Xiling Empire Chapter 98

The ninety-eighth chapter of the circle drawn by the sister (on)

I can’t really set Tosca to death.

Although this guy really makes me very uncomfortable, it is a bit unnecessary to kill him, because in a certain way, Tosca only acts as a toy, just an object that I am teasing, and if If you really kill him in the name of a duel, you will still have the impression that the Xiling Empire Chief of state will be reported. The image is used as a small head of the street gangster, but it is in an Empire Chief of State is a shameful personality.

Of course, this doesn’t signify that I am too big to be hypocritical, so a little penalty is still there.

After this incident, no matter what kind of background Tosca has, his future has been completely finished, I am afraid that his future will not be much better than a homeless tramp.

Even if William saved his life, Agna couldn’t possibly ruin the idiot that almost broke the big thing.

Looking at Tosca, who had a desperate look in front of him, and William, who had a dark face beside him, I finally decided to let him go.

“Forget it, I just wanted to let this arrogant youngster accept a lesson.” I waved my hand and stood there in an old-fashioned manner. The temperament of peerless expert was flying around in my imagination. “I hope he can Remember, humility and caution are qualities that should be maintained at all times.”

Qianqian, sister, Shandora gave me a white eye neatly.

William stunned. It seemed that some people didn’t believe that I would have let go of Tosca, which seriously offended the majesty of Xiling Empire. After a while, he finally realized that he had not heard the mistake and immediately said excitedly: “Thank you! Kindness Xiling Emperor, sure enough, only with the quality you have can be equal to Radiant God…”

I was too lazy to listen to him and continued to flatter, so I waved my hand and said that I was impatient. William, who was going to continue shooting, immediately closed his mouth with interest.

“Well, the things that should be done now are all done. Obviously, we don’t need the support of Human Race power at all. Then according to the plan I proposed before, the enemy’s East Road army will hand you over to me, my and my. How about the partners who concentrated on the enemy’s West Road army and the hidden main force?”

There is no doubt that the amount of tension that Pandora and Qianqian showed just now is witnessed by many of the upper layers of Oddo Empire. If they had some doubts and rejections about Xiling Apostle, then this idea is no longer there, even if I don’t care about the face problem, I think that even someone will calculate the heavy responsibility of letting us take over the abyss…

If you think about it carefully, it is really a strange thing. It is obviously that we have to come to help, but we have to go through such troublesome things. So, what I hate most is the stubborn religious ……

The biggest feature of Demonized Creature is that they don’t need rest at all, no fatigue and fear, and they don’t ask for any injury or subsidy or increase the treatment. As long as the Abyss power with the body is not dispelled, it can always be active. The Monster army, which can stay up all night and not eat or drink, is a very fast pace. They were only occasionally appearing on the edge of Pandora’s alert radar a few days ago, and now they are close to the Oddo Empire’s border.

We are now stationed on an unnamed highland on the Oddo border, ready to face the enemies that are about to enter the attack range.

Considering the horror attack power of our main force dps and the long-range combat mode of the whole army, once the battle with the Monster army will definitely affect a large range of Human Race towns, we have to choose to be stationed in the wilderness – resentment. Resentment…

“If the Bubbles are there, it would be fine.”

I watched the surroundings from the ornamental to the precision to the sturdy wall that was completely out of standard and the “table” in front of it, I couldn’t help complaining.

As a special evolving Xiling Host, Little Bubbles has the learning, creativity and independence that ordinary copybooks don’t have. This signify can also be the same as her mother’s Bubbles to produce the next generation Xiling Host’s mother machine. Not a one-time replica, but correspondingly, she also has her own shortcomings – her growth process is too slow, even faster than the average Human Race toddler.

Xiling Host, which was copied in the usual way, is mentally retarded and has no creativity, but they have mastered the full Xiling architectural blueprint in their lifetime, and can start working immediately like a computer with pre-installed office software, but Little Bubbles is different. Although there are a lot of blueprints in her little brain, the mentality of her three-year-old boy can’t grasp such a profound thing. In other words, now Little Bubbles doesn’t have a Xiling Host’s function.

This can be seen from the 45Β° tilting defense tower outside the barracks and barracks where we live now, which is powerful but can be overhauled every time the attack is completed.

Tragedy, tragedy…


Little Bubbles curled up in my arms, grievously making an unspeakable cry, and then the little head arched again.

Sure enough, it is too reluctant to let a child who can’t even talk to knock on the front line.

I licked Little Bubbles’ head and then reiterated my point: “I still think I should send Little Bubbles back. She is too young and it is a little dangerous to get on the battlefield.”

Shandora shook his head and said: “Don’t underestimate Xiling Host, she is small, it is okay to build a few individual turrets, and she also has the ultimate life-saving skills, at first, scared, no danger.”

I know very well that Shandora is justified. I just think that a big Girl like this is really strange. But in the next second, Pandora squeezed Little Bubbles aside and got into my arms. I suddenly I think that in the Xiling Empire, the creature’s fighting strength is very formidable…

It took me a lot of work to calm down the two Lolita who squeezed each other out of their arms and suddenly noticed that the sister sitting at the other side of the table seemed to be writing something.

Is it my illusion? Why do I seem to see Elder Sister’s behind him with a real black grievance? What is the sinister smile that the sister appeared from time to time as if the old witch in the cartoon stirred the poison pot? Ah?

At this moment, others noticed the situation on the sister’s side, and then everyone including Shandora was neatly squatting. I was still counting the house. There are a few holes in the house. Della is even more Drilled into my collar.

Although my sister is now resentful, is it necessary to be so exaggerated?


The sister suddenly screamed happily, and the cold grievances of the surroundings were swept away, and then she walked over to us with her masterpiece.

Finally, I can relax.

My sister obviously didn’t know how big her radiation range was. She just put a blank piece of paper that I just finished in front of us.

Oh, it’s not white now, because there’s something on every piece of paper.

Circles, many circles…

“Burning?” I said the only thing that my poor imagination can think of. To be honest, I am really hungry.

My sister smashed a chestnut on my head, and then proudly held the piece of paper and said: “This is the secret weapon I prepared – the disaster beacon!”

A good name, but it seems to be full of funny meaning on a white sheet full of circles.

Seeing a few of our weird expressions, my sister was very dissatisfied with a frown, then dragged me and went out, at the same time, ordered: “Follow me!”, everyone immediately followed, to see See what great results the sister has developed.

There is a small open space outside our temporary station, which is suitable for experimentation. The sister took a piece from the so-called disaster beacon, laid it on a stone, and then pulled us back.

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