Xiling Empire Chapter 92

I looked at the gorgeous and arrogant youngster in this aggressive costume with a rather speechless expression. Then I saw a dozen well-equipped guards with powerful energy fluctuations around him, and suddenly felt a violent minor character breath. What appears in front of you is not the legendary in any case that can be used to set off the protagonist’s brave invincibility and send a wealth of experience to the million years of minor character background cannon fodder stepping stone – noble son XX?

At the moment, in my fantasy space, in front of him is called Young Master Tosca’s young people who have topped three golden letters on their heads: NPC!

Mr. NPC… Oh, no, it’s Young Master Tosca’s gaze in our direction, neglecting me without hesitation, and then stopping on a few girls with a stunning look on her face.

Tosca thinks she has seen the most beautiful women in the world, and no one can make him feel this amazing, but now Tosca suddenly feels that his knowledge is too short.

The four beautiful young girls in front of him attracted his attention.

Playful Cute little girl next door, gentle and amiable pretty sister, naughty and inferior Innate family, and most striking, with a dreamy blonde, noble like Queen’s glamorous young girl.

Tosca feels that he is really right today.

If I can read my mind, I must be full of emotions at the moment. What level of pervert can be used to train such a pair of magical and almost foul-like eyes, even in the eyes of Qianqian, they can see them in a very small move. A few characters and temperament!

This formidable eye of insight, I am afraid it can already be called God-level capability? I am afraid that Lin Xue’s seventh sense is no different from that?

It seems that Tosca finally remembered the purpose of coming here today, so he once again asked him condescendingly, but this time his tone was no longer the kind of swearing tone that seemed to threaten the weak when the rogue was threatened. It is the majesty of the superior and the sense of justice that is pretending to be a model, as if he is a knight representing the order of the city and the dignity of the law. He came to punish a thousand who used the mean means to interfere with the normal business activities of the merchant.

Obviously, this guy is like an old peacock who is actively flattening. He is trying to show his gentleman and integrity to several beautiful women.

β€œWho is here to make trouble? I just received a report, some people here use cheating to illegally collect money –”

Tosca continued to speak righteously until his eyes finally moved away from the faces of several girls, accidentally seeing the piles of chips piled up in front of them.

Suddenly, the face of the minor character background villain NPC is wonderful.

He didn’t think of it. The original messy person who used the bad means of the old one to squander the wealth was actually four Angel-like beautiful young girls. At this moment, he really wanted to lose his money and come from before him. The crying vowed hand was killed by the next stick, and the bastard didn’t even tell himself about such an important thing!

He seems to have forgotten. At that time, the man had some words to tell himself. Unfortunately, he was eager to come here to seek the fun of bullying the weak. He simply did not give the other party a chance to finish his words.

I saw the opposite side of the youngster, and suddenly stopped there, and I already knew what’s going on, so I didn’t open my mouth. I was optimistic about waiting for this guy to end.

Looking for Tosca’s line of sight under the steps, I finally found a youngster behind the four young girls who was ignored by myself from the very beginning. It seems that the youngster is with the four young girls?

A rustic country boy.

Tosca first positioned the opponent in the background position, he did not believe that the other side will have a relationship with the same Miss Angel, at most the other’s followers, is not knowing which one is the follower? ? Is it the servant of the blond young girl?

I don’t know that I have been used as a background character by the NPC in front of me. It just suddenly has a hunch that the other party is about to make some stupid move.

Tosca strode to my front, glanced up and down with a condescending attitude, then put the whip in my hand on my shoulder and said with a gesture: “It seems that you are here to make trouble? Is it?” Is there no concept of law and order in your heart?!”

Tosca suddenly felt that he was so smart!

The country boy in front of him is definitely not a big deal. At most, it is an insignificant follower. Pushing all responsibility to him is the most sensible choice. The lovely ladies will definitely not have any leisure to defend him, and Also succeeded to get rid of a few young ladies and their own embarrassment, how much can save some of the mistakes just made?

Suddenly, I was inexplicably placed a crime that disturbed public order. I was a bit guilty. Is this guy not having any mental problems?

Cough cough, although if he comes late, I will definitely itch it.

Although the ability is not as good as that of Qianqian, with my mental power strength, a little interference with the other’s thoughts can still be done.

Well, sure enough, it’s off the mark.

Qianqian was the most incomprehensible to someone who was rude to me. She first stood up and said to Tosca angrily: “How long is your eyes?” My boyfriend didn’t touch these things at all… ”

Qianqian said half of it. I only felt that her temperament suddenly turned into a cold and gloomy tone and said: “… simply let your short and fragile living thing linger in a long time!”

It’s really a speechless personality change than Shandora.

My sister pressed Qianqian’s shoulders to calm her down, then frowned and said to Tosca: “This gentleman, I think this is very obvious, whether or not someone cheated, we just played here a few of us, or Say… Maybe, it really makes you lose your vision…hehe…”

Blackened! Sure enough black!

At this moment, I am full of cows inside. .

Lin Xue suddenly found out that it was the best time to make trouble, and the living thing was the eternal truth, so she came up and grabbed my arm, panting with rage with a cute voice that I didn’t know when I practiced. The land said to Tosca: “Brother is a fool, so my brother will never be a thousand! You are a good man!”

God, you killed me, you killed me! !

Qianqian This dead girl has made an irresistible attack on me in such a subtle way! Oh! !

Tosca is obviously already blinded by the changes in the eyes, and the reaction is not over, and Shandora at this moment adds the last straw just right.

Our noble Your Highness the Queen smiled gracefully, holding my arm gracefully and gently, while saying in a polite but majestic tone to the man who had a short circuit in front of him: “I don’t like violence, so you better now Just apologize to my husband!”

… God, Sorry, I am sorry to let you run away, and hand over the burden of my death to Qianqian.

Qianqian’s murderous eyes swept back and forth between Shandora and me, but ended up falling on Tosca in the opposite petrochemical.

Inexplicably the phenomenon of hate transfer.

However, it is better to transfer to this guy than to stay with him. The pressure of the darkened Qianqian brings me no less than being stared by the abyss…

Tosca now feels that the whole World is somewhat unreal. I thought that the bump in front of me is the most suitable for bullying. Didn’t expect now seems to be the most bullying guy. The words he just made are obviously four women. excuse me.

Moreover, thinking of the name of the four beautiful women on the bump, he was indignant when he was shocked.

My brother and brother are counted, and there are even boyfriends? What is the guy who is so stupid and stupid, and why is it a beautiful and lovely Angel?

Even more incredible, another temperament blond young girl turned out to be the wife of that guy!

Tosca suddenly felt very funny.

I am actually jealous with an ordinary civilian kid.

The aristocrats and other important people in the city, Tosca, are doing things like the back of one’s hand. Even the occasional foreign dignitaries can grasp the other’s information for the first time, which is of course to make their future wider. Some, now, let them be convinced that the rustic man in front is simply a low-lying civilian.

The four beautiful young girls of different temperament are outstanding, but they are certainly not the origin of the original, perhaps the noble blond girl, some noble blood, but from her ordinary dress (this World aristocratic costume is really complicated, So when Shandora goes out, she still wears her favorite sky blue dress, in the eyes of the outside world, although this dress is beautiful, but definitely not worthy of luxury.) This is mostly a certain aristocrat. Afterwards, to deal with her, Tosca feels that the chance of success is higher than others!

Therefore, he does not have to worry about anything at all. With his own status and wealth, as long as he has a small means, he can naturally get beautiful beauty. As for this poor boy, he can kill it anyway.

“I want to fight with you.”

Tosca said with a high head, as if he was giving what kind of favor to the people in front of him.


I stumbled, what is this development?

The other party regarded my question as a weak performance, and said disdainfully: “Since the truth is difficult to understand, only the sword in my hands is used to represent justice, or is it true that you are already afraid? Rest assured, as an upright knight, I will not hurt your life.”

It will only make you die, and Tosca secretly adds in his heart.


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