You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1205

“Royal inheritance, naturally made by Imperial Family!”

This sentence is not what the emperor said, but from the outside!

I saw two men slowly walking in, everyone saw the appearance of the two men, the pupil began to shrink.

Especially Shan Junren, one of them has seen it, and another person has seen it in the portrait!

“The old minister sees Supreme Emperor! Too Emperor!” Shan Junren has experienced two dynasties. Of course, he has seen the father of Emperor Feidi, but he finally disappeared. No one knows where to go. Accurately say…

As long as the emperor who has retired, he will eventually disappear.

But now there are two! Emperor’s father and grandfather!

This scared the Shan Jun people, it is no wonder that Huang Fu has a confident look, it turned out to find them support!

Things have become difficult!

Shan Yu was also scared. Since he was born, the emperor was Emperor Huang, and he had never seen the two before.

But with the call of father, the eyes of Shanyu became panic!

To be precise, the entire Ye Family faction is panicked!

The just-frozen Imperial Family faction saw a savior, and wanted to climb over the shoes to express their excitement.

“Chen, see Supreme Emperor! Too Emperor!” All the people shouted on the ground.

Ye Yuanqing was not calm at this time, and he did not expect such an accident.

It is no wonder that Huangfu is able to unify members in an instant. It turns out that they are supporting them behind, and this can be said.

“Shan Junren, I haven’t seen it for a long time. I didn’t expect you to help the Emperor of the Emperor in the first place, but now he helps the people outside the royal family to go up, and the courage is commendable!” Taishang Emperor Huang wanted to sole solemnly.

Supreme The Emperor’s Mausoleum is silent, looking at Ye Yuanqing!

This woman also wants to be an emperor! You are my East Imperial Family, no one!

Shan Junren quickly explained: “Tai Shang Huang, the emperor suddenly collapsed, the old minister is also in accordance with the rules of the past.”

“Rules? Shan Junren! You haven’t figured out yet! Imperial Family is the rule!”

Upon hearing this sentence, Shan Jun’s face became pale. This sentence was said from the mouth of the emperor, and there may not be such a grandeur.

But from the mouth of the emperor, it is murderous aura with horror!

Shanyu has also become pale at this time, and it’s over… Today is finished…

If these two people did not come, the throne must be Ye Yuanqing, but the two people came, the throne is…

If you don’t keep it, you have to send your life. This is the price. It’s not death, it’s rich and wealthy.

The greater the risk, the higher the return, but now it is clearly the worst case.

“Father, the seat.” Donghuang wants to respectfully shouted.

The Eastern Mausoleum slowly walked up the steps and sat on the throne. No one dared to say a word.

The emperor wanted to stand by.

When sitting on this seat, everyone seems to dare not make it.

Ye Yuanqing doesn’t know what to say now. One is Taishanghuang and the other is Supreme.

Are all emperors of all ages, isn’t the emperor’s candidate counted?

The Eastern Emperor’s Mausoleum touched the dragon chair and murmured: “It’s still that feeling, it’s a little bit changed.”

Everyone can’t breathe.

“I heard that my grandson died in front of the stage. Is this position?” The East Emperor’s Mausole pointed at the corner indifferently asked.

On the side of the public official with a happy color, and finally saw the Emperor of the Emperor, exactly the same as before.

“Supreme Emperor, the emperor is dead here, without any breath, was cruelly killed!” The father-in-law said with a whimper, from time to time to wipe the tears with his hand sleeves.

The face of the Eastern Emperor Mausoleum gradually became gloomy, said solemnly: “In this great hall! A generation of emperors was murdered! And you don’t know! Just cruelly cut the head! Who! Who!”

Huangfu took a step forward and respectfully said: “Supreme Emperor, the biggest suspect now is Ye Family! Because Ye Family wants to marry! If the father is not dead, what reason do they have? Big brother and nine brothers also died in the conspiracy Then the father and the emperor also used three conditions to select the emperor, and deceived me Imperial Family, no one…”

Ye Yuanqing stood silent because the emperor was indeed killed by the big brother. For what he had done, Ye Yuanqing did not seem to deny it.

“Oh! This spirit doesn’t seem to be afraid of my royal family! My royal family wants to kill and kill! I want to be a bit of a niche! Big courage!” Supreme Huang Fawei, that is quite fierce, a horrible breath immediately Engulfing, everyone can’t resist, being pressed to the ground, even Ye Yuanqing is no exception.

However, Ye Yuanqing felt that the strength of this Supreme Emperor is above Paragon.

I am afraid that the same is true.

“Shan Junren, you can know sin!” asked the Emperor of the Emperor of the East to ask for a cold voice.

Shan Junren hurriedly hoeed his head and could not save it now, unless Ye Wangye came over to change!

But will Ye Wangye come?

This problem is not even known to Ye Yuanqing. Different plane sound transmissions are difficult, and the barrier has been set here!

It seems that these two people have to participate in the embers, to be stupid to the anti-royal!

“Too Shanghuang, the old minister knows guilty.” Shan Junren said sole solemnly.

“Take it out and cut it!” The emperor wanted to use the slightest hesitation to issue an order. As an emperor, there must be a decisive heart.

Shan Junren knows that he is dead!

“Tai Shang Huang’s life, I am willing to be guilty on behalf of my father!” Shan Yu directly kneeled on the ground and begged.

The royal family showed the expression of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. Have you just been very aggressive? Cow…

Why don’t you continue to be strong?

“Bee! Go back!” Shan Jun people are cold and shouted, father is old, you still have years, and many major events have not been done.

“All pulled out and chopped!” The emperor wanted to shouted in a cold voice, and even turned against the royal family, he was really impatient!

“Slow!” Ye Yuanqing suddenly tenderly shouted!

The two big sisters look toward towards Ye Yuanqing, who seems to be asking, wait for you to deal with you, don’t worry.

The Eastern Emperor’s Mausole whispered: “The sin of the mountain family is annihilated!”

As the saying goes, the whole audience sucks a cool air, but the mountain family has a lot of side branches. Now, in a word, everyone must be buried.

“I taught you.” Ye Yuanqing said softly.

I saw the East Emperor Mausoleum moved toward the air and slapped.


This slap fiercely called on Ye Yuanqing’s face, and the whole person was knocked over to the ground.

A general is so fanned down, everyone is afraid to talk…

Ye Yuanqing’s mouth has already flowed out of blood. If Ye Shan is here, it must stop the daughter from making mistakes. How does this character look exactly like your big brother, fear nothing in Heaven or Earth.


Another slap fiercely fanned over, Ye Yuanqing’s people all flew up, fiercely slammed into the dragon column next to it, the great hall was slightly shaken, Ye Yuanqing slowly fell, two huge handprints on the face, the pores were hit It’s rotten, it’s terrible…

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