Xiling Empire Chapter 910

Chapter 910: Silent Interrogation

“A Fallen Apostles! We caught a Fallen Apostles – well, you caught a Fallen Apostles and admitted that you didn’t seem to be helping, but don’t discuss this detail at this time!”

Ice Teece, the guy who never knows what the sorrow and shame and the lady image are on the ground, the old god is lying on the ground for a while before he climbs up. If he slaps on his body, of course, because of the special person of the god, she has absolutely no body. Dust.

“Fallen Apostles Oh!”

Finally, Ice Teece sighed again.

I must admit that the talent of this female rogue in the sentence-making sentence is simply terrible. How did she use the four words of the lively and sloppy words on this occasion?

I initially let the rogue goddess start a bombardment of the action and the phrase of everything in disorder. The half-reaction did not mean what she meant. At this moment, she listened to her words and suddenly looked shocked: “Wait Wait! What did you say? Caught a Fallen Apostles? Live catching? How can anyone report it now?”

“Because I just discovered a captive,” Ice Teece carefree waved his hand and pulled me toward the conveyor. “First come over, let’s walk and say – that guy is a bad luck, the Xiling officer of the year claimed It is the most difficult soldier to capture in the whole multiverse, because they will immediately scream that Empire will rush to glorious self-destruction as long as the situation is irreparable. This should be the same today, but he is too unlucky… your sister put it outside. The cursed beacon is placed on his cockpit unbiasedly. He has no chance to give a bad luck to the blast. But what about the situation? You still ask the expert, Shandora said a lot of special terms. The people who listened to the clouds were in the fog.”

Between a few breaths, we have been transferred to the prisoner of war at the lower end of the upper arm of Empire, and Shandora, Onee-sama and Pandora sisters and Lilina have been waiting for here. Shandora appear here touches normal, Onee-sama appear here probably because the other captured and their curse beacon about (this is the Ice Teece just said), and Pandora sisters to appear in which both strolled on a warship It is normal, I am curious about Lilina. What is this guy doing: at this moment, she should go to the group of refugee boats to preach.

As soon as I asked the question, I was speechless. It turned out that we had caught a prisoner who was guilty of anger and grievances. She was prepared to torture the top ten.

Of course, I know that this girl belongs to running a train full of mouths, but the guy who can use the ten tortures of Manchu as a mantra is already very dangerous in various senses. Lilina is really the strongest natural black of through history. Other natural blacks are pink appearances. After cutting them, you will see that they are black. The beautiful flowers like Lilina are already black on the pleats. Every corner is bright and shiny, I have no doubt. If black belly is also soluble in water, then as long as Lilina is thrown at Daming Lake, I can draw more than two million ink paintings on the lake…

The POW Camp is a special place for the Admiral Empire. It is designed to hold enemies in combat. It has a very high level of security and a strict defensive, but it is also the least commonly used functional area. This is because on the battlefield where the Empire Army appears, it is rare to see enemies worthy of prisoners. If the enemy is in a state of being crushed, it is a waste to catch a few prisoners of war. If the enemy is a minion, then It’s no use to catch a few prisoners of war, so it’s always empty, just like Shadow City’s Prison, which only keeps dogs and cats all year round. All the guards need to be oiled…

Of course, today is an exception. Today we have captured a real Fallen Apostles Commander in an unprecedented way – a mascot with a silver slap is not a concept.

Fallen Apostles, although this is a very bad term, it is not far from Empire. Viska used to be Fallen Apostles, Sylvia was even a fallen Emperor, even Shandora, can be regarded as a distant relative of Fallen Apostles, but they are three It’s obvious that they can’t be treated as enemies. Even if they have played with us, Bellavilla and Viska, after coming to us, they have completely transformed into their own people. They are truly enemies in the war by the Empire Army. The captured Fallen Apostles is the first of its kind today, so this captured guy has also received an unprecedented high-standard treatment, not only enjoying the most sturdy sub-caps in the battleship of the Admiral Empire, but also a number. The elite prisoners of thousands of people are strictly guarded, and I firmly believe that no one can escape under such a strict defense.

Under the leadership of the prisoners of war camp, several of us came to the cage of the detained Fallen Apostles. Like many second-generation cages, this is also a gray space. There is no boundary and no distinction between the prisoners. More than a dozen blue-light constrained chains are fixed in mid-air, and the surroundings have a layer of light blue energy barriers. The restraining chains continue to extract energy from the prisoners and suppress the other’s any range of motion. The energy barrier is An alarm equipment – when the prisoner touches this barrier, the entire dimension cage will be directly launched into the void. There are those restrained chains, and the prisoners in the cage will be in an abnormally weak state, thus unable to make a void jump. The other parts of the cage will in turn protect the prisoners, so that they will not be killed by void, then we can send a search ship to the void to bring the fugitive back – this setting is to prevent the prisoner from actively contacting the void and commit suicide of.

Tied up by layers is a tall and thin man who looks close to earthling. He is a 30-year-old man with short gray hair. He wears a black Commander uniform, except that the bloody complex badge is different. The clothes are almost exactly the same as the Empire Army’s general uniforms. The men’s face is thin, but the edges are sharp and the lines are fortitude. Even if they lose consciousness, they maintain the majesty of the knife and the axe. This is a typical appearance. Empire Military Personnel, as long as you don’t look at it like a good person.

But Fallen Apostles is definitely not a good person. Even with a layer of energy barrier, I can feel the confusing feeling of being uncomfortable from the other side. It is a totally unrestricted madness and desire to destroy. The person in front of the body is holding a maniac beast that is always ready to shred everything. This is the most between our opposites, Fallen Apostles and the two half-acting cutes at home, with Fallen Apostles (Shandora can only be half) Significant difference: the abyssal reaction of the former is completely highly active, and this energy is thinking of infecting everything, spreading outwards, and doing everything possible to ruin anything that it can touch, and Viska and Sylvia ( Or the abyssal reaction in Bellavilla) is a benign state. Although it still exists, it has become a gentle energy that can be easily controlled by the host. The abyss reaction in Shandora is even more powerful. It is simply swallowed by the food. – I always thought that Shandora would have the abyss sealed in the body. .

After entering the energy shield, the abyss reaction on the other side is more obvious in the spirit perception. I can’t help but frown. This energy will not affect myself, but the feeling of disgust is lingering – you You can be afraid of bowel movements, but you can’t ignore the bowel movements?

“Let him wake up.”

Shandora didn’t care about the abyss reaction that was close at hand, but said that the prisoner in a coma with his chin said to the warden.

Because the most dangerous kind of enemy in the multiverse is held, the output of the restraint chain is very high, and it is also ferociously applied to the principle of a part of the plunder, resulting in the detained Fallen Apostles Ninety energy outputs are removed and remain in the lowest power standby state.

As the power of restraining the chain gradually declined, the other party could still wake up in a few minutes. I couldn’t help but turn and asked: “I said, how did you catch him?”

I have long wanted to ask this question. Ice Teece also said that Xiling Apostle is the most difficult to capture military in multiverse. In this respect, they are even stronger than God Clan. A normal Empire soldier is only a few tenths of milliseconds in a desperate situation. Speed ​​can start to blew, Fallen Apostles Although they are already mad, but they are still the same soldiers who are not afraid of death, which makes me curious about this unfortunate capture, I heard that it is Onee-sama’s credit?

“It can only be said that no one can stop the bad luck,” Shandora said with a subtle look at Onee-sama, with a smile in his eyes. “He was cursed by a beacon, and may have triggered a chain reaction – that The paper almost entangled him for half an hour. According to the battlefield video collected later, he first spontaneously ignited the spaceship engine, then the weapon system collapsed. When our spaceship surrounded him, the guy tried to eject the escape cabin, and the escape cabin was stuck. Another man climbed out of the escape cabin and tried to hit the nearest spaceship. He ended up inexplicably and ran into the spaceship Gennacu, which was opened by a mothership passing by, when Soldier surrounded him on the mothership. At the time, he experienced a gun jam, the space was misplaced, the bomb thrown out could not be detonated, there was a fall and a sudden mammoth trample, and finally this brave enemy chose to blew in our spaceship – as you think His self-destruction system also broke down. In the end, when we caught him, this guy did not have any resistance. Finally, the Empire soldiers were here. The back of the group found the white paper with the circle drawn. No one could understand how the paper was transferred from the porthole of the individual fighter to the driver’s body. Anyway, this guy was unlucky.”

Although this is an enemy, I don’t know how, I suddenly feel that I am actually very poor…

At this moment, as the power of the restraint equals, the prisoner’s energy slowly rises back to the point where he can re-activate. The closed-faced Fallen Apostles body trembles slightly, then suddenly opens the eyes.

Within a fraction of a second, he seemed to instinctively want to launch an attack on us, but then he realized the extreme weakness of the body and the dangerous reaction of the surroundings, so he turned his attention and looked at him with great vigilance. A group of people, the eyes that condensed the murderous aura and the hostility swept over us, suddenly stopped at Shandora, and on Viska, it was completely stunned.

Obviously, there is some kind of induction between Apostle, which also has abyssal reaction. He should notice that there are two similar places in front of him. The existence of Shandora and Viska surprised him, but he just Without a word, in the face of the captured reality, this Fallen Apostles remained silent.

“what do you want to say?”

I looked at the other party’s expression changes at this moment, and I admire the calmness of this guy. Then I released the king’s temperament as much as possible and tried to make Miner’s head bow. According to the other’s attitude, I felt that I might not have put it. come out.

“Keep silent, huh?” Shandora looked like a water, and her voice was cold. She looked at the enemies who remained calm in the face of a leader-level Apostle. The hostility and threat in the tone were obvious.

Fallen Apostles, the former tribe, has now switched to camps that are not in the same league as Empire. The mission of abandoning the entire race turned to become the enemy’s eagle dog, and killed so many loyal Soldier on the battlefield. Which one is enough to make Shandora angry, although the origins of Fallen Apostles are regrettable and even deplorable, but this regret can not be hedged against blood.

In the face of the words of Shandora’s cold in manner, the prisoner only pouted, and this action seemed to irritate Shandora, only to see a black light flashing in front of him, Her Majesty the Queen’s half body has been shrouded in black smoke, horrible enormous claws wrapped The power that destroyed everything turned into a prisoner’s body in an instant—not a fatal injury, of course, but the sudden injury was enough to make the Fallen Apostles officers who were not afraid of death twitch: Shandora’s claws have an abyssal breath. This thing may not be fatal to Fallen Apostles Commander, which is also in the abyss camp, but the enhort pain caused by it is not immune, whether you are an abyss camp or not, it is inevitable that the pain on the body is unavoidable. of. And the sudden attack of Shandora also gave me a glimpse. I thought that with Shandora’s calm personality, she would slowly deal with this enemy and use her spirits to disturb the intelligence and wisdom to set things out from the other side. But Wan didn’t expect that she would be rough when she came up!

But soon I understood Shandora’s mind: she didn’t expect this pain to give way to a former Empire Military Personnel. She just used this way to vent their anger. In today’s battle we lost a lot of good and loyal. Soldier, the Empire fleet suffered an enormous damage, and neither of them made Shandora angry, and the unfortunate captive became the Shandora’s punching bag.

Who says Queen is ice-cold? Who says Queen doesn’t need feelings? Who says Queen can’t have a vent? She just didn’t find a chance to vent, Shandora could never be Ren Jun, she started out as a tyrant!

“噗,噗,噗”, the muffled sound of the claw cutting body continuously sounds. In the blink of an eye, Shandora has left more than a dozen of the scars on the enemy, and even several places have reached the point of wearing the hole. Without resistance, I couldn’t help but hang my head in a moment. The enviromental wounds were filled with heavy black smoke, which repaired his scars at a speed visible to the naked eye. This made Shandora more daring and venting. I still reached out and stopped Shandora. Sometimes vented too much. It was not a good thing. It has nothing to do with the privilege of captivity. The Fallen Apostles Commander has not yet reached the point where we are treated preferentially. At least before he takes cooperation, it is impossible for someone to give him. Look good.

“Okay, this is not your style.”

I patted Shandor’s back comfortably and whispered in her ear.

“I know that it only makes him pay a price for the killing of his compatriots in today’s battle.”

Shandora took back the abyssal abyss and claws, and then looked at the Fallen Apostles Commander, which was more than awkward. The voice was unconcealed: “Now, degeners, do you say it?” ”

The unrestrained Fallen Apostles, which turned into a hurdle vest, was swayed in the air, and the lifts the head looked at us with a sinister look, and bit a few words from the teeth: “You… you fucking What have you asked from now until now?!”


Everybody :”…”

“Shandora… Let’s just ask him what’s wrong?” I reached out and touched Shandora, who had fallen into petrification, and Teut asked in a very stupid way.

The answer to me is not Shandora, but Lilina: “Rely, boss, it seems that I really didn’t ask!”

Ice Teece at this moment I couldn’t help myself, holding my stomach and rolling back and forth in the air. A silver-haired dog nearly two meters followed the propeller: “Hey, I am going! You are really too sweet!” Today is just laughing and dying without regrets!”

Ice Teece, this guy laughed really badly. In the end, I almost tied her to the side with a rope to clean it. After she finally calmed down, I looked at the Fallen Apostles that brought me a lot of embarrassment. I touched my nose and said, “Oh, I just want to know how you learned about our movements and what you are robbing for the wreckage. Of course, you can choose to remain silent. Anyway, Shandora will find a way to let you speak. ”

These two issues are extremely important. The former is related to whether Fallen Apostles has mastered the intelligence of the Empire Army military operations. If it is the worst situation, then we will fall into absolute passiveness in this war, and the latter will be related to the Other’s military purpose, I don’t believe that they robbed the ancient wreckage in order to drag back to sell steel plates, but the other party will not answer these two questions, then it is not allowed, although I just had no time to exercise, but I have full The reason for believing that it is because our people in this circle have lowered the average of the festival’s exercise – and who is required to be unconcerned?

The prisoner took a few breaths and looked at me with a slap in the face and made a generous and righteous look: “I will never reveal any secrets when I kill.”

Lilina took out a mace on the spot and looked at the other person: “What do you mean by that sentence? What did we ask from now on?”

There is no fear of the face, and the bite is said:

“I can’t stand the grammar mistake!”


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