Xuanhuan Reading System Chapter 841

The warlord looked toward towards Lingyue’s infatuated appearance, and could not help but smiled: “Hey, everyone is gone, how long are you going to watch here?”

Lingyue 婉earing this, the white face of the pretty face once again floated a touch of red glow, the dagger was slightly low: “What do you say to the father, how can anyone…”

For a time, there was no sophistry. Ling Yuexi had to sneak in the lotus, and turned and covered his face and fled back to the government.

The war king saw it, just shook the head, talking to a bitter smile: “daughter, if you really like him, then you have to double the effort of cultivating, only then can you qualify Real happiness…”

Yun Fan, alone, walked out of the Star City, along the road, moved towards the direction of the Zhan.

The person who listened to the Wangfu said that the Zhan had built a city alone in the place not far from the Star City, and named it “Zhancheng.”

The purpose of Yun Fan’s trip is here!

Yun Fan flew in the air, just passing by another city – the Wild City.

Compared to the Star City, the city is a little smaller, but the city is still tall and majestic.

“Stand up! Where are you going?”

The guard at the door stopped Yun Fan’s way.

Yun Fan did not speak, but directly raised the golden token in his hand.

The defending guards saw this token and could not help but scare the complexion deathly pale and quickly bowed to the ground.

Yun Fan didn’t even look at it, but went straight.

People around the road, seeing this scene are stunned, have speculated that what the boy has come up with in front of him, is actually to make the defending city guards scared.

“That, that is the dominating token!”

The guards who crouched on the ground, after seeing Yun Fan, were look at each other in dismay’s look towards each other. I don’t know why the star of the wild star is in the hands of a teenager.

However, the star of the wild star has already been ordered, and those who dominate the token, as seen in this Venerable, are so shocked.

After Yun Fan entered the city, he first strolled around the city.

Although the city is much smaller than the Star City, the bustling degree is not as good as the Star City, but it is much stronger than any city of the Primordial Continent.

Yun Fan made up his mind and, after going back, must let his people live in a bigger and more prosperous city.

Just as Yun Fan walked to the center of the city, he heard a scream of screaming in the distance, and mixed with some fists.

Yun Fan frowned, turned to look at the past, but found that there are many people around.

However, most people are watching the lively, constantly whispering.

Yun Fan curiously walked over, but found that a middle-aged man and a teenager who was younger than himself were being kicked and kicked by more than a dozen robot man stopped.

The middle-aged man struggled to keep the boy under his body, so that all the fists around him fell on their bodies.

The clothes on them are the broken pieces. Under the kicking and kicking, the clothes on the body are more ruined.

At this time, just a team of the Central Guards patrolled here, and after discovering the situation here, rushed over to check the situation.

However, when Yun Fan thought that the farce would be over, it was discovered that the patrol Captain was a complexion change after the squad of Captain whispered by the squad leader. With his subordinate, he left quickly, as if he didn’t see everything happening here.

“Smelly wants to eat, dare to steal our Haiweilou, come to me and fight, kill!”

After seeing the patrol guards leave, the leader is even more arrogant, directly directing a group of robert man, and punching and kicking more and more ruthless.

Yun Fan saw this scene, not to be brows slightly wrinkle, these guys, clearly want to really kill these two people!

He can naturally feel that the old and the young are just ordinary people, the cultivation base is just Opening Vein Realm that’s all, and those robust man, at least the cultivator of Opening Source Realm.

Although they are in the eyes of Yun Fan, they are no different from the ‘ordinary person’, but for the old and the young, it is a realm higher than a Realm.


Yun Fan thought of this, could not help but scream, moved towards the front and walked over.

The leading robot man met and sneered a smile: “How to recruit, kid, want to fight? You don’t inquire about the name of my Shen Master in the wild Cloud City!”

I saw everyone around, and there was a lot of discussion.

“This kid is too irony. Even the things of Shen Master are dare to control. Don’t you die?”

“Don’t he see it. Just the people who patrolled the guards just pretended to haven’t seen it. Did they go straight away?”

Behind Sen’s Third Master, there is a relationship with Wei Family. Who dares to provoke?


Listening to the surrounding whispering, Shen Third Master is even more proud, this deserted Cloud City people who do not know that he Shen Master and Wei Family are very close, and this Wei Family is the land of the deserted city of the emperor, who dares to provoke ?

He has already determined that Yun Fan is a girl!

Yun Fan indifferently said: “What mistakes did they make, do you want to kill them alive?”

“This pair of father and son, I dare to steal the food of my seafood restaurant, you said that I should not beat him to death?” Shen Third Master pointed to the pair of father and son, and sneered.

“I, we just ate some of the rest of the food of other guests, and did not steal it…”

That middle-aged man mourns.

“Do you dare to argue?” Shen Chief Master shouted: “Come, let me continue to fight, I Shen Master Master must kill these two lives today!”

Saying, the robot man behind him is going to do it again.

Yun Fan sighed softly. It seems that no matter where it is, there will be poor people. After after indifferently said: “They have their meals, I gave them, you stop!”

“Drink, kid is quite righteous!”

Shen Third Master smiled and said: “You want to check out for them, OK, take a thousand Divine Sense stone, I immediately let them!”

“You are a curse!”

The middle-aged man’s voice trembled.

“Laozi is stunned, how can I recruit?” Shen Third said with a sneer, “Can’t you get it? That day, Laozi will even squat with you, give me a discount on his legs and let him gossip!”

A lot of robust man loudly shouted, it is moved towards Yun Fan.

However, just everyone thought that Yun Fan would be discounted when he was legs, but he saw that Yun Fan was just coldly snorted. He was more than a dozen robot man, and he was directly driven out of severe ten zhang by a terrifyìng wind. Directly hit the wall behind the Haiwei Building.

Someone did not expect that Yun Fan was actually a powerhouse, just a snort, which was to blast all the more than a dozen robots.

“You, you, what do you want…” Shen Third Master also knows that he is kicking on the iron board today, and he is guilty: “Old, Laozi can tell you, behind the Laozi is Wei Family, you dare to touch me test? ”