Xiling Empire Chapter 937

The ninth and thirty-seventh chapter of the Warsong, can be used – is a little bit ill

I don’t know what it should be called now. The ship is still a chattering ai. She is still Viska’s flagship of the year, but now half of her identity is the auxiliary processor of the Warsong. Maybe I should call her a war song?

Ok, the name issue is not considered for a while. Before this guy can speak normally, I decided to temporarily call her “the goods” better, although this title is not polite to a female with a female attribute, but I I really don’t think that the goods have a little bit worthy of being a woman’s potential. Have you seen a woman who is two and a half meters long and can be confronted with people in various local languages ​​for half an hour?

“This time she is super-level. Usually she can only play for 30 minutes at most. Now she has three minutes and a minute. She seems to have quite a lot of adjectives,” Tavel stunned at the communication terminal in front of him, because there was no order from me. She is also not good at cutting off the other’s communication. She can only face the horror of the other party’s swearing words and express all kinds of horror. “Perhaps this is related to her learning ability. It is found that this shipborne ai has a very high evolutionary function. She was originally created to be the same as a normal spaceship host without self-awareness, but now she has her own independent personality. General Viska’s transformation, though in disorder, has to be said to be full of creativity.”

“Can she really bear the core role of the Warsong?”

I thought for a while and raised my own questions.

Viska’s flagship ship’s ai, the name is of course great, and it shows that the crazy guy may indeed have unexpected performance, but no matter how strong her performance, it is only the host of a conventional battleship, and The Warrior flagship of this Warrior is incomparable, and the planetary warships and ordinary spaceships are fundamentally different from structure to performance. And that guy is still the design of Viska’s madness era, although it may not be designed by the latter alone, but there are definitely many brands from coming from Viska. To be honest, this makes me more skeptical about whether the other has the ability to control the war song number.

“According to the data, she certainly can’t bear the core of the Warsong.” Tavel knocked on the information terminal in his hand. “The performance is strong, but it is still far from the speed of operation required by the Star Warship and the floating point scale, but her Very scalable, and able to learn things quickly, even with an unusually rare ability to write available drivers based on new and unknown devices. Although the driver she compiled cannot be compared to the original. For the Warsong, which is almost completely impossible to start, as long as the instructions that make the device work are precious, the subordinates put her at the core of the starship. However, due to performance limitations, she can only bear The role of the secondary host, the core host of the Warsong is still original – just like adding an arithmetic accelerator to the central processor.”

“Is the core host of Warsong not broken?” I asked somehow.

“Not completely damaged, but various interface programs are lost,” Tavel corrected my conceptual error. “The star ship’s core host is hard to destroy. Even if it crashes, it can be fixed automatically as long as it is re-enabled. The current situation is that the core host has been successfully started, and many of its key data has been destroyed, and there is no backup, which causes the host to run, but does not know how to control its original body. Theoretically is like this.”

“The goods are your signal as a wake-up board at the same time as a companion operator,” I realized. “Using her ability to write the driver quickly, let the war songs run in the ‘soul out’ situation. .”

“The soul is out, very subtle metaphor,” Tavel happily nodded, “ah, your majesty, she seems to stop.”

Tavel reminded me that I noticed that the ship’s ai for 40 minutes didn’t know when it was quiet. Of course, it’s impossible to be completely quiet. She just didn’t swear, but she still dries in the communication channel. It made all sorts of strange sounds, and even the war song number followed strangely. The surface of the etheric planet floated with the lightning storm formed by Psionic. These bright storms continued to form a pile of strange under the control of the ship’s ai. The pattern, one will form a s, one will form a b, after a while it will become a hoe, and then become a wowy crying face…

I was stunned to see the fascinating scene of the magnificent Warsong. The crazy ship-bearing ai was using her only direct control device: the armored venting tube to express her feelings of depression. After watching it for a long time, I touched Tavel’s. Quality projection: “Look, if Shandora knows this, she might eat your sauce.”

Tavel thought about it and replied with the rigor of a scientist: “Considering the spiritual impact of this scene on Your Majesty Shandora, she thinks she may not lick the sauce. Theoretically is like this.”

Me: “…we still talk to this ai.”

“Nothing to talk about, nothing to talk about! You immediately put the ship out! Let go!” The other party has been listening to the communication channel, at this moment, immediately yelled, “The ship has been fed up with this rigid and sluggish.” The second b host is in the same shell! It won’t even be awkward! It should be prepared for the ship with a new body filled with main guns and bombs, instead of a bunch of silly b兮兮 slots and a large stack of Need to kick the butt to pick up the broken equipment! tmd, the ship wants to have four hundred and thirty main guns Oh! In the same year, it is folded in your hands… General! Where is the general! You put the general Where are you hiding?”

“You don’t want to be quiet again, do you believe that you have broken it?”

I really can’t stand this guy’s troubles. God knows, this guy is so energetic, I doubt that this is a poet in my life. If you don’t write a sentence for thirty or fifty years, you can develop a mouth that is so wicked. ?

“Remove? Ah Hahaha, take it off! I am afraid that death is not a big soldier! Today, if the ship is soft, it will be with your surname! You have to throw the ship into eop-03 and shoot it out! The face also thank you for the next three generations… Hey, etc. Who are you in the end, and the woman next to you who is not as good as the face and chest? Where is this place, is the ship not fighting? Why are you falling into your hands!”

My whole person was stupid on the spot. I have never seen such a confused person. I thought at first that this article remembered all the passing of it. After a long time of daring, she didn’t even know that the battle was over. It was crazy and forgetful. The degree is exactly the same as that of Visa in the past. It is really the master and the servant. When I sigh, I have a bit of a dim sum: I am a madman. Is this all-night sorrow?

“I am Viska, her brother.” I licked my nose and said to the madman opposite the communicator.

“Viska? Is that something?” The other party suddenly sighed, “Your sister?”

I burst into tears, and I remembered that Viska was the name given to me. I thought that Viska had no name in the past. It was a whole matter. Did the goods just swear?

“Viska is your general… I won’t believe you, wait for me to call her, at this moment, the girl should be fighting with her sister.” I waved my hand and answered it before the madman in the war song responded. Through the spirit of Viska, let her come over, and asked her if she was doing it. Sure enough, she is working with Pandora after cooking, and this exercise is divided into group b, group b is Cirno is against Lilina, because Lilina scams Cirno to drink vinegar, and now the ice demon has wings and is the taste of Shanxi old vinegar.

You see, I said it would be wise to let Onee-sama go back soon, or if the small ones should be removed from the house now.

“Brother, brother!” Viska’s cheerful voice floated out of the portal one step earlier than herself, and then a small figure flew through the air, hitting her chest and then being handy. Hugged, a bow, a pair of blood red cats are flashing excited red light looking at themselves, Viska was held up and slammed up, cheerfully shouted, “win, win! win this time That stupid sister!”

Is it interesting for the sisters to call in and out all day?

And Viska’s next sentence made me not calm: “Ice Teece’s sister taught the tactics really good, and suddenly got the upper hand!”

“I am going, what does the female rogue teach you?” I felt that my voice was a little trembling, as if I suddenly knew that my well-behaved sister suddenly trembled with a kitchen knife and killed the Pentagon – although Viska did things. Children are much more serious than that.

“抠eyes, bite your ears, spit in your mouth, scratch your armpits, prepare a can of super glue in advance, and have an injury…”

I immediately contacted Shandora: “Shantou, give you a major task: go to Ice Teece’s feather care solution to fill the gelatin and chili oil, then lick the meal, and then cook the whole whale after you.”

Then this World is peaceful.

“Look, this is your general.”

After dealing with the small problems at home, I pushed Viska forward and said to the communicator.

“Yeah, are you awake Ah?” Viska was also surprised to find out the identity of her former adjutant. Although the signal coming from the Warsong gave her a strange look, the little girl soon didn’t want anything. Happily greeted my adjutant.


From the communicator, the incredible sound of the ship’s ai came. To be honest, it’s been a long time. This is the first time I’ve heard that I’m talking without dirty words. It’s incredible. It seems that I’m taming this disobedient. Ai, only Viska can do it, and it is impossible for me to toss with Tavel.

“How are you here… Wait! Snoring! We are still fighting! General, please allow the ship to return to the front line, the fleet is organizing the last charge, there must be no flagship on the battlefield! Your Excellency, please give orders… ”

“The battle is over. You have been salvaged from the battlefield and just restarted.” Viska suddenly interrupted the other man’s hurried words and said calmly.

“It’s over? It’s over. The result, ah, the ship is really dereliction of duty. I don’t even know this. What is the result of the battle?”

Viska laughed: “Win, let’s win.”

“Hah, that’s good, we have a very good guy, I will definitely win, then here is the repair center? When will the ship return to the fleet?”

“No… it’s not necessary… The fleet is over, this is a tragic victory.” Even Visa, when it came to the final battle, was a bit stunned, and the ship-ai ai opposite the communicator was silent. Then suddenly I cheered up again: “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, they are good, and it’s the same victory over the whole army. It’s really the style of the general, but it’s not the first time anyway. Let’s find a desolate first. Universe, then rebuild a legion, there will always be beatings, you don’t need to care, the ship will always…”

“No,” Viska interrupted the other’s again, and then yelled at me. “There is a brother, we don’t have to wander around. This is my brother. You are in his battleship now. ”

Viska voice fell, in exchange for the unprecedented long silence of the other party, for more than ten seconds, there is no sound coming from the communicator, I even thought that the other party is simply dead, but before I ask, the ship Ai finally returned to God and asked intermittently: “General, you are serious?”

“Yes, I have been around my brother for a long time.” Viska replied nodded immediately.

The other party was silent for a few more seconds, then suddenly asked aloud: “Well, the man, your surname?”

I suddenly stumbled, I don’t know what this crazy guy wants to do: “Ah?”

The other party immediately sneaked up: “This ship asks your surname! Hurry to answer, the ship has limited patience!”

“My surname is Chen… Wait, do you ask this cognac?” Although I answered the other person, my doubts in my heart are not at all.

“Crap, of course, with your surname, the ship said to do it, just said that today, the service is soft and the ship is with your surname! From today, the ship’s surname is Chen!”

I am stupid with Tavel: “…”

Viska looked at me in confusion, then looked at his adjutant, a head question mark.

“Shantou, this product may not be adjusted than you did in the past.” I licked Viska’s small head and whispered.

“Now are you willing to cooperate with our experiments?” Tavel coughed twice and pushed his glasses and said to the communicator, “Next I will test your response when the Starship Control Core mobilizes more than three types of weapons. Speed, this requires your own cooperation. In the previous tests, your performance was very abnormal. I hope that you can cooperate this time.”

“The general has the final say.” The ship carrying ai sullenly said.

“That’s the match,” Viska said crisply. “Listen to my brother’s words, and whoever listens to your brother, whoever listens to them, they are my family, so they are their own people.”

“Well, cooperation will work together,” the ship’s ai promised helplessly. “But there is a condition: the ship is not allowed to be a fool! If you let the ship do the discrete operations that Idiot fools do not care about, Hugh blame the ship to remove all the drivers! xx, the ship has 537 high-level goods of the main gun, not the same mass production spaceship without IQ!”

Viska blinked, as if suddenly remembered something, and asked in surprise: “The main gun? I remember that you were the aircraft carrier flagship.”

Sticking to the present, I was completely knocked down this time…

“Scorpion? Is the ship a carrier?” The shipborne ai was shocked. “Hello, are you serious?”

“Amount, it may be a mistake, the blood-curved knife seems to be an aircraft carrier… forget it, you continue to be a gunship.”

“Oh, that ship is relieved – I thought that the ship had a high-level cargo of 627 main guns…”

I touched Tavel’s arm: “To be honest, do you think these two wonders?”

Tavel replied at a glance: “Because an emperor respects his superiors, his subordinates choose silence.”

It seems that I don’t need an answer.

Under the influence of Viska, the big ship-bearing ai finally agreed to cooperate honestly and temporarily acted as an auxiliary aid for the Warsong before Tavel found an alternative. This may last for a long time, after all, an ancient planetary battleship. The technical information required is so horrible that even with the crazy Empire scientists, it takes a long time to rebuild it. At least for a few years, the Warsong is the body of the ship’s ai. In fact, I think there is nothing to be dissatisfied with this, especially for a shipboard host. If you have a war song number, it’s such a great thing. If you look at it as a body, it’s a very profitable thing, but the guy is dissatisfied and doesn’t know. Is it really related to the unique aesthetics of the shipboard host?

All the tests conducted by Tavel went very smoothly. After the new shipboard host was installed, the Warsong has been able to start normally. About 70% of the equipment is working properly. The madman AI started with its own unique driving method. Most of the rules of the Starship weapon, and after the honest cooperation, her compatibility with the original host of the Warsong has reached 80%, making the starship’s response to external commands reach the combat standard. The shortcoming of the current starship is that many weapon conflicts cannot be solved. Because of the architectural limitations of the madman ai itself, the law of the war song at the same time can not be more than three, otherwise it will cause serious software conflicts. Time is can do nothing about it solved.

For Old Empire, the current situation of Warsong is already a very bad health problem for a planet warship, but for us, this is an extremely remarkable achievement. The recovery of most of the fighting strength will become a new At the forefront of the battlefield, the role of the strategy may even rival any of our current independent regular legions: the flagship, the value of the battle is not just as simple as a spaceship.

“Maybe she can be the strategic core of the revenge fleet,” looked at the Warsong in the distant sky, I said to Viska. “The revenge fleet’s fighting strength is strong, but it lacks a fortress ship that matches them. The Warsong is originally the Vengence Army. The fortress, let her come to supplement the short board of the Vengeance Fleet, but the Warlord must be very familiar with the Warsong. They have an innate advantage in their cooperation.”

“As long as the Grand Warlord can stand the new temper of the Warsong.” Viska thought for a moment, very pertinent.

At this time, there was a sigh of relief in the Warsong: “I am! You are a stupid wave, want to kill the ship Oh! You will do the system withstand voltage test!”

I rubbed cold sweat: “Really, the temper of this product is an enormous problem…”


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