Xuanhuan Reading System Chapter 891

“Mr. Yun Fan, what do we do now?”

The Crystal came next to Yun Fan, looking around the increasingly powerful pressure and seriously asking.

“Don’t panic. Look what they want.”

Yun Fan was static in void and watched a move around.

Li Mei, Ouyang Nan and the others are also prepared to fight at any time as a result of the outbreak of spirit power.

Soon, there were more than ten stretches of light around there, surrounded by strong pressure, coming near Yun Fan and the others.

headed by that man, an old man, who seemed to be the president of the Shanghai District, the North Palace.

And on its side, standing on a young man with a smile on his face that’s not good enough, is precisely his grandson’s North Palace.

The rest, all of them, are tight robes of purple-gold, masked with purple-gold masks, covering the face, but from their bodies there was a strong pressure, as well as the astonishing day of murderous aura.

Cheng Jing and Li Mei are looking at each other, soon after stepping forward, moving towards the North Palace, insisting on cup one fist in the other hand and saying, “Why did you not return to the East Side, but ambushed me here?”


North Palace has no opening, but the North Palace is the first to speak: hmph, what does that mean? One of you guys, a little bit of innate talent, dared to resist even my grandfather’s invitation, refusing a toast for a fine wine, so we could only kill him! “

Ouyang, south of the road, said solemnly: “Just because you’re not invited by Gong Family in the North, you’re going to kill people, too.”

Although he did not deal with Cheng Jing, his position in the Arctic is unanimous!

“hehe, we’re just bullying. What can we do?”


North Palace is proud to laugh, soon after looking towards Yun Fan, and says, “It’s a pleasure for us to see you in the Nordic Gong Family, but you give face shameless, so don’t blame us for being hot, and after all, our Nordic Gong Family will never allow an enemy to grow up slowly!”

Chongqing and the others hearing this is not straightened by the air, and this is the Nordic Gong family practice, which is so empty that they have not been placed in their eyes at all.

However, they can only endure at this time because the power of several of them cannot be balanced at all, and the remaining twelve powerhouse, in addition to both the North Palace and the North Palace, is certainly the Twelve Holy Guardians of the North Palace of endlegary.

So powerful, trying to destroy them, I’m afraid it’s just a minute.

They can only now send the hope that President Genji will find anomalies, leading the elite powerhouse of the Medical refinement trade union in the North unseen area, to support them.

And Yun Fan just ignored all this, looked to the North Palace, pointing to the North Palace, saying, “Is that what he just said?”


North Palace insisted on coldly said: “Yun Fan, having innate talent is a good thing, but, whether cultivating innate talent or medicine refinement innate talent, it is powerhouse only if it is fulfilled, and it is only get trampled until the innate talent is realized.

powerhouse is in charge of everything. That’s the Great Desolate World Survival Code! ”

Yun Fan Microslightly nodded: “So to speak, what the North Palace just said, is that what you mean?”


And the North Palace was so flattered, “If it were born, it would not be embarrassing to learn to obey.”

“My Yun Fan learned nothing but to learn not to surrender, especially to those who are weaker than themselves.” Yun Fan lightly started talking.


North Palace smells hearing this complexion sinking, shouted: “Fortky brat of surname Yun, you’re crazy! Under the siege of the Twelve Holy Guards of the Gong Family in North, you dare to speak crazy, it’s courting death!”

Yun Fan’s eyes, moved to the former look, in a fresh sound, with endless intent of freezing cold: “I don’t know if I die, but you must die today!”



North Palace smells startled, soon after ridiculous laughs, and he himself is too fictitious to be a late-stage powerhouse, even if Yun Fan is not necessarily his opponent, let alone right now, with his grandfather’s North Palace, and the Twelfth Holy Guard.

He looked to Yun Fan, like looking towards an idiot, and he said, “Little animal, today, I won’t beat you up on my knees and write after my name in the North Palace!”

And he said, “grandfather, you see, this kid’s stubborn, he didn’t put us in his eyes, and he humiliated me, Gong Family, and let grandson go and kill him!”


North Palace is silent, soon after Microslightly nodded: “Go ahead, but to be safe, old man always thinks this kid’s not easy.”

“Don’t worry, grandfather, a stinky brat under 20, where can you go?”


North Palace smelled said with a sneer, even if he was in his big brother’s North Palace, and at the beginning of the 20-year old, it was just steps in too fictional, late-stage that’s all, and Yun Fan could be stronger than his big brother’s North Palace?

That’s definitely impossible!

Considering here, the North Palace has no hesitation, directly on the void, and the circle of spirit power storms towards Yun Fan.

At the end of the day, void was a popular league ripple, and the whole space was fluctuated.

“Yun Fan Sir, be careful!”

Seeing the North Palace screams, Crystal everyone starts alarming, but under the pressure of the Twelve Holy Guards around, they don’t all help, because they know that if they move, the Twelve Holy Guards around will do the same, the situation will be worse.

“stinky brat, show you today the real formidable power of my North Gong Family Fire Control technique!”

The North Palace smelled a cold laugh, and the flame turned out, and Heavenly Flame’s power made it vividly and thoroughly.

“Blood control!”


North Palace drinks the storm, Heavenly Flame, above palm, ‘Rain True Flame’, and moves to the top of violent plunder, and then separates into tens of thousands of paths, like a romantic star rain, moving towards the bottom.

Every Mars fall is a powerful power that can feel exploded, with thousands of Mars coming together, and it starts as soon as the whole space is boiling.

This screen, which has allowed the crystal and the others to be terrifying, they did not think that the North Palace was in control of the secret art antibiotics of Gong Family.


North Palace is strong, slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly, with a comfort on its face, and clearly is satisfied with the functioning of the North Palais.

At this point, however, a cold sound starts lightly from Yun Fan’s mouth: “The more the fire is not controlled, the more powerful it is.” You don’t even understand the truth of the fire, do you think it’s smoking? “

During the conversation, Yun Fan palm shot out a thumb with a small flame bullet.

and flame, though small, is an eyebrowing, if the sun shines.

Where Li flame went, the long Heavenly Flame rains landed, as if snow flowers were exposed to flames, and instantly vaporized.

And then, this beautiful flame is a silent blow into the body of the North Palace, so that the latter may be burned up in the first place!

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