,” I said to Pandora in my heart. “Now they are in a mess, our next plan is…”

“For the Empire!” Pandora, who has always had no emotional fluctuations, suddenly shouted with enthusiasm. Before I reacted, she had already rushed to the other side like a white lightning.

What? Is this awkward? Three no Loli suddenly turned into a violent bloody young girl? No no no , the key to the problem is not here…

Pandora’s big move immediately caught the attention of three thugs. In this state of rest, the sudden appearance of a little girl wearing a strange white armor and a face mask, it is hard to carelessly Oh!

The nerves are already very tight. They can’t even think about what the current vision is and what the Little Girl is in front of him. Almost subconsciously, the three people raised their guns together and pointed at the white figure that was coming over. .

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” A few shots, my head was tight, thinking: “Shit!”

Pandora in high-speed movement suddenly stopped on the spot in a way that completely violated the laws of motion. The right hand and five fingers open and straight forward to the front. Like a static statue, the strong contrast between the movement and the silence almost made me think The appearance of Pandora just now is an illusion.

It seems that the ripples of the water ripple spread out in front of the Pandora. Several deformed metal cylinders were blocked by this barrier and then fell on the ground.

… It should have been thought that far more than the Human Race civilization several levels of Xiling Empire, how could you be afraid of Human Race’s primitive hot weapon?

A few arrogant men were completely stupid, the vision of the surroundings and the strange Loli in front of them gave them the illusion that they had not lived in Real World.

Just then, Pandora’s voiceless voice came over.

“Confirmed by attack, Threat Level: Zero, taking deterrent measures—”

Along with Pandora’s feelingless waves, her right hand suddenly changed, and the ferrous metal that quickly emerged in the air was assembled at a dazzling speed into a four-meter-long, half-human. A tall rectangular cannon, between the complex parts of the cannon, the light blue energy mesh line pulsing like a blood vessel. These energy nets start from the rectangular muzzle and extend to the tail of the gun body. The thick cable is completely blended with Pandora’s right half.

“Pandora 1000 mm Anti-battleship Cannon, enters the preheating state…”

The three people on the scene were completely stupid…

I am stupid too…

“This…Monster Oh!”

In the middle of the violent double-gun male screamed and turned and ran, but at the same time he turned, Pandora’s left hand quickly combined into a three-pack six-barrel cannon, accompanied by a cannon firing The rumbling sound, the two-gun male leg is soft, stumbles on the ground, and the urine is on the spot…

Ignore the horror of the other people on the scene, I just carefully observed the two pieces of enormous weapons on the hands of Lolita Pandora, not to mention the rectangular Psionic gun that is simply a pillar, just the three-piece The six-barrel cannon is already bigger than the body of this girl. Now I can finally be sure that there is actually a heart filled with violence and fighting desire under the appearance of Pandora.

In addition, the scene of Loli +enormous weapons is really unexpected and eye-catching…

“You…you are…who…you are…” A red-haired young man in the trio said incoherently, the gun in his hand fell to the ground – the thing and the ultimate man of Pandora The weapons are not even comparable to toys.

Pandora ignored the other’s question, just shaking his right hand, the elemental weapon in his hand made two kaka sounds, and then the “Pandora 1000 mm Anti-battleship Cannon” began to converge in a rectangular muzzle like the engine spout. Blue and white light.

“Enough, Pandora.” I finally realized what Pandora was doing: As a “Xiling General”, killing the enemy is just as common for her to eat and drink, if I stop again, The three unlucky ones in front of us will surely become the first Human Race in history to be vaporized by Alien’s weapon.

Although the other party is a criminal who takes people’s lives seriously, it can be said that there is a lingering death, but if they kill them, the Time Stop effect will end up causing confusion.


As Pandora’s replied, the two enemy weapons quickly folded and dissipated into the air, and Pandora’s partially mechanized body returned to normal.

At this time, three men who had some mental disorders finally noticed that there was another active Human Race on the scene. Although it looked unremarkable, from the situation that he ordered the “Monster”, the other party could never be anything. General character.

So, the next three people looked at me like a savior.

The big lords who are bearded by the three tigers are so staring at it… It’s just a hell Oh!

The strong man who was scared by Pandora’s round of shooting was already in tears at the moment; “Ray us! You have a lot of adults, and we will not put our ordinary Human Race in our eyes…”

… Is this saying that I am not a human? Although it is normal to see Pandora as such a association, but Big Brother, what I want to tell you is that you are mocking…

“Stupid carbon-based living thing,” Pandora coldly’s voice came over, accompanied by a strange electronic vibrato, “Don’t try to confuse Emperor’s judgment!”

Cough cough… Pandora, you are ridiculed…

First, it was accidentally removed from the scope of Human Race. It was also scorned by its sister and accidentally. I have some awkwardly said: “We will not discuss the issue of species first, Pandora, let’s not kill them, otherwise There will be a lot of trouble when you resume running for a while, do you have any way to make them lose memory or…”

“Or become a fool?” Finally, I switched to a spiritual connection, and said to Pandora in my heart.

After all, I am still very human. If the three bad guys on the opposite side know that their IQ is about to go to a level with the mouse, they are expected to collapse immediately.

Pandora nodded and then walked to the three former mobs who had been collectively incontinent, while walking, her right hand side turned into a blue-and-white cone-shaped object about a foot long, in this cone-shaped object. The front end is a long probe with a blue light flashing.

Three men sent a wailing of despair.

Since then, there have been three more fools on this World.

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