Xiling Empire Chapter 958

The ninth fifty-eighth chapter sent the courier

When I arrived at Sylvia’s dessert lodge with Shandora, the latter was busy picking up the counters. It seemed that I had just sent away a group of customers, and I could see Sylvia’s homemade self-made coolie on the console near the counter. With the tools, the tools are not cleaned, and the brightly colored jam is on them.

Sylvia’s shop is just always lingering in a quiet atmosphere, but it is absolutely not completely untouched. The mass-produced Bubbles in the military camp and the Misaka sisters outside a few streets, as well as the development of the World, the Emperor There are more and more World Bear children in the college. These are the loyal customers who frequent the store. Although the number is small, it also brings a little prestige and popularity to this magical “forbidden store”, let Sylvia You don’t need to rely on the subsistence allowance to eat enough. Usually, around 10 am every day, it is time for the Bubbles to change jobs in the military camp. At this moment, Sylvia’s shop will always send a few waves to Xiling Host. The behavior pattern is a bit strange. The mass production host has a simple life. Even if there is a “sweet food” that is completely different from the normal production machine, they just come here to choose some of the cheapest cakes or sweets. I have encountered it several times. The production machine squatted at the counter and waited for Sylvia to pack some of the most common white cream cakes, but today it seems a bit different – Sylvia’s console has on-site processing Homemade point tools will be used, but she also uses the best jam, which is obviously just had a big project.

As for how I judged it was the best jam – because if it wasn’t for me, then Shandora had already rushed to clean the counter.

“Hey, is Innate looking good today?”

Originally, I was still full of ideas to greet Bellavilla to discuss things. As soon as I came to this store, I was in a hurry and calmed down. In addition to the reincarnation of the Ghosts, Shantora became more and more In addition to restlessness, I did not hesitate to say hello to Sylvia: This is a magical sister. Her considerable size is a quiet halo near the law level. I have good reason to believe that this head is going to At the last stop in the Pacific, the second year of the world’s monsoon may stop…

“Small, just came a few production consoles, named the best carved cake, and wrote some words on it with jam. I have been busy for a long time to get it,” Silver-haired young girl cleaned up the counter with his hands and feet. Then I put the bunch of coolie into the portable space, and said in the mouth like excitedly, then poured a glass of water on her, and smiled at us. “I am Bellavilla – Sylvia, you are not I don’t know, when she finished the refined cake for 20 people, the mass production machine was almost half starved. When the guests came, she asked for help.”

Shandora, who was still licking his teeth in the last second, immediately reorganized his expression and made a serious look. His face was as serious as a female diplomat who was preparing to meet hundreds of national ambassadors, sitting in her usual seat on Bellavie. Pulling a slight dagger – I can’t stand it anymore. Do you dare to take your eyes off the counter?

“Okay, you,” Bellavilla had walked through the back of the counter for hundreds of times and quickly took out a lot of ready-made snacks, and used objects to send them directly to Shandora. “I saw you just as soon as I came in.” And, at this moment, what else do you pretend, we are all Emperor… well, although I am retired.”

“To tell the truth, you want me and Shandora to give you a ticket to the army and a bunch of colonies immediately. Now that Empire is nervous, we can’t wait to get out of a skilled worker like you to help.”

I said with great sincerity that there is no adulteration in the discourse: the Empire leadership has been in a state of tension, the colony is getting bigger and bigger, and the World of Empire’s direct jurisdiction has increased to nearly double digits (except for the civilization community). Beyond the high development of World, there are several new universes that are scanned by the command, because of the rich resources and low degree of overall civilization, which has been classified as Empire Territory), and there is still a lot of trouble in the recovery of Empire. Dealing with, I can only count one and a half of the workforce with Shandora. – Shandora is a half-player, I can round it off…

In this case, if you can come to a familiar Empire, the former Empire Emperor with full ruling experience is too snowy, and Bellavilla is a pretty good guy, although she used to be a Fallen Apostles, but I Don’t worry about this – Shandora is still half abyss now, I am very confident about my halo.

“Don’t, it’s hard for me to live a life so easy. It’s very interesting to open a shop next to the military camp to sell snacks and candy.” Bellavilla quickly waved his hand as I expected. “And who can accept one with Shandora? Give yourself six days of Emperor every week? Don’t forget that my current owner is Sylvia, she has to take power…”

I thought about it and couldn’t help but take a nap: “It might be similar to Qianqian’s Time Stop.”

“Okay, I don’t want to continue this topic. You should have a major incident at this time?” Bellavilla glanced at Shandora with a glance. “After all, there is still a little bit of lunch.” .”

Shandora suddenly looked at the black belly and looked up at Bella Vera, who dared to vomit. The latter looked back without fear. I found that as her soul gradually recovered, Bellavilla’s temperament was coming. The more lively, the younger she was, the black belly and the provocative character, so she quickly reached out and persuaded: “You two don’t compete on this topic – Shandora, you don’t care about your own food, think about yourself as the Earth economy. Contributing to the cleanliness of the kitchen, you are also Bellaira. This store is specially approved by us. You are not afraid that Shandora will give you the rent and the water and electricity fee Ah?”

As a result, Bellavilla collapsed in an instant: “For you, you can use the rent to get the former Empire Queen. I don’t think I can get a second one. What are you doing?”

Just like a joke, I and Shandora quickly said the previous speculation about the “timetable”, mainly the history of Fallen Apostles from the collapse of Old Empire, of course, if she knew that it was almost the same time as Fallen Apostles. Awakening is even better.

“Timetable… After connecting these things in tandem, it seems that there is such a rule.” Bellavilla lazily leaned on the small rattan chair sitting beside the window and glanced at me with a smile. “Old A lot of things after the collapse of Empire are messy, my memory is not very clear, there is only one main line that can be determined: the initially infected Xiling Apostle is in a state of extreme chaos, and the old guys who I built the library in that year are Because of the strength of the individual, which guarantees the sobriety of the first few decades, when the last surviving leader, Apostle, established the sanctuary, those who could not control it were attacking their own territory, and then proceeded to the library’s plan. Failure, our top-ranking Apostle is gradually getting crazy. After a long period of time, I have no clear memory, and when we wake up as Fallen Apostles, the time should have arrived. The end of the millennium chase – in other words, the reason why the exile fleet escaped from Fallen Apostles was because Fallen Apostles frenzy is being gradually restored thinking ability. “

“From a group of madmen who don’t think about to a group of cool and cruel lunatics.”

Shandora said faintly.

“Generally accurate,” Bellavilla said in favor of nodded, “That’s it.”

“What are you doing in the next few days?” Shandora looked at Bellavilla seriously. “If you were in the Old Empire, after a thousand to two thousand years, you recovered your mind with the state of Fallen Apostles. It’s been a long time since the new Empire has recovered. Did you have any action during this time?”

Bellavilla’s face slowly changed. She was trying to think about the time that was not sober, and then slowly said: “It is a strange state, we have the wisdom, but there is almost no action, it is like There are things that are blocking the thinking of all Fallen Apostles. We are still active, but rarely leave the inner chaos left after the collapse of Old Empire. Occasionally we will be commanded to send some small fleets. The mission goal is unknown. Going around in the void and then hurried back… It’s like…”

“It’s like the whole race is a sleepwalking.” Shandora used a word to accurately summarize the weird state of Bellavilla’s mouth. The latter immediately nodded again and again: “Yes, it’s sleepwalking! We seem to be sober, but we don’t know what to do, This state was very serious at first, as if the entire race was dead, and then slowly ‘normal’. As for this state, all Fallen Apostles began to systematically perform various large tasks, as well as the gods. The beginning of the great cause, or a hundred or two years before the new Empire awakened… This is almost the same time as Chen became Emperor.”

… I can’t accept this guy who doesn’t take hundreds of years to take care of it. Don’t take a hundred years of bad light Oh!

Although I am not qualified to say that I am now.

“I suddenly thought of a very important question,” Shandora sighed. “When did you mention the ‘the grown-up’, the behind-the-scenes behind the entire Fallen Apostles camp, when did it appear?”

My eyes suddenly swayed – mother-in-law, this question myself did not’t expect?

Then there was a cold body, and a very bad guess suddenly emerged. My heart said that it would not be so bloody: if the so-called adult happens to appear in a hundred or two years before he wakes up, then this thing can happen instantly. People are scratching their hearts.

Bellavilla seems to have guessed what I was thinking, sweeping with a provocative look here, and I almost decided to double the rent for this month. She only slowly said: “The voice in memory. Once appeared, after we recovered our minds with the state of Fallen Apostles, in other words, it has been many years since.”

Ok, my heart is relieved. It seems that the adult of the dishonest has nothing to do with himself… The amount is theoretically, and the words should be relieved. What is this awkward feeling?

“Specially wait until Fallen Apostles recovers his mind and then take over the power of Empire, or say—” Shandora and I looked at each other. “The so-called ‘adult man’ is why Fallen Apostles recovers from the frenzied state?”

“Who knows, ‘it’ is not right enough to be stuck at that point in time. Both situations are possible,” Bellavilla said, suddenly slumbering. “Let’s hurry, I am here.” The eyes glared at the past, and after a while Sylvia woke up, she had to die for both of you – up to three minutes, and I must pass after three minutes.”

I talked with Shandora and thought that I had nothing to ask, so I replied in unison: “Go to you!”

Bellavilla violently planned to protest, but because of the unloading, she just got up and half of her eyes and got confused. When she half-body leaned over the table, she closed her eyes and then slammed her head down as Sylvia. Shandora’s eyes quickly took away his cake and drink, and the unfortunate silver-haired mole slammed on the table.

The magical Sylvia has been smashed for five or six seconds, and I am waking up when I think about whether the other person is already fainting and ready to pour cold water on her. The silver-haired young girl who has been savvy before the moment has become The dull and awake expression, she saw a lot of plates next to Shandora, and immediately said her hands were miserable: “You – haven’t eaten Ah?”

Last time I led Shandora to have a meal here, Sylvia didn’t open for a whole week…

In the end, both Shandora and I were sent out by Sylvia’s tears. When she left, Shandora successfully swept the finished stock of the last stock in the store. If it wasn’t for me, Her Majesty the Queen might not even have the kitchen. The raw flour and egg paste were not allowed to let go. When she left, Sylvia’s face was obviously lucky for the rest of her life—because her counter was finally saved.

When we were ready to go to the small park for a walk and digestive digestion, we encountered a long-lost old friend on the corner of the street: a clear silver-white large metal ball.

The big ball floats in midair, and the surface is filled with red paint to say “front”, “top”, “moisture-proof”, “do not press” and “stacking layer: 5”. I grab it at first sight and then fill it up. The face said to the big iron ball in black line: “Bibru, who is this on your body?”

The big iron ball floating in the air floated up and down. It seemed to be greeting me with Shandora, and then snorted and replied: “The Archbishop Lilina said that these things can help me live in other races, but I always feel that something is wrong.”

I should have thought of…

“Is it still used to living in Shadow City?”

I haven’t seen Bieber for a few days. Although the other party has been living in Shadow City recently, his daily affairs are very busy. Since Fina stepped down from Queen, the predecessor of Biro, the predecessor of the kingdom, became the governing body of the civilization. Officials (70% of all the governing members of the Civilization Community are headed by the original leaders of the various races, and the remaining 30% are killed by the leaders of certain races in the Battle of the Big Nebula or as a form of Fina. And by the second hand of each race, Fina, who had made an extraordinary sacrifice for the freedom of the kingdom, lived in Avalon’s long-cherished pastoral life.

“Fortunately,” Bieber gently swayed the body. “I saw a horror movie a few days ago. I still have some restlessness. Maybe this is the reason for cultural differences. I really can’t understand why anyone would. Appreciate and love the things that are horrible.”

I am very curious: “The horror film? What are you looking at?”

As a result, I was embarrassed when the other party opened: he watched the snooker tournament for one night.

Of course, in the mouth of Bieber, the essence of this game is that two people use a stick to smash twenty-two balls. He expressed great fear of this – I am glad that he did not watch the World Cup, that is even more embarrassing, twenty Two people pick up a ball…

“Speaking, I may have a task here that is more suitable for you,” may be the tendency to worry about the country and the people in the recent past. I suddenly switched to the right thing without talking to the other party, watching Biberna clear. I can see that the other side is in line with my own requirements. “Is there any special foreign affairs officer who is interested in a period of time?”

“Foreign Officer?” Bieber was shaking around on the spot. “Is Empire having this kind of preparation?”

I thought about it, nodded: “Just there – mainly the recent fleet of exiles, you should have gotten the news.”

The information of the exile fleet is level b in the Empire information system. In addition to Xiling Apostle, the leaders of other vassal races also have Authority reading, and Biber is a special living thing. It can be hung on the Empire network, so I must know the things of the exile fleet.

After getting a positive answer from Biber, I said my intention: “You also know that the exile fleet is a very sensitive issue in Empire. Xiling Apostle is not directly in contact with them. Of course, they are not. I am willing to have deep contact with Empire. At least one or two generations of people can do nothing about it. Therefore, I hope that some people from the vassal race will be responsible for this. It is equivalent to a buffer middleman.”

Bieber is not a person who has been a prime minister. He understands this kind of thing and immediately understands what I mean.

“Your task is very simple, that is, to help them build their homes, to be familiar with the new environment, and then to subtly convey the situation of the new Empire to them,” I explained. “I hope that at least the exile fleet can be on the new Empire in recent years. There is a relatively correct cognition, at the same time, they have a good communication with Macro World’s ‘brotherization’.”

This process is simple to say. Since the exile fleet is not willing to make direct contact with the emperor, let them contact the new Empire’s vassal race, because some members of the exile fleet are the tributary of the Old Empire, so The latter should be easier to accept, and the new Empire’s dependency race has a kind of mutual help from the beginning. This kind of atmosphere was originally triggered by an accidental, but now it has become a landscape of the new Empire. – I believe that this atmosphere can greatly ease the nerves of the exile fleet, at least let them cross the “Xiling Empire” in the primary school textbooks…

Biber was very happy to agree with my request, and after getting permission from me and Shandora’s to set up the required manpower, while I was preparing to go back, Ice Teece was suddenly impatient in the spiritual connection. Communication.

“Chen! Hurry up home! God’s Domain Supreme Super Invincible Emergency Star Express will wait for a second to send a deadly courier – a letter from Father God! There is also a troublesome guy, you quickly help save the battle…”

(The decoration finally came to an end, barely got some time… This is a miracle. I haven’t even changed the decoration cycle for nearly two months. Is it a two-day break to celebrate… cough cough to adjust status?)


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