Xiling Empire Chapter 95

Chapter 95โ€”The Power of Paladin

On the plain outside Layton City.

Agna just saw that I was scared when I appeared with a pair of big panda eyes. In order to express my unparalleled respect for Radiant God’s friends, he immediately came up and asked with concern: “Is it the accommodation I arranged for you?” Are you resting badly?”

In his view, a strong civilization ruler who can sit on the same level as the gods, it is quite normal to live in a palace that is not used to mortals, but he can’t understand why I am alone with big dark circles. And a few other girls are full of spirits.

“It’s okay,” I said, hitting Haha in the sky, then waved and said, “I just have a little sleeplessness.”

Insomnia, I didn’t sleep well for one night Oh!

Perhaps the sudden increase in the good feelings caused by the gift, the little Stickers, which was very sticky, showed a more sticky character after playing for a long time with crystal decoration. I even made a sleep with me that night. Amazing decision, this decision naturally received strong opposition from Qianqian’s, but no one thought that the most well-behaved Little Bubbles once decided to become the most difficult little brat, no matter how to persuade not to be as usual.ไน–ไน– Sleeping, finally considering that Little Bubbles is just a child who left the mother, this is also a forifiable thing, Qianqian finally reluctantly agreed, didnโ€™t expect Little Bubbles, the problem has just been solved, the second trouble Published.

It turned out to be Pandora…

It turned out to be the least likely Pandora!

This feeling is like a film and television drama that is shoddy and brain-destroyed. In the first half of the silent half-stage, the perennial Passer-by A character suddenly changes in the second half, and it becomes a world-changing world. The road heroes gather to fight against the ultimate villain big boss, from the audience to the protagonist will have a feeling of being overwhelmed.

If there is anything on the World that can make Pandora such a little brat that is indifferent to everything, then it only happens suddenly and steals half of her lollipop quota and half of her brother’s little Bubbles.

With a rather tough attitude, Pandora forced her bed into my room and went directly to the โ€œdissuasion modeโ€ that did not receive any outside information.

In this regard, even Qianqian and her sister felt that there was no way.

None of them are willing to talk to Pandora or Little Bubbles. In other words, the only thing they are willing to bully is me…

Although both of them are Lolita that are not developed at all, although they are just the equivalent of Younger Sister’s for me, although the mentality of one of them is even stronger than that of the three-year-old, though… even if there are so many, though I still couldn’t sleep Oh for one night!!

Itโ€™s not that I really have any evil thoughts about them, but Pandora and Little Bubbles are constantly tossing all night, first Little Bubbles wrap me around to tell her stories, then Pandora wraps around to tell me stories, then Then they have disagreements because of who should be assigned to more lolipops, and then… it is unreasonable to squat each other, although it is only a small conflict between two Little Girl, but that is enough Destroy my sleep…

So now I am in front of everyone with the shape of national treasure.

Little Bubbles and Pandora seem to realize that their own suffocation has caused bad consequences. Now, I am still standing behind me, looking at my baby. But to be honest, I donโ€™t care at all. On the contrary, because Pandora suddenly shows that the normal Little Girl should be childish and happy – of course, if they can play in a different way, it will be more perfect.

When I heard that I didn’t have a problem, Agna didn’t ask for anything, so I ordered my experts in this area to be prepared.

Prior to this, Agna had done the job of confidentiality on the spot, not only sending troops to disperse the civilians that might pass nearby, but also letting a dozen Magister-class Court Mage release an enommous Illusion Spell enchantment covering the entire small plain. Therefore, he did not worry at all that the military exercise would disturb the civilians.

However, I doubt very much whether the rudimentary Illusion Spell enchantment can withstand the impact of space guns and various Xiling energy weapons…

It is said that it is the exchange of strength, but the main purpose is to show their strongest combat power. It is superficial to say that the cooperation between them is the same. In the final analysis, Oddo Empire’s ruler hopes to witness Xiling Apostle’s formidable strength. As long as you don’t see it, Oddo Empire’s ruler can’t fully believe that we can really block tens of thousands of Demonized Creatures and a source of Demons that can kill a small country, even if Agna is willing to trust us, if we can’t show enough Strong strength, I am afraid that his generals and ministers will not agree to hand over the future of the entire country to a group of strangers who are suspicious.

Under the command of several commanders, the Oddo Empire’s most proud royal guard, the Iron Cross Paladin, quickly assembled and formed a neat square before us.

I have to admit that I can be called the first military force of Oddo Empire. The Iron Cross is indeed a well-trained elite. The two thousand people gathered in front of us are wearing a heavy silver full body armor with only a pair of eyes. On the left is a half-length shield made entirely by Profound Iron. The right hand is a one-and-a-half-meter silver Profound Iron hammer. Since the density of Profound Iron is larger than that of ordinary steel, the whole body equipment is said to have a full weight of half a ton. If not every soldier of the Iron Cross has the power of the holy light, and can use the strong light to strengthen the body to greatly enhance his physical strength, it is impossible for Human Race to use this powerful but powerful equipment. .

This is also the power of the Iron Cross, each of them has a holy light.

Although the holy light is far from match for living thing, it is also a force that can be revived. Although the soldiers spend most of their time on physical exercise, it is impossible to master the magic of too high, but Even the simplest intensification and Healing Spell can be used to make an ordinary warrior play amazingly on the battlefield.

Think about it, a fighter with all the heavy armor and heavy shields, each with amazing close combat attack and defense capabilities, and when you can’t easily get a little damage through the armor made of their steel plates, they Healing Spell can quickly respond to the injury. When you plan to fight with them, they can use their own light power to regain their strength. What’s more, the holy light power is derived from the power of faith. The consumption is almost negligible. A faithful Iron Cross Warrior can even fight for three days and three nights in a high-intensity battle with the support of holy light…

Can fight can add resistance, Trinity of DPS, Healer, and Tank, this will be awkward… cough cough, powerful force Oh!

Under the direction of the ambassador, Paladins first demonstrated the simplest array and fighting skills. The weight of the heavy Armored Armored has not affected the action of these knights. The enormous hammer and shield waved the tiger in their hands. The tiger is windy, like a feather, and the white light of the holy light floats on the armor, making these tall warriors like the might of War God.

Then, thousands of captured Demonized Creatures were released.

Thousands of Demonized Creatures, although there are no formidable units such as rotten dragons, but all are mid-level Monsters, placed in front of other troops, without the help of city defense buildings and Mage’s, it is enough to make tens of thousands of elite warriors The whole army was annihilated, but in front of these Paladin, they only insisted on less than 30 minutes!

Each time the heavy warhammer is swung, a Demonized Creature will be severely wounded, and then the strong great holy light will come from their wounds into the body, thoroughly purifying Abyss power from the inside. These Demonized Creatures turned into a dark gray in the wailing.

At the same time, it was able to resist Abyss Corossion’s Profound Iron heavy-armored with the support of holy light. It also completely resisted the attack of Demonized Creature. It can erode the other’s abyss energy from the flesh to the spirit. Paladins, if it is a dozen Demonized Creatures, may also make a Paladin corroded, but Monster, which has burned his brain, obviously has no such intelligence.

When all the Monsters were wiped out, Agna nodded to me with a proud look.

No wonder Oddo Empire can resist the abyss’ attack. Compared to the living thing, which is more than the nature of attack, holy light is more suitable for this kind of frontal battlefield. I roughly analyzed it. These powerful Paladins already have Ordinary Xiling Soldier competes for qualifications, but that’s all. They and the Xiling Empire’s army still have no comparability. After all, Paladin’s training is quite difficult and time consuming, while the normal Xiling Soldier can be produced from the assembly line, more important. Paladin is arguably the best level of fighting strength in the world except for the Monsters, and the unscrupulous ordinary Xiling Soldier is a bullet-like consumable for Empire.

Despite this, the strength of these Paladins is worthy of recognition. They are enough to fight against the usual Abyss power. The abyss that needs the Xiling Empire army is still very few.

Even more gratifying, because Alaya โ€œteachingโ€ Pope Mellon’s, the stubborn old man finally agreed to unite with Goddess of Life to resist the invasion of the abyss, and finally did not waste the trouble job of Paladin.

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