Xiling Empire Chapter 953

There is something we have always known, but no one is willing to mention. It is only in special circumstances that I will discuss with Shandora, that is, how much the crazy Fallen Apostles caused after the Old Empire was destroyed. Sin.

No one wants to watch his former comrades fall from a glory warrior into a ferocious and distorted executioner, especially for the Xiling Apostle, which regards the destruction of the abyss and glorious battle as a lifetime Supreme honor, controlled by Abyss power. The slaughter of former comrades or other warriors against the abyss is the biggest shame and dirty thing they can think of, so every time I talk about the demise of Old Empire, what Shandora is most reluctant to mention is the crazy Fallen. Apostles has destroyed a lot of Worlds in the same camp in the past – even if World is not a member of the huge group of leaders led by Empire, they are still enough to be called comrades by their actions against the abyss. However, after Xiling Apostle became a madman, these “comrades-in-arms” must have been the first to suffer.

The Old Empire is vast and dominates thousands of Worlds. These Worlds are not necessarily military zones. There are also a large number of colonial universes, resources World, logistics World, or simply vassal worlds. Old Empire has a number of these universes. Endless military stations and Universe fortresses. In the past, these military stations were the strong defenses to protect the Universe. One World was peacefully developed by Empire’s military station. No matter how militaryly the Empire was ruthless, the civilians in World were in the eyes. At least these military stations are symbols of peaceful survival.

However, with the outbreak of the catastrophe, the former guardian instantly became the demon of the massacre, and the disaster spread from these former moments or the station of the Great Wall of Steel.

Countless Worlds were destroyed in the fire of Fallen Apostles, and the magnificent kingdom built by Old Empire with billions of years of time collapsed at an incredible speed, a large number of dependency races were killed and galaxies were ignited. The universe is deleted… Almost all cross-World channels are under the control of Empire. The normal race in the universe has almost no chance of escaping the birth. Even worse, some weak races are also under the influence of Abyss power. Monster, embark on the path of destroying others and self-destruction. This is a swift and desperate chain reaction, almost in the evening. Everything turned into a wreckage under the abyss of the timeless broadcast to the entire Empire network. Just like the land that Shandora used to rule, leaving only the bleak and distorted space fortress and broken starship between the universes, and the descendants of the very few vassal races that survived the disaster, almost revived from the primitives, and their A twisted story that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Of course, this devastating storm destroyed only Empire. In the many worlds near the Empire ruling region, this earth-shattering disaster produced almost as much impact as Empire: the Fallen Apostles that destroyed its own country did not stop. After they found that there was no material World to destroy in their sights, they decisively turned their attention to other Worlds in memory – those who did not join the Empire camp. Fight the abyss or remain neutral in the third camp.

Because the huge changes that took place in Empire are too fast, and Empire itself has imposed an extremely strict military blockade on its ruling region, no one knows what happened in the days when the unprecedented powerful civilization suddenly went silent, even with The Empire ruling region borders directly, and in normally there is even ordinary civilization with the latter. I can’t imagine what a terrible scene was happening across from the World Channel, which suddenly fell silent in a noisy scene. When the “Empire Army” dark battleship rushed out of the void and fired artillery and death on every innocent World that appeared in their sight, all the affected civilizations were confused. They simply reacted to what’s going on, and the end of the day came so quickly that many civilizations were rushing to the end of World in a puzzled and painless…

Some of the remaining reactions are powerful high-level civilizations, vast expansive, abyss indiscriminately attacking every orderly World, nature is not limited to God Clan and Xiling Empire’s territory, and the civilization against the abyss is certainly not only There are two camps, Star Domain and Xiling. Many powerful ordinary civilizations are also fighting against the abyss. The civilization that is qualified to fight against the abyss has at least reached the level that can cross the universe and modify the laws of mathematics. This kind of civilization faces Empire. The sudden attack, although it was immediately devastating, still insisted on a chance to breathe.

Fallen Apostles, who madly attacked other Worlds, was slightly hindered in the face of these powerful stragglers, so they had the later Ghost fleets – they all seized the last line of life from the end of the World. The Universe escapes the survivors of the birth day.

After all, even if the third camp’s ordinary civilization strength is stronger, it can’t be compared with the huge monster of Xiling Empire, especially a group of crazy Empire soldiers who have already burned their brains seriously. Under the almost frantic attack of Fallen Apostles, no matter how much. The powerful defenses couldn’t last long, and the World Independence Army, which had rushed to fight against it, did not have to resist the front line and had to start arranging the fleet cover. The last survivor fled the universe.

This is a great evacuation of many Worlds at the same time, and countless void escape fleets have fought in the battle of Fallen Apostles, the homeland universe that is on the verge of collapse, and heading into the same sinister void. Among them, these escape fleets are huge, but the number of them is rapidly declining. The reduction of the enormous is not only because of the pursuit of Fallen Apostles, but the more important reason is the sinisterity of void: many voidization masters of the navigation technology are not mature, they Perhaps with the void as a bridge, jumping into another World’s ability, but there is absolutely no heaven defying science and technology in the long-term survival of the void, but the situation is that almost every World they can find is already covered in Fallen Apostles. Under the gunfire, no World in the navigation map of the battleship is safe. No matter where the escape fleet is parked, only the fleet of Empire ships will be greeted.

And the same round of artillery fire.

Some of the escape fleets rushed into the universe they thought were relatively safe, and most of the fleets that made such choices were torn apart by Empire’s SuperSpace-Time firepower, while the rest were Wandering in void, slowly disintegrating when energy is exhausted.

In the end, I was able to maintain it for a long time in the void. I insisted that the exile spaceship that escaped the influence of Fallen Apostles was only less than the 10% of the original evacuation quantity, and almost all spaceships were severely damaged.

The parliament has told us this history. She was connected to the Starship database because of the variation of the living thing. She had almost no emotional fluctuations when she talked about these things, just like a straightforward story.

“The fleet of fugitives has spent nearly a thousand years escaping from the Empire Army. The survivors are less than one-tenth of the time of departure. Some of the fleets are already unsustainable. The large units have no redundant starships and resources to continue to support them. They can only Before the disintegration of the starship, the adventure into the main material World, most of which fell into a desolate universe. Lack of resources and population. There is no extremely important basic industry, these dead but still lucky exiles in a hurry to find a new home from scratch Their own civilization. They used the only void equipment on the battleship and the large units still on the wandering journey to maintain contact for up to a thousand years. The final record shows that many of them have fallen into planetary civilization, and some It was destroyed by the Universe environment. The remaining fugitives continued to wander in the void, because no one knows how long the Empire Army will kill, you… they never know what to give up, face such an army, no one dares to stop In the footsteps, the Yu Nade was completely after the termination of communication with the last batch of starships. Integration. Produced a parliament. Otherwise departure once we hit hard by the Empire Army will also become one of the stragglers.

“Wandering for quite a long time, even the most powerful civilization began to run out of resources. There are fewer and fewer star ships that can continue to operate. Although the Empire warships seem to have given up, the wandering fleet is about to be swallowed up by void. Once the huge starship cluster was integrated again and again, the last remaining only five combined fleets, the five Supreme Commander finally decided to split the action. Endless drifting to the void ‘quadrant’ that five people never explored until the whole When the fleet resources are exhausted, they will be separated from the void. When they fall into a universe, they will be completely handed over to fate. We firmly believe that void is vast and there is always a ‘quadrant’ that is a safe area that Empire can’t find.

“After that, after tens of thousands of years, although the five fleets have been split, we still do everything possible to keep in touch. During this period, the fleet – the fourth joint fleet carried out the largest and most risky Reorganization: Abandoning all of their respective warships and using all of the remaining resources to support the formation of the Toberu Starship. The Toberu, or the Toberu high level Zerg, is the Supreme science and technology and productivity in the fleet. Civilization, they are also the only living thing body with Psionic talent. When the fleet efficiency is found to be lower and lower, and the sustainability of the void is zero, the parliament judges that only Toberu is not afraid of Psionic radiation, and has mastered void. The laboratory technology’s living thing can reinvigorate the group’s development. Extend the fleet’s life time as much as possible, and the final result is as you can see. The wandering fleet has only one spaceship, which is the Toberu star ship. This is the first. The history of the four joint fleets.”

I was silent for a while and whispered: “There are four fleets, they are now…”

In fact, this question does not need to be asked, because the previous juvenile soldiers have revealed the ending of several other fleets.

β€œThe first, second, and third fleets suffered the Empire Army and were destroyed.” The parliament’s face flashed a bit of pain, but it quickly recovered. β€œThe fifth fleet was unclear, and only the fourth and fifth fleets survived. We continued to communicate until six hundred years ago, when they had wandered to the far-flung areas of the void that no one had ever arrived, in a large, desolate world where the communication was intensive, and the communication between us was intermittent. After staying for more than ten years, I finally lost contact. I don’t know if they still exist. I hope they will still survive. The final fleet of the Fifth Fleet is almost twice that of the Fourth Fleet. Maybe they will succeed.”

“In other words, within the currently known void range, you are the only remaining exile.”

Shandora sighed softly and looked at the parliament in a complex look.

The other party is silently nodded.

“Right, I still think of one thing,” I suddenly remembered a detail that I had some care about before. “When I came over, I saw some Empire tags in your fortress, the remaining Empire devices, etc., what’s going on Is the Fallen Apostles battleship you captured in the crossfire?”

“No, they are what the ‘remains’ bring.” The parliament shook his head. “Although the Empire Army is our deadly enemy, we have to admit that their science and technology far exceed the joint fleet, in order to survive. We will use Everything you can use, including the enemy’s weapon.”

“Remains?” The sister could not help repeating the word. “What are the survivors?”

The parliament closed its eyes: “It was once the Empire of the Empire. When the catastrophe occurred, the Empire soldiers attacked all the targets, including their original servants, but in general, the Empire Yi has a very sophisticated void sailing science and technology. Science and technology directly from the Empire, so that they can have a higher chance of escape, many Empire Yi people escaped from the Empire territory, they carry a lot of science and technology and battleships. Converged with the joint fleet together. At first, between us A short battle broke out, and then we understood a little bit about what happened in the Xiling Empire. The battle ended and the two sides formed an alliance. The Empire equipment they brought was used to enrich the joint fleet’s material warehouse.”

The interpretation of the parliament made me realize that it is no wonder that the stars in the fortress will see the traces of Empire. It seems that at the time of the catastrophe, not all vassal races were as bad as those of Mobado World. Some of the science and technology itself is very powerful, and the vassal races that have a large number of Empire equipments have escaped from the ascension, and then they merged with the fugitive fleet. I think those of the Empire’s legacy in the early days of the joint fleet must be very embarrassing.

My guess was immediately confirmed by the parliament: although the descendants of the Empire’s survivors are no longer discriminated against in the joint fleet, in the early days, there was a conflict between the Empire’s survivors and the exiles. Mainly from the latter’s hatred and fear of Fallen Apostles, and once regarded as the emperor of Empire’s minions, they were regarded as the spokesperson of Demon. This conflict has lasted for nearly a thousand years until basically all the first generation of Empire survivors and exiles The people have driven to the west, and after the efforts of several generations of new citizens, the relationship between the two sides has been greatly eased. The Empire’s survivors have extended their joint fleet’s life time in void by using their own void science and technology. The exiles are working hard to help the survivors correct their science and technology trees and reshape their developmentability – we all know that under the control of Empire’s intentional and unintentional technical shackles, the dependency races basically put science and technology in the tree. Oh, once you get rid of Empire “transfusion”, it won’t take long before they will become Group only know that primitive press the switch on ready-made machine tools.

As far as the Ghost fleet is concerned, we have already understood it. Shandora has been slightly indulged and said: “Basically I understand, then about our information – how do you see it?”

“The credibility is less than 100%, but we don’t think it doesn’t make much sense.” The parliament, as always, is a bachelor, and she has dared to go out like a narrative. “The current joint fleet cannot act on the Empire Army.” How much impact we have, we can only guarantee an absolute counterattack when you launch an offense.”

“In other words, as long as we don’t attack you, you won’t get into trouble, right?”

Shandora asked gently, and immediately got a positive answer from the parliament: “There is no need to hide on this issue, and the joint fleet has not taken the initiative to attack the Empire Army.”

“Hey, what are you going to do in the future?” Young Lady Lin, who remained silent, suddenly spoke up. “Will you continue to wander?”

“If you can, the fourth joint fleet will continue to wander, we will continue to drift to the depths of the void until we have to stop. Of course, the premise is that you can really let us go.”

“I’m afraid I have a bad news to tell you,” Lilina suddenly groaned and shouted. “After a few years of silence, Fallen Apostles has actually resumed action. You are now in the place of Fallen. Apostles’ range of attacks – you are still alive until now, because at the same time is also the territory of the Star Domain God Clan’s surveillance area and the new Empire. In other words, if the exile fleet continues to move forward, once it leaves the Empire and Star Domain’s line of sight, you will immediately be attacked by Fallen Apostles – just like the one that left home many years ago.”

I have to say that the psychoorigin guy is not the same, Lilina’s mouth suddenly pokes to people’s scars.

The parliament immediately fell into a state of entanglement. Obviously, the logical judgment told her that the credibility of the words spoken by our group was relatively high. However, another logical judgment also told her that even one percent of the things related to Empire were The mistake is also a fatal factor. Even if our family’s credibility in her mind reaches 99.9, then there is still a 0.1% untrustworthy enough for her to think for a long time. Qianqian is an acute child, look at each other. I started to calculate it again. I didn’t make up my mind for a long time. I immediately rubbed my ankles: β€œI’m still wandering around Oh! It’s so dangerous outside! Our home is big, you can live Oh!”

Qianqian, who is the mother of Empire, is now bullish. It is clear that she can satisfy her as long as she has a three-bedroom apartment. Now she dares to swear to others!

“The ultimate goal of the exile fleet is to find a stable home,” I tried to be sympathetic to the parliament, although I don’t know if the other’s emotional model is the same as ordinary people. Anyway, I am very sincere, “Although I I don’t dare to say that the new Empire is absolutely safe, but at least safer than void. Fallen Apostles has indeed re-activated. In this case, it continues to wander, and still leads so many aging aging, even the Ghost boat wandering that the occupants can’t get together. It’s really a disaster at any time.”

“Xiling Apostle’s Emperor, do you mean that the joint fleet should be placed in the territory of your Empire?”

There was no expression on the face of the parliament, just a very serious tone.

At this moment, I also found that I might have said that I had lost something. This invitation was not seen by myself. It seemed to be too sensational to the occupants of the exiled fleet. Don’t say anything else. After the end of World War II, you let a Jew borrow. Trying to live in the old Nazi family, whoever brains the brain the next day is a natural phenomenon…

But at this time, I can’t take it back. I can only nod my head and nod my head. I hope that the super wisdom of the tens of thousands of souls of the parliament can think in pure logic. This thing can’t be accepted emotionally, but If I calculate it logically, I really can’t find a safer way out.

After waiting for ten minutes, the parliament seemed to have finally completed her logical operation. She nodded reluctantly in the eyes we were expecting, but also said: “I can pass this proposal, but then I will put all the information. Broadcasting the entire joint fleet, their future, let them decide for themselves.” (To be continued)

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