Xuanhuan Reading System Chapter 895

Along with the North Palace’s strong angry roar, void surrounded by shock.

The only four stars on the seven stars, suddenly white glow, and soon after that, is the old violent plunder dome.

And the seven stars, without the backing of the last four stars, were crushed and directly fragmented into pieces!


North Palace was determined that it was not a pain in its heart, but that was the strongest part of his spirit treasure, which had reached the quasi-holy level.

Now, it’s in a war with Yun Fan, and it’s a direct breakdown, and why can’t it hurt him?

“As long as this child is killed, everything is worth it!”


North Palace is steadfast in shaking boxing and shining greed in its eyes.


long as Yun Fan was killed, he was able to take the sacred thing of Yun Fan into his own hands, so that he would not feel so sad even at the expense of the North Palace.

“Hang me!”

If the North Palace is insane, the spirpower surge suddenly, disturbing a dark void storm on the roof.

And in the front of that void storm, four bright stars swing quickly, even with Yun Fan’s eyes, they could not capture the trajectory of four stars.

Hurricane terrifyng, with a strong pressure, has taken the lead in hitting Yun Fan’s body as many as possible.

And in this terrifyng storm pressure, strong like Yun Fan fleshly body, it’s also beginning to appear in a dark crack.

In that crack, there was blood overflow, full of Yun Fan’s body.

“This, how good this is!”

Cheng Jing and the others are in desperate need of complexion deathly pale, although they are not at the heart of the wind pressure, they are only covered by a single piece, allowing them torn skin and gaping flesh to join forces to resist the attack.

And now they’re more attention, all concentrated on Yun Fan.

Because they know that their lives and Death depend on Yun Fan’s victory in this battle, and if Yun Fan fall, they certainly don’t have any good fruits.

I’m afraid that under the aegis of the Twelve Holy Guards, even three dividends will not be sustained, and they will be completely hanged.

Master, Yun Fan, should we stop it?

Li Woo grabbed Ouyang’s arm, frightened asking.

Ouyang, South Sighs, long after silence, this is the way to sound the mute: “May I?”

At the same time, Yun Fan, who was subjected to endless pressure and great formation pressure, was killed by palm, holding the temple of ghost silence.

He watched the stars coming up on the top of his head, and the death of the stars was tight, and not at all voices.

虽然风压像一把把锋利的刀刃,切割着他的肌肤,但他依然not at all to act blindly without thinking 。

He’s waiting for a chance.

An opportunity to break the North Palace’s insistence and the Twelve Holy Guard’s great formation!

The four stars are hanging, killing and wounding, and the two things that preceded the North Palace, are completely different.

Therefore, only if he performs his full efforts to extinguish the phoenix will he be able to take his chances.

Just now, under such a strong pressure, even Yun Fan would not have been able to demonstrate that Heaven Destroying extinction.

Only by seizing each other’s lazy moments will the other be able to react comprehensively, a fight will win!

And that opportunity is the moment when the four stars are about to fall.

Yun Fan believes that as long as humans are concerned, death will be feared and that, although the Twelve Holy Guardian is a strong private Guardian in the North Palace, the Twelve Holy Guardian will also fear death.

At the time of the quartet hanging, that huge formidable power would inevitably affect the nearby twelve holy guards, and if the latter did not hide, it would be very likely to die with him.

Believing that the Twelve Holy Guards, including the North Palais, would certainly not want such results.

So Yun Fan concludes that the day before the four stars fall, the Twelve Holy Guards will flee quickly and withdraw their downtown Divine Formation!

And that moment, it was his chance!

“Yun Fan, can’t you fight this time? Under old man’s four-star hanging and Twelve St. David’s Divine Formation, you’re afraid you can’t even have a little finger to move even a little bit?”


North Palace is steadfast laughed heartily, and the face is a success.

“The North Palace old ghost, you don’t have to die. I’m not going to let you go!”

Yun Fan was a brutal eyewitness, dying staring at the North Palace, making an outrageous pattern of death.

And the

North Palace says, “Haha ha ha ha, go ahead and be comfortable. Your sacred thing will naturally be accepted by old man!”

“Kill me one, but let your Twelve Holy Guards bury me as much as I can, and I’m Yun Fan worth it!” Yun Fan is angry with shouted.

hmph, that’s their mission! “


North Palace is staring, and it’s hard to detect an eye for the Twelve St. David.

Naturally, it was agreed before the North Palace and the Twelfth Virgin Guard, and at the very beginning it was seen as death, but at the end of the day it withdrew from the core area of the four stars, although it would still be struck by the tremendous shock of the four stars, it would be possible to live without fear.

After a short period of time, nature is restored as initially!

However, it was not easy to see, but it was detected by Yun Fan, who had long been prepared, who was more committed to his own plan of warfare.

And in this instant, the four stars hung with a tornado terrifyng void, and suddenly came!


At this point, the North Palace drinks with a strong voice, and the Twelve Holy Guards retreats as much as they can, and if they run slowly, they may really be killed by the Four Stars.

And Yun Fan waits, and this is the chance!

Yun Fan, who has been prepared, will suddenly rise up the darkness of a long, bloody ghost!

up on ruler, beautiful flame bears burn, hidden between them, and gold dragons, fire Phoenix and vibration, all the time.

“Dragon Phoenix is extinguished!”

Yun Fan drinks, and ghosts sneak out the direction of moving towards four stars.

Between them, as if the entire void, it was divided into two and a half.

The endless wave of fire, with the power of Dragon Phoenix, moved to the top of the four stars hanging crazy.

Four stars hang with wave of fire and suddenly erupt a wave of world-shaking.

And everyone around, including Yun Fan, was pushed out of that giant impact a thousand miles away.

And the four stars were able to fight against that endless wave of fire at the beginning, but immediately, they were in the middle of rolling waves of fire.

It’s amazing to see this scene, the North Palace, and the Twelve St. David and the others.

I don’t think Yun Fan will be able to escape under this scenario, and will also boycott four stars.

Even so, Yun Fan was still blown apart.

But at this time, Yun Fan was above the body, the power that had been dispersed was that no one would take a look at it, but instead allowed the North Palace to insist on and the others and raised the undesirable ice cold in its heart.

“The North Palace old ghost, I said, you don’t have to die!”

Yun Fan dragged half the body, and the only remaining right hand died to hold the ghost’s frightening foot, and moved to the North Palace for the latter fiercely fell!

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