Xiling Empire Chapter 938

Chapter IX Chapter 38

Raining days – still let people not live?

After the start of the Warsong, Supreme was a Shandora, which is very easy to imagine. For the ancient starship with special significance to the Wars, the most profound feeling must be her former master, and even the Warsong. It is Shandora’s last recollection of the past Empire that has passed away. Her recovery is almost signify the last continuation of the living thing on the other side of War Song Princess. The meaning is self-evident soudu.com

Who said that Empire people are ruthless war machines? Only no one can understand the eenomous mission and the hot race will, they also have their own emotions, just like the day when the Warsong was restarted, Shandora was twice as happy as usual. Rice – also includes two new rice cookers.

Now we all get used to it. When Anveena gives her family a meal, she will give us a bowl and finally hand the whole pot to Shandora. If the situation is smooth, she won’t have to recycle it…

In these two days, everything is safe, and the daily life is always difficult. It is a rare time to enjoy the leisure time. I usually stay at home, teasing Della, teasing Little Bubbles, teasing Funny Della, teasing Viska, teasing Della, teasing Mercury Lamp, feeling the leisure of life like never before, occasionally going out for a long time, accompanied by Qianqian running around, playing with a few small amusement parks, or accompanying Onee-sama went out to buy some daily necessities, but in fact, there is no need to go out to purchase at home. Empire demobilizes vastly. In network news, you can’t find a place richer than her, and go down to the needle line to the warship artillery. Basically, there is nothing wrong with it, but Onee-sama is still willing to go out and buy some rice and oil, just like the small citizens to bargain with the small vendors on the street, and then go home with a basket of oil and salt sauce and vinegar. She is accustomed to the days of being an ordinary person, plain, normal, peaceful, this is her favorite atmosphere, Anveena does not understand the act of the hostess, I feel that it is my own dereliction of duty, Ice Teece occasionally spit, but I feel that it is my Elder Sister’s ability to keep this peaceful everyday at this moment: the eternal little people


The summer season slowly subsided after a lot of tempering, and the weather finally began to cool. Although it was still hot at noon, it was already able to feel the coolness of autumn in the morning and evening. In densely populated cities, the solar terms were always a bit slow. Things, high-rise buildings and Human Race activities have dragged the heat of summer for a long time, but now it has finally begun to retreat, perhaps outside the city, it is already the autumn weather.

There is a lot of rain this summer. This city is located in a humid zone. It has been two or three rains in the past few days. Especially since yesterday, the weather is a bit gloomy. Outside, it was darker and almost in the evening. I didn’t see many dark clouds, but I could see that the whole sky was buckled with a dimly colored hue. It seemed to be near dusk. The bright yellow sky shone from the horizon, as if the city was Surrounded by the aperture, it is clear that a large-scale storm is coming.

There was heavy rain this afternoon, accompanied by a short thunderstorm and strong wind. At this point, Lin Xue and the TV station’s weather forecast reached a high degree of agreement.

I don’t hate rain. In fact, the opposite is true. I still like the rainy weather. It’s not just rain. I like all the days of things going up and down, including rain and snow and hail. This wonderful hobby makes me All the friends from small to big felt puzzled. I even thought that I might become a poet or rogue in the future. Until then, Onee-sama was awakened in the dream, I realized that I was not used in such weather. I feel happy when I go to school… Well, no matter what the reason is, this is a hobby that I developed when I was young. Now, I still feel particularly fond of rain and snow, especially when the weather is cold or cold. Sitting in a warm little room and looking out the window through the glass window, you will feel an extraordinarily calm, as if the entire World is protected by the warm walls around you. hundred

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But also in the bad weather, hiding in the house and looking out the window, I feel that the goods are essentially different from the goods.

Lilina squatted on the window with me. I was excited to see that the weather was getting worse and worse. The nose of the music was going out. She pointed out the window and glared at me and pointed out the street in the distance. Going to the shadows, I am very happy to say to me: “When it rains, they must find a place where they can’t hide from the rain. Oh, this psychological balance is really a resentment…”

Open the window and sneak out of Lilina’s belt to throw out the cockroach: “Do you still have a clergyman’s appearance? Don’t say that you are merciful, don’t you have fun at least?”

Lilina wandered in the air and put her hands on her hips: “You don’t understand this. There are reports of good and evil. There are no good or evil in the 100 kilometers of the Pope. The unlucky ones must have done bad things in the last 30 days. Guy, if you are a good person, as long as he is standing within the hundred miles of the Pope, the five thunders will not touch his hair. If it is a bad person, even if he is at the door, he will not find the rain. The place!”

When I heard it, I felt that Lilina was very magical, but this girl never lie in front of her. Does that really have this special function?

“It’s normal, God’s spokesperson is divine in itself,” Ice Teece said, lazily beside him, not raising his head. “sometimes we have to worry about the balance of World and not release the divinity, but the spokesperson of the team. Since there is no such concern in the world, it is often the case that God’s side is embodied by the spokesperson. No matter what Lilina’s moral level is, she stands there is a core of judgment, and the mortal without power is always around her. More or less affected, if Lilina did not deliberately do it, it should be a little bit of gas drop, such as thunderstorms at home, lost.

Looking at the little dwarf goddess officer who was caught in his hand, I really felt that the things that touched Star Domain God Clan were amazing. In front of me, even the female Rogue of Ice Teece could vomit her morality. It is an ethical to scan instrument with an effective radius of 100 kilometers…诶 and so on.

“Ethics, what do you mean by morality?” I shook Lilina in my hand, “Human Race’s ethics, Vampire’s ethics, Alien’s morality, half-Beastman’s morality…so many races, their morality Is the level the same?”

“This is the divine side,” Ice Teece replied sulkingly. “The trial stems from the heart of the judge, because even the gods are not good enough to forcibly distort the free will of the mortal, so the judgment of the divine Judging the standard is the judge’s own moral cognition, even if it is a heinous person, he also knows the concept of good and evil of his race. Even if there are horrors who are distorted to the extreme, it is a minority. In general, the spokesperson’s divine trial The mortal is enough.”

I thought about it and touched Lilin and threw it out.

“Wow!” The little dwarf goddess officer screamed, then stood in the yard and protested loudly. I looked up at the sky and waited for half a day to find that there were five thunders, so I turned to Ice Teece and said, “Do you see if this is? Was it twisted to the limit? She was all out of the water and she didn’t see the thunder, and Tiandao took the morality of the girl.”

“Do you dare to be bored again?” Ice Teece turned her head and gave me a look.

Shrugging and looking at the female rogue, she is leading all the wings in the living room, lined up in the living room, with aerobics like a brush to erect half of the wings, while above the ceiling is hung with a big flower Ilson acting as a Light source… Because the weather is not good outside, these guys are sunbathing at home, you said that you dare to say boring?

“Listen to my password, one, two, three, change the side!”

Ice Teece suddenly raised his hand and shouted aloud, then put a row of wings and brushed it down, and changed the other half of the wings. I looked at all the mess, of course, this is not the point, the point is that I still have a shoulder on my shoulder. With a little bit of a big palm, Della also screamed with a whisper: “One, two, three, change the side!” Then she turned her two pairs of dragonfly-like wings upside down…

You said that the daily life outside of this group is much more joyful.

The more joyful is still behind. Today, not only do we have a bunch of family at home, but there are also guests. Several sisters of Mercury Lamp come from the world of Rozen Maiden. Now they are sitting in the living room, and several young girls occupy the young girl. Big sofas, watching the Pinocchio around the TV – they basically look at the subject matter, and less than two meters behind the group of Little Doll is Mercury Lamp, which also belongs to the family’s wing. A family, of course, is also followed by the “training class” organized by Ice Teece in the sun, the front, the sun, the next few minutes, the XbrXcm little brat is particularly prominent among a group of two or three meters wingspan. I can hardly imagine how true red they are watching Mercury Lamp doing this and stay calm…

“That Mercury Lamp is so incredible!” Cui Star Stone is talking to Cang Star Stone. “Unfortunately, we don’t have wings, don’t know if the light of the golden guy is really comfortable, feel It’s similar to the sun.”

Like the abandoned little daughter-in-law, Jiergamei is holding Little Bubbles in the distance: “Golden, golden, the last shining point of the king let the searchlight rob…”

I feel cola when I hear it. You really don’t want to say that it’s better than the golden light. Ji Jin’s true match no match for Ilson. Other things don’t say, Ji Jin is absolutely no bright sun, of course I think this is actually It’s a good thing, Ilson’s brightness is high, but the biggest value of this brightness is not to hang on the roof to sunbathe…

At this moment, the distant horizon finally came with a low-pitched thunder, and the stuffy thunder was finally brewed after a whole afternoon, almost accompanied by the first thunder, and the raindrops of the beans were also screaming. Splashing down, the window suddenly became foggy.

“Hey, this rain is really fierce.” I was very surprised to look out the window, Little Bubbles was attracted by the rain outside the window, Iyi came together, and went to the window sill with my hands and feet, I was afraid She strolled to the outside street for a while, and quickly reached out and put the little girl in her arms. The little Bubbles giggled, holding my neck is a lot of squatting, although I can’t understand it, obviously little. Brat is very happy, the child is really happy, and suddenly he will be happy.

“But it’s raining, I can’t go out shopping, I’m going to buy clothes today.” Qianqian dragged his squat into the chair and watched it raining outside with me, elbows on the back, “Anveena.”

“I am here!” Little Ghost flew up and fluttered and waited for Qianqian to assign her tasks. As a result, Qianqian thought about it and said very seriously: “Have you learned to lay eggs?”

Ghost was a bit worried, and shook his head in a hurry: “This… seems to be a very difficult skill, and I haven’t learned it yet.”

“Oh, that’s nothing to you, I want to know what the Raven egg is.”

Then Anveena stumbled down to the floor and counted the ants.

“Do you think we are a little degraded?” I rubbed my shoulders with Qiangian’s face. “I used to get rid of it. How can I feel so uncomfortable when I am quiet now?”

“When Qin Shihuang had a squatting look at the dance, you thought that the demon in the castle would have to sit on the throne 24 hours a day, two times,” Lin Xue’s voice passed from afar. “Do you believe that every brave must challenge the devil when there are four big guards entangled in the door for a long time. The real reason is that the devil is making up the makeup in the house next to him?”

“By the way, you can put a bunch of good equipment that you can’t use, but the brave is absolutely dreaming of it.” I glanced at her and found that she was playing with a black box that was not black and egg-sized, and suddenly curious, “Hey, What is that?”

“One…the key, probably,” Ojou-sama very rarely said with a little bit of uncertainty. “Remember, when we were at Azeroth, we grabbed a small black box from a variant of Demon. A while back, I asked the Research Institute to help open the thing, but there was only such a small square. Now no one knows what the square is doing. I use it as a toy.”

The corner of the eye tilted upwards forty-five degrees and thought for a long time. After a minute, I patted my thigh and shouted: “Oh, I am going, is there a pit here?”

Ojou-sama is in the same breath as the adjacent Qianqian: “Hey?”

“The details are not considered,” I hurriedly waved. “I don’t really say, I almost forgot about it. Now I vaguely remember that the square box was still grabbed from a Demon leader. You It is of great significance to say that this thing will have a special role in the near future.”

“The prophecy was a problem,” Ojou-sama threw the black cube in his hand. “I think… the problem is that I misunderstood the time scale problem in the prophecy scene. At that time, this Ojou-sama just mastered the power of prophecy. A lot of things are wrong… The cube itself doesn’t have much value. It’s just a ‘key’ that Fallen Apostles sends to the high-level cannon fodder. The lock corresponding to the key is not that important, but the strange thing is Intuition tells me that it is significant, and it is strange that the instinct still exists until now. And I have misunderstood the time indicated by the prophecy, I thought its role will soon be reflected, but in fact, until Not long ago I realized that there was such a thing in the box, um, very interesting.”

“Now do you think it will come in handy?” My gaze jumped with Lin Xue’s movements and couldn’t help but ask, “What does it do?”

“Not now, but time is approaching. This is the first time I have encountered a completely incomprehensible thing. It is so inconspicuous, but it is undergoing a major change. This change must be so significant that all futures are Stacked on it and looked at it…” Ojou-sama said, throwing up the square with a black metallic luster, “just like a layered spider web.”

“Hey! It’s too glaring to say, don’t be awkward!”

Ilson hanging on the ceiling screamed loudly.

“Cut, is it too hard?” Young Lady Lin muttered and turned away.

Drinking tea in the house in the rainy weather is really a very relaxing thing, but it is really boring to say it. I stayed in this atmosphere for a while and felt that I couldn’t stand it. The main reason is that there is a group of guests at home: it is the group of young girls who are occupying the old sofas in the family. This is actually a very delicate situation. I feel like my daughter has a big bunch of help. The little friends came to play at home, and then the bear children were still squatting in front of themselves, so the people who didn’t normally slip at this moment had to pick up a shelf of serious parents and watched the 120,000 points. It’s a slap in the face. In the young Mei’s kind of child who is playing with other people’s family, I see the same kind of cautious eyes. I am used to the Mercury Lamp. What kind of stress is enormous, do you know?

In the face of true red, I always feel embarrassed to continue to hold Mercury Lamp in my arms.

It may be that this boring one really touched the destiny goddess. When I was just about to go to the corner to plant mushrooms, I suddenly came up with a chat: coming from Shadow City’s emergency communication.

“your majesty, here is the research center,

We are in trouble. ”

In the emergency communication, it is Tavel’s voice.

Suddenly stood up, at the same time Shandora, Onee-sama, Qianqian, Lin Xue also followed up, obviously, they also received information at the same time.

Such a big movement certainly caught the attention of others. Not only was Rozen Maiden, who was watching TV, startled, even the birds who were sunbathing were lifts the head one by one, Mercury Lamp looked at me with a flat mouth. At a glance, he asked angrily: “I want to fight again?!”

“No, Shadow City has had a research incident. It’s not a big deal, but we have to be in town.”

Quickly responded to Little Doll and focused on the spiritual connection, at the same time ready to send to Shadow City: “Tavel, online? What’s the situation? What happened?”

“Abyss deep dive boat,” the first few words of the other side made me feel tight. “It’s the kernel itself started, now the database energy plug is rapidly boosting, and the wreckage is destroyed in an hour!”

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