You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1222

If you don’t bring it, this man must kill himself. Anyway, both sides are dead. Then you can only recognize it. Who is calling the other party’s strength so strong?

People have to bow their heads under the roof.

“Is there no boss to come to this Tianshan?” Ye Hua asked curiously and shifted the subject.

The emperor gently nodded: “Yes, this time Tianshan is mainly to congratulate Meng Yao on the gods, the general Patriarch makes people come with a heart.”

“Just bring it? Doesn’t this mean that I look down on the dream of God?” Ye Hua indifferently said that the boss didn’t go out and let the younger brother take it. This is not to look down. What is this?

The Emperor of the East does not know how to explain it. This is just a matter of custom.

A new god, is it true that other gods will come to congratulate? Isn’t that really a faceless?

Not to mention a woman, can send a gift, it is considered fancy.

At this time, a colorful cloud flew quickly, with a strong atmosphere.

Everyone can’t help but look at the past, with a look of respect and respect. Is this…

The colorful clouds fell directly, and a beautiful silhouette appeared.

The people were amazed by the woman in front of them, and then they shouted and shouted: “See the gods of Meng Yao.”

Of course, the person who came is Meng Yao. To be honest, Meng Yao didn’t want to come, but had to show up.

However, Meng Yao saw Ye Hua at a glance, his eyes were different, and his heart was a bit strange. When he saw the East Emperor Bai Yu behind Ye Hua, Meng Yao knew.

This is the emperor, not him.

“Everyone has worked hard all the time. The Tianshan Gate has been opened. You can go to Tianshan.” Meng Yao said softly.

In fact, this Tianshan is a cultivation conference. On the top of the Tianshan Mountains, there is a more intense Spiritual Qi.

This kind of Spiritual Qi is not visible to God, but these disciplines are very valued. They practice here for seven days and can stand outside for seven hundred years.

For them, seven hundred years is nothing, but it is more difficult to mix.

Now there is a chance, naturally it will not let go.

Beauty Anything is a cloud, or it is more important to enhance the strength. Even the softness of the East Emperor is hard to win this place.

“That, I will go up first.” Donghuang softly whispered.

Ye Hua raised his hand, absolutely did not expect that this Tianshan is so boring, no master appeared.

The only master is Mengyao, and now I am not sure if the scum will be coming.

As everyone went to the Tianshan Mountains, Ye Hua looked at Mengyao indifferently said: “This can be met.”

“Yeah, that’s a coincidence.” Meng Yao whispered.

“I just thought of me as a small day.” Ye Hua couldn’t help but say that it can be seen that Meng Yao has just lost a bit.

This younger brother, you can make a god, can be ah, quite capable.

This is like the younger brother of the deity, the man who can do the major event.

Aside from the side, absolutely did not expect that they actually know, how is this possible?

How did they know each other? It seems to be familiar with this look.

“No.” Meng Yao said softly.

Ye Hua is long sighed with a pity in her tone.

Donghuang Bailu knew instantly what Ye Hua was doing, and it was a full routine.

Meng Yao slightly wrinkled the moth, do not understand what this means.

“Meng Yao, I am afraid you will not see Xiaotian in the future.” Ye Hua looked very sorry, as if the leaves had been hung up.

At least Meng Yao felt this after listening, but I was too embarrassed to ask.

Did he have an accident? It shouldn’t be possible, he has such a strong big brother, and then there will be no accidents.

Ye Hua didn’t say anything anymore, standing on his back, although you are a god, but also a woman.

The deity is still very experienced, so I don’t believe you don’t ask, see who can be jealous.

Donghuang Baiyu poked Ye Hua, you are almost the same, others really want to know, but I am sorry to ask.

I feel that I am better off walking away, lest I know too much, and then kill myself.

As Yao left, Meng Yao really asked.

“what happened?”

Ye Hua’s heart is dark and it’s hard to see that this dream is on the gods and still cares about Xiaotian.

But then again, before the deity dismantled them, then this time the deity will be a good match, can you not know, you can see if they have any fate.

“nine deaths and still alive.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

Sure enough, after hearing Ye Hua say nine deaths and still alive, Meng Yao’s moths are wrinkled and appear heavy.

The mood is also complicated.

“What do you mean?” Meng Yao asked.

Ye Hua shook the head : “Dream Yao, Xiaotian knows you too, so then we are a very dangerous place. I am also stopping it again and again, but it is useless. He is like going to death. Maybe this is a relief. “”

“You can be relieved in the future. After all, it is just a disaster. Don’t put it in your heart.” Ye Hua said lowly, it seems to be dismantling, but it is actually in harmony.

The emperor’s white pheasant is very helpless, and this month is old.

Meng Yao said solemnly: “Really, it is just a disaster, I will not be on my mind!”

Deity Fuck, is this not the usual way? Shouldn’t you ask?

“Right, tell you a secret.” Ye Hua couldn’t help but say, decided to hang the younger brother.

Donghuang Bailu is very curious, what Ye Hua wants to say is still a secret.

Meng Yao is still very curious about this secret.

“I didn’t give you a jade piece last time? I broke it when I was in trouble, but the corresponding one is not here, but in Xiaotian, I told him that you will have difficulty, he will go without saying anything. Experience, I hope to help you when I am, but Xiaotian will pretend to be my way to help you.”

The emperor’s white pheasant was extremely surprised. This man was so embarrassed that he sold Xiaotian. Is this really good?

Ye Hua continued: “If you want to see him, you will crush the jade. If you don’t want it, just forget it, but I promise you something, I will definitely do it. You are left with this jade. Which one is your own? select.”

Ye Hua gave Meng Yao a piece of jade, which is an apology.

Meng Yao went on, whispered: “Thank you.”

“No need to.”

“Then I will not accompany you, I have to talk about it.” Meng Yao whispered, after all, this Tianshan is still holding. According to the usual practice, this god is going to teach a little experience. This is Tianshan, and Yi Hua is Misleading.

I thought it was a big scene of competition.

For Ye Hua, this is a small show, but for others, there is a god’s point of view, that is the twin the results for half the effort.

Looking at Meng Yao leaving, Ye Hua lit a cigarette.

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