You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1202

“Okay, sister, don’t worry, let’s have us watching here.” Ye Liangcai gives a tone of encouragement and must be strong! Don’t be defeated by demons.

Ye Yuanqing is of course reassured, ready to go to the ground to see the situation, just outside the mountain.

“General Ye, what happened? Why the Queen Bell will ring.”

“Wait to say to you, go to the place now.”

“What are you going there?”

“I brought people in.”

“Ah!!!” Shan Yu was forced, and you actually brought people into the place of transmission, knowing what the crime is!

To kill the head, elder sister, don’t make trouble, don’t do it, honestly, how good it is to sit in a throne.

It’s hard to intervene in such a thing, no! When the time comes, Huangfu will definitely make a fuss about it.

At this time, Shanyu is running wildly in his mind. In the end, it should be checked, the emperor is the favorite to make a fuss, and the black one can also be made white!

When it comes to the delivery site, it is docked outside the Imperial Family’s carriage.

Shanyu said solemnly: “I didn’t expect this guy to come, I must take this matter to bring you down. You must be careful with General Ye.”

Compared with the throne, Ye Yuanqing now wants to know where these two people are going!

Ye Yuanqing and Shan Yu hurried into the transmission site. Just entering, they saw the emperor of the emperor’s costume. At this time, the figure was tall and straight, and the appearance was handsome. The demeanor showed an emperor’s demeanor.

In fact, in Ye Yuanqing and Shan Yuzhong, the impression of the emperor is still very small, because most of the time, the emperor is not in the palace, traveling around the gods and bounds, has a lot of insights.

But since he came back, the royal family began to unite, and even embraced the emperor’s ascension, which was unexpected.

“General Ye, you are here.” Huangfu looked back towards Ye Yuanqing, revealing a gentle smile, and even arched his hand, and the ceremony of Junior, this attitude is even more elusive.

“My Royal Highness Prince Prince.” Ye Yuanqing certainly has to be respected. After all, there is no put aside all considerations of face.

Huangfu ordered nodded, and the two seemed to be good friends. Shanyu stood by and said nothing.

“General Ye, I heard that you brought in two people and injured the guard. Is this true?” Huangfu whispered, and the words were plain and plain, and there seemed to be no blame.



“Save their lives.” Ye Yuanqing said solemnmnly.

Huangfu did not speak, but also got news for the last night.

There are only two people on the other side, although only two people! But a lot of Paragon died, and they couldn’t stop their offensive.

The most important question is that there was no royal family at the time, which was a negative news for the royal family!

For the huge royal family, no one dares to go, such a thing can not be accepted by the vast majority of people.

Why didn’t the royal family go, they were scared to go and rang the palace, but it was the rhythm of being destroyed, who dared to die, even in the royal family, who was ready to run.

Fortunately, such a scandal is not seen, or the face of the royal family will be gone.

Huangfu did not say anything at the moment and did not think clearly.

At this time, a man came over and respectfully shouted: “Fifth Prince, General Ye, the plane they went to not at all was recorded.”

After Ye Yuanqing listened, Liu Mei was deep and there was no record in the plane…

I am afraid this is not simple.

“I will go see.” Ye Yuanqing said solemnmn.

When Huangfu heard this, he was not happy with the record. When he went, he usually couldn’t come back.

The Emperor likes you to go, go, it is best not to come back.

“Ye General!” Shan Yu quickly shouted, this woman is going to be crazy, not until now is to grab the throne!

If you are going to go, isn’t it just to put the hands of the emperor?

Huangfu secretly swears a mountain, you stupid, let you insert something!

Shan Yu took Ye Yuanqing to the side and whispered: “Ye General, you are now vying for the throne. If you go so far, the throne will definitely be gone! Think twice!”

Ye Yuanqing wakes up after listening to it. If he is gone now, he will not even have a throne.

“General Ye, if you say something ugly, even if you can catch up with them, there is no way, so General Ye, you still have to focus on the overall situation!”

Ye Yuanqing is deeply aok a deep breath, yeah, if you catch up, what can you do?

Nothing is going on… Ye Yuanqing is very lost. These two people ran in their own hands, and all must be caught by themselves!

But now there is no way, Ye Yuanqing ordered nodded: “You are right.”

The mountain is relaxed, and this crazy woman has not lost her mind. It is a blessing.

On the side of the emperor, seeing Ye Yuanqing did not respond, and frowned deeply. If the mountain was not there, plus the teachings of the emperor, he surely chased the head and then died.

At this time, Shan Junren also rushed in, respectfully shouted: “Ye General, Fifth Prince!”

From this title, you can hear that Ye Yuanqing is in front.

“Hawthorn.” Huangfu with a smile, this Messy Old Man, then kill your father and son.

Those who stand in opposition to the emperor must die! One is not left.

“What is going on?” asked Shan Jun, wondering.

Ye Yuanqing’s business gate was all over again, and everyone was shocked.

Where did the two people who appeared so terrible come from? Then make such a big move, just to send it out.

And it is a plane that has not been filed. Shan Junren can’t figure it out. Can you say that the plane is treasure?

“Everyone goes back to rest, and I will talk about it tomorrow morning.” Huangfu is like an emperor, giving orders, which makes the Ye Family faction very unhappy. You are not an emperor yet, it is a stupid shelf of the emperor. Shameless.

Although it is not an emperor, but also a person of the Imperial Family, everyone can’t say anything. The content of this Imperial Family is not known, it is still very tricky.

“Go away.” Ye Yuanqing said softly, took the lead to leave the scene and went back to see father.

Shanyu not at all followed Ye Yuanqing, came to the side of father and whispered: “father, things tonight should be good for us.”

“Not necessarily, this place of transmission is to be defended by life. Although General Ye is taking care of everyone’s Life and Death, it always brings people in. If Huangfu grasps this, we are also very passive. “Shan Junren said sole solemnly, his face became slightly dignified, watching Huangpu is communicating with other people, may also be in the idea.

The mountain said lowly: “The generals Ye Ye also saved the lives of other Paragon, and those Paragon would not sit idly by.”

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