Xuanhuan Reading System Chapter 900

“Many thanks Little Master!”

Movies, morgue might hehe laugh, looking towards the glory of the moon, full of prostitutes.

“We’ve been hiding here for five days and five nights, those stupid bastards in the desert continent, and it’s time to go on!”

Following his silent and successful looting of the Moon, he was hiding from this recent small continent, far from the desert continent.

“Little Master, you’re a good man. You really lied to those waste, jié jié jié jié –”


“The most dangerous place, often the safest place, will never have thought that the Prince would be hidden under their eyes.”

“Little Master San Ming!”

Morsky might be hehe’s smiling, and he was committed, “Luckily Little Master is smart, and if only two of us were to come here, it would have been a war with the stupid continents!”

It’s stupid to laugh at the night and to see the color on your face: “Don’t move harder, not harder, and it’s the most important to preserve power. It’s so stupid to have white energy on those waste.”

“Little Master said so!”

“Take her, then we go back!”

It says that the night road is a direct and empty uprising, followed by the day after the day, with Morsky might, by follow closely from behind.

The three devils went in the void with Wang violent plunder, moving towards Demon Race, and never saw any followers.

However, not yet a moment, frowned at night, soon after a sudden stopping.

“Little Master, what’s wrong?”

Morgan and Morsky might have stopped and questioned.

The night track, however, has not said much that a purple black plate has been removed directly from its sleeve, with a spoon needle and a slower direction towards a position in the south-east.

The night corridor looked in the direction of the needle, but found the needle, but the other continent!

For a moment, on the face of the Night Way, the smile of the neglected show was very pleasant.

“Little Master, what are you happy with?” Movie cautiously asked.

And the Night Way was a little more fun, soon after pointing to the front continent, said with a smile: “I laughed at this Prince’s luck, and I mistakenly found the” sacrifice “of the conceive element physique!”

“Congratulations to Little Master!”

“God bless me, Demon Race Chang!” The Night Road will certainly be more appreciative of itself if it is possible to plunder the other elements, in addition to the euphemism of the month.

“Check this Prince out, where is it?”

And the night corridors rush, and he likes to plot and move, and he does not fight a war of ignorance.

Morsky might have taken out a scroll from the storage ring and looked at it for a while, and said, “reporting to Little Master, which should be Primordial Continent, has just been upgraded to middle-level continent shortly, and the name of God is Yun Fan, who is not very good at it.

Little Master, this is the information. ”

“What did you say? Primordial Continent? Yun Fan?”

The night hallway heard this name, and the Ultimate hole was all fiercely shrinked.

“Yes, yes, Little Master, what’s the matter?”

Morsky might have a late question.

“hehe… hehehehe…”

The night was shaking, slowly squeezing out the low smile, and he slowed his head up and showed a shadow to the extreme face.

“It seems that this time, the Prince will soon avenge my younger brother, and give it back!”

Although before his arrival, the Emperor Ding will give him a great deal to find Yun Fan’s revenge and put it on first.

“But by killing him, can’t it be against Imperial Father’s will?”

Night-down vaginal lobby.

“Little Master, since that’s the case, we’re going to destroy this Primordial Continent now?” Moroccan bullying said with a sneer.

“Yeah, we’re going to destroy him now, and we don’t have much power to do with his trifling new middle-level continent, and the three of us should be able to destroy it directly.” Morsky might also believe in it.

“No rush.”

“This Yun Fan, the killer who killed my royal brother’s night remains, does not have the strength, and you wait around here, and I’ll try again.”

It says that the night lane is an incantation, with a complex imprint wrapped up with your hands, and immediately turned into a black fog, and if the lightning goes to Primordial Continent violent plunder.

Not long ago, the night road came to Primordial Continent, and, with Demon Race secret technique’s “magic law”, it directly crossed the alarm barrier under Yun Fan, and not at all made Yun Fan feel it.

Yun Fan once again took out the purple black plate and eventually found out that what he was looking for was in the dominant palace in Yun Fan.

At this time, Yun Fan coincided with Su Mengqi to walk out of the Palace, dispersed while checking the city and town building around the Palace, which is emerging.

Looking around the face of Yun Fan’s compliments, it is naturally possible to guess that this delicate and pretty boy, golden robed, is the chief of Primordial Continent and the killer who killed younger brother, Yun Fan.

And when Su Mengqi showed up, the compass fingers in the middle of the night were directly starting to shake.

“That’s the woman with special physique’s” sacrifice. “

The night tunnels are fuzzy, silent, and the tongues reveal a smile of patience, and a poison is calculated in his heart, and it is produced slowly.

He’s not at all choosing to go out now to beat the grass to scare the snake, but to turn directly into a black fog, moving towards the pale dome, violent plunder.

If you don’t care, say with a sneer: “It’s too cheap to kill you. Before that, the king will give you a taste of the pain of death!”

At the same time, Yun Fan is pulling Su Mengqi’s tender, slowly walking on the newly constructed road of peace.

On both sides of the road, Primordial Continent, in all its forms, is constructing a variety of houses in a frenzy.

Every passing through, the busy people are stopping their work, moving towards Yun Fan to kneel and say, “Lord!”

In the eyes, with endless worship and inspiration.

Yun Fan is both with everyone and let them get up quickly.

And Su Mengqi walked around Yun Fan, beautiful pretty face, spinning happy face.

It is also at this time that there is a sudden tremendous noise on the dome, directly allowing the whole Primordial Continent to be shaking.

And then, a brutal sound, and the earth, “Yun Fan Little Animal, Demon Race Richmore, Morris might have two brothers, to collect your head and die quickly!”

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