You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1223

“Ye Hua, do you think Mengyao will find Xiaotian?” Donghuang Baiyu asked curiously.

Ye Hua shook the head : “At least for a short time, maybe this life will not be, fate of this kind of thing, if it is true, it must not be broken.”

“You still have such feelings, it is really good.”

“I still have an opinion about men and women.” Ye Hua said that he is an old driver and can float up.

Donghuang white 芷tsk tsk two sounds, it will blow big talk.

“Well, you don’t smoke. These days, the cigarette addiction is big.” Dong Huangbai took the cigarette from Ye Hua and threw it away.

Ye Hua laughed: “Let’s go, let’s go to the forum and have a long experience.”

Anyway, I have to wait for the emperor to be gentle, just go and listen.

The mountain looks very high, but there is still a Teleportation Formation below, which is really lazy.

Passing through the transmission array, it is a huge compass in front of you, the sky is black, the stars are a little bit, very romantic.

At least the East Emperor Bailu feels very romantic, this kind of starry sky is rare.

Even the cockroaches were fascinated, and it was a wonderful thing to dream of sitting here with the big man and looking forward to it.

Sitting on the compass all around, everyone dreams, sitting in the middle of the compass, talking about the avenue.

Ye Hua ignores it directly, and this kind of thing tricks the little child into use.

You are a avenue to God, can these people understand? That is not there.

Fortunately, the staff are now concentrated, which makes it easier to find.

After all, the volume of the emptiness is there, if it is really here, it will definitely be visible.

Ye Hua glanced at it, his mouth twitched in a curve, and moved toward the left.

The emperor’s white eagle hurriedly followed along, and the cockroaches on the side had not returned to God, and they were watching the stars fascinated.

Ye Hua did see a huge silhouette, and the iconic moment, it was really hard to find.

Qing Xu, I did not expect the deity to know you very well, it is estimated that you are also in your heart, it is such a conference.

It is a sad reminder to even let the deity get caught.

Ye Hua sat directly in the side of Qingxu, and Donghuang Bailu had never seen Qingxu, but he had seen the buoyant world!

The buoyant world is also on the sidelines.

At this time, the eyes are closed, and the beads are in the hands. Slowly said: “The donor, you are really chasing after you.”

“Clear, don’t pretend.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

Qing Xu opened the eyes, but still a seam.

“Door, what do you want?”

“I want to hit you.” Ye Hua said it was very direct. If the goods don’t hit, I don’t want to go.

Looked at the side of the battle of the world, turned out to be a fool, and I do not know if I can change back.

Qing Xu sighed a little: “The donor, there are many people who want to kill me, but no one can succeed.”

“Yes, no one can succeed, but the deity is not a person!” Ye Hua said lowly.

This sentence is to make the Qing dynasty swear: “Is it your demon?”

Behind the East Emperor Baiyun: “······”

How do you feel that Ye Hua’s subordinates have a point?

“Today, I have to wake you up anyway. If you can’t wake up, keep playing! Call you until you wake up!”

“Door, I know that you are very difficult to deal with, but I am not bad. If we both fight, these people may not be so lucky.” Qing Xu indifferently said, simply do not put these people in the eye Inside, it seems to be ants.


“The fights are all made by ordinary people. How come we have a lot of fun?”

Ye Hua didn’t think much, just said: “Yes, how do you want to play?”

“How do we send a person alone to fight on their own behalf?”

Ye Hua knows what Qingxu is thinking, and it turned out to be the old old pattern.

Why is it necessary to make the emptiness of the vassal of the dynasty, that is, in the experiment, it is still a sense of accomplishment for the battle of the world, after all is created by itself.

Therefore, using the things that I have built to fight, winning is also a face, but also quite confident in the battle of the world.

“Yes.” Ye Hua certainly won’t be embarrassed. You can make people stronger when they are clear, and the deity can do it naturally.

Deficiency, your biggest weakness is to underestimate the strength of the deity, such an underestimation is fatal!

“Small fighting.”

Doufu has opened his eyes, and the pupils of a pair of dark purples are deeper.


The buoyful world makes the people around you very uncomfortable.

“You this person is sick! Don’t know quiet!”

“Yes, in the face of Meng Yao, the face of God is so rampant, which one are you, come and announce your name.”

“It’s simply that there is no quality. How do people get together?”

Qing Xu grabbed the eyebrows, just took the moment to export the scorpion, holding his neck, making a roar, and his eyes turned up.

The two-way effort slammed his head and fell to the ground. Even the Primordial Spirit did not jump out and was instantly killed.

You must know that the people present are all big talks, and they are all invincible.

But just now, these people were given a second moment of emptiness.

I don’t know how to die even myself.

As these people fell, everyone stood up and looked at them with heavy gaze and didn’t know what was going on.

At this time, Meng Yao opened his throat and looked at Ye Hua, clutching the eyebrows.

Tianshan has made a living and has never appeared in history. After all, this is just a lecture.

Ye Hua doesn’t care about these people’s Life and Death. After all, clearing is more important.

“Don’t be noisy, you listen to your lectures, we do our business, everyone minds their own business, if you bother me, the consequences are like them.” Qingxuan coldly said, direct showdown, you spicy chicken makes me very Annoying, like a fly screaming in the ear.

Meng Yao looked at Ye Hua and seemed to be asking, is this person your friend?

Ye Hua gave one, you don’t care about the eyes, you can’t control this cargo.

To get him with strength.

Dong Huangbai did not expect such a pervert of Qing Xu, it was quite irritating.

Everyone shut up, the grandeur of the other party is very heavy, can’t take it now, wait and see what happens.

After all, Meng Yao hasn’t started to work on it. This Tianshan is a dead man. You must also manage God on this dream.

However, Meng Yao wanted to manage it, but it was stopped by Ye Hua.

“Door, you send an individual, this woman behind you can’t.” Qing Xu added a sentence, it seems that also knows the strength of the East Emperor Bai Hao, certainly more powerful than fighting the world.

Ye Hua indifferently said: “Reassured, I will make the weakest fight.”

“I am looking forward to it.” This sentence of Qing Xu is not a lie.

Now everyone is listening to the dialogue between Ye Hua and Qing Xu with their ears, and they have not listened to anything else.

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