Xiling Empire Chapter 91

Chapter 91โ€”The troubled person

After losing the Magic jewelry store, we set foot on the journey of shopping.

Of course, just for me and Shandora’s suffering trip…

However, compared with what I just didn’t want to go, now Shandor is in a much better mood and slightly shows interest in shopping. Is it only me who is suffering now?

To make matters worse, isn’t Shantora about to have such a terrible hobby?

Somehow, my mind suddenly appeared in the future day with the Xiling female emperor around the scene of the Alien weapon market. At the same time, Pandora’s crazy purchase of the weapon also appeared in this horrible illusion…

“Shandora, why don’t you listen to your complaint?”

I am trying to call back allies who have been firmly on the same line as me.

โ€œI found that there are occasional surprises in shopping.โ€

Shandora showed me a signature smile, and the crystal earrings beside the cheeks swayed slightly, showing that the owner is now in a happy mood.

Is this pit dug by myself?

“I found that in addition to war, there can be a lot of other fun in life. I thought I could never live an ordinary life.”

Shandora’s tone is full of three-pointed and seven-point happiness, and I have a lot of emotions for a while.

Shandora is not born to be a war-only person, but the country she lives in and her position makes her have to be a cold conqueror. In almost endless wars, she almost forgot that she is actually a Girl, until now, by her side, she was able to liberate her own true side, I am afraid, usually in front of outsiders that reserved proud and ruthless Empress, just Shandora’s disguise?

“Empire is now like this. It is estimated that it is impossible for you to launch a large scale war. At least, during this time, you will be honestly staying by my side – although it seems that I am not around now. So calm.”

It seems that the Xiling Empire suddenly and inexplicably falls apart is not a good thing at all – the idea is that if Pandora knows the little brat, it must be a few more days.

โ€œItโ€™s already much better than before, itโ€™s just a normal Yuxing activity,โ€ Shandora said with a smile. Itโ€™s an unimaginable alien adventure for me. In her eyes, Iโ€™m just a game to relax my nerves. “Speaking, this pair of earrings is still my first piece of jewelry. If it was the previous one, I am afraid I will immediately destroy this useless thing – Chen Jun, do you think I wear this look good?”

Shandora rubbed his earlobe and asked me with a smile.

“Of course, very beautiful.”

I sincerely praised that Shandora is a pretty beautiful girl, but her usual never-ending heart oppresses Force Field and rejects people from a thousand miles away, so that outsiders are unaware of this, but as a minority, they are spared. One of the people who treated, I have a good understanding of the real side of Shandora.

Beautiful, noble, and occasionally transformed into a neighboring sister of ๅ˜ปๅ˜ปHaha in an incredible way, this is the real Shandora.

“A’Jun, what are you talking about? Looks very happy…”

Qianqian’s voice suddenly sounded in my ear, it sounded calm…

The fool will believe that this is a calm performance!

I turned my back to Qianqian and quickly moved my facial features to the face with amazing efficiency. I adjusted my face without any flaws and then turned around under the smirk of Shandora. “In fact, I was discussing with Schandora some important topics related to war and peace…”

“You can blow it!” Qianqian gave me a blank eye, and then turned his attention to Shandora.

Shandora, who has always been able to make others feel scared, has revealed an uneasy look under the seemingly innocuous gaze of Qianqian.

But Qianqian didn’t say anything, just quietly saw Shandora for a while, then revealed a helpless smile and came up to hug my arm.

Shandora showed a blank expression.

It must be said that even in the savvy Shandora, sometimes will be slow to respond.

“You really are not angry?”

I whispered in the ear of Qianqian.

“Maybe I should be angry – if all three of us are ordinary people,” Qianqian said helplessly in my ear, “but you have to give me a convergence point. You seem to be net and Shandora. !”

I can only admit the nod and then stop Qianqian’s shoulder.

“Hey, Chen Jun!”

Lin Xue’s voice suddenly came from the front, I lifted the head, I saw her waving to me, then pointing to the side.

“Let’s go there and play!”

I looked in the direction of Lin Xue’s finger and found that it was a tall building that looked gorgeous.


I remembered it for a long time, and finally remembered what the flashy characters at the entrance of the building meant.

Although I have always been respectful of gambling, it seems that Lin Xue’s looks like a high-spirited game. I think that it is just an entertainment-like alien tour. Anyway, I am nodded and lead everyone into this luxurious casino.

In this World, gambling is not promoted, but it is not strictly prohibited. After all, in this chaotic and turbulent era, people can rarely have one or two relaxing entertainment activities, even Oddo, which pursues the holy light. Empire, there will also be such a large scale of the existence of the casino – of course, the devout Radiant God teaches the clergy is impossible to participate in this activity, the casino is mostly free of money and may not be able to spend any day Flower adventurers.

Although it is completely different from the Earth culture, the gambling method here is not much different from Earth. The gambling tool used is similar to the dice and cards on the Earth – of course, its texture and shape are still Very different.

On a table of betting cards, Lin Xue is excited to gather the chips he has won. In front of her, he has piled up a variety of chips in the hill. This is enough to make any old gambler smash into the dust. Empty door.

Because of the existence of Magic in this World, there is a natural setting in the casino that can be used to monitor Magic’s cheats. However, it is obvious that Esper’s special ability without the flow of Magic elements is impossible to classify as Magic…

I couldn’t help feeling a bit of sympathy when I looked at the guys in front of Lin Xue who had just lost the last chip and were frustrated.

With a Prophet gambling, do you still have a chance to win?

Also, Lin Xue, is this guy really interested in using that money as a reward for winning? You havenโ€™t even remembered the wild hoe!

Looking at Lin Xue, a lot of money to win money, Qianqian suddenly came to the mood, she will have been stunned by a lot of numbers, only know that smirk Lin Xue pushed away, and then sit at the table under.

โ€œSubstitute for another person!โ€ Qianqian ๅ˜ปๅ˜ปHaha said.

Dealer began shuffling.

Then time stopped…

In the sudden quiet of the casino, we silently watched Qianqian carefully change the cards in Dealer’s hands one by one, sighing the shameless behavior of this behavior…

In addition, the cool version of Qianqian after the character conversion actually does this kind of thing, it is unexpectedly to be full of the spit point.

After a group of unlucky gambling bats lost all the belongings except shorts, my sister finally played under Lin Xue’s.

Almost half of the people in the casino are now concentrated on our table, and everyone knows that there is a sudden appearance of the beautiful young girl.

The result is no suspense. I would like to ask, who can win a sinister sinister venomous and devastating Demoness in the case of dizziness, cold and gastrointestinal cramps, and each time a fixed hand is broken?

“I always think…” The sister who was gathering the chips suddenly stopped her movements, then frowned slightly, and said to herself, “It seems that someone is saying something bad about me behind…”

Stunning woman’s intuition!

After her sister’s table, Shandora finally couldn’t help but play.

“cough cough…Shandora, is it not very good to let the opponent directly vote for the game every time…”

After the other party’s third time took the initiative to admit defeat, I really couldn’t help but tell Shandora through the spiritual connection.

I always feel that we seem to be too bullied.

At this time, the spectators who surrounded us in the surroundings suddenly stunned. I don’t know who shouted: “Young Master Tosca is coming!” Then the crowds of surroundings include just those who lost all their belongings, and they are unwilling to even face. The gambling gamblers all spread out.

A young man dressed in luxurious, handsome but creamy, walked in with more than a dozen guards.

“Who is here to mess up?”

When the young people came in, they shouted loudly and then cast their sights on our side under the guidance of some of the next people.

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