Xiling Empire Chapter 94

Chapter 94—There is only Loli in the world.

After returning to the palace that Agna arranged for us, the sounds of several girls 嘻嘻Haha did not stop.

“A’Jun, do you say that Tosca will be ashamed of this evening and die Ah?”

As the first genius prank young girl who made Tosca into the streaking state in an instant, Qianqian’s creativity was highly praised by several girls. Obviously, Qianqian himself is very proud.

“I hope he can be a little stronger,” the sister said in a soft tone that was not soft. “At the very least, insist on tomorrow’s duel to bring us more fun?”

“You are having a good time…”

Ability Lin Xue, who is totally unsuitable for mischief, is very depressed – I should praise God, but fortunately the ability of this girl is prophecy and perception, otherwise how many unfortunate sacrificial victims Oh!

At this moment, I suddenly heard a burst of whistling sound from the front, a white little figure like a lightning bolt to me!

Qianqian and others have seen such scenes several times. They have been eccentric, but they have a tacit understanding of each other, and they each stepped back in two steps.


After a loud noise, I was struck back by a violent impact and showed a crumbling situation. Fortunately, when I adjusted my body’s muscles with super high efficiency, I finally avoided it. The fall of the bad luck, a little relieved, I finally recovered from the suffocation caused by the chest impact, and looked down slightly, just to see a little girl wearing a white dress, cute, is blowing on her own On the chest, a pair of white and jade-like slender hands clasped my neck tightly, Little Bubbles squinted at the eyes, licking his face on my chest, and making a confusing cute call in his mouth. .

This is the latest model of Xiling Empire’s super weapon, which has infinite killing power for all otaku fujoshi weird uncle and other family creatures. It can make the other party be willing to be attacked by a new generation of biochemical body shells – Little Bubbles Ultimate Human World Cannon Simplified Chinese Version!

In addition, the final version description was just a few seconds ago.

I kept being tilted back by Little Bubbles, rubbing the other’s cerebellum with my hand, although at the beginning I was always hit by the little brat and even a few meters across the ground. But now, after several times of familiarity and continuous training, I have practiced the frontal hard against the Little Bubbles Human World cannon…


A sharp call from the far and the star port came from the front, I lifted the head, was seeing a small green figure scratching the sky and hitting my face.

Published ! It turned out to be the high-level evolution of the Little Bubbles Human World cannon – Della’s second-stage combo!

With a bang, the little creature named Della’s slammed on my face and added the last straw to the unlucky man who had just been hit by the Loli bomb.

With a bang, an Emperor fell on his back.

“Hey Hey hey! Little things you are a dog Oh! Don’t bite! Don’t bite! I can’t do it wrong? Is it OK to take you out next time?”

Suddenly, Little Bubbles fell to the ground with me and recovered from act spoiled mode, but she was obviously not scared by the sudden loss of balance, but lifts the head quite strangely watching Della naughty on my face. Didong bite the West poke, then suddenly screamed, and opened his mouth, revealing a pair of sharp little tiger teeth.


Looking at Little Bubbles’s eager expression, I shouted in cold sweat.

Xiling Apostle body quality formidable, from all aspects, Shandora can chew the stainless steel knife and fork without any problems, Little Bubbles, although underage, but also definitely give me a fatal blow.

I picked up Della and put it aside, then stood up with Little Bubbles, still unwilling to leave, and the joints underneath her body immediately made a sound of 噼噼pā pā.

It’s really a thrilling welcome ceremony.

“Miss Della and Monarch have a very good relationship,” Alaya didn’t know when she came to us, staring at Della, who was laughing and playing around with my envious eyes, and then looking at me with the same envious look. Little Bubbles, “And Little Bubbles is also…”

…who are you forgetting who is grooming your feathers every day?

“Okay,” I clap my hands and let everyone calm down. At the same time, I stared at Lin Xue, who was watching me sullenly next to me. “I brought a gift back!”

The word “gift” immediately attracted the attention of some people at the place. Several girls who stayed at home were curious about what gifts I brought back, and Qianqian who chose gifts with me wanted to see if the gift they chose was Not will be welcomed.

“First of all, it’s our little goddess – no more than you!”

I decided to calm the least restful little things first, and waited for Della to calm down and hover in front of me with a look of hope for a long time, then I was filled with a gift for her with a sense of accomplishment – A lollipop.

Originally, I thought that such an inconspicuous gift would make Della disappointing, but to my surprise, the little thing immediately cheered and rushed up.

It’s an easy-to-satisfy little brat. It feels like I can give her something to make it feel like she’s happy for a long time—or she doesn’t care what she wants. What she cares about is just a “gift”?

I feel like I have entered the subtle state of exploring God Clan values…

“little brat, anything else.”

I licked Della’s small head with my fingers, and then waved it, and immediately the empty space in the yard was out of the air, a “mountain” with a strong sweet smell!

The gift for Della is definitely not the most expensive, but it is definitely the most troublesome for us.

Because we used nearly a half-day to buy almost all kinds of candy desserts in Layton City!

According to Della’s size, these sweets are enough for her to eat for decades.

I didn’t think of it before. There were so many kinds of desserts on World. I didn’t even think that the material life in the original impression was lacking. The life of the people was monotonous. In fact, there are so many pastime foods. After some looting for candy stores. Buying it, we have prepared a bunch of mountain-like desserts for Della! These desserts are just a list of names that will make me back for three days and three nights!

… Who just questioned my memory power? !

The little thing was obviously shocked by the snacks that had been enough for her to eat for decades. She was coldly hovering in the air, the little mouth was the biggest, and then suddenly a thrill of excitement, I Just seeing a green light flashing from the front, I lost Della’s figure, and then there was a happy cheer from Della in the Mountain of Candies behind him: “Long live! Long live! A’Jun long live! Long live candy!”

. . . is a wonderful sentence.

“Little Bubbles, this is yours.”

I smiled and pressed the Little Bubbles, which stared at me for a long time with Loli’s exclusive star eyes, and then took out a little angel sculpture made of clear crystal.

Perhaps because of the birth of the mother made in crystal, Little Bubbles likes to collect all kinds of shiny things, especially those made of crystal, which makes Little Bubbles happy, I even have some Doubt, the depth of the little brat is hidden in the soul of a Huge Dragon.

Sure enough, seeing the shiny crystal sculpture that I took out, Little Bubbles immediately released the arm that held my thigh tightly, grabbed it and ran back to his room with a scream, then inexplicably looked at the everybody. Zhongfei quickly ran back, glaring at my arm and letting me bend over. Before I reacted, little girl gently printed a kiss on my face…

Sure enough, Loli is good Oh!

At this moment, I burst into tears in the sight of a complicated sight.

“Alaya, come over.”

I waved to the Angel sister, who was quietly standing aside, and took out the third gift.

a brush…

An oval brush made of precious crystal and magic shark cartilage, which is white and crystal clear, analyzes the luxury of the brush, and then looks at its size and shape. The average person can never imagine what the brush can do. .

This brush, which took countless gold coins and allowed four skilled jewelers to cramp their fingers in an hour, used it to make Alaya comb the fluff on the inside of the wing.

Although Alaya’s wings are formed by half energy, they have a physical touch, and a brush that can be used for massage and cleaning can definitely make Alaya happy for a long time.

…but why do I always think that this gift is be full of all sorts of voicing points?

Despite being a very strange gift, Alaya liked it very much. She watched her smile and collected the brush. I went to the last goal.

From the very beginning, Pandora has been quietly standing not far from us, her character can’t do anything like the little Bubbles and Della flying, but I can still get her almost unchanged expression. Read a little joy and expectation from the gift.

Sooner or later, I will be trained by this gimmick to have more insightful ability than the ace spy.

“This is my baby sister.”

I bent down, smiled and touched Pandora’s small head, and then took out a small blue hairpin. The other party heard the words “baby sister” and the face quickly became unrecognizable, and when I saw it in my hand. In the blue hairpin, her in the eyes was a little confused.

“Although I know that if you buy a War Theory book, you will be more happy, but I still think that the gift is too strange…”

I was thrown out of my mind when Pandora was holding a thick War Theory book until late at night.

Sure enough, it should be as good as possible to cultivate Pandora into a normal girl.

After watching it for a while, Pandora suddenly showed an unprecedented, sweet smile. I took the card from my hand and said happily: “My brother sent it, I like it…” and then gently tiptoe I also learned Little Bubbles’, and I put a kiss on my face. At the same time, I also vaguely heard such a low-pitched self-talk as “Can’t lose to the little girl”…

Although I have already said it, I still have to reiterate it: Sure enough, it is still Loli Oh!

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