Xiling Empire Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Gifts

Why should I promise to accompany Qianqian to go shopping?

Why did Qianqian have to pull up her sister when she came out shopping…

In the end, why did I come across Lin Xue when I went out? I would also like to invite this girl to come to Oh!! !

The above three questions are estimated to be impossible to answer, because even Alaya, who is a World Arbitration Mechanism, has only reached the conclusion that “Sir Monarch is stupid” after half an hour.

The only thing that is fortunate now is that each of us, including Qianqian, has been bound to an exclusive portable space. I don’t have to be as strong as most unlucky men who accompany female students.

“I would rather go to find a few abyss to fight now,” Shandora, who was next to me, said bitterly, at the same time, glanced at the three eager Human Race girls in front. “I don’t know.” Where are the three of them, such a strong energy, carbon-based creatures are an incredible species…”

“Yeah,” I nodded bitterly. “It seems that Human Race girl and Xiling girl are essentially different. At the very least, you have no interest in shopping – please Oh!”

“hum hum, you finally see my strengths!”

Shandora immediately happily hum hum, used my words as a compliment, and immediately asked nervously: “You don’t think of me as an abnormal girl because I don’t like shopping?”

“Oh, this…”

I immediately felt a little speechless. How do you say that a Xiling female emperor who can play the whole world in the palm of his hand and plunder the soul is like a sacred object. Whether you like shopping or not, it is impossible to classify it as a normal girl.

Also, how could Shandora suddenly worry about this problem? It seems that she has always lacked consciousness in this regard…

Seeing my eccentric face, Shandora immediately suffered a big blow and said miserablely: “Sure enough… I am not a girl at you in the eyes…”

Khan… How is this girl? It’s hard to be with Qianqian. They have been together for a long time. Has Human Race reached this level? Or is it that this girl has produced a feeling of transcending friendship beyond me, so I care about the image problem in front of me?

Anyway, watching a beautiful woman be beaten by herself, there is no point, so I have to comfort me: “How do you say that you should be a comparison, well, a more personalized girl, I think you also have Lovely side…”

The last sentence is not to say that Shandora in the non-Queen form is indeed a very cute girl – if she has to deal with the trouble she intentionally or unintentionally brought to me.

“Really?” Shandora heard the words immediately lifted the head. The big eyes were shiny and with a naughty arc. I couldn’t see the unhappy look at all. Did I be fooled?

“Well, if that’s the case, you will send me a gift, and it will be your acquittal. Anyway, the money given by Agna is not spent, and it will be void when it goes to Earth.” Shandora is very large. Saying, at the same time, the bottom of the eye flashed a uneasiness that was hard to detect.

There is a problem, there is definitely a problem. According to my experience of immersing in the starting point for many years, a very savvy girl suddenly asks a boy for a gift in such a clumsy way. There are only two possibilities. The first one may be this. Girl likes the boy, the second possibility, refer to the first one…

If you want to say something good, although I feel a little sorry for Qianqian, but I really have a certain affection for Shandora. At the beginning, it was because of the innate spiritual integration between us, and then in the relationship, this kind of good feeling gradually became obvious, just I have been avoiding it – after all, I already have Qianqian.

Looking at Shandora’s look of anticipation, I still couldn’t bear to refuse. I had to say in a compromise: “Well, I really didn’t send you a gift, just pick a gift for Qianqian.”

When I heard my words, Shandora in the eyes flashed a trace of loss, but immediately wanted to understand what it was like, in the eyes lost and swept away, and happily hugged my arm while shouting at the Qianqian in front. Road: “Hey, good news! Chen Jun, this trick is to buy gifts for everyone!”

Immediately, 80% of the curious eyes on the street were concentrated on me. When I saw the blond young girl around me and the Qianqian three who were coming to me, half of the eyes turned into murderous. Aura ……

It can be thought of with the toes, this is the revenge of Shandora’s mischief.

Noticing these annoying sights, my sister couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied. She came to me, snorted low, and then whispered something.

Three seconds later, the crowd suddenly rioted, and then spread out at an alarming rate. We suddenly became empty, and only a few pedestrians and roadside merchants were looking around.

“I hope this public toilet in Layton City is enough…”

The blackened sister said in a bad voice, let me take a cold sweat – in a sense, it would be more terrible to provoke Elder Sister’s end than to provoke a dragon, the latter is a ruling, the former is slain what.

The benefits of the collective diarrhea of ​​half-street people are obvious, which makes the process of picking gifts for girls a lot better. Although we have blackmailed a lot of gold coins from Agna, they are obviously not good for those luxury goods that are worth a lot of money. Interest, it is rare to travel to the outside world, they are looking at to be full of exotic customs.

Qianqian selected a pair of light green crystal bracelets, which are said to be made with some kind of low-level Wind Element Demon Beast’s magic crystal, which has a slightly faster speed for the wearer, but for Qianqian who can control the time at will. It didn’t do anything at all. Qianqian just took a look at its beautiful shape and shiny texture. The sister picked a beautiful amethyst ring, which is said to be a good thing that can make the wearer’s curse Spell strengthen 10%. But Elder Sister’s ability isn’t Spell anymore. This ring doesn’t do much to her. The reason she picks this ring is naturally the same as Qianqian. Shandora picks a bunch of beautiful jewelry and finally chooses a pair of small ones. The sky blue earrings are a perfect match for her non-Queen temperament, and her expression is very fond of the pair of earrings – although it was once the Xiling female emperor who brought war and fear to all corners of the Universe, Shandora still has The normal girl’s side.

Finally, it is Lin Xue’s turn.

From the very beginning, she didn’t participate in the selection, and I seemed to have forgotten her appearance. After everyone got the gift, Qianqian suddenly discovered that Lin Xue’s was still empty.

However, Lin Xue didn’t have a look of grievance, but looked at me like a smile.

“Don’t hide, do you think that you can also see Miss Ben, who looks like a torch?”

Lin Xue said, then reached out and said unceremoniously: “Get it!”

… I wanted to tease this guy, but I should have thought about how a brain-dead thing is in front of a Prophet.

I smiled awkwardly and took out the things that I had hidden in my hand for a long time—a light green, six-pointed star pendant with an energy glow. It is said that this thing is a protection charm that has been blessed by Goddess of Life Priest. I am free from illness, but I am thinking of being left at home with Little Bubbles’ Della. It is estimated that Lin Xue is also the appearance of this thing…

Just now, I saw that Lin Xue’s attention was always focused on this pendant.

Lin Xue saw the pendant and showed a satisfied smile on his face. Nodded said: “didn’t expect you still have some advantages, but I really noticed…”

“ēn? ”

I quite strangely asked, I didn’t hear her second half of the sentence.

“Nothing,” Lin Xue grabbed the pendant and said, “Give another gift to the four girls at home, then go to stroll elsewhere—hey, it’s like you’re all girl Ah?!”

“It seems to be oh…” Qianqian seems to react suddenly. “I suddenly felt like I was failing…”

No, Qianqian, two little ones with a height of more than one meter, and a small thing with a big palm, the rest is still an Angel, you count them?

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