You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1210

So Ye Hua will call it all day.

“Subordinate pay respects to High Venerable.”

“The deity has waited so long, why didn’t you see someone attacking? What is the situation?” Ye Hua is actually very depressed. These days have been waiting, and no one has ever, let alone scream.

Respectfully respectfully said: “High Venerable, perhaps those who are afraid of the majesty of High Venerable, so avoid it.”

“Never, you will be flattering.”

“The sentence that is said is true.”

“The deity is ready to accept.”

I smiled down and smiled, it seems that High Venerable is not bad.

“A few days, the deity will leave with Bai Yu for a period of time, and there will be a sinister fall. This time the deity will go out in person. You will be at home, who knows if those people will come, and the promotion will be Ascension, don’t be defeated at the time, then regret it.”

“The high Venerable lesson is that I will supervise this one, and High Venerable will be relieved.”

“Well, what about those who are experienced?”

He said in a low voice: “Three people are seriously injured. Others have different levels of hanging color, and there is no rest time every day.”

“Under the Life and Death Trial head, don’t shoot, it will lose meaning.”

“Yes! Understand it!”

Although I don’t plan to intervene, Ye Hua still pays attention to it.

Standing up, Ye Hua is going to see the situation of Gongyue. This is not at home, and mother is not there.

A woman sitting alone in the palace waiting, will inevitably be suspected of depression.

So I still have to go and see, when Xiaotian came back and found that his wife became an idiot, it would be bad.

In the palace of Gongyue, Ye Hua saw that Gongyue was taking care of the flowers and plants, followed by the palace lady, as if he was thinking differently from the deity.

“pay respects to the emperor.” The ladies saw the emperor coming, and quickly saluted.

Of course, Gongyue is the same.

Ye Hua waved her hand and let the palace lady stand by and ask her questions.

“Moon month, these days are okay.” Ye Hua indifferently asked, this palace month is with the entire team, in addition to the deity, the second child.

Gong Yuexin said: “The concern of the big brother of Xie Emperor, I have been very good these days.”

“Well, it’s really boring to go out of the palace, or go to Yuehua and they chat and so on.”

Gong Yue did not dare to go, but could not say it, respectfully said: “Well, I will go.”

“I have to go out in a few days, you have to pay attention to safety.”

“Okay, it won’t let the child have an accident.”

Ye Hua is very pleased that this change of the palace month is still in the eye, Xiaotian is quite blessed this time.

I am afraid that there is too much blessing and I can’t afford it.

After a chat, Ye Hua walked out of the palace and didn’t know how they played with Qing Ya.

I will not come back for a while, and I am so happy that I have passed the romantic couple’s world.

Three days later.

Ye Hua and Donghuang Baiyu appeared in the capital.

However, the two changed their appearance slightly, mainly because they wanted to hear. For Ye Yuanqing, he became a queen. What reaction did you have?

Ye Yuanqing also pays attention to himself, this may be what the big brother should do.

“It feels so good.” Donghuang Baiqi held Ye Hua’s arm and snuggled. He thought that Ye Hua was joking, or asked for it. The result is only known today. It is true. It seems to be himself. Ye Hua is wrong, and it’s good to be obedient after the big deal.

“White, I haven’t been very good with you before, so I should be satisfied now.” Ye Hua whispered, his mouth with a petal curvature.

“Satiate, you have to be happy.”

“hahaha, that’s right.” Ye Hua said that he was very happy. His wife is so happy, it has nothing to do with money. The deity has never had money, and she doesn’t know what the money is.

This is related to kung fu, as long as the effort is deep, then it can be endless.

Men should be strong! ready anytime!

“Go in for a cup of tea and listen.” Ye Hua walked into a tea house with the Emperor Bai.

Looking for an ordinary seat to sit down, Ye Hua called a dish of peanuts, a pot of small wine, and then listened to what was said around.

Ye Hua feels that there are Master-level characters sitting around, and even the adults who know how to raise a mistress are outside.

“Hey, have you heard that? This is the truth of the palace time.”

“Is the process still important? Anyway, I think the Queen is quite good.”

“The Queen is right, but I am afraid you don’t know the process. The bloody level of this has reached ten stars!”

“Listen to you saying this, I am also curious, what is going on?”

“Then I will tell you to listen, but this tea?”

“I am out.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

“This brother is atmospheric.”

Ye Hua likes to hear this and shouts: “The consumption here is paid by my young Master Ye today.”

After listening to the crowd, the audience cheered and Boss was different.

The emperor’s white sigh sighed, and it’s enough to come. It’s enough.

“I tell you, listen to the various natural phenomena of the day. This is no accident. Let the Queen of the Queen be suppressed at the beginning, know why?”


“That is because the mysterious East Imperial Family has come, and the royal family is a patron. The Queen is not guaranteed.”

“Ah, there was such a thing, then what?”

“Then it will be awesome. Let’s leave the leaves from the sky. The tiger’s body is shocked and scared to death. Those royals who are afraid to say a word, directly put their hands on the throne, and ask you if you are not.”

Ye Hua listened to the corner of mouth twitching, this rumor can really be called rumors, the deity ran out, the tiger body shocked…

The emperor’s white pheasant was grinning beside him.

“What are you laughing at?” Ye Hua reached out and pinched the little face of the Queen, making it seem like he couldn’t achieve this effect.

“Nothing, just feel funny.” Donghuang Baizhen really couldn’t help it. Look at the people around him and blow Ye Hua into the sky.

Ye Hua wants to pat the woman’s ass, and even question her own tiger body.

“Ye Hua, what happened to the East Imperial Family?” asked Donghuang Baiyun curiously.

Ye Hua does not intend to conceal, whispered: “This Eastern Imperial Family, that is, the royal family, the East Emperor is their original surname, every emperor who retired, will be renamed Donghuang, go to another plane to continue cultivation. ”

“Oh, that’s really clever, even surnamed the emperor.” The East Emperor gave a sigh of relief, thinking if he would have a relationship.

Ye Hua indifferently said: “White, I always have a feeling, you have a connection with this Donghuang surname.”

“Is there a connection? How to say it?” Donghuang Baiyu asked curiously.

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