Xiling Empire Chapter 81

Chapter 81—Artificial Superman

Although I have agreed, I still have some doubts about Shandora’s plan.

I always feel like the perverted scientists who take the living to do experiments…

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any problems.” Shandora assured me once again, “This kind of radiation will not cause any harm to the body even if it does not stimulate Esper. Besides, those mercenary have little strength, but their resistance. Ability is always stronger than ordinary people’s Qianqian and Chen Qian. What else can you worry about? You know, people like them who have certain resistance but not completely immune radiation are quite rare experimental materials Oh! ”

I looked at the savage Shandora and looked at Lin Xue, who was not looking far away and was holding a lot of quirky parts. I always felt that the two of them had coincided in some respects.

“Well, it is not impossible for them to withstand radiation, but to explain to them and the dangers they may have, they must not be forced.”

“They will cry and cry and agree!”

Shandora said confidently.

In a temporarily established barracks in the southwest direction of Base, I and Shandora saw Rick who was strangely looking at the alloy room.

In addition to seeing Pandora’s on the same day, I met Rick for the second time. I don’t have a deep impression on this strong and loyal middle-aged man, but the latter’s memory is obviously better than me. To be much stronger, he suddenly recognized us who had had a relationship, but my name and Shandora’s name seemed to be difficult for the outsider to recall.

“So, re-introducing yourself,” I signaled Rick, who was excited to stand up, to sit down again and then pointed to Shandora. “We are the leader here, my name is Chen Jun, and this is Shandora Celvi Eulasis.”

Rick’s face is not too surprised. In fact, after coming to this magical place and seeing all kinds of incredible things, he is already numb, so that my unappealing guy would be this base. He is not surprised at all by the leader.

“First of all, what you have to know is that we don’t belong to this World.”

I cut into the topic with a single knife, and then somehow suddenly flashed through the lines of “I am an Alien”.

“Actually, I have already guessed something,” Rick said, only a slight surprise on his face. He said nodded, “You and the World’s Human Race are really different – you are coming from those Great Magister What about the different plane?”

“The Magic civilization of your World is very imperfect,” Shandora has completely restored to the proud Xiling conqueror in front of outsiders. He doesn’t leave a little affection in his speech. “Your Magister infers the existence of a different plane, but they are right. The understanding of the alien plane is too different. The world we are comming from is farther and unimaginable than you can understand. You only need to know one thing: our Xiling Empire has been hunting Abyss power since a long time ago. – It’s what you call the power of Demon. We are chasing this power across countless planes, and your eroded World is just one of the most insignificant battlefields.”

Well, how do you say it? In fact, if you want to tell the truth, we just started to travel when we started…

Well, the New Year’s Eve went to the Sahara Desert to travel…

Shandora’s introduction to Rick’s impact is enormous, he opened his mouth and did not respond for a long time.

Before that, he had already thought about the numerous living things of these coming from different worlds. Why did he come to this World? From the best idea to the worst, he thought of it, but he didn’t think that the other party actually It is specially designed to chase down those Demon forces!

There are people who specialize in killing that kind of terrorist power?

However, Rick accepted this claim, considering the strength of the other’s formidable and the extra effective way of attacking Demonic Creature.

So, all of a sudden, I and Shandora’s image inflated in the mind of Rick, reaching the level of Savior in a matter of seconds…

Looking at Rick’s more and more burning eyes, I am afraid that the pig can think of this guy’s mind, but this is a very good help for me and Shandora’s next thing.

“So, can we help us?”

Rick eagerly asked, even though he knew that his Mercenary Group was low-powered, since the other party called Fire Edge Mercenary Group’s people today, it turns out that the Fire Edge Mercenary Group is sure to have something to help!

So, I told Rick about the plan I had agreed with with Shandora. Of course, in order to make Rick understand better, I made some minor modifications.

“In other words, in order to make it easier to eliminate this World’s Abyss power, and to give this World’s Aboriginal people the ability to fight against the possible secondary erosion in the future, we are trying to strengthen the power of this World Human Race, There has been considerable success, but we need a group of volunteers to help us complete this experiment.”

I concluded in the end.

Rick was lost in thought.

Although I didn’t understand the meaning of “volunteers”, it was obvious that myself and my companions were brought as guinea pigs, but the other party did not use tough means to let themselves surrender, but instead sought their opinions. This at least proves that the other party is not malicious, but really wants to eliminate those Demon powers.

Rick is eager for strength. Everyone in this World knows the importance of power, but he also knows that there is no free lunch in the world, and the power of the plain will certainly not be so smooth.

Seeing Rick’s face flashing a bit of hesitation, I know what he is thinking about, so honestly said: “This process may have an accident, it may fail or produce a little side effect, but I can guarantee even If you fail, you will not be hurt. The technical means we use is safety first.”

When I heard my words, Rick dismissed the last bit of doubt. Since I have confessed that this experiment has the possibility of failure, then my words are more credible.

“I personally have no opinion, and I am willing to take it even if there is a risk,” Rick nodded firmly. “But I have to ask my companions.”

“Of course.” I nodded.

That night, I saw all the members of the Fire Edge Mercenary Group’s standing in front of me, and from the firm expression on their faces, I already knew their decision.

Then, I noticed a seemingly heavy sack thrown behind Rick, and there seemed to be something moving inside.

“What is this?” I quite strangely went forward.

“It’s just a little bit of carry-on baggage, you don’t have to…” Rick hasn’t finished yet, the sack is suddenly forced out from inside, a thin, thin man with dark brown hair, dark skin and looking twenty-headed Revealed, and then began to force the rag in the mouth out.

“No? Have you been forced to live to this point?”

I was shocked.

I don’t know when I became a black belly. My sister smiled and said: “Oh, I thought it was a little girl… It seems that you don’t know enough about this business. Such a product can not be shot well. Oh… Well, maybe, I heard that some nobles like this…”

“No!” The man who was treated as a victim of the trafficking case finally recovered his language ability. “I just don’t want to participate in this dangerous… oh…”

Rick took back the fist that just stunned the other person and smiled at me and said, “We passed the whole group and the whole group passed…”

Uncle, you are committing a crime…

Despite such a small episode, the manufacturing plan of the first batch of artificial superhuman forces in the same world was officially launched. Anyway, the safety factor of this process is also very high, and I don’t care about the thin-smelling protest.

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