You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1230

“No, I can do this myself.” Ye Hua took a smile that you know, and reached out to the shoulder of pats Mengyao.

For Ye Hua’s smile, Meng Yao certainly understands it. Of course, it’s the end of the sky…

Meng Yao didn’t know how to talk about it. He could only whisper: “Then you are careful, the Donghuang family is not so good.”

On the side of the East Emperor gently wants to add a sentence, Meng Yao said what God said, do not go to trouble.

It’s just that the East Emperor is soft, and even I want to say that I really can’t go, nine deaths and still alive.

“Meng Yao, do you think I am irritating? You should know me very well.” Ye Hua puts a smile indifferently said.

Meng Yao chuckled: “Then I went back.”

Ye Hua nodded, Meng Yao disappeared in place.

However, the Emperor of the East is very soft and puzzled. Why is it that God Yao is very obedient? What kind of man is this man?

There is also the discipline of the Donghuang family, each is very puzzled.

The disciples at the scene knew that the man was going to make trouble on his own site.

In accordance with the normal procedures, you should try your best to stop it, and even fight for your life and death, in order to demonstrate the style of the big family.


But now there is no such idea at all, feeling…

This is my own person, I don’t have to fight at all.

Yes, it’s all of them. Listening to the vestibule’s guard, the woman has the bloodline of Righteous Sect.

That’s big, it will be a sensation in the whole Nine Provinces!

“What are you doing, start.” Ye Hua indifferently said, I haven’t done anything for a long time, and today I can finally get it started, with my wife and my subordinates.

Although this emptiness is still acknowledged, it feels that this guy is slowly changing and seems to recognize the facts.

As for the buoyant world, it is still not normal now, not right… This is the normal fighting world, the former is the fake fighting world.

The East Emperor was soft and helpless, and opened the portal, which can directly lead to the Donghuang family above the Weihai!

At this time, the emperor’s white cockroach was a little nervous, and he didn’t know how to face it… if everything is true…

Then your hometown should be opposite the portal.

The emperor’s white pheasant became angry.

Ye Hua seems to be able to feel the change of the East Emperor’s white scorpion, reaching out and holding the hand and giving encouragement.

There is a deity to be by your side, even if King I, your father is, I still want to move you a hair.

A group of people stepped into the Teleportation Formation, and Ye Hua only felt black.

There was a beautiful picture in front of me, and the emperor’s white pheasant was also stunned. It was really beautiful here.

Even Qingxu was attracted by the picture in front of him.

Everyone appeared on the 1st floor ···· and the Donghuang family is on the top of the colorful clouds, stepping up, so this angle can just be seen layer by layer, like a rainbow of beautiful.

In the building, I saw the Hongqiao Bridge. The East Emperor Bailu feels very romantic. If it is night, it will definitely make people intoxicated.

It’s true that at night, the East Emperor is the most fascinating.

“Waiting for the vestibule of the vestibule!” Shouted the disciple, who was standing next to him. Although he found Ye Hua and the others, it was brought in by the Emperor, so he did not say anything.

Donghuang gentle now does not know what to say, you are not going to make trouble? Hurry up, I am already planning.

Even if the side of the discipline is like this, it is better to die in the early death and death. It is better to see how you clamor for the Donghuang family.

However, the East Emperor gently waited for a long time, and did not see Ye Hua killing, doubts turned back.

Ye Hua is also very confused, is it not painful for others? What do you think I do? Are you sick?

The Emperor of the East seems to be able to understand Ye Hua’s eyes and whispered: “This is a trouble! Let your boss come out!”


Ye Hua and Dong Huang Bai Yu are both married.

What does this emperor’s gentleness mean? How can it be as if it is a person, but you are the one over there, the word is wrong.

Qingxu and Doufu are standing behind, and the two are like autistic children. They say nothing and do nothing.

“The vestibule guard, what do you mean?” asked the doubt on the ground.

Ye Hua indifferently said: “Do you still understand? Your vestibular guard has been rebellious.”

Donghuang gentle: “······”

Out of nothing! This is nothing to be born! My emperor’s soft heart, the sun and the moon can be learned! It is also loyal to the Donghuang family. How can it be mutinized?

No, it should be said that my East Emperor only supports genuine!

District pirated goods, go to hell! So··· I feel that the East Emperor is a genuine copy.

If not, it is piracy, only blame me Dongwang gently look away.

Shua shua shua ! ! !

All the surrounding disciplines are drawn!

However, the disease conditional reflection knife around Ye Hua···

Real hammer!

The emperor has a soft nodded halo, and I really want to know nothing about it.

“The vestibule guardian! You actually rebel with the discipline! Even dare to come back! Great courage!”

Ye Hua indifferently said: “This person is really courageous, you have to call your boss, or you will be killed.”

The East Emperor is very soft and heartbroken. Why do he have to meet this man? Since he met this man, there is no good life. He is insulted by him all day, although it is not physical, but it is also spiritual.

The surrounding discipline feels that Ye Hua is right, two of them hurry to find the layer leader!

After all, the doorman’s rebellion still has to be called the upper echelon. This is the rule…

Ye Hua touched a cigarette and ignited it. It feels like this is too fast. There is nothing to pave the way for, it will give people a bad mood.

A little trouble.

Not long after, as the layer leader Dong Huangfei came!

Ye Hua looked at Donghuangfei, and Donghuangfei directly looked towards Ye Hua, his eyes were dignified, this man is very dangerous!

“East Emperor is gentle! What are you doing!” Donghuangfei shouted in a deep voice.

The Emperor of the East knows that there is no drama, and respectfully said: “The length of the layer, this one is looking for you.” After he finished his eyes, he blinked.

Dong Huangfei whispered: “East Emperor is soft! You are squinting at me!”

Donghuang gentle: “······”

Ye Hua did not bother, indifferently asked: “Dong Huangfei is it?”

“Who is you?” Dong Huangfei whispered, but it did not break out, but he was very vigilant.

Ye Hua pushed the emperor to the white emperor, wife, you acted pretentious!

The East Emperor Bai Yu deep took a deep breath, said low: “My name is Donghuang Bailu!”

Donghuangfei finally knows! Just why the emperor is soft, why should you blink your eyes!

Is this woman just!

problem occurs! Going out of the major event!

This damn East Emperor is gentle, how do you bring them! Let’s finish the egg together!

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