Xiling Empire Chapter 871

Chapter 871 God Factory

Like the convulsion, Lilina jumped up and down on the arm of the sofa and announced that she was the king of World. This girl occasionally fell into such an extreme state of excitement. I always thought that this was the mental illness caused by the trauma she had accumulated. – Lilina has not denied this. Do you say she still has a save?

After hearing that Lilina announced that he had ruled World, Ice Teece couldn’t help but reveal his head. Rogue goddess suspected that this crazy little Nizi was planning to squat, because the record on God Clan is very clear, the real Human World King only had me and Shandora both… Later it was discovered that after Linina was nervous, she decisively went back to Shandora to continue studying the four ways of eating steamed bread.

“I said, are you almost?”

I saw Lilina squatting on the arm of the sofa like an agile squirrel, and said with the urge to take her third time down, “Is you still the king of World? You have seen World wearing a BBQ socks.” Wang?”

Lilina jumped to the ground and grabbed Della and put it in front of me: “Goddess is a god when he is a little more than three inches. Don’t judge the strength from the outside. I think this Pope has the ability to rule the world – as long as the boss lets you I let go and flicker.”

Della is counting my hair on my head, but I was caught by my archbishop. At this moment, I looked at the confused eyes and looked around for a long time. Then I heard: “What happened to the three inches? Goddess of Life has three inches inside. It’s very high! Della is a little grain less than Supreme Goddess of Life! A’Jun, you give that piece of sugar back to Della, it sticks to your head…”

“How can I not remember how you go!”

I quickly touched Della’s candy from the head. The little things were not dirty at all. I continued to pick it up when I hugged it. I whispered something: “Let the mortal return to the arms of God? Lilina’s thoughts are very interesting, on this planet. The mortals have indeed lost faith for a long time, but Della feels that this is no big deal. They believe that Della can only eat six pieces of gummy candy a day. A’Jun, you said it is good.”

“To tell the truth, what are you going to do?”

I put Lilina on the sofa and looked at the big eyes of the little girl, and I felt a headache again.

She is usually too noisy, and it is a character that needs to be mixed up regardless of big things. Maybe it is nothing to mix one thing occasionally, but Lilina is just like a mixing station. She can be like a year. The sun and the earth stir up all the things she can intervene. In every serious thing, I leave behind the heavy tastes of the heavy taste. Do you say that this is something that people with ordinary conscience can do?

Just as she had just just blended Human Race’s lunar exploration action, and she ran to the front of the lunar rover’s camera, I now have some doubts that she still wants to continue this fermentation: Lilina seems not satisfied with So far, the turmoil in the ordinary people, she is preparing a more gorgeous big script, so that the whole world can be turned upside down according to their own ideas.

“Boss is the boss,” Lilina sat on the edge of the sofa with a harmless smile. The little short legs swayed in midair, which was the expression of her quick thinking. “But what I want to do this time is really It’s very simple: mortals shouldn’t develop on their own, they need a higher power to guide what they should do, and the people who guide them should be you and Elder Sister Shandora, but now you have no interest in this, so this person It can only be me. I want to continue to appear, appear in front of mortals as an extra-curricularization Ghost, use the stories I have prepared for them, and guide those ignorant guys to think about what they should think about, Human Race is not just You should know that the universe is not desolate. It should be known that the universe is not safe. A civilization that lasts for tens of thousands of years will only need to be smashed. This is the trick used by missionaries: scare you and then control you.”

I fixedly looked at Lilina until the little girl couldn’t help but whistle and whistle, then hugged my arms with my head down: “Of course, if you don’t want to be boss, I will always listen to you. But I feel that I am doing it right.”

“Actually, you just don’t trust Human Race.”

In the end, I gently licked Lilina’s small head and said in a plain tone.

The other party did not answer, but I felt that the body under my arm had just stiffened, and it was apparent that I was being said.

Lilina is definitely not a saint who cares about the world, not even the sage who will consider the future of the entire Human Race. Even she can’t even count a good person. This little bran with only one meter and nine is the average person. It is hard to imagine. Although she is a spokesperson for the righteous god, many times her behavior has been shuddered by the cult leaders. For example, in the big nebula, killing the billion-dollar population of the entire planet in a few seconds. How many Hitlers have tied a piece of Ah so much?

Lilina has a distrust of most mortals. This is a psychological problem caused by her half-life experience. After becoming a demigod, she is more convinced that all Human Race is sinful and only her great one. The mentor can correct it. Of course, this dangerous world outlook has been reversed under Onee-sama’s family law, but the only thing that has not changed is that Lilina is committed to controlling the hearts of all mortals.

She has been busy preaching, spreading the story of Della, the stupid God’s teachings, to the whole macro World in a way that we see as absurd, funny, childish, or even Idiot. I once thought this was a Little Girl childlike heart. The attempted game didn’t realize until a certain day that it was actually hidden in her one-meter and nine-nine body. It was not a Little Girl, but a soul that had already experienced vicissitudes, and that was only one believer at first. The ridiculous Goddess of Life teaches us, and we have inadvertently become a behemoth that blooms across the universe and has more than tens of billions of believer in every World.

A report submitted by the Space and Time Administrative Bureau once scared me and Shandora: At at least 1,600 Worlds, Goddess of Life has become a local mainstream belief, and the Goddess of Life monk with real power is a breeze. From the local pseudo-sects, I grabbed an amazing number of believer. Only a small part of them were developed by Lilina. The rest are the two cronies and bishops trained by the spirits and Lilina. The little girl has The amazing ability of people’s fundamentally didn’t expect that, when we didn’t realize it, she had turned that playful sect into the only religion in the new Empire ruling region that could be legally spread.

The purpose of Lilina to do all this is not to have a small plan, or to do anything small in the Empire ruling region. The root cause is simple enough to make people laugh: she feels that mortals are not reliable, so they must be enslaved to make Your own peace of mind.

“Only the honest guy is safe,” Lilina lowered her head and said slowly in a very quiet voice. “I know it’s weird, I’m not normal, but I have to control all mortals, they are not. Stability factor… Boss, I am for you…”

“Of course I know, otherwise I will take you slippers for a long time.”

I held Lilina’s head and forced her face over, staring at the little girl and uncomfortably opening her mouth to bite.

“I know that you can measure your position. Earth is not a macro World, so you are not allowed to preach.”

“Of course I will not preach,” Lilina waved her hand easily. “In fact, it is a very tiring job. Just like this, if you just flicker, there are billions of people who are fooled. Only fools will. Work hard to build a religious saying!”

Little girl, when I say this, I suddenly let go of my heart. Actually, I don’t worry about her ignoring the earthling. This World is just flickering, the politicians flickering the people, the church flickering believer, the Teacher flicking the Student, everyone is at ease. The ground flickers and is fooled, you know forever they want you to know – this is the axiom of the whole world, you can vomit, but must accept. Then add a Lilina at most, that is, Human Race has a long history of flickering, and there is a strange big flicker in the history.

The only thing that is worrying is that Lilina should not think about advancing the fourth religion on the Earth. For whatever reason, this is too much trouble. This year, the investigation of cults can be strict.

I let Lilina let go, she really let go, and the efficiency is amazing. Just after the lunar spaceship carrying 20 kilograms of meteorite samples back to the ground, she once again appeared in front of ordinary people: The identity of an extra living thing Ghost.

The analysis of the meteorite samples in the return capsule involves a question of research rights. This is the first time that so many countries have joined the same plan. Who should be the twenty kilograms of stone?

All Human Race? Nonsense, except those who can win the 11th Nobel Peace Prize, who really believes this fart? Do not say anything else, just study the address of these meteorite samples, which country is suitable?

Put it in Russia, the United States does not work, put it in the United States, Russia does not do it, put it in Korea – the whole world does not do it, Obama put it, who would dare to announce that this stone was dug out from Halla Mountain, he and Putin each Leading three thousand people to kill Seoul – of course, this sentence is Lilina relayed to me, the authenticity please refer to the value of the gimmick.

Of course, you can choose to cut the stone into dozens of pieces, and go back and play with one person, but unfortunately, science can’t be the same as the watermelon. The living thing contained in these meteorite samples is not uniform, and the stone itself. The physical characteristics are not clear, and no one is daring to chop them before starting the study.

So after a dozen or so countries totaled for a long time, from the return spaceship just passed the gravitational balance point and began to add up, all the time to the spaceship was recovered from the Pacific Ocean, and finally reached an agreement: in the Pacific Ocean, where the spaceship splashed, found a Uninhabited islands, jointly established research base, all participating countries sent their own scientists to jointly study and publicize the results. This joint research base was later called the “God Factory”, which means that Human Race studies the work of God’s work. Obviously, it will eventually develop into a bridgehead for the new era of Human Race to understand the Universe. Any result that appears here will be Forever changing earthling’s understanding of the universe and understanding of the living thing, but that’s all about the future. The scientists here are having a headache. It’s actually an uninvited guest who came to Earth with the meteorite.

Time goes backwards for a little while, back to the meteorite sample that has just been shipped back. It took two days to build. Now, although it’s a bit rudimentary, but the lab has begun to take shape, at the same time let’s see if this has started to change. Human Race The research base of society is what it looks like.

In addition, I will talk about the construction speed of this laboratory. I think it is necessary for me to look at the efficiency of the Human Race after the potential is out. They have built more than 10,000 pieces of prefabricated plastic materials and airdrop facilities within 48 hours. The research base of Pingmi has also laid a temporary airport on the narrow island next to it for three planes at the same time. This efficiency… military science and technology is not a thing for civilian use.

The metal box that sealed the meteorite sample was sent to the research base under the escort of a large group of Soldier. It first received external disinfection and infrared detection for up to 20 minutes to prevent any “foreign matter” from interfering with the subsequent work and then being sent. In a completely enclosed laboratory, at the moment the lab door is closed, it is completely isolated from the outside environment.

Scientists preparing to participate in the first meteorite contact have been prepared in spacious laboratories, wearing heavy protective clothing and even carrying a fully enclosed oxygen circulation system that can work for three hours, except that there is no space agency logo. It’s like a dress that wants to work in space, and their will is placed on another small island three kilometers away. A military plane is on standby. As long as the laboratory is destroyed, the plane will send these wills. Back home.

The laboratory is completely enclosed, not only does it not allow people to go in and out, even the air is internally circulated, and its walls are filled with killing things (at least the living thing that Human Race knows). The enzyme solution, at the same time when the gate is closed, enters a completely enclosed environment like a capsule.

With such strict precautions, it can even be said that even a fungus, if you want to go out of the room, has to go through at least nine hundred and eighty-one, in order to prevent the extra-living thing samples carried in the meteorite from spreading into the Earth environment. Human Race has always been looking for living things outside of Earth, but when it really appears in front of Human Race, it is devastating because of the influence of the living thing in the outer space on the Earth ecosystem. No one knows, only one thing is certain: Earth’s cold spirit is sure to get rid of the cold virus of the Centaur constellation. Any cell that has an living thing will survive in Earth and will be invincible. I am afraid that the natural enemies are outside the billions of light years.

The establishment of the laboratory on the uninhabited island in the center of the Pacific is not only to ensure the status of neutral scientific research in the world, but also to prevent the contamination of the living thing samples carried by the lunar exploration vehicle into the Earth ecosystem, the lunar exploration vehicle and The return spaceship is now blocked. They have also been exposed to the moon soil. They are also the key monitoring targets, although the intense friction in the atmosphere can guarantee the death of the living thing that may remain on the surface of the spaceship, but the lunar exploration vehicle is still possible. They are contaminated with active cells, so they are now tightly sealed in an enormous iron can, just like this fully enclosed laboratory.

This series of fully enclosed research facilities is not the only barrier to prevent the spread of extra-living things. The ultimate defensive barrier is the nuclear bomb buried under these small islands.

Once the living thing in the meteorite sample is confirmed to be hazardous and the laboratory leaks, these small islands will be wiped out of the Pacific by a series of nuclear explosions within ten seconds. All countries participating in the “God Factory” program are The determination has been made, and the person in charge on the base is also very clear about what is sitting under his ass. Some examples of meteorites are that the moon has enough remaining meteorite structures to flatten the entire Manhattan area, but once the dangerous living things spread out in the Earth ecosystem, they are all finished.

Lilina saw the careful arrangement of Earth scientists as a joke, and Shandora made a very high evaluation. Her Majesty the Queen thought that Human Race scientists are very cautious and thorough in this respect, which is in line with the basics of scientific research. Spirit, of course, we all know that the cellular tissues in those meteorites have little effect on the Earth environment. If there is any impact, Jaina has long been banned from entering the country. In fact, before today, different worlds have already had living thing and Earth’s ecosystem. Hasnana not hit a big scale on his nuclear submarine recently…

In any case, the heavy protective suits of the experts and scholars who participated in the experiment now seem less ridiculous. This is not afraid of death. It is responsible for the full Human Race – as a freelancer. Once they are infected, it is the window that is most likely to bring the extraneous virus to the atmosphere.

“The sample is in good condition and the laboratory air circulation has started. We have three hours of work.”

A staff member in heavy protective clothing, with the help of the machine, placed a heavy metal box on the console in the middle of the lab. The sound of a leaky air from the ventilator was heard from the speaker on his back. , “local time, 16:17, the meteorite sample opened for the first time in the Earth environment, Hansen, please be prepared to record the device.”

Another protective suit pushed a lot of weird equipment to the front of the console, and then a heavy metal box opened under the attention of a protective suit.

A piece of smoky dark green metallic luster, the texture is like an irregular stone of a certain crystal, and there are many textures, and a small volume of meteorite samples appear in front of scientists.

“it’s beautiful……”

A protective suit couldn’t help but be attracted by the green stone and the flooded meteorite sample. Some of them couldn’t move. Listening to this breath is about a geological one.

“This can only prove that it is very strong, but not any known radiation.” Another protective suit came over. “First save the main part of the meteorite, we start with the smallest piece of the sample.”

According to experience, the experts at the site made the judgment that the meteorite sample has high energy level radiation, which is also in line with the fact that the lunar surface energy burst, but in fact, their luminescence is really not related to radiation, and the Saronite iron is originally luminous. But scientists on the Earth have to realize that it is at least possible to wait for Yugossalon to visit Earth.

And in a pile of protective clothing, they are prepared to separate the meteorite samples in an orderly and orderly manner. When they are sent to different links, the crystal-like stones are gradually emitting faint light…


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