Xiling Empire Chapter 9

Chapter IX Humans and animals are harmless? (This chapter is free)

In fifteen minutes, I said that it was short and short. In these fifteen minutes, I saw a scene similar to the future Sci-Fi blockbuster, and the three unlucky criminals completed the transition from ๆ‚ๅŒช to Idiot. I thought of Pandoraโ€™s long metal probe forcing into the otherโ€™s brain. I couldnโ€™t help but nausea…

As Pandora’s within the body made a very slight humming sound, Time Stop was over, the crowd resumed, and the paper in the air continued to spin down. The dust show in the air was enough for the particle effect to continue to play the background. The effect, and at the same time, the silent World is suddenly filled with various sounds, Student’s exclamation, Student’s exclamation, and Student’s exclamation…

For a moment, I felt my head was blowing up! This contrast is really strong, nothing to say Oh!

But soon, Studentโ€™s exclamation was small, because it was discovered that the three gun-throwers who had just been arrogant had fallen to the ground, slobbering and rolling their eyes, stupidly biting their fingers…

In fact, if you pay attention to the careful people, you can still see the uncomfortable feeling of the scene – although Pandora has tried to put the three criminals in the right place before, but because of the time discontinuity, the scene The scene is still somewhat abnormal. It feels like deleting a complete video and then spelling it up, giving people a clear sense of frame skipping.

However, everyone only cares about escape, and no one notices this anomaly.

According to the general plot, it is time for the police to come out to sweep the ground.

I am not interested in what will happen in the future. Now I just want to leave this messy place.

So I took Qianqian’s hand and walked quickly to the school. The latter at this moment was a little scared, only knowing that he was behind me.

No one noticed that in the opposite students, there was a pair of bright eyes looking at the direction of our departure with a stunned look.

After resting for a while under a school building on campus, Qianqian finally reacted, then took a long breath and patted the chest and said: “Call – really scared me, didn’t expect us.” I will encounter such a thing, and I think that it will only be seen on TV. It happened in reality.”

I laughed unnaturally. Compared to you, what I saw just now is even more unlikely to happen in reality!

“Hey, A’Jun, you said that the three people are doing this kind of thing Ah? Because of the money? Also, the opposites are all noble students, it is normal to be stared, but they finally turned into That’s the way? Is it a heart attack at the same time?”

Looking at the Qianqian that has recovered, I could not help but sigh: “Qianqian, your nerves are too thick? Can you recover so soon?”

“That is, is it just a false alarm, is it necessary to have a psychological shadow?” Qianqian’s unusually large nerves fully reflect its role at this moment. The shooting just now seems to have little effect on this carefree girl. Now Our two calm lookes form a strong contrast with the students who ran from time to time.

“For A’Jun, do you want to bring Lily to report it? It’s not too late… Lily, didn’t you scare you just now? If you can’t do it, let your brother take you back?”

The last sentence of Qianqian suddenly reminded me that I forgot a very important thing!

Pandora! Just now I just took the Qianqian and even forgot Pandora. Was she always quietly behind us?

I fixedly looked at Little Girl who did not say a word to dress up a blind woman. The eyes were very complicated.

Originally, although I know that the other person is not Human Race, because the appearance and the average person class are the same, I always involuntarily treat her as a little Sister with a somewhat eccentric character, but just now, the shape of the Humanoid Weapon of Pandora, Once again, I am reminded that the Younger Sister’s girl, called me, is not Human Race, but a coming from the distant Xiling Empire’s war machine.

For a time, I didn’t even know how to face her.

I don’t hate Pandora. On the contrary, in the face of this little Little Girl who knows my secret, some coldly indifferent, I often feel a kind of pity from the heart, perhaps because of this, I can hardly accept each other. It’s not Human Race and it’s closer to a weapon.

“A’Jun, what’s wrong with you? Is it in a daze? It won’t be the thing you just said, please scare you?” Qianqian saw that I didn’t say a word for a long time, just quietly looking at my sister, could not help but say That tone, it is simply that I have been scared by the things I just had.

Itโ€™s really a blow to my self-esteem…

“I’m fine, I’m just worried about whether Lily is frightened… You go to class first, I have already greeted Teacher, and I will pass Lily when I get to the new class.”

Qianqian looked at me with a worried look for a few seconds. Seeing that I didn’t seem to have any abnormalities, I said, “Oh, then I will go first, and you will come to class soon.”

Really… obviously a few months older than me, but always looking after me…


“Don’t call this title.” I suddenly said firmly.

Pandora seems to have been shocked by this sentence. The face that has almost never appeared on the face has a hint of surprise at this time. The gray eyes are slightly enlarged and look a bit more cute.

After two or three seconds, Pandora returned to God and said faintly: “Emperor is the unified name of the Supreme Authority for Xiling Empire. If you are not satisfied, I can follow the World habit and add your majesty behind the Emperor. Words.”

“No, I don’t mean this… you call my brother, I will use this as much as possible in the future.”

Pandora quietly looked at me, then, I heard the sound of “zฤซzฤซ” as if the high-voltage current passed through the transformer from her within the body. After a while, a trace of white smoke rose from the top of her head…

Hey Hey hey, I said, isn’t it a name? Does this make you have a logic failure?

“The database is compared. Changing to this title does not violate Xiling Law. The default title set has been changed, but the original title will remain in the combat form.”

Pandora quietly reported to me the results of her thinking, then suddenly pointed her head and said: “Brother, I am overloaded…”

This look, so cute!

Introducing Pandora to the new group is even better than I expected. The strong blind person girl who died from a young age has come to school to overcome the difficulties of being able to reunite with her brother. This subject immediately gives way. Helping the pure first-year student sympathy, Pan Lily Little Sister has become the baby of the whole class for a time. Everyone can’t wait to show their love to this unfortunate girl. The passion of Students even makes Pandora has a feeling of disappointment.

So I am relieved, at least I don’t have to worry about the unopened Student because the bully Pandora is a “blind person” and was phased into a scum by the phase impact – because Pandora said to me before, if there is a rude The carbon-based living thing tries to offend her, so as a Xiling Empire’s high-level general, she must uphold the honor of the Empire Military Personnel, and the maintenance method is to use the military force – this upper limit of the military force is really scary I have a big jump, and even the options for starting Star Weapon are there!

Therefore, my biggest hope is that don’t have a mentally disabled guy annoyed Pandora.

Of course, since my current remote commanding ability for Xiling Empire’s is basically zero, and Pandora itself does not have support for Xiling Base Outpost, the use of Star Weapon is still not possible. At most, it is to use Legion Class Weapon…

So, Pandora’s Students, don’t be fooled by this Lolita’s harmless appearance!

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