You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 1235

The East Emperor also sighed: “Yes, the wisdom and knowledge of the big brother, all of them are stronger than mine, but unfortunately.”

Ginger has no desire, it seems to be heard!

“You big brother! Changed! Isn’t it!” Ginger has no desire to solemnly ask.

The East Emperor did not speak.

Ginger has no desire said solemnly: “It seems that your big brother! was absorbed by the people who did not destroy the temple, and then you killed, is this the case?”

“What do you think about it.” The East Emperor said indifferently said that the more complicated this thing is, the more complicated it is.

Ginger has no desire to entangle this problem, others can not say what to do.

“But very, ah, the seal is a bit strange recently, it seems that there is an expert to help.” Jiang did not want to say seriously.

The East Emperor was on the nodded: “To call you today, it is actually a discussion.”

“So how do you just call me?”

“The relationship with you is better, the other two, very proud.”

“In fact, I am also very proud.” Jiang did not want to add a sentence.

On the East Emperor, said with a smile: “If you are seen like this, then this name is afraid of losing.”

“Fame is like a just a passing scene for me. I have already thought about it. If it weren’t for this broken seal, I wouldn’t bother to be the Patriarch and abdicate.”

“Install, make it stronger, can it be more like a point?”

“hehe, this is seen by you, or talk about business, how to do this seal? Reinforce?” Jiang Wuyi said seriously, but also worried about this seal.

“It can only be reinforced, there is no other way to think about it.”

“But we still have a backup plan. If we break the seal, we must have a solution.”

“Although I don’t like the two old men, I think I still have to call once and discuss the way to deal with it.” The East Emperor whispered, the power of one person is completely impossible, and the strength of the owner is really Very strong.

“There is only this way, wait for me to solve this problem.”

“What the hell is it?”

“You will know tomorrow.” The East Emperor said very low.

The news of the arrival of the East Emperor Bailu has obviously made the East Emperor know, and the large and small things that happened in this Donghuang family are all eye-catching. How can the appearance of the Eastern Emperor Bailu be held?

“I still sell off, well, I will leave a look, what is it.”

“It’s a bit of a hassle. My Uncle didn’t know where to find a servant. This person is very sullen and uncomfortable to watch.” The East Emperor was a little annoyed.

Ginger has no desire to warned repeatedly: “I think your Uncle is very dangerous. You have to get up and take care of you.”

“I know, it’s against.” The East Emperor was on sole solemnly. For his Uncle, it didn’t feel good at all. He even thought that Uncle was a smiling face tiger. On the surface, it seemed to support himself, but in fact…

I just want to make myself a jealousy. Just like the last time I congratulated Meng Yao on God, I didn’t say anything to myself. I asked a cynically person to give a gift, and I just didn’t put myself in my eyes.

But the generations are here, and you can’t care too much, otherwise others say that there is a problem with this Patriarch.

The two continued to sit on the top floor, drinking mellow wine, not talking…

However, Ye Hua is chatting with Qingxu, but does not drink, drink water, and is smoking.

Even Qing Xuu likes to smoke, and it is instantly broken.

“Is there any feelings in these days?” Ye Hua spit out a blue smoke, and the blue smoke spread out in the air, but it was a bit of a beautiful feeling.

The gesture of clearing the smoke is a bit rusty, and it is a novice at first glance.

Even the appearance of smoking is very awkward. Seeing that Ye Hua wants to destroy his smoke, it is simply wasting the grain of the deity. I have to let Qing Ya bring a few boxes back.

But I don’t expect Qing Ya to thank you with one.

The ash was spread out of the ash, and the result was also on his trousers.

“I have some feelings.” Qing Xu said in a low voice, indeed.

“What do you feel?”

“I realized that there is no brain…”

Ye Hua: “······”

“You are saying that the deity has no brains!”

“No, no, I don’t mean High Venerable, you are everyone, everyone.”

Ye Hua was almost smothered by her own cigarette, this bastard! It’s really a little floating.

But it makes a lot of sense, when you have no brains.

“Wei Chang, the guy has changed?” asked Curious.

With the doubt of Qing Xu, Ye Hua was a little happy: “Do you know Wei Chang?”

“Can you not want to get up, that monster who eats people.” Qing Xuan vomited.

“It seems that you are all remembered.”


“That’s not so happy! What are you doing!”


Qingxu’s white eyes are all turned out. Is it so fast?···I knew it early… I didn’t think of anything.

“What are you doing, hurry up, get so fat, you have to lose weight.”

Qing Xu really wants to throw a poison out.

No way, Qing Xu can only stand up, but was pressed by Ye Hua.

“Forget it, if your volume is saluted, it is like a meatball.”

Clear mouth and slight twitching: “High Venerable, don’t make trouble.”

“Welcome, return to the team of the deity!”

“Thank you, High Venerable!”

Ye Hua is finally gratified, at least this guy is normal.

“Hey, it’s actually perfect now.” Ye Hua sighed a little and was a little emotional.

“High Venerable, this indestructible temple, seems a bit powerful, or cautious point is wonderful.” Qing Xu warmed repeatedly.

Ye Hua frowned: “It’s a bit weighty to make Wei Chang go down, plus today’s Dong Huangfei said, this immortal temple has two brushes.”

“Yes, so High Venerable, being cautious is not a bad thing.”

Ye Hua indifferently said: “Clear, sometimes caution is a good thing, but be too cautious, that is fear!”

“High Venerable is extremely, but you said so before.”

Ye Hua: “······”

MD, is this emptiness to reveal the oldest? Still black history?

“Can you tell me before?” Ye Hua said solemnly, you are owing it!

“Good High Venerable, it used to be a little shameful.”

“You say, you have to lose face.”

“High Venerable forgives.”

Ye Hua gave a sigh of relief and was a little bit angry.

“You will get the first thing to do, you look at you, make others as a white mouse, but fortunately, people are not stupid.” Ye Hua said solemnly.

After a sneak peek, he immediately said, “No, High Venerable. It was stupid before. I made him smart.”

Ok, Ye Hua thinks it is.

But no matter what, the buoyancy is still the original taste is better.

When Qing Xu didn’t say anything, he slammed his hand and saw that the buoyant world standing on the side was gradually awake, and a pair of purple scorpions became normal.

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