You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1221

However, at this time, the sky dropped four or five people, surrounded by the emptiness and the others.

From the point of view of dress, it should be together.

“Bold, even killing us, want to die!” The man who led the head was furiously shouted, and they pulled out their hands.

Qing Xu touched his own moment: “What do you want to do?”

“What do you want to do, you kill our people and ask what we want to do.”

“Kill them!”


Qing Xu shook the head, he actually turned his back.

“Small fighting, handed it to you.” Qing Xu did not want to pay attention to these people, went straight ahead.

“Bold! Even swearing at us!”

I saw a sharp sword directly stabbing the throat of the virtual, but at this time, a large hand held the blade!

Gently press the thumb.

A crisp.

The sword broke, and if there was nothing wrong with it, it would move forward.

Doufu’s eyes were cold, and he caught the broken blade and inserted it directly into the man’s eyebrows, killing one person in an instant.

The clear hands and hands together, it seems very devout, a few screams behind him, and then completely quiet.

“It’s still slow, what do you want to do?” Qing whispered.

Fighting the world is immortal and returning to the body of Qingxu, nothing is said.

In the land of Tangzhou, Meng Yao stood by the window sill and looked into the distance to open the handkerchief in his hand.

The lollipop has become very small, and Meng Yao can’t help but feel it in his mouth.

“Meng Yao.”

Meng Yao put the lollipop in his mouth and slowly turned: “Dream, is there anything?”

“Tianshan is going to start soon, you are ready.” Mengli found Mengyao this time is very strange, often standing alone in a daze, presumably still the love robbery.

Meng Yao sighed: “I don’t want to go, you can go for me.”

“Meng Yao, Tianshan is the major event of our Tangzhou. You are now the only god in Tangzhou, which should be present, and show me the prestige of Tangzhou.” Mengli whispered persuaded.

“Prestige… This Nine Provinces knows that I am the only female god and I need to show my prestige.”

“Meng Yao, things have passed, are you still thinking about it, this is not good for cultivation.” Mengli said directly, not afraid of offense.

Meng Yao slowly closed his throat, and there was a person who didn’t want to see him. The more he didn’t want to see, the clearer the silhouette was.

It is like a nightmare.

“I know.” Mengyao said solemnmn.

Mengli persuaded: “Meng Yao, if you go on like this, you will have an accident. Now you must stabilize the power of God. Don’t give up! Don’t repeat the same mistakes.”

Meng Yao ordered nodded, indicating that he knew, but it was really difficult to do it. It was really difficult.

Now I can finally understand the situation of the Master. It is the most powerful disaster. Only the man’s heart can only survive.


“Meng Yao, this time Tianshan is awesome, mainly to congratulate you and raise your spirit.”

“Well, let’s go to rest.” Meng Yao whispered, sitting on the mat.

Dream glass, this love is safe to leave.

However, after the dream glass left, Meng Yao opened his throat and took out a lollipop in his mouth.

Slightly vomited.

A month’s time passed quickly.

Ye Hua has come to the foot of the legendary Tianshan.

Under the foot of the Tianshan Mountains is a meandering river. The whole mountain is like an island.

Ye Hua said…

Negative Ratings!

There is no place to stay, and what Tianshan is awaiting, is a group of people who have nothing to eat and eat!

What the sect, the family, the big talk can all blow to the sky.

The deity is not to listen to your bragging, just to find the virtual!

At the foot of the mountain are the various sects, tents, and doors everywhere.

However, Ye Hua is looking for a clear silhouette and hasn’t seen it in a circle. This makes Ye Hua feel that this guy is not coming?

“I saw that the fake is gone.” Ye Hua indifferently asked.

Donghuang Bailu was also looking for help, but people did not find it, but they found a group of disasters.

Followed by a few young people behind the East Emperor Baixuan, at first glance, what is the discipline of the great sect door, looks very arrogant.

As if they I, your father is the deity, can be respectless of the law and of natural morality.

“I didn’t find it.” Donghuang Baiyu helplessly said, who told himself so beautiful, and found trouble for Ye Hua.

I also came back at this time, and I followed several men behind me.

Ye Hua’s mouth is slightly twitching, letting you go to find the emptiness, and the result comes back with the tail.

I don’t know if the deity hates dealing with such things?

And this acting pretentious way the deity has been disgusted, no bit of a force.

“This girl, I am the Juice of Jiang Family, I am very glad to meet you.” One of the men said with a slight smile.

“Girl, I am the discipline of the Eastern Imperial Family. Can you walk with you?”

“Girl, I am…”

All kinds of self-reported homes, it really is some noble birth, even the target Donghuang family has come.

Dong Huang Bai Yu and Yan did not speak, standing directly behind Ye Hua.

Ye Hua suddenly wants to call it down. These miscellaneous fish really don’t want to start, it is a waste of physical strength.

“What are you doing!” Suddenly a voice sounded.

I saw the emperor gently coming slowly and then stunned.

Ye Hua and Dong Huang Bai Yu are also amazed, this is too clever.

It’s big, it’s so quick to meet.

The Emperor of the East did not know what to do, but the layer leader said that he wanted to keep it secret, but the two men came!


“Gentle adult, this woman…”

“Shut up! Roll!” The East Emperor gently furiously shouted.

Everyone found the gentleness of the East Emperor, it is very strange, this woman is not wanting to monopolize?

“East Emperor is soft, you are not so good, do you want to monopolize?”

“That is, if you discard the discipline, you can enjoy it yourself, and your mind is very bad.”

“The East Emperor is just like that.”

The emperor’s softness is also difficult to say and understand. It’s the scandal of the East Emperor. How can it be known to others?

Ye Hua moved towards The East Emperor’s white hook hooked his fingers, so frivolous action, if left in the past, the East Emperor softly long ago.

But now I dare not, this man is terrible.

Pretending to be very proud, Donghuang gently came to Ye Hua.

“Since all of them have met, by the end of the day, go to your family together.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

However, the side of the horse said: “I will not go.”

“hehe.” Ye Hua said it was impossible.

I don’t understand it. When you are the Donghuang family, it’s the back garden. If you go, go, don’t you know that it’s terrible?

The emperor’s gentleness has been a little scared. If you take them with you, you will be held accountable.

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