Xuanhuan Reading System Chapter 892


In this void, all those who are able to hear feel the noise of a pair of ear, and in the instantaneous moment the hair is asleep.



North Palace is silent, not screaming.

He really didn’t think that the North Palace had displayed ancestral fire secret technique, or Yun Fan move.

Cheng Jing and the others are also appalling, and Yun Fan’s battle-strength, the strength of fire control technique, has once again updated their perception of Yun Fan.

Ouyang Nan is more convinced that his decision to follow Yun Fan is so right, and he’s too strong!

And Yun Fan was able to upgrade fire control technique again, the most direct reason, naturally, is that he has now been steps into the Realm of Medicine Refining Master of the sacred goods, and that the control of the fires is naturally more brought to the point of perfection.

And he can also remember that the so-called highway is simple, and finally, the only way to manage the most powerful flame is through the integration of the 10,000 lights.

The flame that just appeared to be weak, but it contained many of Yun Fan’s insights, naturally formidable power.

And the North Palace, like Medicine Refining Master, is not at all aware of this, and this is the most fundamental reason for his failure!

“burn for me!”


North Palace smells loud, beautiful flame from its seven know-how and burns his fleshly body to collapse.

“Li Dafu!”

And that is when the North Palace smells at this most critical juncture, and finally urgently grabs a branch that has been hanging on its neck, which is crawling, with the new leaf on it being extremely green and spreading a very strong life aura.

In the North Palace, it smelled its brakes, and the branches were fading fast, and the green leaves above were spreading fast, and eventually turned into a piece of dry wood, completely crushed.

At the same time, the North Palace smelled the body, which was completely burned by Emperor Flame of Yun Fan, and dispersed between this day and day.

But then, it’s a slow crack, and it’s finally broken out, and it’s from the Soul Body of the North Palace.

This screen, which looks like Yun Fan is the first to look at, and the North Palace smells at the end of the day, hiding from its fatal strike.

Although fleshly body was destroyed, Soul Body of the North Palace was preserved and was able to reshape fleshly body and restore it as early as possible.

And Yun Fan also saw that the former was able to do so because of a branch he had previously worn in his chest, which was clearly a rather strong spirit treasure.

Yun Fan obviously didn’t think that the North Palace had such a tough spirit treasure, which could replace itself ‘dead’ once.

If the North Palace had just heard no protection from that branch, that would certainly be dead.

“stinky brat, ruin my supreme treasure, I don’t wear it with you!”

While the North Palace has escaped, it is even more violent in its heart.

If it wasn’t his grandfather who gave him the ‘Spring Wood’, I’m afraid he’s now completely buried in Yun Fan’s hand.


value of spring trees, but can compare’s true sacred thing, but when he tortured the North Palace, let the North Palace insist on the life-saving treasure that Grandfather gave him.

And now this supreme treasure is breaking up under Yun Fan’s attack, and this is not going to upset him.

However, even with rage, the North Palace’s news was no longer easy for Yun Fan to come up with, and he could see that Yun Fan’s battle-strength was much stronger than he was.

If that flame from Yun Fan again, he must be dead!

“grandfather, you’re going to avenge grandson!”

The North Palace has nothing but recourse to the North Palace, and today he must see Yun Fan die in person in order to eliminate his heart.

“grandson, get grandfather to deal with this child first.”

It says that the North Palace has been steadfast, directly bringing Soul Body, the North Palace smells behind it.

After all, the North Palace smelled his offspring, although his grandchildren were numerous, the North Palace smelled to be outstanding among many grandchildren, and in addition to that great grandson’s North Palace, the North Palace was the best of its minds.

His hands were printed, and a defense barrier was put out, covering the perimeter of the North Palace and ensuring that the North Palace would not be attacked, and that was only a step closer to moving towards Yun Fan.

“Yun Fan, you destroy my grandson’s baby, and old man will take your life today!”

He said that he had suddenly flown the bear flame on the palm and was accompanied by a strong North Palace operation, which was a direct crunch and eventually compressed into a flame with a thumb size, which was very similar to Yun Fan before.

“Didn’t you like to fight fire control technique? The old man’s coming to meet you! How did you burn my grandson, old man?

The North Palace has a very cold face, full control of flame, moved towards Yun Fan’s slow shot out.

He had also seen Yun Fan’s fire control technique before, and he had no idea that Yun Fan had just become Medicine Refining Master, and that he was able to remember such a high level of fire control technique.

And he’s been working on the sacred thing for years, and that’s why he learned this layer of Realm 100 years ago.

So I can see how irreversible Yun Fan’s innate talent is!

“Yun Fan, you are indeed genius of the millennium rarely seen, even if it’s more unjust than my grandson’s North Palace, but now you don’t have a chance to grow up, you’re guilty of my North Palace, the most wrong decision in your life!”

Just say, the flame in front of his chest is accelerating, and it’s just moving towards Yun Fan, where void is breaking up, and in the wild void, it leaves a dark move, imprint!

everyone, without a deep breath of cold, the North Palace’s strong fire control technique is so strong that the flames of the whole body can be brought together at the same time.

This terrifying ng power, not to be positive, even if it’s covered in a piece, is enough to burn their fleshly body instantly, without any possibility of resistance!

And Yun Fan, the eyes were slight, and he knew that the North Palace’s strong fire control technique should be strong, but it wasn’t thought so.

Although his current fire control technique, too, steps have reached this level of Realm, there are still a few lights compared to the North Palace.

If he chooses now to fight the fire against the North Palace, even though it is not burned by the North Palace’s strong flame, it will also fail.

This flame, it’s not now. He can fight against it!

“If that’s it, I’ll play cards too!”


the face of flame, which is closer to itself, Yun Fan’s mouth rips out a smile.

“hehe, do you think there’s any other way to get rid of old man’s flame? Stop struggling, die!”


North Palace insisted on sneered, once again, that flame move towards Yun Fan violent plunder more quickly.

And that’s when Yun Fan was indifferently said, “Come on out!”

tone barely fell, between the hectares, in the void at Yun Fan’s core, there was an instant outbreak of a tens of thousands of centuries of storm!

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