You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1229

“Qing Xu, you are the most special existence in the team, so you should not let everyone down.” Ye Hua reached out and pats the shoulders of the virtual, it seems heavy.

There is still a point in Qingxu that is hard to believe in all this. Looked towards the man in front of him, what is he saying, is it true, is it fake?

“You follow me and try to know if it is true or not.” Ye Hua indifferently said, knowing that it is not easy to get rid of the emptiness, so we must use other ways.

Qing Xu looked at the scene, this familiar feeling is not deceptive.

Seeing the default by default, Ye Hua is finally relaxed. Of course, I don’t expect to use this kind of memory to get it. I just want to think about the situation in the past, and it is quite effective for memory recovery.

Exiting the dream, Ye Hua and Qing Xu opened their eyes.

Everyone is curious, who won these two people?

Qing Xu did not say anything, sit inside the queu.

Ye Hua is the same, sitting in the crowd.

Everyone is a bit embarrassed, what is going on here, you can say something.

Who wins, who lost.

Unexpectedly, it’s too appetizing.

Donghuang Bailu could not help but whispered: “Ye Hua, who are you winning?”

“Do you think there are other possibilities besides the deity?” Ye Hua whispered, it’s a bit hard to do.

Now just dig out the precious pieces, and then have more powerful evidence to do it. Otherwise, it will be mad when it is clear.

“Ye Hua, what do you plan to do now?” asked Donghuang Baiyun curiously.

Ye Hua whispered: “A step is a step. When the end is over, go to the East Emperor to see the situation.”

“Is it really going?” Donghuang Baiyu exclaimed.

“Why, when are you kidding? The deity will never be joking.” Ye Hua said solemnly, the words of the deity have always been serious.

Donghuang Bailu said softly: “Ye Hua, your mind has led me, but I really don’t want to make extra money, and I don’t want to pursue the previous things.”

In fact, Dong Huangbai was still worried about Ye Hua, and it caused a group attack.

“I allow you to take back the words you just had, and then reorganize the language and say it again.” Ye Hua said solemnly, there is a set of training people, and the surrounding students are scared coldly.

“You, I really have no way.” East Emperor Baiyun helplessly said.

Ye Hua lightly said with a smile : “If you have a way, my seat is yours.”

“Who is rare in your position, I am just worried that you will have an accident.”

“White, you are too high to look at those people, they are waving things, then you will have to sink the snow! Or other elders.”

Dong Huangbai was very moved after listening. Although I don’t know the truth of the matter, Ye Hua has such an idea. It is really good.

“It’s time to think about an act of acting pretentious.” Ye Hua whispered.

Dong Huangbai was originally very moved, and she pulled her to reality.

“East Emperor is gentle, come over and ask you a few questions.”

“Great God, please.” The East Emperor gently shouted and shouted, but my emperor gently swears, now the recognition, that is the future memorial.

People only grow up in ridicule. If no one forces you, you don’t know that your ability is so powerful.

Ye Hua whispered: “Do you have any scandals in the East Emperor?”

“How is it possible, our Donghuang family is the benchmark.” Donghuang said with a soft face, as if it was true.

The Emperor of the East did not dare to say that, many people here, if they were exposed, the face of the Donghuang family would be left.

Ye Hua indifferently asked: “East Emperor is gentle, now is a good opportunity to bring you a crime, don’t polish my patience!”

“That, great god, I don’t say it, I just learned it recently.” The East Emperor is also soft and afraid. The man is beaten in a word, and it is the kind of death that he dares not hide.

“Oh? What?”

“In fact, I don’t know the specifics. It is the layer leader who keeps me secret. It is the big secret of the Donghuang family.” The Emperor of the East said softly and sneaky, and he knew that he was secret.

Donghuang Baiyu is now curious, what happened in the end.

“Then let’s go now.” Ye Hua can’t wait to get things done, and there’s a clear side around him, maybe it can evoke some bad memories.

The East Emperor softly whispered: “Great God, this is not okay, you have to wait for the Tianshan to win, then go back.”

Ye Hua was silent for a moment, and felt that it was OK. Then play for another seven days, just to let the deity think about how to avenge the Queen.

That scene must be extremely comfortable.

“Yes, then I will wait for you for another seven days.” Ye Hua indifferently said.

The person sitting next to me is very confused. What is waiting for you for seven days? What is this man going to do?

Is it that your day is not high, is it itchy?

The Emperor of the East is very scared now, and if he returns to the family with the Great God, he will definitely be beaten.

But if you don’t bring it, you have to be beaten now, and this woman is a legitimate bloodline.

But the layer leader said, you must not reveal any news, when the East Imperial Family becomes a laughing stock.

Meng Yao doesn’t know what to say now, and she is not in the mood to go down.

Qing Xu is also very embarrassing now, and the pictures in my mind are played over and over again.

And more and more I feel familiar, and I have to overlap with that silhouette!

Is it really you? This skeleton body did not lie to myself?

Qing Xu is still not sure, and decided to look at the situation first.

The seven-day time passed quickly. Ye Hua walked with the East Emperor Bailu in the Tianshan Mountains. Even if he listened to the class, he would like to sleep.

Looking at these people who are leaving, Ye Hua’s mood is still not bad.

But my heart is not very good: “Young Master Ye, or don’t go.”

“Great God, this young lady sister said very well, do you want to change the day?” Donghuang said quickly.

If you really go, it is to change the rhythm of the sky.

Ye Hua’s eyes are cold, and the latter has nothing to say.

At this time, Mengyao came over and whispered, “Is it really going to the Donghuang family?”

Ye Hua looked at Mengyao and showed a kind smile: “Yes.”

“Need help?” Meng Yao said softly.

This made Ye Hua a glimpse, but it was also a good thing, indicating that there was still a play in the leaves, and there was no death.

The East Emperor gently heard this, it is very aggressive, but you are a god of dreams, how can you say it is done, there is no point.

How is this going, it is too hasty.

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