Xiling Empire Chapter 930

Chapter 903 God’s Domain Parents

I think that Onee-sama’s doodle circle on this unfortunate Fallen Apostles may have had quite serious consequences, whether it was the black half hour that was originally captured, or the subsequent daily surprises in Prison. Let Carter’s heart and soul, the psychological shadow left even more serious than the god of the Prison host, and now he is extremely allergic to any ring-shaped things, including the replay of the London Olympics. It’s really hard to imagine. He could see the Olympic five-ring flag flashing through the screen. If you see a large group of people at the opening ceremony, you can take a big circle with a radius of 100 meters. I am excited to be like this – anyway, I feel that if Onee-sama draws so big, there will be no Hollywood anecdote at the end of World.

Sivis has got the news that he has prepared the id and schedule for Carter at the headquarters, and there are Empire soldiers to meet him. There is no welcome meeting, no formalities and rituals for work handover. Carter entered a new job in a few minutes. The position began to deal with all kinds of information he needs to master as soon as possible. Everything is efficient in Empire style. I can even guarantee that after twenty-four hours, the guy can properly complete the same command as the senior emperor. I have my own work.

Both Shandao and I felt that we should re-define a military team for this military expert team and separate it from the regular strategy team of the command. Before today, although we also have a group of think tanks to analyze the military intelligence of Fallen Apostles, they can only exist as a group of staff with vague responsibilities because they do not have too detailed and intuitive information and no experts in the true sense. Now that Carter is coming, everything has changed. We have an expert who knows the military intelligence of Fallen Apostles firsthand, and he also brought us a lot of standard equipment used by Fallen Apostles ordinary Soldier. With the help of it, perhaps the headquarters will soon be able to set up a special response department for the enemy. I believe that there is a combat command from the very beginning of the Fallen Apostles from the very beginning, because they have been against the emperor from the beginning. Knowing things like the back of one’s hand, and conversely, we have only been able to catch up on ourselves and ourselves until today, without any effort, but not.

The newly formed expert department was eventually named “Third Intelligence Core”, which is Shandora’s opinion.

I know that Shandora’s opinions are always based, but this “third intelligence core” is really weird. This kind of directional name has absolutely a background story, not what Shandora thinks.

“The third intelligence core, that’s what existed in the older ages of Old Empire,” Shandora explained to me. “In the late Old Empire, there was only two intelligence cores in an army, one of which was against the enemy. The core of the intelligence to grasp the movement, the other is used to monitor the situation in the ruling region, including colonial points and various demilitarized zones, while the third intelligence core is used to monitor the third camp: the latter does not belong to the abyss The camp, not part of the Empire camp or the Empire ally, but the other high-level civilizations of ours, these civilizations that do not make a relationship with Empire and not with the abyss are collectively referred to as the third camp, in the early days of Old Empire. This camp has a large number of civilizations and is a considerable military force. Therefore, many of the Empire’s legions have a special third intelligence core, which is specially used to deal with the information of these dissidents. Now the name is mentioned, and it is also a bit of a memorial to history. Let’s go.”

Shandora explains this, but I think there is actually an explanation for this third intelligence core. That is to say that Fallen Apostles has been completely excluded from the Empire camp, but not completely on the abyss side: all kinds of evidence indicate that Fallen Apostles Although they were converted by Abyss power, they were not under their control. Just thinking, they are still trying to control the abyss, although the success rate of this plan is very doubtful, but at least it means that there is no connection between Fallen Apostles and the pure abyss camp. It’s all the same thing.

I also noticed one thing, when Shandora raised the third intelligence core, he emphasized that this is the early statement of Old Empire. It seems that in the second half of the history of Old Empire, this statement has disappeared. Why?

“Because the third camp is gone,” Shandora answered, of course. “At the very least, as far as we know, the third camp is almost completely destroyed, some are killed by the abyss, some are killed by Empire, and the rest are added. The Empire-God Clan’s united front, and the third intelligence core strategic significance declined, and was gradually cancelled. The civilization outside the Empire integration line still exists, but it is already three or two kittens.

I feel a little cold after listening to it, really…

This is the standard Old Empire style of action: Wanqian World has only two positions, either standing on my side or standing opposite me, never allowed to make soy sauce, otherwise I will kill it, this kind of thought starts at Old Empire There is a peak in the period of great expansion. Basically, all the civilizations that are not in the same camp as Empire are swept away. The rest of the strengths and weaknesses must be unconditionally with Empire and die with the abyss, so it is not so much. The third intelligence core gradually lost its strategic significance, but it is better to say that the third camp has died…

I don’t know if the high-level civilizations and the survivors who fought side by side with Empire had survivors, now I’m going to hear the resurgence of the third intelligence core that was talked about in the past, even though the latter has already It became two very different things from its predecessor.

“A’Jun, still worried about the copy plan?”

After coming out of the military zone, Shandora found that I always had a dim sum, so I squeezed my arm and whispered.

“How do you say this, it’s really weird to spread it to your head.” I feel all sorts of tangles and subtleties in my heart. “Carter knows obviously not much, and I don’t know if the group of guys copied a group or a The former may be better, the quantity is much, and the quality is mostly the nature of strong soldiers, but if you copy one…”

“In any case, fakes are always fakes,” Shandora said, not carelessly. “And Carter himself is not sure that they are copying you. I estimate that with the reliability of Fallen Apostles, at most, you can create something similar to your strength. Strengthening Soldier, carrying some voids to equip, as Tavel does, she has begun to develop a single-armed plunder.”

I thought about it and thought that this thing may not need to be too worried, but the feeling of the heart is definitely uncomfortable: “It was amazement when I blinked and stood in front of more than one hundred.” ”

“What a horror, look at the group in front.” Shandora snorted and then pointed forward. I looked up and found that five or six ravens were coming from the direction of the commercial street.

“They have to watch thousands of people walking around in the dormitory every day. You have more than 10,000 Misaka sisters and more than 20,000 big dolls…”

Suddenly I felt that compared with this group of guys, the little trouble I encountered was really weak.

“So, there is only one A’Jun, you don’t have to worry about it. As for the fake made by Fallen Apostles–“Shandora smiles and looks at me, but the latter half is already murderous aura, “I will not stay.” , all destroyed! And they have to pay for this plan!”

Shandora suddenly showed the murderous aura of the winter, and the blue-eyed eyes did not hide her anger at the moment, but the expression just passed away. Soon, she recovered a brilliant smile.

“It’s a perfect touch to my bottom line to do this kind of thing.”

Do you want to say that the heart of the girl is ever-changing, even if the core of the thinking of this girl is placed next to the stomach, she is suddenly domineering and exposed, and I have not waited for someone to react and took me to walk forward, feeling already Somehow it’s great: “Let’s go to Avalon!”

Avalon, as always, is a beautiful and peaceful place. The pressure is great. It is always the best way to relax. From the steel forest-like Shadow City military area to the fairy-tale World style Avalon, just a moment, white light flashes, in front of us. From the urban street to the endless prairie.

“It seems to be a border zone?”

Before, I didn’t know where Shandora was going to take him. I thought I would go to Fairy Lake: This girl likes the fish there, especially after it is cooked, but now it seems that Shandora is still not hungry, she pulled me to come. A strange grassland, far-sighted, can see a mountain that almost disappears out of the horizon, indicating that it is quite far from the central area of ​​Avalon. I looked back and saw that it was a tumbling white mist sea hundreds of meters away. A large undulating white cloud drifted slowly at the end of the earth. On the sea of ​​clouds, the magnificent white clouds seemed to Zenith’s hanging white curtains form a spectacular suspended waterfall, and the earth beneath our feet ends at the edge of the sea of ​​clouds, and a very clear dividing line can be seen.

I know that the clouds are not the natural atmospheric phenomenon in nature. It is actually the boundary of this world. After more than two years of growth, Avalon is now a fairly large scale Continent, but it still has boundaries, and the boundaries should be somewhat iconic. Something, Della is lazy to draw a graffiti, that is, this innocent sea of ​​clouds in front of us.

“The scenery here is good.”

Shandora took me to the border of the sea of ​​clouds and sat on the grass carelessly. “The recent period of time seems to be quite tense, so don’t think about anything from now on, let me see the sea of ​​clouds.”

“Her Majesty the Queen, as you wish.”

I smiled and slid over Shandora’s hair, sitting next to her, the grass was unexpectedly soft, like a thick blanket, I pulled a straw from the ground and bit it into my mouth and found it was creamy mint. Flavored.


“Della must have sugar in her mouth when she is doing it.” Shandora also took the grass from the ground and put it in his mouth, his face said subtly.

Sea of ​​clouds, green grass, blue sky, young lovers, sitting side by side in such a scene, you must not think what we are doing next – Shandora is eating grass, I am helping her pull…

“So, baby, I always feel that we must have made a mistake.”

Watching Shandora eat the fresh grass stems with relish (of course I tasted it myself), I think so strange.

In all fairness, I don’t think anyone of you has ever had this dating experience?

“What’s wrong?” Shandora licked his lips. “A’Jun thinks this will be unpleasant? Ah, you taste this, this three-leaf grass seems to be savory and spicy. ”

… Della, how often are you bored?

It seems that the facts can’t be changed. I have to learn to adapt to the abnormal daily life brought by this abnormal person around me. Maybe it is an alternative romance to watch her graze when she is dating with Shandora. : People, you have to have a heart of contentment, or I will one day let the happy girl beside me to make a mistake.

I was thinking about it. Suddenly I felt a warm scent near my body, and then I had a soft body in my arms.

Shandora got through without warning, it was very unexpected, but I didn’t say anything, just pinched the other’s nose and bowed her lips to kiss: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just want to let A’Jun hug.” The young girl in her arms whispered, the voice is sweet and soft, it is hard to imagine that the same voice would be so cold and noble on the other side, I gave a slight glimpse. Smiling, leaning back on the lawn, holding Shandora on his chest, the golden waterfall-like golden long hair spread out, almost wrapping the two in a beggar… It’s a strange association.

Shandora may want to use my own method to let me forget about those troubles for a while, including pulling me to see the sea of ​​clouds, and a piece of grazing – I don’t know where these strange methods I learned, but definitely from What the outsiders learned, because of the original identity of this girl, how can she think of this complicated little trick. Although she may be too concerned, she underestimated someone’s neurotoughness, but seeing her stupid effort is actually a very happy thing.

“Taro, you say…”

I spoke, but I didn’t hear the response from the young girl in my arms. When I looked down, I found that Shandora had closed his eyes and made a very soft grunt in his arms: she fell asleep.

Originally, Shandora was extremely sensitive to any changes in the outside world. It was almost non-existent and he was so confident that he could enter deep sleep. But perhaps he could get the biggest sense of security in the arms of the lovers, such a Her Majesty the Queen. It was like the Little Girl who was tired in the wild, so I fell into a dream.

“It’s incredible, in all sorts of sense.”

Suddenly there was such a sentence in my mind. I looked up and looked at it. I saw a gorgeous black evening gown and silver-white long hair almost to the ankle.

“It seems that it is not a time to come out?”

Ice Teece told me through the spiritual connection, looking at me condescendingly and lying down with her under the feet of Shandora as a wilderness – looking, it was a magical association.

I looked up at the eyelids and felt the scenery was good, but I turned my head and reminded me: “Hey, you are all gone.”

Can this female rogue not have a little girl’s consciousness? The location of your station is very good!

Ice Teece’s reminder to me didn’t seem to go to my heart. At least I didn’t hear her exclaiming. This guy just pressed the dress long skirt carefree, then sat down next to me and looked at it. Shandora, who was asleep on my chest, communicated with me with a spiritual connection: “Inconceivable, you know, the former Shandora would not reveal this heartless look anyway.”

I sighed: “I haven’t seen her heart and lungs after she has had enough.”

Ice Teece licked his mouth and looked into the distance. There was a large piece of bare land. Rogue goddess said: “It seems that your Shandora grassland stocking plan has finally succeeded: this hoe eats more than three hundred square meters. Meadow Oh! ”

Me: “…Why do you know this stocking plan?”

Ice Teece gave me a blank look: “Shandora told me. You said in your sleep at night, announced that you would throw her on the prairie and feed on it, and I was heard by the pillow, and then she was depressed to eat at noon the next day. You This guy has a spectrum.”

I always feel that Ice Teece said that my life is simply too frustrating: even this female rogue has questioned me that I have a spectrum? !

I gently stroking the hair of Shandora’s diarrhea, wrapped them slowly on my fingers, and asked with a spiritual connection: “Speak up, I haven’t seen you in two or three days, have you done it?”

Three days ago, Ice Teece suddenly told us that she was going to have a mission, and then she had no news. Today is just coming back. I was a little surprised when she appeared. God Clan has four remaining in the five-person group. The idiot’s movements against this rogue goddess are not clear. I personally have no way to contact Ice Teece directly, so once I thought that this guy was going to collect a protection fee from a remote universe. Unfortunately, it was caught by God’s Domain. She was confined, but now it seems that she is just going out to work, so I am curious about her movements over the past few days.

“I’m back in God’s Domain,” Ice Teece carefully tied Shandora’s hair to the grass on the ground, and casually said, “The father of the house gives you a good look, and Mother has done a few more for Mercury Lamp. A small dress… Hey, why is your unlucky prostitute so long like you? The old man still thinks that it is a illegitimate daughter with you!”

Me: “… Isn’t this my fault?”

“Less nonsense, I came back in one day, mother is not forced to learn how to feed the children! So big children use breastfeeding?! They want to be crazy for the next generation!”

As soon as I heard this, I suddenly remembered that Ice Teece’s aunt’s degree was just as good as hail as the best, and then I couldn’t help myself see a certain logue goddess’s lethal weapons. I thought about it and summed up a sentence: “Mercury Lamp Hing is not so big…”

Then Ice Teece was covered with a brick.

“In short, this time God to God’s Domain has caused a lot of trouble,” Ice sister clap his hands and continue to weave Shandora’s hair with weeds. “In addition, Father God told me to say it to you. After a while, I might invite you to go.” At a glance, there are extremely important things to discuss.”

This time, I was really stunned.

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