Xuanhuan Reading System Chapter 890

With regard to Yun Fan’s insistence, Genji has not stopped and retained too much, and, after all, he cannot limit Yun Fan’s personal freedom.

After another day, after having sat all night and adapting itself to the best position, Yun Fan’s slow stand up and moved towards the room.

After he opened the door, he found that Cheng and Meng Qiao had long been waiting outside the door.

And he was surprised that there were a lot of people, just waiting outside the door.

These include Ouyang Nan, Li Mei, Janjay and the others, and even the disciple Li Li, a woman south of Ouyang.

At this point, Lee Wood looked for the beautiful eyes of Yun Fan, full of the kind of girl who saw the vibration of the idol, which was completely different from what was before.

“Why are you all here?”

Yun Fan is not smiling.

“Naturally it’s about to give you a ride.” Ginger hehe smiles and speaks directly.

Yun Fan shakes his head, and there’s nothing to say. Leave them behind and go with him, moving towards void violent plunder.

I mean, Yun Fan saw Ginger and the others all the way out, not the opening of the mouth and said, “President Ginger, get here, please.”

He naturally knew what he thought, and sent him to the second place, mainly to fear that the North Palace would be unfavourable to him.

“It’s okay, old man, give you another ride.”

Yun Fan slightly shook the head said, “President Ginger, you’re good at me, but don’t worry, I’ll handle it myself. Go back.”


Jean Sighed then said, see Yun Fan so insisting, and he has nothing to say about that scene that happened before Yun Fan worked, and it’s not reasonable to think about what Yun Fan said.

“If that’s it, the old man will take someone back. Be careful!”

Genji went to Yun Fan one fist in the other hand with a crowd of powerhouse from the medicine refinement trade union and returned to the desert continent.

And when Yun Fan left, he found out that there were still a few people standing there and apparently did not mean leaving.

“You guys…”

Yun Fan was late in questioning the opening, wondering what the other side actually thought.

Among the few remaining, Li Mei Ming, Ouyang Nan and Li Woo.

Ouyang Nan saw Yun Fan’s eyes, rising red face lightly coughed, saying, “Oldman has nothing to do, wants to turn to Primordial Continent and distract!”

Li Woo-woo is also red, and his face looks like “I’m with Master.”

Yun Fan, at the end of the day, this master and discipliple slipped into Primordial Continent, and Medicine Refining Master wasn’t all busy?

Cheng Jing can’t keep looking at it, not laughing at it: “Ouyang Nan, you little thing wants to steal the art, just to say, the excuses you’re looking for are so stupid and disgusting!”

“What’s the excuse?”

Ouyang, south of the face of the red neck, pleaded, “What? Primordial Continent only allowed you to go. Don’t I go? Primordial Continent is your home?”

I am sure I have the right not to allow you to step on Primordial Continent. “

“You can all be the chief. Why can’t I?”

Ouyang was in a hurry and looked directly to Yun Fan, saying, “Lord Sir, I’m in Ouyang Nan trying to do half a job. Oldman, I’m worse than crystal’s old fellow, and if there’s me, I’m sure that Primordial Continent’s high-level Medicine Refining Master will rise!”

“I am! You subordinate loser, dare you noise?”

Chongqing, hmph, I don’t know who it was. I lost it the other two days! “

“Not because there’s expert pointing at you, or how could you win me?”

Ouyang argued south and then was very busy with Yun Fan, saying, “Lord, let me be Chief Medicine Refining Master, I don’t want to pay, and I promise to bring at least 10,000 Heavenly-grade Medicine Refining Master every year, 100 Venerable-grade Medicine Refining Master!”

If this is heard by other middle-level continents, such as the Lord of the Star, one of the eyes will be shocked.

dignified Emperor-grade Medicine Refining Master, who was struggling to work for Yun Fan and didn’t pay for it, that’s what the robber thought!

Because Ouyang’s heart knows that if he does not want to be subjected to a crystal pressure in the future, he will have to choose to take this path.

This time, he confronted Shiqing’s private counterpart, who showed a strong fire control technique that was no different from the previous crystal, for no reason but because of Yun Fan’s guidance.

Ouyang Nan knows that if he wants to upgrade Medicine Refinement Technique as soon as possible, only the path to hold Yun Fan’s thigh can go, otherwise the gap between him and Crystal will grow and eventually be stepped down by the crystal forever.

See Yun Fan’s late silence, and General Ouyang’s next to Li Woo, the exciting path: “My disciple brother is still a sign? How many talented young people came to kiss me, and I refused to make a decision, and I gave you Li Woo-woo!”

everyone: “…”

The key is that the party, Li Woo-woo, did not say no, but the white face was red, burying his head almost in his chest.

Yun Fan did not laugh at it, and that’s what he didn’t expect.

At this point, Li Mei broke the embarrassment and said, “Yun Fan, honestly, we just want to go to your study, and in return, we can work for you without pay, as long as you can teach us some medicine refinement techniques.”

And one of these things, one of them, was that President Genji wanted to come by himself, and finally was dissuaded by Li Mei, who, after all, was the president of the dignified medicine refinement trade union, went to work for a middle-level continent, looking for a junior course, which was really not very good.

And Li Mei himself knew that Yun Fan, even though he was younger than himself, had chosen the path when he was half Master, which was still enough and to spare, so he had not hesitated so much.

“If that’s the case, then I won’t stop you. The three of you will be our chief Medicine Refining Master in Primordial Continent in the future.

Yun Fan smiled at the answer.

After hearing Yun Fan, Li Mei Ming Nodded, moved towards Yun Fan took cup one fist in the other hand, not much.

And Ouyang Nan was excited, moved towards the crystal frequency demonstration, and the crystal was not weak, and it was not afraid of you at all.

Yun Fan shakes his head, Primordial Continent has had so many babies since then, and I’m afraid it’s hard not to get excited.

“If so, let’s go on the road.”

Say, Yun Fan took everyone and went on his way again.

However, it has not been waiting for everyone to go too long, but it has been a vivid discovery from a distance, with dozens of strong aura, moved towards violent plunder.

A strong pressure attack allowed Yun Fan and the others to stop their feet immediately.

Yun Fan eyes slightly squint look to the front, freshly speaking: “Seems bad to be.”

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