Xiling Empire Chapter 929

Chapter 九章章Copy?

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The name of this Fallen Apostles is beyond our expectation, very common, Carter? Carlo, referred to as Carter, is just as easy to remember as the most common Empire Military Personnel I encountered in a circle. The only thing worth mentioning is the four words. It’s quite straightforward, which led me to think that he bit his tongue when he introduced himself. The structure of the name is really interesting. Perhaps it fully reflects the unique life attitude of Carter’s father in pursuit of artistic life. If the name of this guy is really What his dad gave.

“It’s really incredible power, it can make the nature of the abyss change, it’s impossible from theoretically, God Clan hasn’t done it,” Carter was active because of the long-term bondage and the void just now. Baptism and numb arm, although he has admitted me and Shandora’s leadership, some of the habits of the Fallen Apostles era left him in a state of indifference to us, which seems to be all infected by the abyss and then restored The common problem left by the people, Ice Teece’s rogue temperament became more serious after she detached from the abyss. “Well, it has completely recovered, you have the power to control the abyss from the outside, and even transform the abyss, maybe That’s why Fallen Apostles treats you as the enemy of the greatest threat, but never dares to act rashly.”

“I have known this for a long time,” I scratched my hair. “Your compatriots must pray three times a day, three times a day, and I will die in various accidents. But this topic is not discussed for a while, I am more curious about your situation. ”

“How do I reposition myself as Xiling Apostle without the same memory,” Carter meditated. “Maybe I can’t say it, the process is incredible, my memory hasn’t changed, I clearly remember myself. From going out of the boot camp until all the things I experienced today, remember to fight with the abyss, remember to join them, remember the recovery just now… all the memories are there, and I don’t think it was There are problems with the judgment. These are complete and clear records, but they are still divided into three distinct segments, just like watching another person’s life… I know that I was still in the abyss more than an hour ago. Strong supporters, and try their best to self-destruct to avoid getting the information in my head, but now, this memory is still there, but it seems to be a third-person view, there is no sense of substitution… very Sorry, I am afraid I am not too clear about it. This is a very complicated description problem.”

“The transformation of world outlook?”

Shandora’s eyes lit up slightly, and although it was fleeting, she still saw what she seemed to think of. “The same memory, under the influence of different world outlook, will lead to different conclusions and right and wrong judgments, but here World outlook should be a more macro concept. It may include a whole set of processes for processing external information. The abyss has changed the process. It is like changing a set of algorithms. The same information is entered into it. The core processing turned into a very strange conclusion, and now A’Jun’s power is to reset the effects of the abyss and return your information processing algorithms to their original state.”

Carter closed his eyes slightly and seemed to be retrieving his own thinking system. After a moment, he opened his eyes and shook his head. “Maybe you said that some of them are correct. I did find signs of algorithm correction in my own core of thinking, but if In this case, it should not be the same as the illusion of observing the life of another person. The abyss should change not only the rules of the infected person but also the deeper things. .”

Shandora and Carter said that things are getting more and more high-end. I listened to the gradual rise from pragmatism to philosophical level. Obviously, I will not understand how long it will continue. So I coughed and coughed: Well, it seems that this issue is a simple discussion that can’t be discussed. Carter doesn’t know why you suddenly changed the world outlook. Shandora hasn’t experienced the experience of recovering from Fallen Apostles. We have similar experiences here. One is a little madman, the other is serious brain dysfunction, and one is not normal under normal circumstances… I think this question is left to Tavel research, I hope she can find Fallen Apostles and normal Xiling Apostle. The reason for the different ways of thinking, so that we can reverse the other side a lot.”

The card features a nod: “The landlord said it makes sense.”

Me: “… Who said this to you?”

Carter shrugged: “The Prison host here, the most difficult interrogator I’ve ever seen, almost broke my psychological defense: the chattering host talked to me about life for twenty-three hours a day, leaving one Hours took me to study Earth culture.”

At this moment, both I and Shandora were shocked: the Prison host of the dishonest, what exactly did it plan to evolve into?

“In short, try not to contact the gourd in the future. It has 100% problems,” I said. “I have to let people take it apart for two days and see if the line is wrong.”

Carter is very impressed with this, he also feels that the gourd-shaped Prison host is a bit sick, and more importantly, in the past few days, he has been tossed by a building that is constantly evolving and pulling his own nerves. The heart is full of power, and now he has a little bit of salty fish turning over.

Carter? Carlo, or the original prisoner a, has now got rid of the effects of the abyss. The next thing I want to consider with Shandora is how to place this special Empire Military Personnel. First of all, Prison is definitely not suitable and is reversed. In addition to still carrying the abyssal reaction, Fallen Apostles is completely indistinguishable from the normal Empire Military Personnel. Perhaps he should return to the army.

When I heard my suggestion, Carter had no accidents, and he should nod his head. “I am a soldier, but I can only be a soldier. Any arrangement is fine. I adapt to high-speed assault battles and can arrange for the front line.” But now.”

“But it’s a bit wasteful,” Shandora blinked. She thought about how to maximize the value of each Soldier. “Your identity is very special, although it seems that your experience in the Fallen Apostles camp has been Can’t bring us the value of the newspaper, but this special identity says something should be a little special value… A’Jun, what is your opinion?”

Shandora has thrown the problem over, but I don’t really have any idea about it.

Carter is a former Fallen Apostles. At the beginning, the biggest meaning of this special identity for us is that he may know who is behind the ruins World ambush and the value of the warships, but now the information is useless. Bellabella brought us more detailed information, but this made Carter, the former Fallen Apostles, into the regular army, becoming a common small officer on the front line…

“Maybe we should set up a special military agency for Fallen Apostles.”

After thinking for a while, I tried to say my own opinion. “Carter, although you may not know much about the military secrets, you must be familiar with the fighting methods of Fallen Apostles and the various characteristics of their army, especially It is the situation of their use of Abyss power transformation.”

The other side of course took a nod.

“Bellavilla was a leader in Fallen Apostles. She probably knows what Fallen Apostles is doing from the big picture, but in the most basic Soldier battle, she knows that Fallen Apostles is still no match for an ordinary captain. “I looked at Shandora’s eyes. “There has always been a team that specializes in analyzing the actions of Fallen Apostles, but this group is always a normal Xiling Apostle. They lack a real expert or core – I think Carter Suitable for this role.”

“Absolutely good idea,” Shandora showed a faint smile. “Carter, how do you work for the command first?”

“I am just a frontline officer, the middle of the Authority,” Carter did not accept or reject, but objectively informed us of his situation, “I am eligible to enter the headquarters?”

“You can think of this as a special appointment,” Shandora said faintly. “At the very least, at the beginning of a period of time, you have no actual military positions in the headquarters, and there is no preparation, just a foreign aid expert for a military group. .”

When Shandora told the other party that it was an appointment, Carter had no more words and immediately took a military salute: “Accept the order!”

For a while, I suddenly had a very irritating sense of disobedience: the tall, thin man in front of us was our enemy a few hours ago, standing firmly on the side of the abyss camp, deliberately wanting me to And Shandora’s plan went bankrupt, and time passed by such a small meeting, the other side was freed from the influence of the abyss, and even turned into a member of the Empire Army. Such a sharp contrast, the transformation of theenomous is really hard. Produce a weird feeling.

Fallen Apostles is just like the normal Xiling Apostle…memory, the mind is clear, what is the difference between them, in essence?

I think this problem is hard to figure out before I completely defeat the other side.

With the absolute control of the spiritual link, Carter’s loyalty should be no doubt, but after all, he was the enemy of the Empire Army, plus we are the first to use “void reversal” (please let us forget some The name of the dishonest of the “Emperor’s Boao Love” that was taken off the line to clean up an abyss infected person, the effect of this treatment has yet to be verified, so Shandora has not rushed to completely loosen Carter, he still wants Under strict supervision, the spiritual connection is open to us for 24 hours, and there is no Empire Military Personnel’s Authority except for the activity of the headquarters. It is forbidden to use the military equipment, and it is not allowed to leave the command at will. It can be said that The free prisoner, under house arrest, this state should not last long, after a series of rigorous censorship he can return to the normal middle-level Commander identity, but before that, it is difficult to say that Carter has been completely regarded as his own.

I think this kind of treatment may make people feel a little depressed, but didn’t expect that the other party turned face calmly. He readily accepted the order to continue to “see”, as if it were taken for granted.

“There must be caution on the abyss, they are pervasive.”

Carter himself said, “After all, I still have an abyss reaction, and it only takes a few hours to complete the reversal.”

“You can understand the best, of course, and don’t worry, just partially restrict freedom. I hope you can get used to it.” I contacted Prison, who was on standby at the external space, through the spiritual connection, and asked him to cancel the Carter’s prisoner number at at the same time. Let Sivis prepare to add a non-Authority serial code to the command and bind it to Carter. “Now you can leave Prison, and Shandora and I will take you to the command.”

“wait a moment, there is one more thing!”

The other party seemed to suddenly think of something, and screamed, “I just remembered… there is an intelligence, you absolutely don’t know!”

Shandora’s eyes were focused on Carter and looked serious: “What intelligence?”

Carter is also very serious: “I have no right to know the details, but since Harlan Your Majesty has been involved in this project, I have been exposed to some relevant information, this plan is related to you.”

In the first half of the other party, I answered Shandora. In the latter half, I turned my eyes to me. I confusedly pointed to my nose: “Is it relevant to me? Can you talk about whether you can talk to the train?” of……”

Carter did not respond to the encounter, but said in a word: “They may be trying to copy you.”


Silence, surroundings Silent silence for a moment, even his own breath instantly missed a few shots.

“Replicate me?” After a long time, I laughed and smiled. She shrugged and smiled as she looked at Shandora. “How do they copy? Is it so easy? And they know my real situation?”

This kind of ridicule is justified. Even I don’t believe that this kind of thing can be done. Although Carter said a sensational intelligence, the gimmick effect of this intelligence is clearly far beyond its real possibility. Fallen Apostles is trying Copy me? Is this possible?

If copying Xiling Emperor is such a simple matter, they have long been invincible, and still use such a low-key?

Millions of Empire Emperors are rolling over, and I believe that any fleet will be blown out, knowing that during the heyday of Empire, Emperor was only one hundred and thirty-five, which is still the number of millions of years. You can see how difficult it is to have an Emperor born. Not only do you need hard power, but you also need a lot of air, and Fallen Apostles now thinks about mass production of Emperor?

This is still one of them. What’s more important is that the void creature can be copied?

The entire void has only three void creatures! It is impossible for us to talk about objects in the family. Father God, his wife still implemented Light Source’s plan. Is it true that Fallen Apostles still intends to make a void creature?

This is almost as devastating as the void manufacturing plan of the Old Empire era.

“I know it sounds very unbelievable. In fact, I am not sure that this guess is true.” Carter was not surprised by my reaction. He just took a breath. “But I am 100% sure that they are in a certain I found a ‘primitive’ that can be used to copy some of your power. I have been exposed to a separate database. Your name is mentioned in the footnote of the database, and the name and the original is called a ‘blank container’. Together, and as far as I know, they have successfully collected your energy samples long ago: it’s easy, as long as you are on the battlefield, your energy samples are completely open. Now these elements are complete, very It’s hard to say whether they intend to make a copy similar to yours by copying your energy sample and pouring it into a blank body…”

“If he said it was true, then this is really a serious situation,” Shandora said for a few seconds, whispering to me. “They can’t duplicate the Emperor-class Apostle that is exactly the same as you, and it’s even more impossible to make a void.” Creatures, but if they find a ‘body’ that can hold the power of void, use your energy samples to mass produce fakes like you…”

“That is definitely a disaster,” I know very clearly what my strength is signify. At this moment, I can’t help but lock my brow. “As long as they discover the secrets of the void field, they can easily let us all the top forces.” They all become ordinary people, and even God Clan will be affected by this power.”

“This is just the worst guess,” Shandora finally shook his head. “I don’t think that Fallen Apostles can achieve results in a short time. You know that Tavel from the very beginning is studying your strength until now she is only mature. The result is nothing more than the superficial thing of the grazing device, which is the result of her direct contact with your ‘primitive’, and Fallen Apostles has at most your energy sample, even if they find one The body that can hold the power of void should not have the means to proliferate your energy samples.”

Shandora’s analysis is not unreasonable. Although Carter’s intelligence is sensational, it may not be so early to worry about Fallen Apostles’s plan: In fact, the madman’s metamorphosis plan is more, no one is a fuel-efficient lamp, you worry about it. Come, and even if they are really successful – no one will worry about it, just a fake, is it still going to make me a genuine problem?


“I don’t know what happened, I suddenly thought of Carrow.” I looked at Shandora with a sullen look. The latter groaned and looked strange. “You don’t really say it, I think of him too.”

Soon, I and Shandora put the “copy plan” of Fallen Apostles aside for the time being. It doesn’t mean that the plan doesn’t need to worry, but in this case, it is difficult for us to effectively prevent any of Fallen Apostles from doing in their nest. Research, so since worry is useless, it is better to think about how to quickly enhance your strength, no matter when the absolute hard power is the most effective defense counterattack, even if the enemy really copied hundreds of times “Void Lord”, I firmly believe that if the Empire Army has tens of thousands of planet battleships in hand, those replicas will also have to be embarrassed, very simple, tens of thousands of planet battleships, my authenticity is early…

“This is the capital city of the new Empire… It’s totally different from the imagination.” Carter, who became a semi-free body, left Prison after me and Shandora. We didn’t choose to transfer the door, but walked to the headquarters. On the road, the former Fallen Apostles who first saw the Shadow City scene made a loud surprise, and then his eyes fell on a Hologram propaganda wall not far away, and suddenly screamed and jumped out a dozen meters away. “Wow! You are so dangerous in the ring, you are on the square?!”

I quickly stepped forward to comfort him: “Don’t be nervous, don’t worry, it’s the London Olympics…”


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